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216614  VeeKay: Oh hell no, my second girlfriend!

216615  VeeKay: Demidog

216616  VeeKay: "When I win the Euro Millions I will glaze my windows with opals".

216598  SpaceCow: "classiced it."

216599  SpaceCow: *Plays flute badly*

216623  VeeKay: @Hippitus Hoppitus *Plot twist* 23

216607  SpaceCow: "Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, share, check out my Patreon, join my google hangout and smell my custom yankee candle scent."

216585  Shay: Don't trust the penguin, it's The Thing.

216608  SpaceCow: "Especially since you were consumed by the shadow people."

216590  Shay: OH FU-FU-FU-FU-FU-FUCK!!!!

216594  Shay: AFLAC

216613  SpaceCow: Bob Executive, which way is extreme business?

216609  Dan Tagonistic: THERE'S NO LIMIT!

216615  SpaceCow: He was born in a puddle of gasoline.

216604  Shay: (DO NOT SHAKE)

216629  Knice: Saucy!

216621  SpaceCow: The Batboy goes to a costume party dressed as Pugsley.

216631  Knice: Looks like a rather loveless coupling there. :-(

216623  SpaceCow: For one, Fred, you clearly don't know know the difference between capital and lowercase letters. Also, because mommy needs time to polish off her wine.

216630  genius: Thats more depressing to look at than anything, funny wouldnt come as my first thought

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216495 Felicity: @sparename Keep going until you hear the crunch

216356 glenalec: I see a crater with ejecta. Ewwwww.

216479 Yurishiro: Gay androids only.

216395 Niels Bohr: Shout shout let it all out.

216490 Yurishiro: HEY! How did you know I have "you reading this comic now." tattooed on my face?

216573 dangerkeith3000: @fanny Me too. Exact same thing. I was in Kindergarten tho.

216475 raditzu: heavy breathing

216436 FireBreathingMarmot: at the shooting range it's always my turn

216537 UltraBeverly: This festival has EVERYTHING!

216539 jochenau: Oil heaters are RAD. I have no idea why people bother with those stupid space heaters that sear a small patch in front of them and leave everything else freezing.

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 FabricMan: *urp*
 Butcherboy: When someone pluses one of your comments from over a year ago
 eider: It's a framed photo of Riker and he's kissing it goodnight. "You'll always be number one in my heart."
 San DoDo: Oh my...
 Knice: When your upload clears 300 points...
Image 209884   10-17-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Mr Bleak: @Donut They aren't: they are producing jet fuel, to melt the steel beams with. The pipes are to ignite it, just like a pilot light.
 Whatever: @Donut Of course Coal can produce lasers, it's the power source of the future - and it makes a dandy breakfast cereal too according to the Coal industry.
 Donut: Waaaait a minute. Coal can't produce lasers.
 eider: Thank goodness global warming isn't real. I welcome my new chilly overlords.
 Yurishiro: Unless the enemy has any source of heat or the sun is out.
Image 209883   10-17-17   Uploaded by    ITS TAPE
 Whatever: Yep, you've got an infestation of stone lice - they took down the Berlin Wall y'know...
 Mr. Shine: It didn't look like this on TripAdvisor!
 Mad Collager: All set for Hallowe'en.
 eider: Coat of paint, good as new.
 Yurishiro: Close the walls, it's drafty.
 Teechur: The Beaudelaire children will fix that when they arrive, Count Olaf.
Image 209882   10-17-17   Uploaded by    sir toke a lot
 Christina: Fingering Ophelia.
 Fancy Clown: Godse
 piranharama: "Moar!"
 Yurishiro: Boop!
 Dr Awkward: Quit fingering it!
Image 209881   10-17-17   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 RiderFan: Put the Reeses in the freezer for a better taste.
 Science: This person forgot that a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup isn't a Butterfinger.
 Skinr: Runts are the greatest. I saw a candy machine that had nothing but Runts, and I would have bought some if the machine hadn't been broken.
Image 209880   10-17-17   Uploaded by    duckybox
 Mr Bleak: No, it's just *called* "table dancing" and "pole dancing". You can't combine them like that.
 Yurishiro: I found Chernobyl Waldo!
Image 209879   10-17-17   Uploaded by    KnifeySpooney
Image 209878   10-17-17   Uploaded by    theaquaman
 Mr. Shine: OMG!!! Today he brought the painting I need, but today he brought the fake. He's brought the fake every time. At least ten times since I got the game.
 Mr. Shine: I still play this game. I need one more painting to complete my museum, and Redd NEVER F#CKING BRINGS IT!!!
 Skinr: @Theta Zero That's how Australian people show affection, though.
 Theta Zero: I once had a kangaroo villager send me a letter saying they found the attached present while shopping and that it reminded them of me. It was a garbage can.
Image 209877   10-17-17   Uploaded by    Not Sam
Tell us what you thought of this.
Image 209876   10-17-17   Uploaded by    On Spec
 Synthetic Messiah: Korrok buns.
 Yurishiro: Good.
 Skinr: Add some blue food coloring to make Soul Sphere pastries!
Image 209875   10-17-17   Uploaded by    icloud
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