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234232  VoR: Hgbm

234241  VoR: Im sproot and so's my wife

234243  VoR: First become a real boy. Only then can you be dead.

234246  VoR: Dog

234265  VoR: Left hand is poised well

234273  Dresdenkeogh: Dude.. I'm Thinkin bout thos beans

234265  VoR: Left hand is poised well

234233  glenalec: Unless they are 'backdoor friends' which are the best!

234273  VeeKay: @sparename Because he filled up a lava lamp with borlotti beans?

234272  VoR: Just download app. Ooh man. Apps should be self loading.

234271  Butcherboy: This taste funny to you?

234250  glenalec: Apparently your president honestly believes something like this is the answer :-(

234270  Ulillillia: You watch the ticker. I'm going to butter a bagel.

234271  Dr Awkward: Meat clown?

234272  Ulillillia: I have a new app called We Get It

234270  glenalec: Not difficult.

234252  Nothing: Cute!

233949  VeeKay: @Shay Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' as a backdrop to the UK government's cabinet is as appropriate as it gets.

234239  Not A Bot: Should have built the cars out of stone too.

234265  Darmstadtium: Nope, a thousand times nope

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234208 Jabberwikket: @Mr Bleak I thought 333 was the semi Christ ?

234065 Entertainmentalist: Odds are very good that each thing on the list is there because someone tried it.

234197 Jabberwikket: @Yurishiro, "McDonuuuu I've come to bargain."

234083 Robespierre: Don't have nuffin to do wif the weather, @Coolguy

234099 Mr Bleak: "It must be art" "Why?" "It's crap."

234195 itskando: ** near entirety

234181 redmonkey3: @jochenau - butt bra is close; think display of an asset and ease of access and good old slutty exhibitionism and some boys like lace and some guys LIKE boys who like lace, etc.

234111 raditzu: this must smell awesome

234036 Slerzy: Something something meat curtains

234180 redmonkey3: I voted something away into the negative space... whoa!

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 Jeffrat: @Thyming try the version She Wants Revenge did, pretty groovy.
 Thyming: Now Korn's cover of Kidnap the Sandy Claws is in my head.
 Shay: A Sassy-o-ween.
 Starky15: Oogie Boogies kids
 Jeffrat: Lock, Stock, and Barrel! Love it!
Image 210382   10-19-17   Uploaded by    rockkstar
 kazzy94: That cult jumped the gun.
 ruiner: hell naw
 Not A Bot: Awwwwwww!
 Felicity: Aliens love 1970s design
 Prostata: "is this the line for the bathroom?"
 when so: Another alien race that looks almost completely human
Image 210381   10-19-17   Uploaded by    Larp Belb
 fanny: @Shay did you see the Papyrus sketch on SNL a couple weeks ago? it was pretty fontastic…
 Shay: Comic sans font, oh the iron knee.
 when so: goes to #210337
 Sage: @Sage Or whatever it is.
 Sage: Did not design this shirt.
Image 210380   10-19-17   Uploaded by    Big Bong Theory
 Mr Bleak: @Wooden Spoon Sorry...:laugh:
 Wooden Spoon: @Mr Bleak: damn it, that's a much better answer
 Mr Bleak: @Wooden Spoon Gold surely?
 funny in the wall: it's adorable and i want one
 Wooden Spoon: Pretty sure you shouldn't give your baby dragon flammable bedding. Some nice shale would be a better choice.
 Mr. Shine: Hello, friend!
Image 210379   10-19-17   Uploaded by    peeper
 bug: You also can't rad your own comment.
Image 210378   10-19-17   Uploaded by    Wolfy21
 Yurishiro: This is WINK. This is LICK. No sorry rad and bad are better.
 VoR: Wick Link
 Mr. Shine: *BADVOTE*
Image 210377   10-19-17   Uploaded by    shwoarty
 ignatz: Stealth bomber shadow
 kazzy94: I have a similar amount of leg hair, but mine isn't that dark.
 Wooden Spoon: @Knice: hotdogs dropped on the floor at the barber college?
 Knice: I'm going with hot dogs on this one.
Image 210376   10-19-17   Uploaded by    the snark
 Felicity: Makes me think of that 1990s video game my friend always played at the arcade. Every few seconds, Juggernaut screaming UNNNSTOPPABLE!
 Dr Awkward: Graphic designer of the year.
Image 210375   10-19-17   Uploaded by    bobby
 Yurishiro: @Shay yuppy!
 Shay: Yup, it's a puppy.
 DarkTeddy: Unstoppable.
Image 210374   10-19-17   Uploaded by    grace
 Spazstatic: She sells c cells on the sea shore.
 Warrax: For wiping your ass.
 Christina: See shells she sells on the sea shore.
 Dan Tagonistic: She sells sea shells on the sea shore
Image 210373   10-19-17   Uploaded by    gorilla
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