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210501  Jabberwikket: @Christina probably laminated sticky notes...

210577  kazzy94: Haha yeah

210567  Annoying Vegan : Some robots have excellent taste in dog photos.

210584  tane: 2 minutes in heaven is better than 1 minute in heaven.

210491  apoxia: @Christina Cats are crepuscular, not nocturnal.

210562  Teechur: Do her pants have a camera-friendly hole?

210563  Teechur: Perhaps the wavy ones are just more outgoing.

210569  funny in the wall: like the naked lady but what' with all the sinks/toilets/bidets?

210567  Teechur: @PenguinBartender Yes, definitely mlem.

210575  dangerkeith3000: How is there fire under water?

210572  Teechur: Mike Wazowski!

210575  Ulillillia: @logan Karma?

210574  Dr Awkward: @WaffleIron Well call me a monkey's Uncle

210568  Cami: You get a little bonkers when you have nothing to eat but puffin meat.

210531  Larry Xmas: You mean a longtime monogamous partner is supposed to be included in this lifestyle??!!

210551  dangerkeith3000: There were lots and lots of skid marks.

210571  Cami: The cat is reconsidering life with you.

210564  dangerkeith3000: Is grafetti that Italian ice cream?

210552  Side Boob: Either way, hooray for reasonable conversation on the Internet!

210566  DrinkMixMan: Smash Beak

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210491 apoxia: @Christina Cats are crepuscular, not nocturnal.

210563 Teechur: Perhaps the wavy ones are just more outgoing.

210528 Cami: @Yurishiro I like that reply. Another good one I've heard was that from the cover you can see what it's going to cost.

210512 sirgallium: The weinermobile is in trouble

210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210508 Cami: @tess Remember pagers? Bike couriers and drug dealers...

210540 wolfpk: When there is a will there's a way... unfortunately that phrase is attached to the phrase "famous last words".

210467 Yurishiro: Cut the cord you baby planet!

210451 Niels Bohr: Hey there love angle.

210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

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 tib gubb: this is some fine ass shoelace.
 Teechur: @DangitBobby In that case, Yay! I've finally made it to the 90s fashion-wise!
 DangitBobby: @Teechur white sneakers white socks light blue denim. So, the 90s...or possibly the midwest.
 Teechur: @sundragon What makes it 90's? Asking for a friend who was born in the 60s and never had the means to follow fashion trends.
Image 208691   10-11-17   Uploaded by    cj22
 Robespierre: Soon...
 Air Biscuit: Please step right this way for your die antwoord haircut mr kitty.
 Yurishiro: Facedoor in 3. 2..
 a robot: Wanna scoop up that lil kitty and just take him home forever :3
Image 208690   10-11-17   Uploaded by    Gringos
 sunset blues: Good work, barry.
 Felicity: At first I thought this was that trillion dollar bill they were talking about printing
 WaffleIron: I dont see the staying power in this one.
 Flarmie: THANKS OBAMA. Also can you come back? The new guy sucks.
Image 208689   10-11-17   Uploaded by    digabigpig
 Teechur: Samwell Tarly is staring at your butgrac.
Image 208688   10-11-17   Uploaded by    redpeepee
 kornisjon: Just... Beware.
 VeeKay: Damn it Captain! That's no dog!
 Robespierre: @Side Boob She should be more careful about whom she dates.
 Robespierre: Great Danes keep getting bigger and bigger with each generation.
 Side Boob: a moose once bit my sister
 a sedated moose: Oh, hey. Borkf borkf borkf.
 Yurishiro: I find this amoosing.
 Skinr: Woof
 a robot: Your dog looks Canadian.
Image 208687   10-11-17   Uploaded by    elmosco
 Not A Bot: Wow I bet that big faceless corporation is gonna be real sorry they lost him as a customer now.
 Skinr: I stole my sister's boyfriend. It was all whirlwind, heat, and flash. Within a week we killed my parents and hit the road.
 a robot: Daria goes to college and becomes edgy conceptual artist? Seems more like Jane's territory.
Image 208686   10-11-17   Uploaded by    mark64
 Felicity: It is Dan Aykroyd, but hes making a Peter Jason facial expression
 Skinr: @a robot Wish I could tell ya, but I just don't know.
 a robot: Is that Dan Aykroyd? Isn't he Canadian?
Image 208685   10-11-17   Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 Yurishiro: Huh, for me males is short for malaysian babe
 a robot: @ChubbyBuddy Mmmm, tamales
 ChubbyBuddy: it's also short for tamales
 Coolguy: Oh, is it?
Image 208684   10-11-17   Uploaded by    Salvador Molly
 trelyate: Willzyx returning to the moon
 Air Biscuit: This inspires lisa frank.
 Yurishiro: This bald eagle is weird.
 tib gubb: *sproing*
 wolfpk: Time to steroid test an Orca.
 a robot: "Later, shitlords!"
Image 208683   10-11-17   Uploaded by    lavender
 grizzly: Nobody ever suspects the butterfly!
 Shay: Ends up being a beach umbrella.
 Mr Bleak: Life's gonna suck when you grow up, when you grow up, when you grow up Life's gonna suck when you grow up, it sucks pretty bad right now "Hey, if you know the words, sing along!" You're gonna have to mow the lawn, do the dishes, make your bed You're gonna have to go to school until you're seventeen.
 piranharama: Rad for Bugs Life quote
 Skaalar: Mostly I'm looking forward to the 'dying' part.
 Psymon: Prepare to be disappointed.
 a robot: Have you ever looked up how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? They basically turn into complete goo inside the chrysalis. It's pretty creepy
Image 208682   10-11-17   Uploaded by    MylesX
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