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268609  Felicity: @VeeKay I just assumed the comment referred to tripping over the dog on the stairs

268653  trelyate: should have been erected in '69

268610  Felicity: That's why the internet is a good distraction, for example friendly spaceship, and why they claim exercise reduces depression. We'll see about that second one...I just went from a sedentary lifestyle to walking 60 minutes a day, and I don't know yet

268657  trelyate: I remember when I was a little kid I asked my dad if I could have a beer so he let me take a sip because he knew I would think it tasted awful and I'd never ask again. And he was right.

268594  tib gubb: teenage counterintelligence

268611  Felicity: @fanny Definite bad vote from me, unless the uploader is also the person in the photo, having a laugh at their own expense

268597  tib gubb: the tiger can feast; on stupid zoo patrons

268620  Felicity: YouTube video OyAyPzWmjcc seems to apply

268622  Felicity: In the words of Dana Carvey, woke up with a case of the fuckits

268665  Sage: bobrossSq

268613  tib gubb: worth it

268649  ThoughtlessGentleman: assholes all the way up!!

268620  tib gubb: well, she's not exactly a glider

268625  tib gubb: that is highly unsafe

268633  tib gubb: stupid sexy velma

268634  tib gubb: oh jeez i need to watch that movie again (the three amigos)

268647  Spazstatic: Same.

268633  mwoody: The current DC comics Scooby Doo is actually pretty dark, and very much in this vein.

268641  Butcherboy: Ahhh! Very good. I was thinking about the inverse. As in why would the white freeze, paint etc@Yam

268660  Spazstatic: I mastered it then moved on. I haven't touched a piano since I was fifteen!

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268265 barfolomew: @AlexDeLarge word of mouth, I suppose.

268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268282 copunter: DDT is safe! Democracy works!

268497 Scoo: murica.jpg


268405 Felicity: Beautiful dress. And with gloves! Rad

268299 Side Boob: @sparenamelaptopdied Frasier has already left the building :P

268624 a robot: Based on the comments I think I am glad I missed this one

268386 Teechur: Maybe Saturn has gone vegan

268477 Felicity: I remember this level of Space Harrier

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 copunter: you'd write a lot more if you paced less
 duckfarts: STOP
 jazzjunkie: Stay a while, won't you?
Image 218027   11-29-17   Uploaded by    bookcase
 petepuma: ripple in the matrix
 duckfarts: looks like a firewall
 wolfpk: In case of fire, release Kool-aid Guy
 BlarfyB: @Gentleman Too soon!
Image 218026   11-29-17   Uploaded by    Snow Plow
 2Berries: Be prepared, be prepared,this lesson must be shared
 duckfarts: [farts professionally]
Image 218025   11-29-17   Uploaded by    Dorb
 XLY: I sea youuuu!!
 Janston: Yblbl mblnblblcs
Image 218024   11-29-17   Uploaded by    PlzPlzMe
 VeeKay: Medium chaos and bad chaos
Image 218023   11-29-17   Uploaded by    lebron
 copunter: this guy puts the Au in Aum
 petepuma: kindly do the goldful
 VoR: Actual gold thread shirt. Btw
 duckfarts: @eider autoerotic asphyxiation strikes again
 eider: This guy was found dead not that long ago. You can probably guess why.
Image 218022   11-29-17   Uploaded by    Sparkplug
 fatman: The arch-nemesis of the "I Didn't Do It" boy.
 VeeKay: Trump's latest tweet. Reads "America fell into chaos, I did nothing but exacerbate the situation. Buy more guns!"
 sparenamelaptopdied: "..and I helped!"
 Bumbo Lungys: Lies.
 VoR: This apology rages the parent
 duckfarts: my autobiography
Image 218021   11-29-17   Uploaded by    FunkyDrunk
 why the long face: Lately Ive been finding I have to repeat everything to cashiers, in a slow, loud, patronising tone, like a racist explorer whose policy when dealing with natives who dont speak English is to shout at them in English, except that these cashiers do speak English, but wont snap out of it until you repeat yourself
 WotGives: Guy i used to with in customer service would routinely wear his "i can explain it to you, i cannot understand it for you" shirt to work. This only served to aggravate the incurably stupid.
 FabricMan: When you tell the customer 9 times that corporate policy won't allow you to help them, but they keep fighting back because they're not broken yet.
 eider: Maybe you're shit at explaining things
 addend: Scuse me, Imma split.
 duckfarts: maybe you should stop explaining after the 9th time
Image 218020   11-29-17   Uploaded by    Popsicle Dream
 satoshi: @a robot 98% of female teenagers.
 duckfarts: @jochenau "mildly obsessed"? like if he sees bieber in person, he screams very quietly inside, his voice echoing in the empty chasm of his mind, a faint spark illuminating the darkness that consumes us all as we slowly hurtle towards the void? or does he have like just a few posters of him?
 jochenau: @a robot I worked with a middle-aged Japanese salaryman who was mildly obsessed with Bieber. I remain mystified.
 a robot: Who even cares about Bieber anymore/at all/ever?
 square44: They said it went viral. what did you expect?
Image 218019   11-29-17   Uploaded by    Michael Tripe
 yawgmoth: And that is why the city council is now legally required to find out what happened to her.
 trelyate: this is fine(able)
 wolfpk: She was a flyer. That is what she was doing when she disappeared.
 Ulillillia: Too soon
Image 218018   11-28-17   Uploaded by    mission2mars
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