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210118  WTF: Who do they think I am, the President?

209988  DarkTeddy: Thanks! It was mostly because the guy teaching was 70 years old and just wrote formulas down on the overhead. @funny in the wall

210118  Dr Awkward: Sorry, this Heiny is warm and flat :/

210107  Dr Awkward: @ignatz I think these posters have the same translator as #210116

210117  Dr Awkward: Graze hair? Your mom eats hair?!

210116  Knice: "Comfortable positionburger" is my go-to sex move.

210097  Dr Awkward: Libraries like this turn me on.

210122  big butt bum: This kid is going places Latvia.

210102  Dr Awkward: Let's keep the University of Colorado out of your trunk

210114  Yurishiro: This is getting out of hand.

210117  Yurishiro: Who doesn't like a good sausage pizza.

210097  Yurishiro: @Christina NERD. JK I love books too.

210112  Urn BooUrn: Dawwww, he needs a ramp to get in.

210109  Yurishiro: @chhumphrey In fact, my comment was about the sticker when it was put on. Written word stands there longer than us, who put that sticker might even be dead who knows. Almost everything marks a point in time, not a continuum.

210116  Christina: Instructions unclear: burger stuck in small round hole.

210123  Black Jesus: Shut UP, Dee!

210075  Christina: Brains...

210094  wolfpk: Culprit #210092

210071  Korrok: Kinky...

210123  Rembo Prundus: Who's that asshole that jumped on his back?

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210107 Dr Awkward: @ignatz I think these posters have the same translator as #210116

209961 Jabberwikket: @Ulillillia, I hear your sister is going out with SQUEAK !

210045 Yurishiro: Dickeyboard? No I do NOT want to hear the sounds it makes.

209934 El hefe: There better be a designer purse in there full of cheese puffs and malted milk balls

210015 Yurishiro: Eat pizza in Italy, after that you'll find anywhere else's pizza is gross or not even pizza at all.

209965 Cami: ...She could not help everybody so she helped somebody.

210003 Mr Bleak: @KEKOEKEOEK "... but a shitload of insects got mashed to paste."

209937 Ulillillia: Por favor

209943 Dr Awkward: @Felicity I had forgotten what Nader did before he fucked up the 2000 election :)

209988 funny in the wall: @DarkTeddy If you're interested, check out this book:…. It's a good middle of the road PChem text. If you want something more challenging, check out this one:…. There's no reason pchem should be easy

