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238240  Christina: Image above (sense is optional.)

238106  SpaceCow: Make it unsweetened tea and we'll talk.

238171  glenalec: vv Hmmmm. I'm now wondering if he got this 'Make Mexico Pay' idea because he was resentful someone made him pay his half of the costs of a property-dividing fence!

238171  glenalec: We'll build a scarecrow. And make Mexico pay for it.

238232  drtofu: Oscar!

238172  Korrok: I'm okay with this....

238235  VeeKay: @SpaceCow Bucket o blades lol

238239  VeeKay: Mr Kissyface.

238122  SpaceCow: Once you've got pugs this is basically how car cleaning is forever.

238123  SpaceCow: It's clearly the prize to the valedictorian of wishbone academy.

238234  Dr Awkward: Your cats look sick.

238239  Dr Awkward: This picture is increasing my oxytocin levels.

238217  Otterman: @Peter Pantsless And now you know (wheez) the rest... of the story.

238239  Nope: Sharpness - 1000000%

238231  Otterman: We're owwwl exterminators

238164  SpaceCow: Still not as great as Skeet Kendo.

238166  SpaceCow: Nice to see he's gotten work after his work with the Incredibly Strange Creatures who Stopped Living and Became mixed up Zombies.

238231  BavidDowie: WHO LET THE *owls* OUT? WHO! WHO! WHO!

238213  Not A Bot: I don't drink water fish "date" in it

238212  SpaceCow: I see your mom also puts little notes in your lunches.

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238038 Mr Bleak: I checked, and it's real: google /maps/place/48%C2%B008'35.8%22N+123%C2%B010'09.4%22W/@48.1430595,-123.1689842,581a,35y,180h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d48.1432761!4d-123.1692882 the best bit is the neighbour has probably never even seen it...

238181 Zukero: @White Rice I guess he must have accidentally chopped his website, then chopped his hosting problems.

238015 BavidDowie: Norte Dame: Home of the Figthing Irish

238020 Mr. Shine: @UltraBeverly Dolphins tend to have toxic mercury levels, but yeah, real jerks.

238106 SpaceCow: Make it unsweetened tea and we'll talk.

237987 Ulillillia: 1997...yeah, I would been all right with technology stopping there. Though dealing with only physical media was a pain.

238194 VoR: I'm dying right now

238075 antipatterns: Lol the dude who invented the Cherokee language basically did it alone in his house and everyone in the village thought he was crazy. Took him years and multiple attempts with ideograms and others to devise the modern 86 character Cherokee language. Wild story.

