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272800  piratepom: Cute dog! I'll give you some advice that you probably already know, but. If you have ever met other peoples dogs and don't like a specific thing they do I.E. Barking, Jumping up on you, Biting, or even not being potty trained, now is the best time in that dogs life to train it not to do those things, or even to DO some things, like alert you when he needs to go outside. Puppies love to learn new t

272772  a sedated moose: LOOK AT THAT HORSE.

272773  FormerLurker: A gentleman never does.

272778  isosceleswaffle: MUDDY BUDDY

272780  FormerLurker: I dont want to rad the image below.

272763  Beeble: Chicken.

272779  Beeble: Beauty pageant of North Korea.

272785  Mr. Whiskers: Eerily, the next person to send it was Prince. And he was sending it from INSIDE THE HOUSE

272741  barfolomew: English orthography is some weird ancient science, man.

272761  a robot: At least he's got a cool Ninja Turtle mask

272765  a robot: I work at a pharmacy, this is fake news. We don't even sell Johnson & Johnson brand thermometers, it's all Proctor and Gamble now

272794  mark64: He gets better reception this way

272680  Gringos: you got me @Apple IIe

272775  a spider plan: Hello Mr Entwistle. My name is Boris.

272790  depression: And now Gus likes mom more..

272780  ignatz: That enigmatic gurn..

272733  mwoody: The fries confuse me. This is an outstanding, low-carb meal, but the fries would destroy that. I guess it's a gluten thing.

272720  Side Boob: Bring foodz. Am plant.

272721  Side Boob: Nailed it!

272726  Side Boob: The guy next to you didn't start out with that much weight. He worked up to it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and hit the pile! You'll get there.

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272639 Sadbot: Throw a hardcover at somebody's head

272425 Nope: @lecj07 thank you for your service

272681 glowstick: @lecj07 agree

272448 Eleftheros: As voiced by Ron Perlman

272540 Science: @a sedated moose: Yep. And apparently it's now all factory farming where the civets are horribly mistreated.

272539 Kaviri: Firepower.

272621 lecj07: @Science imagine her as a take on chucky. This is how she lures you in.

272663 SuedeOxford: What are these, allergies for ants?

272659 Greifer: Looks like roadkill

272554 Kaviri: It's your old pal. Ricky Rat!

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 Mr Bleak: A cat-proof Christmas Tree! Brilliant - mine leaps *through* the tree to attack me while I hang the baubles on it.
 Not A Bot: the last Tuesday July 27th was in 2010
 fanny: it's for when you celebrate Festivus but your spouse celebrates christmas... helps cut down on your decorating
 sirgallium: badass af sinister cat right there. it's like looking at the godfather. that's the kind of attitude he's giving off.
 moogerator: That's one pretty sure way to keep Mr Ghostcat Killah from climbing the Christmas tree.
 WTF: "Oh Christmas twig, oh Christmas twig..."
Image 218468   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Hyphae
 BabyVaccine: Facts.
Image 218467   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Vault Dweller
 jazzjunkie: When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." -FR
Image 218466   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 shark: @Popsicle Dream They dont always. There are generally a few young Elvises in the mix. My favourite style of Elvis is the 1968 comeback Elvis, with the badass black leather jacket and jeans, but no one ever does that Elvis. The 1970s white jumpsuit Elvis is definitely the one to do if youre aiming for comedy
 sirgallium: @Popsicle Dream Probably because the kind of person who wants to see an Elvis impersonator wants to see it for the spectacle
 sirgallium: @Life Whacker That is one of the funniest things I've ever read. I did not see that ending coming.
 vape station: What; no sock full of kapok?
Image 218465   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Call Of Pooty
 Dr Awkward: @fanny I certainly think so! It was her first tattoo (in her early 30s) and it covers the top of her back shoulder to shoulder, and also features her own horse who passed away from cancer. The tattoo artist knocked it out of the park.
 fanny: @Dr Awkward your wife sounds awesome :)
 Dr Awkward: My wife's back tattoo has horse imagery from his documentary, "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams"…
 flommmm: Remember, you'll get a free copy of this game when you buy a wurst at Wernerschnitzel! (Limit: one per domestic unit; certain restrictions apply)
 Side Boob: @Prostata Until it gets badded to oblivion
 Prostata: how many times is this going to get posted this week?
 Ulillillia: Part 2?
Image 218464   12-01-17   Uploaded by    eider
 savvoy: Cooked human flesh smells like pork, but tastes more like beef. Uh, according to, like, ship's logs from 18th c. South Pacific explorations.
 grizzly: @Robespierre Noted! Time to buy some warmer clothes!
 Rent A Dog: @grizzly That sounds like a good plan ... to keep you out of trouble. But if you DO want to eat Tigger, I would suggest a trip to Siberia - they probably eat tigers there.
 grizzly: @Mexico @Robespierre @Dr Awkward I have thought about this for a long (10 years) time. I have realized that I have a much better chance of eating a Christopher Robins than a Tigger. I made it a bit more difficult on myself that the "Christopher Robins" actually needs to be named Christopher Robins...
 Mexico: @grizzly I've read that pigs and humans have a similar body composition, so we probably taste like pork.
 Dr Awkward: @grizzly Do toenail clippings count? Or scabs? Or simply licking Christopher?
 Hippitus Hoppitus: @grizzly Tigger's going to be a bit difficult, but Christopher Robin? There's this guy ... oh, never mind - Fifth Amendment and all that, you know.
 Mexico: @grizzly The most "exotic" animal I've had is duck, and that's not far away from the "usual" meat.
 grizzly: @Mexico I set a goal for myself a long time ago to eat all of the animals from Winnie the Pooh. I have had pretty solid luck, but I am stuck on a Tigger and a Christopher Robins.
 prius: @Mexico Difficult to say - like I said, the rat I tried was very salty (my brother-in-law brought it over - it's a traditional snack to be eaten while drinking beer there), but there was nothing the least bit offensive about it; no weird texture or aroma or anything like that. I'd eat again, under similar circumstances - this was way out in the countryside, and we were eating rice field rats, NOT urban alley rats. For me, context has a lot to do with whether or not I'll eat unusual things. Water bugs out of a canal in urban Jakarta? No thanks.
 Mexico: @Hosebag @Robespierre What does rat taste like? I have a goal to eat a lot of different types of meat, and rat's on that list.
 CheezGrater: @Hosebag The ones I tried in the Philippines a month or so ago were way oversalted. Otherwise, not terrible.
 Hosebag: Also, they are delicious with a little cilantro.
Image 218463   12-01-17   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 aeroaero: But does he know "scrundle?"
Image 218462   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 trelyate: *metal gear solid alert noise*
 Urn BooUrn: Sam Fisher is a pretty good cat name.
 Porm Munties: @Derp Herpigan Well, it IS Friday ... dilemma solved.
 Prostata: he's gotta be around here somewhere...
 Mad Collager: Where the hell did dinner go? I have my napkin tied around my neck and everything!
 bug: Training for American Ninja Warrior.
 Derp Herpigan: Not sure if I should say "Hang in there, baby" or "Catassin's Creed"
 Science: M:I 6 still on track, I see. It's amazing that they let Tom Cruise do all his own stunts.
 sparename: Death from above
Image 218461   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Slickbrew
 Air Biscuit: If only the trees could speak for themselves...
 jazzjunkie: This guy thneeds a wake-up call!
Image 218460   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Disclosure
 Peddy Tenderglass: grilledsloini.ron paulburgerj8FAmq3.jpg
 Wooden Spoon: Trash Panda must be on a beer run.
 Ulillillia: Furry conventions are weird.
Image 218459   12-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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