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253757  dangerkeith3000: Take it all, boss.

253759  dangerkeith3000: She's making her way up to 3 F arts.

253541  jochenau: @Mr Bleak ahhh thank you, you're right

253767  jochenau: Be picky; accept only the finest farts.

253767  dangerkeith3000: "Be picky"

253767  dangerkeith3000: I ugly laughed.

253773  Peter Pantsless: Watch dog play. Play, dog, play!

253769  dangerkeith3000: He's popping out of his shell. I don't think he's faking anymore.

253770  dangerkeith3000: Purrrrty dress.

253779  Peter Pantsless: Oh, borther

253770  Peter Pantsless: "...and I'll shred the curtains if I want to."

253762  Shay: *Flavors

253726  dangerkeith3000: @fanny Maybe if I didn't already know where she's been lol

253714  TurkeyVulture: I'm saying it's aliens.

253760  a sedated moose: The furry lizard is in my personal space again.

253767  a sedated moose: 3fArts is my rap persona.

253732  VeeKay: @RiderFan Not specified: When she actually was a virgin.

253535  Mr Bleak: Which one? Aren't there two at the moment?

253541  Mr Bleak: @jochenau What you see it two mirrors - probably fitted wardrobe doors. The left hand one is open, giving a 90 degree (or so) angle between them. The right one reflects a door we can't see to the photographers right, the other reflects the image in the first mirror. (You can see the mirror border, it looks like Cedar strips from here).

253767  Greifer: but no fucks given

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253507 Austin: For "2". Just like that velveeta and shells meal that I made for me and a... friend

253470 DrinkMixMan: Can we stop doing this?

253494 Robespierre: Sorry, Billy Bob, but I'm expensive this weekend.

253710 ignatz: I would NOT buy a used car from this person.. One careful owner, low mileage *ooh*(loosens tie) Full service history *Aah*(loosens belt) etc..

253573 FireBreathingMarmot: Adult Onset Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

253673 sporky: Don't look d.... too late

253747 Side Boob: I see this with new 4-wheel drives in the winter. 4-wheel GO doesn't equal 4-wheel STOP.

253709 Christina: @Winterneuro What if you use the coke and the pot?

253636 Zochrot: everybodys sick of your shit Scott

253597 Zochrot: this phone deserves worse for having candy crush on it

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 BavidDowie: The majestic snowflerf
 Prostata: so flooooofy!!!
Image 219284   12-05-17   Uploaded by    robford
 jazzjunkie: *not to scale
 WTF: Multivariable calculus is hip!
 sparename: I can see the Yellow Submarine
 Liar tuck: 15 - Interdimensional Glory Hole
Image 219283   12-05-17   Uploaded by    CoffeeAndCigs
 romangreek: Nice lettering
 zrj235: number 14 really isn't an action item, technically.
 ignatz: Somebody likes Sabrina..
 sparename: Don't bother adding "Eat peanut-butter, cocktail sausage and mayonnaise sandwiches because there's not much else in"
Image 219282   12-05-17   Uploaded by    JollyWell
 Larp Belb: Special Haircuts $10
 zrj235: will you just die already
Image 219281   12-05-17   Uploaded by    filthylaw
 Scoo: I'm special!
 WTF: @glenalec "Haircuts"
 Spazstatic: "with duck sauce"
 Cami: "Special"
Image 219280   12-05-17   Uploaded by    SimonSaysGarfunkel
 Big Bong Theory: Special Haircuts $10
 charlemagne: I still see lloyd-webber from time to time at the montgomery club, such a delight to work with
 savvoy: Reginald Diggory never really adapted to his new form.
Image 219279   12-05-17   Uploaded by    Pickle Dick
 Joseph: @Dr Awkward yes, there are locks further up and down. It's a bit if a shortcut
 addend: (Builds vehicle tunnel under river and walkway over water bridge.)
 Dr Awkward: Apparently it is the Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany. Engineering is cool.
 WTF: I see the Autobahn has been extended to Venice.
 Dr Awkward: I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around this. Is it possible due to canal locks?
Image 219278   12-05-17   Uploaded by    Slickbrew
 Mr Bleak: I am not a number, I am a free croissants!
 Cami: I get the feeling #2 and #6 had a meeting here once.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @zrj235 I was just singing Flight of the Conchords. There was no context for it though.
 zrj235: @SimonSaysGarfunkel not to me. i keep clothes and furniture until they literally fall apart around me.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @zrj235 you think fashions a friend, my friend fashion is danger
 zrj235: @SimonSaysGarfunkel once i fell asleep in a chair shaped like this (not melon flavor) and when i woke up i couldn't feel my left leg for a week.
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: A fruit chair that will turn you into a vegetable via a broken neck.
 addend: (Finds seeds under cushion.)
Image 219277   12-05-17   Uploaded by    reply
 tib gubb: teehee
 Gallifrasian: Clhruntu
 Dr Awkward: @beyardo I thought about Ubuntu as a name for my dog. I like the concept of it, but it just wasn't a very good name for a Border collie
Image 219276   12-05-17   Uploaded by    Korrok
 furneim: It's so nice to see him happy and smiling, for once
 charlemagne: you thought I was middle eastern? ah ha ha!
 SimonSaysGarfunkel: That face when you leave the liquor store
 Jesse P: I never thought about it until now. Wouldn't Jesus have perfect chompers?
 Ulillillia: Kick off the Sunday shoes.
Image 219275   12-05-17   Uploaded by    peeper
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