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272292  Side Boob: Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaw! *Dixie plays in background*

272132  Mr Bleak: That's nearly 3000lb of fat burned. Your skin is going to be sooo loose you'll trip over your neck if you try to walk...

272133  Mr Bleak: Concrete of switcherino

272292  ThoughtlessGentleman: y'all best prepare cause i aim tuh commence gummin on ya.

272275  tib gubb: assuming a perfect transfer of energy and zero friction

272280  tib gubb: when you fuck up really bad so your dog has to try realllly hard

272281  tib gubb: how's that for your sci fi realism?

272283  tib gubb: oo, with pastries!

272135  Mr Bleak: Sorry, but that's animal cruelty, pure and simple.

272135  Mr Bleak: @White Rice Possibly the "Defibrillator on standby" class.

272290  tib gubb: put some friggin pants on, little girl

272287  VoR: Ya better watch out.

272300  charmander: "He said penis hehe"

272282  ignatz: @Air Biscuit Apparently they usually film in SteadyCam and add the shake in post..

272298  Father Goose: Old cats are best cats. Give her lots of love OP!

272297  Weedheart: Happy Birthday!

272155  Mr Bleak: I've looked closely over many years, and I'm still yet to find the coin slot.

272157  Mr Bleak: Harry Potter reboot looking ... interesting.

272159  Mr Bleak: Mistakes were made, judge. Lessons will be learned.

272161  Mr Bleak: @savvoy Bare Thundersword is my porn star name.

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7. Amy Housewine
8. addend
9. Mad Collager
10. a robot

The top ten most commented-on images today:

272205 Terrh: Classy...

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

272155 Mr Bleak: I've looked closely over many years, and I'm still yet to find the coin slot.


272009 Not A Bot: the kid's name is actually "naho"

272195 Air Biscuit: @Knice also happy birthday.

272159 Mr Bleak: Mistakes were made, judge. Lessons will be learned.

272135 Mr Bleak: Sorry, but that's animal cruelty, pure and simple.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny I can give you my mother's Neverfail Pie Crust recipe if you like. It's super easy, rolls out beautifully and very light and flaky when baked. For the filling, I use the sourest apples I can find for maximum flavor and about a cup of cinnamon sugar and half a stick of butter broken into little pieces and put among the apple slices. Let me know!

271958 revtom: As if we wouldn't use those Atlas droids to fight. See that 'atlas parkour' video on youtube? We'll be remotely piloting those things in the next war.

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 8. grizzly: 1992 points
 9. JollyWell: 1942 points
10. Albo Grungus: 1886 points
11. Cyka: 1715 points
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 Jabberwikket: "We cannot condone bouncing of the seventh variety."
 Jonananathan: @Spazstatic Blusers
 Spazstatic: Blue users
 a sedated moose: @SimonSaysGarfunkel…
 Amy Housewine: Rover's rustic cousins have come to visit.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Balls
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Balls
Image 223121   12-26-17   Uploaded by    inthrees
 Not A Bot: David Copperfield's house?
Image 223120   12-26-17   Uploaded by    SpamSpamSpamSpam
 kornisjon: This is tearing me apart.
 a robot: But it was a lamb that Lisa loved. This is a goat.
Image 223119   12-26-17   Uploaded by    deadwombat
 Air Biscuit: They just wasted that bank. Someone could have still used it.
Image 223118   12-26-17   Uploaded by    bubbles
 topcity: Paris-Dakar has become over-commercialized.
 Mr. Shine: Sandy wieners are the wurst!
 BFHoodrich: Tremors. Dog edition.
 Air Biscuit: Watch out for that weiner-antlion!
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: Should of had it bronzed
 Cami: We have wiener sign the likes of which even God has never seen!
 Teechur: Missed the left at Albuquerque?
Image 223117   12-26-17   Uploaded by    Oh Don Piano
 Skaalar: He ded.
 BaconCake: That's certainly one way to clear your sinuses.
 a sedated moose: @Amy Housewine are you sure?
 Colbo Mundus: Good.
 Amy Housewine: That's not how you clear a blocked-up nose.
 raditzu: Why do i have to live in a place where a plunger hurts my face?
Image 223116   12-26-17   Uploaded by    doindabs
 Teechur: Focus must be off. It looks a little fuzzy.
 a robot: So tiny and wee!
Image 223115   12-26-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Pepper
 karmakat: awww
 Teechur: @RimLickinGood Lots fall out of trees. Some people pick them up before the mother has a chance to take them back to the nest. It's always best to let Mother Nature take care of herself.
Image 223114   12-26-17   Uploaded by    twisty
 wolfpk: I WANT THIS SIGN!!!!!!
 Teechur: @Air Biscuit Ooooh, I'm sorry. But we just upgraded to ISO 9098 which states that re-calibration isn't good enough. You need to throw a certified brand-new torque wrench each time. By the way, my brother-in-law is the President of the Torque Wrench Makers Union.
 Air Biscuit: @Teechur but you would have to have the torque wrench calibrated every time you throw it.
 Teechur: You really should use a box-end wrench for that. A 6-point socket on a torque wrench is actually preferred. ISO 9003 and all. I'm sure you read about it in the manual.
Image 223113   12-26-17   Uploaded by    realjon
 Peddy Tenderglass: That *is* what it sounds like
 Cami: @a robot It's a better to point out something than a red circle done in MS Paint.
 a robot: Move your goddamned cursor before taking a screenshot!
 Nope: Hes not wrong
Image 223112   12-26-17   Uploaded by    Wort Mumpus
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