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238527  Micro Jackson: I think I saw this in a Star Trek episode

238531  Micro Jackson: It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

238532  Micro Jackson: Just waiting to be tossed

238542  Micro Jackson: I don't love The Management

238545  Micro Jackson: Geez, guys!

238546  Micro Jackson: swipe right

238549  Micro Jackson: That's not the ground.....

238550  Micro Jackson: He put his thumbs in the air like he just don't care

238516  ping: @Mad Collager @Peter Pantsless Image now gone bye-bye.

238551  Micro Jackson: -Barfs-

238444  Greifer: Hallstatt in winter... and a cat...

238552  Micro Jackson: Do you have this on VHS?

238555  Micro Jackson: I can relate

238539  wolfpk: @bug It shoots first. (Well at least it use to)

238552  Christina: If you are Windows, why is your symbol a flag?

238556  Christina: Looking for new Apple products: #238531.

238546  wolfpk: Why do you want to eat your baby?.... Oh me, not your baby. Ok that clears thing aaaggghhhh

238527  bug: When your time machine breaks, but you just roll with it.

238548  wolfpk: You can tell the guy who has a "decency clause" on his scholarship.

238559  Christina: An apocalyptic vision of Amsterdam.

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238373 glenalec: That's just bats!

238501 some guy : Just mark in "grand" and it will make a nice hand-me-down.

238462 big butt bum: @Hyphae what do you mean!!!

238531 Side Boob: The joke is were all sheep for capitalism to work.

238395 mrdiron: The Ethernets is growing!

238352 glenalec: That's what e.coli said

238382 ignatz: (sorry, link lost the 'linkiness' again..)

238410 Mr Bleak: Anything is a light saber if ...

238354 glenalec: Actually, I assume it is so you can 'feel the softness' and then reseal them and return them to the shelf contaminated with whatever was on your unwashed-for-days fingers.

