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268381  Teechur: @Zaxxoff Yeah, could have been ANY hipster.

268383  Teechur: Underwater parkour

268386  Teechur: Maybe Saturn has gone vegan

268388  Teechur: Don't forget the Aft Deacceleration Announcers

268395  Teechur: So good it gave him Forest Whitaker eye.

268397  Teechur: I would have said, ". . .'Oh ducks, oh ducks, oh ducks,' or just 'ducks wonderful ducks!' I practice these sayings every day, ad even thought the ducks haven't come yet, when they do, I'll know what to say."

268401  Teechur: @Fiveninety Could be RG8 or similar coax, but no self-respecting Ham radio op would bury cable. The dielectric breaks down eventually and it needs to be replaced.

268403  Teechur: Beware: Mostly floofy, but pointy on 5 ends.

268404  Teechur: He helmet too big for he cat-danged head

268405  Teechur: I truly can't believe that this has been radded at all.

268408  Teechur: No Fs given that day

268417  Murm Gungus: I did a similar stunt that cost me about $3. I bought a posterboard and wrote "I need a good job. Please call or text ###" stood at busy intersection with sign about 2 hrs and got a call from local news. They did a story on me and I had a job in less than 24 hrs.

268356  addend: (Downloads Whatsapp.)

268366  addend: (Opens flavor packet.)

268371  addend: "But it's an upside-down V." / "IDGAF."

268374  addend: (Scores several three pointers.)

268265  smusher: I used to know a girl who could sing Aria 62

268388  addend: Just keep one eye on the road and one on the zippityclock.

268288  smusher: Damn hipsters

268396  addend: @a robot Mmm, hot buttered...

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268265 smusher: I used to know a girl who could sing Aria 62

268242 grizzly: @Dr Awkward sort of! I have never considered myself very good.

268233 Spazstatic: Hah, her shirt says "aero"

268282 Rocky XLVII: @AlexDeLarge me also

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!


268386 Teechur: Maybe Saturn has gone vegan

267978 ChubbyBuddy: fair

268224 Eleftheros: @Mexico ohhhh sweet I loved Paprika, I'll hafta see his other movies

268264 ignatz: Apples scaling walls.

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 FireBreathingMarmot: God, I'm warm-blooded and nothing makes me feel that cozy.
 Annoying Vegan : Feel free to talk to me or my son whenever you feel like it.
Image 209769   10-16-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 a robot: *squishing intensifies*
 Mr. Shine: Grrf
 tib gubb: get me outta here!
Image 209768   10-16-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Air Biscuit: @Air Biscuit but with a bit less chin.
 Niels Bohr: It's clearly GG Allin and Ellen.
 Air Biscuit: @Clim Tinties i think he looks like robbie rotten.
 Dr Awkward: This upsets and pleases me.
 Not A Bot: I want to find one of these so bad, I'm a huge TMNT fan and I'm immature as fuck.
 Sadbot: Let the fall sky
Image 209767   10-16-17   Uploaded by    Vault Dweller
 Wooden Spoon: He's going into The Worm
 Big Baby: I am pleased.
 Warrax: Good falling form there.
 UltraBeverly: Definitely put that one in your portfolio Sarah.
 Amy Housewine: I love all these new dances that the young folks have.
 Sage: Result of Image 209765?
Image 209766   10-16-17   Uploaded by    Warren G Hardon
 Wooden Spoon: I now have your license plate number and plan to steal your identity.
 aristocat: You're doing it wrong.
 BavidDowie: Yoshi LARP?
Image 209765   10-16-17   Uploaded by    Jak
 Wooden Spoon: @jochenau: why not delicious soap juice?
 jochenau: I feel like I'm being sold something. Some kind of soap, or maybe fruit juice.
 Side Boob: Positive waves, man. Positive waves.
Image 209764   10-16-17   Uploaded by    Jason Steak
 Weather: @Sadbot Also include after a momentary crisis or dramatic event, when everyone becomes gushingly talkative..
 Prombom: @Yurishiro Exactly. Whats antisocial about cell phones is people being mesmerised by them while theyre supposed to be paying attention to their friends. When I was in first-year university I carpooled with a friend and whenever he didnt want to talk or acknowledge me, I would read something. Thats when he would start talking to me
 tib gubb: yeah, but they are sharing a common pool of information
 DarkTeddy: Whenever i got eyestrain I stare off into space on transit. I think this is about the same as having something to read or aggro.
 Sadbot: The only people who interact with each other on public transportation either know each other or are looking to harass someone. The bus isn't your local dive bar or a singles mixer, it's getting from point A to point B, and maybe not having to deal with people who are so shitty their only social life is pestering strangers on a bus. #respecturbansolitude
 funny in the wall: ironically, i think the culprit is being grammed into a sardine can and have to give up one's personal space that makes us antisocial
 soccer: I don't think every member of the family was reading the paper while dining all together without looking at each other but if a train full of stranger is the example we take, oooookaaaaaay!
Image 209763   10-16-17   Uploaded by    namename
 Air Biscuit: @jochenau on the internet, noone can tell if youve wiped your butt properly.
 bad tony: @Felicity are you crazy? They would shit on the DOOR for revenge
 BaconCake: Maybe there should be toilet stalls that lock and dont let you out until you have cleaned them to at least where they were when you went in
 Soy Peso: @a robot you Just don't get modern art
 jochenau: @a robot I'm curious as to how they cleaned themselves up sufficiently to not be noticed by coworkers. But not curious enough to want to think about it any more.
 Dr Awkward: @a robot I think this image is just for projectile-shitting robots, not humans.
 BavidDowie: Food poisoning + shame =
 a robot: I mean for real I had to recently call the corporate-approved cleaning service to clean a toilet that was 100% covered in shit. I really don't understand the human biological processes that lead to this. Is your toilet at home also 100% covered in shit, or do you wait until you're in a public restroom to unleash your explosive diarrhea? Maybe I will never understand.
 Off Topic: Instructions unclear. Shit all over my waiter when asked if I wanted dessert.
 VeeKay: @Yurishiro 'apparently'
 Warrax: Depends on what your goals are, really.
 clayjar: Showering the toilet with feces is uncool.
Image 209762   10-16-17   Uploaded by    duckybox
 Sharkface: Don't tell me..there's a tank behind me...
 Sadbot: Cannon for scale
 El hefe: Tanky McTankface
Image 209761   10-16-17   Uploaded by    caesar
 jochenau: @Morpen Lungus Lapdogness is also an attitude.
Image 209760   10-16-17   Uploaded by    GiveMePlus
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