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 Annoying Vegan : What a crusty personality.
 Felicity: Darkstar, seize them!
 Robespierre: That was one way to get rid of Grumpy Cat.
 Not A Bot: Odd - this Robin looks like my step-mother with a mask on. Don't ask me how I know that.
 grizzly: Grumble pie
 kornisjon: I'd be real quick with the knife if I were you.
 tib gubb: i think your pie is haunted
 Teechur: Rue-barb
 ignatz: Grumpie
Image 204545   09-20-17   Uploaded by    flying sheep
 Mr Bleak: @Hokie333 You mean "Bobbited"?
 Haute and sweaty: Yeah, I make a point of not eating food made with "mystery ingredients"
 Yurishiro: @Hokie333 My hero.
 Hokie333: @Yurishiro "Cumin" but it got whacked off... I mean cut off.
 Yurishiro: Jesus Christ tell me this is fake even if it isn't.
 Koopa: Hand-smashed Guacamole? I wouldn't risk it, how many people even wash their hands nowadays?
 Scoo: Usually, marketing types prefer the phrase "Made With Love"
 ignatz: Ha, how do you like them apples
 ignatz: Good catch, My Butt!
 ignatz: Made in Sbeautiful personhorpe
Image 204544   09-20-17   Uploaded by    potato
 Felicity: But now you look better doing it
 trelyate: in 10 years he is obligated to still not give a heck while holding kegs of rootbeer
 deeeeeeeez: @Derp Herpigan naturally, 1992 dad wouldnt readily announce that one of those delicious missing nectar was, in fact, a cream soda.
 Catcat: @Derp Herpigan A 'n' W CREAM SODA!
 Derp Herpigan: @deeeeeeeez the one in the left hand is cream soda. I know from experience.
 deeeeeeeez: Dad bellows from kitchen "who the frick took my root beers" when 1st pic snapped. Dad bellows from kitchen "who stole my lucky pair of jeans" when 2nd pic was snapped.
 Air Biscuit: I dont friggn give an even bigger heck.
Image 204543   09-20-17   Uploaded by    qazwsx
 Felicity: @Air Biscuit ...put salt in your eyes
 Air Biscuit: Never put salt in your eyes.
Image 204542   09-20-17   Uploaded by    Relp
 Annoying Vegan : What channel is this on?!
 Entertainmentalist: Where? I want to go where there are lots of dogs!
 Scoo: Fake News
 Air Biscuit: Alot of dogs NOW! alot of dogs WOW!
Image 204541   09-20-17   Uploaded by    humanfog
 Hokie333: Once I backed away from the light and recovered, "SOLD!" I bought the damn thing and left before I could do any more damage. The whole thing is evilly funny, although most of the 80-90's pop culture references have not aged well.
 Hokie333: Two coherent thoughts, actually-- that, and "keep... sphincters... shut... CLENCH!..." I consider it a small miracle that I did not soil myself.
 Hokie333: My lungs are turning inside out, there's no oxygen in my system, I've lost the strength to stand, everything's grey and fuzzy, and the only coherent thought I have is "Stop laughing -- Think about something else -- We're going to die -- I don't wanna die -- not like thiiiiissssss..."
 Hokie333: Anyway, when I first read this bit, I didn't get the last two lines. At first. "Wait, wait, I know this..." I forget which one I got first, but as soon as it happened, the other one snapped into place. Either one would have summoned a guffaw, but the one-two punch triggered something. Next thing I'm on the floor of the comic book shop, because I can't stop laughing long enough to inhale.
 Hokie333: from "How To Be A Superhero" by Mark Leigh & Mike Lepine.
Image 204540   09-20-17   Uploaded by    Hokie333
 kornisjon: @Annoying Vegan Yes!
 sparename: Leela's feet? Encyclopodia?
 Annoying Vegan : @kornisjon A much better canvas for nail art. Sign me up!
 WTF: Balancing would be more difficult.
 kornisjon: But think about how good it would look painted. I don't paint my toe nails specifically because it would look too sad because of how tiny most of them are.
Image 204539   09-20-17   Uploaded by    Not A Bot
 Borkf: ...and then you ruined it by putting text over it.
 WTF: That's funny, it looks just like dog fur.
 Side Boob: Worth it
 Teechur: A beagle may have worked, as well.
 Air Biscuit: I want a bagel.
Image 204538   09-20-17   Uploaded by    fisto
 Robespierre: I'm gonna try to pick up that 9-10 for a spare now...
 Koopa: For a moment there, I thought there was a joke.
 Scoo: The new Perfect Strangers reboot looking meh
 Thyming: I bet Megan posted this, showing off her boobs.
 charlemagne: I'm an iphone. and I'm a samsung
 Air Biscuit: Humans identified.
 jazzjunkie: They seem nice.
 Yurishiro: And?
Image 204537   09-20-17   Uploaded by    dorian
 Mr. Shine: I think I read an e-book a few years ago where (among other things) the villain of the story was wanted for smuggling illegal immigrants into the country in one of these, only there was a paperwork screwup with the shipping company, and they stacked all the containers up and didn't release them for a while, and everybody inside died. Two of the victims had been related to a senior Party official, so when they caught the guy, China was like "He's overdue for his death sentence, please send him back immediately."
 piranharama: My excitement cannot be contained
 ping: Worst game of Tetris ever.
Image 204536   09-20-17   Uploaded by    Big Bong Theory
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