238452 Mr Bleak: Instructions unclear: dick stuck in brass knuckles.

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 Ulillillia: Daily Commute Crunch
 Ulillillia: Second Mortgage-Os
 Ulillillia: Folding Laundry Crisp
 Ulillillia: Filing Your Taxes Flakes
 Knice: @Zampano lol @ Konkey Dong :-D
 Zampano: Alpha-Male Bits, Apple Jack-Offs, Boo-b Berry, Cinnamon Toast C*nt, Oat Cluster-Fuck Cheerio Crunch, "Yogurt" Burst Cheerios, Porn Pops, Konkey Dong Crunch, Honeycum, Life (Sucks), Magic Puffs THCereal, Penis Butter Crunch, Honey Smacks, Blue Waffle Crisp, Weed-ies, and Special K - the Ketamine laced breakfast treat...
 Hokie333: Goatse-O's
 Cami: Eatadicks.
 Cami: C3P0's ...same name as the kid's cereal but with a lot of freaky Appliantology stuff going on.
 Cami: Captain Munch
 PenguinBartender: They're fucking delicious!
 Yurishiro: @Knice sorry didn't notice your pornflakes :(
 Yurishiro: Special D (ok i'm done)
 Yurishiro: 50 shades of grain!
 Yurishiro: PORN FLAKES
 Yurishiro: Or are they...
 Yurishiro: Damn it i'm late! All the good ones are taken!
 sparename: Cornholioflakes
 sparename: Bukkakebix
 sparename: Smegma'd Wheat
 well duh: Nutin' Honey
 well duh: Special K-Y
 well duh: Kellogg's Product 69
 well duh: Super Golden Tits
 Shay: "Cereals That Make You Shit" was rejected.
 well duh: Life. (Sigh.)
 Knice: @Dr Awkward :-D
 Dr Awkward: Whoa, I actually beat @Knice to a punchline!
 Knice: Horny Bunches of Oats
 Knice: Deez Grape Nutz
 Dr Awkward: [G]rape Nuts.
 Knice: Fapple Jacks
 Knice: Pornflakes
 Knice: Cheery Hoes
 Knice: Skeetabix
 Knice: Turnin' Trix
 Knice: Scrote-meal
 Knice: Frosted Mini-Skeets
 Knice: Fucky Charms
 Robespierre: Plain brown wrapper, please.
Image 204432   09-19-17   Uploaded by    Disclosure
 Knice: This porn is old.
Image 204431   09-19-17   Uploaded by    robocop
 Uncle Phil: Looks pretty hazardous.
 Teechur: @dangerkeith3000 And yet another reminder that it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
 Robespierre: Monopod Mania.
 Dr Awkward: @Boffa @dangerkeith3000 No no, it's 2 guys lifting a box with another guy sitting inside. They're securing it onto a wheel that is facing us, because that's the smart way to move a guy in a box around.
 Boffa: Knows how many pounds 55 kg is. Not sure how many legs humans have.
 dangerkeith3000: I'm glad they are including the guy with only one leg. Just because he only has one leg doesn't mean he can't contribute too!
Image 204430   09-19-17   Uploaded by    nathan
 dangerkeith3000: Niiiiice.
 Robespierre: Eartha Kitt needs a little powder here - just a tad too shiny.
Image 204429   09-19-17   Uploaded by    IM AN ASSHOLE
 Yurishiro: SPLOTSH
 Hosebag: Took a trip through central Mexico, had all the local food and drink. Then we had Squarts. I didn't know the human body could have that many Squarts. I was doing Squarts for a solid 48 hours! (I use the term "solid" figuratively). Unforgettable trip.
 sirgallium: I just squarted
 Hokie333: @ChubbyBuddy @fanny Ever laugh so hard that you pass out? It's fun.
 fanny: @ChubbyBuddy i'm 38 and i just laugh snorted out loud at the thought of you pulling an ab muscle over a diarrhea joke
 kornisjon: Unfriendly.
 ChubbyBuddy: hi i'm 33 years old and just pulled an ab muscle laughing at a diarrhea joke
 Dr Awkward: Ew, who squarted?
 dangerkeith3000: 100% Enemy? Umm....they misspelled 'enema'...
 Robespierre: Set your colon free; ask your doctor if Squart is right for you. Squart has certain side effects, including but not limited to uncontrolled squarting, the midnight squarts, or squartosis. Call your health care provider if your squarts lasts more than 12 hours.
 Knice: Persons having currently active squarts or who have had active squarts within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water.
Image 204428   09-19-17   Uploaded by    King Polly
 Not A Bot: is your girlfriend a restaurant?
 Robespierre: Impressionistic rendering of the massive detonation at the Pantone plant.
 dangerkeith3000: I see boobs.
 EH: Squart.
Image 204427   09-19-17   Uploaded by    140bpm
 Mr Bleak: @Robespierre Just out of interest, how many did you need for that?
 Robespierre: Back To Magenta.
 dangerkeith3000: yo yo yo I got VHS fever
Image 204426   09-19-17   Uploaded by    lebron
 kornisjon: "Oh no, I squarted"
 Robespierre: Look! It's the I-Didn't-Do-It seal!
 Boffa: Some help please.. In a bit of a pickle here.
 Annoying Vegan : That's a lot of Dew
 Mr Bleak: I'm a bit worried about this club you want me to join...
Image 204425   09-19-17   Uploaded by    Liar tuck
 Spazstatic: You can use the apostrophe, but no other punctuation?
 Dr Awkward: We're looking at you, God.
 Ihminen: nah i'll use the turn singal fuck you
 Mr Bleak: (Instructions do not apply to BMW drivers)
 Boffa: Once again..... Bono trying to solve everything.
Image 204424   09-19-17   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 fanny: @Dr Awkward that's an insane price!! I grew up in upstate, moved to NC for a couple of years but had to come back... i missed it so much I think it's one of the most beautiful places in the world here :) (plus my reptilian brain is keeping me near all the fresh water of Lake Ontario!)
 Dr Awkward: @fanny We used to live in upstate NY, and we really miss fall there. At least we have roasted chilies at the farmers market starting in August in AZ. But a half gallon of fresh pressed apple juice goes for $10.
 fanny: @Dr Awkward ah NY is second only to Washington in apple production, so i'm lucky to live only about 20 minutes from some pretty beautiful orchards. We pick our own too, apple season is my favorite! (I'm a big fan of the snapdragons that came out a few years ago :)
 Dr Awkward: @fanny awesome. I'm actually quite passionate about cider making. I used to make beer more, but my wife is celiac, so we got into cider (but unfortunately, Arizona is not a hotbed for craft cider)
 fanny: @Dr Awkward oh that sucks! (on a personal note i'll be pressing cider in a couple of weeks! we've been doing it for years, my brother gets a crate of apples and we use an old hand press, good times :)
 Dr Awkward: @Knice @Butcherboy I cut my thumb instead of an apple on Sunday night. My wife used tissue glue and it was still bleeding a bit in the morning. Whoopsie Doodle! (to be fair, I pressed 18 gallons of cider from apples in 2 days, so honestly, I could have maimed myself much worse)
 Boffa: I have to admit. You nailed it.
 Felicity: I use cuticle scissors to clip my hangnails. The only time it doesnt work is when the hangnail is so small that the scissors cant get at it
 Butcherboy: @Knice superglue works for a lot of small cuts that are hard to bandage. trust me i know
 petepuma: it's a drawing and it still hurts to look at
 Knice: Superglue works for that. (Use a toothpick to apply it.)
Image 204423   09-19-17   Uploaded by    kimjongun
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