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243985  Scoo: They're all good dogs, Beelzebub

243986  Scoo: I like to think that Cotton-Eyed Joe is an epic tale about some sort of terrible plague

244037  WannaBee: @glenalec @fanny is it Raphael's Transfiguration? The boy with the boss eye?

244042  a robot: Mmm, vanilla!

244004  Scoo: fight me

244039  Zaxxoff: Curb your bovine

244041  Zaxxoff: New Solo movie has a big twist

244036  fanny: just as Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson wanted

244037  fanny: @glenalec haha that was my first thought! i've been trying to think of what painting specifically it is :)

244038  fanny: that's... kinda creepy

243996  Skinr: "Sorry guys, I just had to taste it..."

243998  Skinr: Gygax was right - Dwarven women DO have beards!

244037  glenalec: Also, I'm sure there is a famous Renaissance painting with a guy with that expression!

244006  Skinr: "Baseball is beloved by children around the world! How DARE you use it for evil!"

244008  Springbok: @kornisjon Oh God it is lmao I'm never mentioning Norwegian again

244007  Skinr: Sugimori-san is a plagiarist!

244039  Yam: Its nice they respected the cows privacy and blurred its face.

244009  Skinr: :)

244018  glenalec: The cat before you, broke my lamp.

244014  Skinr: No, she just thinks the nugget-boxer is bad at math, and that's why he works at McDonald's.

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243983 kornisjon: Pans?

243886 Dr Awkward: @Coolguy A lot of my students are "non-traditional" (i.e., not 18-22 years old) many of them are veterans, but some never finished a degree they started, some are getting a second bachelors, some just found an academic passion later in life. Often, these students do better because they truly want to be there and learn. Good luck to you!

243797 glenalec: They lead to a big shed.

243955 Yurishiro: @fanny yay! May the gross be with you!

243847 some guy : That's nutty!

243839 Science: @piranharama: Even better are the guys on a forced march dropping and doing the funky chicken.

244005 savvoy: Suddenly, Mummenschanz

243865 Science: No cheese, no bun, and green crap. Not my America!

243841 fanny: @fanny yay! """"

243805 Kaviri: And that was a short play by the cast members of the friendly spaceship. I hope you all have enjoyed tonight's entertainment and have a safe journey home. Goodnight!

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 furneim: This gives me.. cat scratch fever
 furneim: Is that Dave Grohl?
 antipatterns: TIL YOU'RE... BLEEDING...
 Knice: @a robot GAAAA! Why do yall hate me? :-(
 mammal883: Lookin' good Glenn, who's your friend?
 Yurishiro: @fanny Brilliant.
 Yurishiro: "Please don't eat the cat."
 adeadcrab: "Devil's plaything in my hands, if you don't want pain, you don't understand!"
 zrj235: I did not know that Chuck Tingle was a ghost writer for the Conan series. (insert *hah* your own punchline here.)
 a robot: @fanny I guess #220927 is more to @Knice's liking :D
 apoxia: That's a beautiful beautiful people
 Knice: @fanny Thank you ever so much for causing me to notice that, you ass.
 Nope: Well I know where that mark on his arm came from.
 fanny: that's a pretty in-your-face username/upload combo!
Image 221026   12-14-17   Uploaded by    HairyNips
 zrj235: @jazzjunkie the resemblance is uncanny
 jazzjunkie: My wife and I chose to have imaginary children, since we weren't able to have any real ones of our own. She's unable to conceive, being imaginary herself. I guess you could say the kids take after her in that respect.
 zrj235: tell my wife and kids i'll see them when they exist in an alternate fucking universe.
Image 221025   12-14-17   Uploaded by    Shay
 Prostata: Fluorite! very RAD
 Yurishiro: I received a mail about the friendly spaceship shutting down on January if more people don't support :(
 zrj235: @Not A Bot That was until they refined it and broke the natural order of things.
 apoxia: Amethyst
 Not A Bot: I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us.
 Mr. Shine: This Patreon donor is a real gem!
 dobbiesdoogs: radstone
Image 221024   12-14-17   Uploaded by    tiffany
Image 221023 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by professorpig. Your image was bad, professorpig.
 zrj235: NEIGH.
 wolfpk: That's a weird engagement photo.
 Ulillillia: She's tall
Image 221022   12-14-17   Uploaded by    Mern Trulbo
 mexican: Hellodile.
 Peter Pantsless: Oh shit, luxus is lurching this way!
Image 221021   12-14-17   Uploaded by    Youll Cowards
 zrj235: Nope. You can't make me. Going to wear it to work tomorrow and see who notices.
 apoxia: @icloud It's so hard to do!
 Sandor: Same
 Korrok: I can dig it.
Image 221020   12-14-17   Uploaded by    Backhand
 antipatterns: you should've been buying Venom tapes my friend
 zrj235: Daaawwww May is cute
 Winterneuro: @Mr. Whiskers more like Heavy Metal music Baby!!!
 Peter Pantsless: Username/upload mismatch
 Mr. Whiskers: *Heavy Breakup Music*
Image 221019   12-14-17   Uploaded by    aristocat
 zrj235: pure gold is much heavier than most people realize. took both of em. as soon as Emil heard the camera, he turned around and removed the last witness.
 Kaviri: I was helping her glue the broken straps back onto her bag, and we really connected. Weve stuck together ever since.
Image 221018   12-14-17   Uploaded by    nerdhulk
 raditzu: What time is it? It's launch-a-missile-o'clock
 Teechur: @Mr. Whiskers *on the Moon Moon
 zrj235: @Mr. Shine She died doing what she loved. First dog to land on mars.
 Mr. Shine: RIP Laika
 Mr. Whiskers: Ah 1968...when Russian wolves first landed on the moon
Image 221017   12-14-17   Uploaded by    elmstreet
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