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223177  Staida: Dogs might be worried about you getting roofied. Cats think you look vaguely like someone who fed them once.

227823  raditzu: Unhappy Meal.

227978  Robespierre: Burger DEATH

227972  San DoDo: Just

227976  San DoDo: This totes my goat

227972  Xeno: It's spelled "Doughnut".

227941  Bill Rye: wiggle ribbons!

227972  a robot: I accidentally the whole fence

227952  BavidDowie: Good luck serving a ticket to the guy with an axe.

227972  BavidDowie: Don't worry; I can't even

226839  Mr Bleak: Tiddles McTiddlesFace? Tiddles. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time.

227979  ignatz: Just the tip..

227981  ignatz: Tknkly krkt

227968  VeeKay: You could get 'em for false advertising, probly.

226849  Mr Bleak: Pissing level: expert and very, very sober.

227983  ignatz: Useless camo..

227969  Skaalar: @square44 Exactly right.

227974  Prostata: IN SPACE....

226856  Mr Bleak: @carpwoman You mean "who let the dogs in?"?

227970  sparename: Glop to the top

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227749 Amy Housewine: @Robespierre Alright, I'l confess. I'm not the new Official joke Explainer. I just wanted to feel important for a moment.

227742 wolfpk: Without the bread of life... your toast

227801 addend: (Adds hot sauce.)

227748 Felicity: MEAT. Its whats for dinner!

227760 Coach Teacher: @Amy Housewine i like it when you think angry thoughts about the english.

227834 Felicity: @apoxia Better than sandals with no socks. I dont want to see peoples feet

227731 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @jochenau HAL open pod bay doors

227743 kazzy94: Is this a Kropotkin reference?

227816 Wooden Spoon: @Yurishiro: A troll figurine who comes to life, and decides to roam the countryside eating garbage.

227741 apoxia: I guess if it's frozen it's easier to clean up.

