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258374  sparename: Don't skip tyre day

258332  ignatz: They did work for an outfit called the Asylum tho..

257459  Mr Bleak: I'd watch it.

257468  Mr Bleak: He followed the iPhone instructions, is all.

257469  Mr Bleak: Dr. Seuss reboot looking good "The Cat Is The Hat".

257474  Mr Bleak: @Shay Tell him Nickelback and he'll go away faster.

257477  Mr Bleak: I've seen enough porn to know where --this-- is going.

257479  Mr Bleak: Who doesn't?

258337  charlemagne: control, control, you must learn control!

258383  WTF: She was asked by the flight attendant to "please, put your seat back forward".

258268  Felicity: In a restaurant, in a West End town

258272  Felicity: Excellent

257276  Magdra: licorice smelled like death

258299  Bohab: I dunno,.maybe with some kind of belt or sash it might work

258285  Felicity: Total Perspective Vortex

258292  Felicity: Now to build them into hot rods and pretend they're gifts for the prince

258386  a robot: Klassy!

258394  withak: Arnold as a person is maybe not so good, but Arnold as hunky man-candy is pretty great

258394  randomhobo: I also can hold up a snifter of cognac

258394  drhilljack: Come vith me if you vant to pose.

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258337 charlemagne: control, control, you must learn control!

258177 Robespierre: They hate mooses to pooses

258178 Robespierre: @copunter Nah, gave that up for Lent 30 years ago and forgot to take it up again.

258270 berlin: me too

258111 Annoying Vegan : This is wasteful.

258248 Mr. Shine: @Side Boob Sorry about the sick family, but when you do visit, how about a quick meetup for a handshake and a double selfie for The Friendly Spaceship? I think that would be an AG first?

258129 tib gubb: @Wooden Spoon women thinking things, that's hilarious

258106 RiderFan: @Scoo Says you.

258190 antipatterns: The question is not do they reason, but can they suffer?

258299 Bohab: I dunno,.maybe with some kind of belt or sash it might work

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 trucker: "Can I drive your new BMW M3?" "Yeah, when pugs fly! Don't tell me...there's a flying pug behind me..." *nods*
 cenecia: Pug life
 ignatz: Pugs might fly..
Image 206772   10-01-17   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 bigjim: @fanny I need tickets like NOW
 Prostata: @fanny REGRET NOTHING!!11!!one!!
 fanny: @Prostata :) i felt a little awful after i wrote that one! (didn't stop me from hitting the post button though :)
 Prostata: @fanny best username/comment combo EVAR
 DangitBobby: This glory hole is weird
 fanny: Lift and Sniff is the name of my one woman show.
 a robot: C'mon. Lift and sniff. Don't be afraid.
Image 206771   10-01-17   Uploaded by    OldKentuckyShark
 piranharama: What IS this???
 deeeeeeeez: I feel like Brendan Fraser should star in whatever this is...
 winwolf: Holy snopes! Look at them danosaurs!
 a robot: How is that kid hovering?
Image 206770   10-01-17   Uploaded by    Wolfy21
 donhomero: Mother of carbs...
 WaffleIron: @Korrok : Cthulhus cojones, youre back?!
 Korrok: Korrok approves.
 VeeKay: I think this is something Millennials have ruined.
 Sadbot: It's kinda funny that burgers, burritos, and sandwiches have fallen victim to serving size increase and are no longer foods you can pick up with your hands without getting sauce/grease all over yourself
 WaffleIron: @White Rice : *milkshake fist bump *
 mrdiron: Hot take: In-N-Out is bad. While the burger is passable or even good, the fries are not parcooked (wtf?) and so taste mealy and bad. However the worst part is the fanbase - religiously attached to a fucking fast food restaurant.
 White Rice: @WaffleIron if the fries were animal then I can completely understand your distaste for it all (the sauce to fry ratio is so off). I generally dislike mayo/sauces that contain significant mayo, but the animal sauce, when on a burger (the sauce/burger ratio is generally more reasonable) works for me. The burgers are perfectly fine without too. Best secret is getting a milkshake, then once it's done making a pseudo ice cream soda from the remenants.
 WaffleIron: @White Rice : on my very first in n out experience I was browbeat into trying animal style everything. The fries ruined it for me. The burger wasnt even palatable after just a few fries. Took me three years to try it again, and it turns out I enjoy it. I still gag a little on the sight of the animal sauce.
 White Rice: @WaffleIron nerd fight? That aside, there's enough stuff going on with an animal style burger that it all works together (plus extra onions are a good thing in my book). I'll not try to defend the animal style fries: those don't work for me at all.
 WaffleIron: @White Rice : simulpost! Lets argue!
 WaffleIron: Animal style is an affront to god and humanity.
 White Rice: You know, I enjoy the animal style burgers, but I want nothing to do with animal style fries. Fortunately their fries work with just a touch of salt, so it's all good.
 San DoDo: *heavy breathing intensifies*
 deeeeeeeez: Seeing the "In" part of this equation and wishing I didn't see the "Out."
 winwolf: Secret menu item: double-double, ruined.
 Catcat: @Ulillillia Stop fucking hamsters, you sicko.
 Ulillillia: @spacedawg My girlfriend eats a lot of alfalfa
Image 206769   10-01-17   Uploaded by    superfudge
 SurfNTurf: Aaaaand just like that mantas are extinct. RUN MANTA
 Air Biscuit: The manta ray in the corner is a service animal.
 Ulillillia: Adele's rolling in the deep
 WTF: Totally fake. You can see the string!
 Catcat: @Wumph Morms People of Rlyeah
Image 206768   10-01-17   Uploaded by    gutwheat
 San DoDo: Dog, that is messed up
Image 206767   10-01-17   Uploaded by    Messed Up Dog
 Jolly Well: And nobody heard of him until he said Whip it good!
 E. HONDA: At least this kid's goals are attainable
 sirgallium: I want to see this kid's face when you tell him he can put on a hat *now* and doesn't have to wait to grow up.
 WTF: Just wants to win that Adulting award #206761
 Catcat: Your kid has been diagnosed as a PUA, am so sorry.
Image 206766   10-01-17   Uploaded by    lebron
 a sedated moose: If this doesn't get his (?) OkCupid profile some action, I don't know what will.
 square44: finally, my childhood dreams fulfilled
 Catcat: I also hunt deer with a cello.
Image 206765   10-01-17   Uploaded by    trumpet
 E. HONDA: acceleraptor = dv/dt
 Air Biscuit: Laser raptors and thor made them go extinct.
 White Rice: @lecj07 only if they go with historic raptors, and not standard "movie" raptors (I want under 3 feet tall, feathers & goofy shenanigans)
 lecj07: Time raptor sounds like an awesome movie. Get cracking hollywood.
Image 206764   10-01-17   Uploaded by    grizzly
 Cami: When he catches that rabbit I'm getting some.
 Catcat: "I wonder if the dreams are edible"
 karmakat: that JACKASS took the good spot!
 camellia: Cat: I will guard your body while you are in astral space, my friend
Image 206763   10-01-17   Uploaded by    hanky
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