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238407  bug: Trash panda.

238395  wolfpk: This is taking "short cut" to literally!

238410  bug: I hope it still makes the fvooom noise when you activate it.

238413  bug: [Sound Effects] Excited, muffled beeping

238425  Teechur: #238423

238431  glenalec: That's gotta hurt!

238431  Peter Pantsless: Well there's your problem

238419  grizzly: Pleeeaaasseeeee haaalllp

238415  wolfpk: #238414

238423  grizzly: Dear beloved, we are gathered here today...

238416  wolfpk: Freshest turkey in town

238426  bug: *Rolls down window* Can I get the name of that lawyer?

238406  BavidDowie: Hit the road, Jack

238426  wolfpk: Are you sure it was just a better lawyer?

238429  wolfpk: Panda dog!

238413  WTF: Let the Wookie win.

238413  BavidDowie: Chewie! Down!!

238407  FabricMan: This is the panda version of those photos with guys posing gangsta with a bunch of cash

238385  fink: lolololololololol

238407  Himesama: Me on my cheat day

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9. mexican
10. VoR

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238352 glenalec: Fight me, you long-ass bitch!

238370 Greifer: battlecat on the floor

238354 glenalec: Actually, I assume it is so you can 'feel the softness' and then reseal them and return them to the shelf contaminated with whatever was on your unwashed-for-days fingers.

238194 tib gubb: let us be thankful that god would be so merciful

238382 ping: @antipatterns "Also I suspect you've read Chomsky?" Ashamed to say that I haven't but I've always found him interesting and erudite when interviewed. The random firings of my brain lead me to John Clees speaking Italian and Russian in A Fish Called Wanda.…

238260 Science: The Black Moon - The Cabal: Volume Two

238328 Yam: @Felicity I feel like theyre all kind of Ethan Suplee looking.

238181 tib gubb: tug boat!

238395 wolfpk: This is taking "short cut" to literally!

238191 tib gubb: fecal transplants are a legit thing. kind of like an infusion of immune system. the theoretical effects are actually pretty profound.

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 Bubo: I like the sound of you...
 sparename: But I like pina colada and getting caught in the rain?
 Felicity: I like pineapples on pizza, and I have survived more winters than you
 Robespierre: She's right, you know ... but not about her hair colour.
 copunter: Your husband will have twenty pies, but you will have three. Three pineapple crowns, three golden shrouds
 Hokie333: But pineapple chunks are okay, then? Cool.
 Knice: I like pineapple on pizza. And corn.
 Shay: I like this girl's attitude.
 VoR: Pineapple me!
 ignatz: Fair and proportionate
Image 208916   10-12-17   Uploaded by    johnnyc
 Bubo: Bastards.
 SpaceCow: Eggs are fun.
 Felicity: The chemical name of fun is calcium stearate
 wolfpk: They legally can't put fun as an ingredient. I just heard a few days ago on the news about a company getting hit by the FDA because they put love as an ingredient in there granola.
 Nope: The Egg is fun
 copunter: funregulated dietary supplement
 Shay: The Oompa Loompas are in the meth business too.
Image 208915   10-12-17   Uploaded by    Commodore 64
 tib gubb: oh my god, fred! you bastards!
 Butcherboy: Fred dumplings is my stage name
 ignatz: Finger top left?
 iatemyhomework: Thats F Savage.
 Side Boob: I think I used to date his sister, Steamie
Image 208914   10-12-17   Uploaded by    dirtstick
 Otterman: Would kiss on head
Image 208913   10-12-17   Uploaded by    GiveMePlus
 SpaceCow: @Hosebag On his way to meet with Norm Hall.
 Hosebag: My name? My name is Hugh Man. I'm a regular guy just like you.
 Cami: He's wearing clogs. That's it.
 Otterman: Octodad! Nobody suspects a thing! Octodad! He's got a good thing going!
 Side Boob: Why not Zoidberg?
 tib gubb: am i missing something here?
Image 208912   10-12-17   Uploaded by    Beer 30
 DrinkMixMan: nice
 Yurishiro: Dogs know better.
 VoR: Dog: Meet me at the peoples tree in 5 minutes for an ass poking.
Image 208911   10-12-17   Uploaded by    Toasted Taco Brunchito
 Not A Bot: I'm so high, baby...
 Yurishiro: @Mr. Whiskers I think they are actually longer, just rolled up.
 Mr. Whiskers: You found a cup that big but you couldn't find bigger shorts?
Image 208910   10-12-17   Uploaded by    male anon
Image 208909   10-12-17   Uploaded by    trepanation
 VoR: Panda on the brain
 sirgallium: burn it with fire
 WTF: Seven days...
Image 208908   10-12-17   Uploaded by    Jorp Lulter
 Ihminen: this is what the kids in 2040's will think what 2010's were always like
Image 208907   10-12-17   Uploaded by    desertfox
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