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 kinggheedra: Video games are like weed. Nothing inherently wrong with them, but you can't trust most of the people you meet through them.
 antipatterns: I mean, I think Minecraft is inherently fascist, for what it's worth
 chhumphrey: This slippery slope brought to you by people who want to see monsters under every bed.
 Not A Bot: the man with 6 ribs.
 XLY: @Ihminen gamer gate is a thing, and the people involved in it are the same ones pushing the BS about Jennifer Lawrence and the hurricane blaming
 Ihminen: ok ill just put it this way:i think the people at 4th step and down are just idiots who are mad at the world because girls didn't talk to them in school
 Ihminen: i don't know how to feel about this to be honest... i wouldnt want to put videogame/nerd culture and atheism for example hand in hand with those nasty things that start going at the way to the bottom but... they do exist sadly
 PenguinBartender: Triggered.
 Yurishiro: Instructions not clear. Fascism happening.
Image 203570   09-15-17   Uploaded by    square44
 chhumphrey: Actually kinda creative idea though
 El hefe: That's not a lockscreen. THIS, is a lockscreen.
 WTF: Says the guy who made this lock screen for his phone.
 Yurishiro: Indeed, who would EVER feel encouraged to unlock that screen i wonder.
 WaffleIron: I swear I know this guy.
Image 203569   09-15-17   Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
 chhumphrey: Radium, it's in the water too
 Robespierre: Those Romans could sure build one hell of a bridge.
 Side Boob: I am the Guardian of Whatever
 Yurishiro: Godzilla gloryhole.
Image 203568   09-15-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Robespierre: @Yurishiro The IMAGE is not a political argument. The earliest comments in this comment thread were attempting to be political argument ... of sorts. I agree with @Fauxbot wholeheartedly, and yes, @Noremak, it was quite the scene there for a while, one which I mainly sat out of. But even long before that there were numerous comment threads posted to images that attempted to pass for political discussions, and I freely admit my guilt in rabblerousing and participating in many of those. Here's to gentler times, fellow denizens.
 Yurishiro: @Fauxbot Could it be because it was not a political argument? We Just expressed opinions about the sketch in the above image, no political parties were even mentioned.
 Fauxbot: @Mr. Shine @Yurishiro @Robespierre this is the worst political argument I've read on the Internet...
 Noremak: @Mr. Shine @Yurishiro @Robespierre Oh hell yeah. Remember this place after the election? People were drunk commenting and going on angry tangents. I know these guys remember.
 Mr. Shine: @Yurishiro You are absolutely right, and I apologize. I should have said "oversimplification and straw man arguments."
 Yurishiro: @Robespierre I see the misunderstanding, sorry, the end was still part of it doesn't matter, not an actual end on the argument!
 Otterman: @Science Not only that, but shit is fucked up and bullshit.
 Robespierre: @Yurishiro It IS civilized. But you ended your first comment with "The end", which is inaccurate. Political discourse on this site can be rather like the Energizer Bunny.
 Yurishiro: @Robespierre what do you mean? So far I have seen mostly civilized fellas in here.
 Robespierre: @Yurishiro No, this is just the beginning. You're relatively new here, aren't you? Stay tuned...
 Yurishiro: @Mr. Shine I always interpreted oversimplification as taking away not only the superficial info but vital too, thus risking to change the understanding on the matter entirely, instead of including incorrect info. I don't intend to argue tho, I think your point is valid and i can't swear my own isn't flawed.
 Mr. Shine: @Yurishiro I'm gonna stick with "oversimplified" because this chart is flawed, not just abbreviated. Simplified to me means it doesn't include all the info, oversimplified means the information that IS included was incorrect.
 Yurishiro: @Mr. Shine Nah this is just simplified, an oversimplification would be: who should I vote for? It doesn't matter. The end.
 Mr. Shine: yay oversimplified politics!
 Science: So the central conceit here is that shit is NOT broken? I would argue that, no matter who got in office this last election, shit is most certainly broken.
 AverageJoe: Timely...
 Yurishiro: Nailed it.
Image 203567   09-15-17   Uploaded by    myrealname
 Felicity: *whom u would naturally dismiss (no w/) or *w/ whom u would naturally disagree
 Lantry: @WaffleIron National Review is a conservative news source
 WTF: She knows who he is. She just gets her news from a REAL source like Info Wars.
 San DoDo: I don't even like dancing, I0m just here cos someone said there will be tacos
 Yurishiro: hahahahahahah (nobody suspects a thing!)
 WaffleIron: ...I bet this is funny if I knew more.
Image 203566   09-15-17   Uploaded by    square44
 Bubo: A cuddle with her would be so soft, with no danger of falling off & hurting oneself.
 Christina: Don't hug me, I'm scared.
 Warrax: Wow, that stuffed lady is really realistic. Creepily so.
 Teechur: @chhumphrey Funny either way!
 Not A Bot: stoped caring half way through eppisode 2
 chhumphrey: fursuit.... damn keyboard
 chhumphrey: She's missing her furshit
 Dr Awkward: @charlemagne I would have loved to have been at the meeting when they picked their names. "Ok spice girls, what do you want to be called?" "Ginger!" "Very good Geri, that is definitely a spice. Who else?" "Posh!" "Uh, Victoria... that's not a spice..." "Baby!" "No no.. definitely not a spice" "Scary!" "Ok, definitely not a spice, and probably racist...."
 charlemagne: if you wanna be my lover, you got to get with my friends
 Yurishiro: Point is, where's Waldo?
Image 203565   09-15-17   Uploaded by    mrmrmr
 Warrax: Same.
 WTF: TLC airs this right after 'Bowling for Burgers' during their Friday night food-a-thon.
 Mr. Shine: This girl has her priorities figured out.
 eider: Taco 'bout doing it for the right reasons.
 Yurishiro: I AM dancing for tacos right now.
 WaffleIron: I'd dance for tacos too right now.
Image 203564   09-15-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
Image 203563 is unbelievably bad (score -12) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by bubbles. We'll pray for you, bubbles.
 VoR: Looks sticky
 Hokie333: Michelin Man's arch-enemy
 Felicity: Masochistic Inuksuk
 Mr. Shine: "This hurts!"
 Skinr: *WarioWare music*
 Yurishiro: I'm a rock-et maaaaaaan.
Image 203562   09-15-17   Uploaded by    square44
 SpaceCow: "Pretty big and pretty white, they beat a polar bear in a fight."
 chhumphrey: Oh great, now *that* song is stuck in my head!
 Robespierre: Duel Of The Narwhals, hosted by Jon Bunnell, tonight on Fox! Or is this a teaser for Narwhal Week on Discovery?
 PenguinBartender: Have at thee! *ting**ting*
 Yurishiro: @fanny They aren't????!
 fanny: confession: until fairly recent i thought those were made up creatures :-/
 Teechur: "Bye, Buddy. Hope you find your Dad." "Thanks, Mr. Narwhal."
 Yurishiro: Sea unicorns.
 WaffleIron: En garde!
Image 203561   09-15-17   Uploaded by    violentwrath
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