238029 Mr Bleak: @Robespierre Fun fact 3: "BMW" stands for "Break My Windows"

238048 Christina: A side quest awaits you.

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 ignatz: @DrinkMixMan I think the term is 'Pencil-Neck' ;)
 Ulillillia: are afraid of some ghosts?
 Sadbot: @WaffleIron 1-800-BLK-BLOC
 funny in the wall: Not the government, apparently @WaffleIron
 Mr. Butt: @WaffleIron The Basterds
 Ihminen: Fun times were living in when people have to point out that KKK are assholes
 Warrax: Shoot it with lasers and exotic radiation.
 DrinkMixMan: @ignatz Who you calling "spook," peckerwood?
 ignatz: I think the term is 'Spook'
 WaffleIron: But who are ya gonna call?
Image 205978   09-27-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Dr Awkward: "I went to the dentist"and "I got an oil change" are clearly missing.
 tib gubb: something something something millennials
 chhumphrey: I don't want to adult today, can I have a sticker instead?
 a sedated moose: I LIKE STICKERHORN!
Image 205977   09-27-17   Uploaded by    Fursona
 Niels Bohr: My body is a maybe a 2 but my personality is a solid 0.
 jochenau: Does anyone else get a seriously creepy vibe from him?
 Christina: He deserves at least a five.
 Mr. Shine: Years ago, told me I was a six and a half. I've kept that fact close to my heart ever since.
 Teechur: I feel like #2 today.
 WaffleIron: Money helps add to that.
Image 205976   09-27-17   Uploaded by    Vault Dweller
 Niels Bohr: @Robespierre rad Al G. is rad.
 Felicity: The cat on the left reminds me of the time Jimmy Olsen became Elastic Lad but was trapped in the form of a blob
 Robespierre: Juxtaposition in action: Displaying the Motherwell next to the Giacometti at the art exhibition.
 Yurishiro: *melts*
 Christina: Here we see the two states of cats: liquid and solid.
 ignatz: Chalk and cheese. In this case Camenbert..
Image 205975   09-27-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 a sedated moose: Saw Ghost a few months back; pretty good show.
 chhumphrey: Bit hazy in that room, isn't it?
 Robespierre: A friendly-looking lot here in Snoop's hallucination, that's for certain.
Image 205974   09-27-17   Uploaded by    Double-Munched Tacotito
 chhumphrey: @Father Goose He's Army and subject to the UCMJ. There is no "freedom of expression" under those laws and in fact some are strictly prohibited. The Army is already investigating him and even if he does earn his butter bar (lowest officer rank, O-1) his military career will be under a microscope at every command. Even as a cadet, this could be charged as "Conduct Unbecoming" as well as a uniform violation.
 Father Goose: @chhumphrey what is that supposed to mean
 Niels Bohr: Takes some cajones.
 hajjpodge: I like this man. I don't like that he's in the military, especially since "change from within" doesn't work in systems explicitly designed to uphold imperialist values, but all the same this is rad.
 chhumphrey: Originally I thought this was photoshopped but then I did some digging. Not sure how this guy got into West Point but fairly certain he's going to have a spotty career record.
 Robespierre: No, no, no; fascism will win, dummy.
 WaffleIron: That's a great way to be digging latrines with a spoon.
Image 205973   09-27-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 XLY: Is this how communism will win?
 piranharama: @Cami Makes sense, I saw a crapload of chocolate.
 VeeKay: Don't recall this in Twin Peaks
 Cami: ...and I have a Mao pocket watch too. There's even a complication that makes him wave. I've heard it said he has as much blood on his hands as Hitler and I guess that's why it lives in a box and not my pocket.
 Cami: French even! My mom bought an English version but the book seller switched it for a French copy when bagging it. The French copies probably weren't moving. #expatproblems
 Cami: @ignatz @Koopa @cizhiresb @WaffleIron We all see what we want to see. That is the magic of the picture. I see books. I happen to own a copy.
 chhumphrey: well that's one way to define a bloodbath
 ignatz: @Koopa I saw hotdogs..
 Koopa: I must be hungry, I thought those were pizza boxes.
 cizhiresb: video game logic: "this pile of tnt seems to be a good hiding place"
 Yurishiro: Come outta there Dee Dee c'mon!
 WaffleIron: Nobody takes my books!
Image 205972   09-27-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 big butt bum: @Micro Jackson Its a joke
 Science: "Oh crap - I forgot to get my emissions tested..."
 VeeKay: Don't recall this in Twin Peaks
 Micro Jackson: So tired of this shit
 chhumphrey: sometimes ya just gotta let it all hang out
 Teechur: Me? I'm just copycatting the tree behind me. It drives him crazy.
 Yurishiro: "Life is unbearable..."
 Side Boob: "What am I doing with my life?"
Image 205971   09-27-17   Uploaded by    Skinr
 zupobaloop: @RainbowTornado that's a child actor who grew up petty and angry
 RainbowTornado: Who's the guy on the left
 VeeKay: Ah, I do recall this from Twin Peaks
 Micro Jackson: @DrinkMixMan That makes two of them
 DrinkMixMan: @snipdawg he's drunk
 chhumphrey: Fallon's thought bubble .o(Please don't turn me into a newt.)
 Robespierre: Time's a-wasting, lads.
Image 205970   09-27-17   Uploaded by    dope
 Micro Jackson: Designer merkin
 Felicity: Tacky but cute
 Christina: For the girl who loves pizza.
 dangerkeith3000: What every girl needs.
 Himesama: My daughter would love this thing! She has specific taste for an 8 year old.
 chhumphrey: Somebody has a food fetish
 WaffleIron: Pizza Steve noooo!
Image 205969   09-27-17   Uploaded by    fatman
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