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233218  ignatz: Welp, you might as well run with it..

233203  mexican: Rude.

233225  Not A Bot: weakest gun show ever

233206  a robot: *sung to the tune of Bow Wow Wow's 'I Want Candy'* I HATE CHRISTMAS

233220  Shay: I don't know what's more confusing: the cutout anime guy or being served a tin bowl of Jiffy Pop for dinner.

233217  a robot: @Peter Pantsless Yay, you're purple again! :D

233195  kornisjon: Morbid sense of humour detected, which is rad!

233149  piratepom: Rad for this @Captain Marsupial!

233203  ignatz: #140975

233219  Derp Herpigan: BAD for Alexisyd.

233217  Peter Pantsless: "Aren't you going to frisk me?" "Sir, you're not under arrest." "...can you do it anyway?"

233217  GoGo Robotto: Police Stripper Squad

233212  kornisjon: If that's for one brownie, I do expect them to be 4:20 related.

233175  trelyate: just because you can doesn't mean you should

233217  Ulillillia: Eins, zwei,

233179  trelyate: this isn't Narnia...

233181  Ulillillia: We miss you in the Senate, doggo

233203  NoRagrets: Apparently Im too colorblind to read this.

233203  Dr Awkward: So, like, copulate with someone with color vision deficiency?

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233157 Scoo: @Felicity Appears to just be a broken alias to ResEdit; it's not rocking the awesome Mac-in-the-Box icon

233055 Mr Bleak: Boaty McBoat ... waddya mean, it's been done?

233185 Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233067 ping: @copunter Not a position I would want or be any good at. Am very content standing on the shore, throwing pebbles in, and watching the ripples spread. Thanks, though.

233103 Peter Pantsless: That was quick! Thanks again everybody. PURPLE POWERS ACTIVATE…

233032 zrj235: i invented one recently called KUNG FU KITCHEN. 523 bonus points if you can guess how to play.

233166 Mr. Whiskers: Hep the titis

233056 Robespierre: @Mr. Whiskers As an erstwhile Singapore resident I can attest that this is true.

233022 glenalec: On the up-side this may just be muddy water (inland Australian soil is exactly that colour).

233072 sparename: Mannequinned Mission to Mars

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 ptrain: @Felicity Same
 RiderFan: Sponsored by L'eggs.
 Mr. Shine: I had such a crush on Valerie from the cartoon. She was the smartest one.
 brian greene: now ifeel old ...... thanks
 zrj235: Ok so for a socially-progressive site, this spaceship sure has given me a bunch of new weird fetishes.
 Felicity: @a robot They do look a little older here
 Air Biscuit: Where are the long tails and ears for hats?
 Scoo: @a robot "Backdoor Lover" still comes up occasionally when I shuffle songs on my phone, and makes me laugh every time.
 Ulillillia: @a robot I'm more partial to the Josie and the Beautiful people movie
 a robot: Lol I'm glad that particular switcherino still works on purples :D
 a robot: I like the Josie and the Amazing grandmothercats movie from 2001. Fight me.
Image 211019   10-22-17   Uploaded by    melted plastic
 funny in the wall: I remember that one. Kudos for being old@Teechur
 zrj235: poorly dressed
 Warrax: Your grandmother is amazing.
 Rat-Butt: That g-string aint cover up much...
 tib gubb: if this isn't illegal, it should be.
 Teechur: CAT! I'm a kitty-cat! And I dance, dance, dance, and I dance, dance, dance!
Image 211018   10-22-17   Uploaded by    matos
 zrj235: sea slugs are awesome.
Image 211017   10-22-17   Uploaded by    waaaaaat
 Mr. Shine: @Science @redbranch The laws against mutilation are mostly only for purposes of forgery, not for punishing the odd jewelry maker or kids squishing them on a train track.
 Science: @Teechur: Bope. Coins are currency and are covered under 18 U.S. Code 331 - Mutilation, diminution, and falsification of coins
 zrj235: i hear that if you tape the two halves together, and the serial numbers match, any bank has to take em.
 Felicity: Neat!!!
 Teechur: @redbranch Coins are considered tokens. It is illegal to deface currency (paper money). Many museums and zoos have machines for stamping pennies into mementos.
 Whatever: @redbranch Not really - you have coin flattening machines, and hobo nickel artwork- and its probably protected under the first amendment. If youre melting them down to get the metal then thats illegal
 grizzly: @redbranch so is jaywalking.
Image 211016   10-22-17   Uploaded by    crappypants
 zrj235: wow where can i adopt one
 Quackzy: Quetzalcoatlus northropi was well known for getting really judgmental looks from giraffes
 djublonskopf: Imagine if giraffes were carnivorous, had giant swords for faces, and could fly. Welcome to the Late Cretaceous.
Image 211015   10-22-17   Uploaded by    Religion X
 zrj235: next wrong
 glenalec: "We're on the road to no-where"
 Rat-Butt: @dangerkeith3000 how about a Ratt-Butt
 Rat-Butt: Story of my life...
 dangerkeith3000: #BUTTS
 Teechur: Where are the PONG paddles? Is this tennis or hockey/soccer?
 Whatever: And that sums up most of the road between Circle and Great Falls Montana
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
Image 211014   10-22-17   Uploaded by    fridaynight
 brian greene: hanging from a hook in the prison cell
 zrj235: is.. is this a thing? verifying. ok correlation is not the same thing as causation, but in this case i'll make an exception.
 Air Biscuit: This is why i buy almond milk/cheese. Also pus pockets.
 Rat-Butt: WTF does cheese consumption and tangled sheets have to do with the price of tea in China? NOTHING! Tea is not just grown in China is my point.
Image 211013   10-22-17   Uploaded by    carlin
 sparenamelaptopdied: @sparenamelaptopdied I suppose it was a large cemetery rather than a mass grave..
 sparenamelaptopdied: @Science Working for TV news, we did a piece from a mass grave in Ypres for an anniversary. Most of the graves were laid in neat rows except for some near the monument - the guide told us that these marked where those guys actually died
 Science: At the Cary Town Center mall, there was (is?) a big hill right in the center of the parking lot that has a couple of graves on it. It's weird.
 zrj235: death, death and death. enjoy your scented candles.
 Air Biscuit: Remote cemetarys are nice in theory, but its more practical to rise from the grave and get your groceries in an urban area.
 DrinkMixMan: Hole Foods
 Skinr: Bed, bath, and The Beyond.
 Spazstatic: Bed bath and beyond the grave
Image 211012   10-22-17   Uploaded by    guccigucci
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 brian greene: dork
 zrj235: deez nutz
 Felicity: So basically Putin never looked normal
 dangerkeith3000: @Teechur Whoa
 Teechur: I think he looks more like a teenage Keanu.
 tib gubb: I know a girl who looks way more like teenage Putin
 a robot: I guess the nose shape is similar? And kinda the lips, though Poutine's are wider. Other than that I see basically no resemblance. Kid couldn't even commit to cutting his hair into a late-60s Soviet style. 1.5/10.
 Quackzy: This is his Halloween costume
 Mr. Butt: I also pride myself on looking nothing like Putin.
 Himesama: Vlad is cuter.
Image 211011   10-22-17   Uploaded by    meh
 zrj235: And Castle always kinda sucked, in my opinion.
 zrj235: Wood Star's later albums got a little bit too weird and experimental for my tastes.
 WaffleIron: Stop cutting your arm off!
Image 211010   10-22-17   Uploaded by    weirduncle
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