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223177  Staida: Dogs might be worried about you getting roofied. Cats think you look vaguely like someone who fed them once.

227823  raditzu: Unhappy Meal.

227978  Robespierre: Burger DEATH

227972  San DoDo: Just

227976  San DoDo: This totes my goat

227972  Xeno: It's spelled "Doughnut".

227941  Bill Rye: wiggle ribbons!

227972  a robot: I accidentally the whole fence

227952  BavidDowie: Good luck serving a ticket to the guy with an axe.

227972  BavidDowie: Don't worry; I can't even

226839  Mr Bleak: Tiddles McTiddlesFace? Tiddles. Now there's a name I've not heard in a long, long time.

227979  ignatz: Just the tip..

227981  ignatz: Tknkly krkt

227968  VeeKay: You could get 'em for false advertising, probly.

226849  Mr Bleak: Pissing level: expert and very, very sober.

227983  ignatz: Useless camo..

227969  Skaalar: @square44 Exactly right.

227974  Prostata: IN SPACE....

226856  Mr Bleak: @carpwoman You mean "who let the dogs in?"?

227970  sparename: Glop to the top

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10. tokyopig

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227749 Amy Housewine: @Robespierre Alright, I'l confess. I'm not the new Official joke Explainer. I just wanted to feel important for a moment.

227742 wolfpk: Without the bread of life... your toast

227801 addend: (Adds hot sauce.)

227748 Felicity: MEAT. Its whats for dinner!

227760 Coach Teacher: @Amy Housewine i like it when you think angry thoughts about the english.

227834 Felicity: @apoxia Better than sandals with no socks. I dont want to see peoples feet

227731 SimonSaysGarfunkel: @jochenau HAL open pod bay doors

227743 kazzy94: Is this a Kropotkin reference?

227816 Wooden Spoon: @Yurishiro: A troll figurine who comes to life, and decides to roam the countryside eating garbage.

227741 apoxia: I guess if it's frozen it's easier to clean up.

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 Robespierre: @DarkTeddy It's a BEAUTIFUL chin. The most beautiful chin EVER.
 DarkTeddy: Its the greatest chin. It does a terrific job. @Robespierre
 Robespierre: That's his CHIN, @DarkTeddy.
 DarkTeddy: Donalds gotta sick goatse
 bug: "DUCK season!" "DICK season!"
 DrinkMixMan: So basically, Rad and Bad
Image 202722   09-10-17   Uploaded by    square44
 El hefe: Not endorsed by Lance Armstrong
 Yurishiro: Good ol' butt oil
 BavidDowie: Polishing the 'ol bicycle seat, eh?
 Ulillillia: dee zee nuts
 DangitBobby: @Mr. Shine ZERO friction; punch yourself right in the bladder!
 Scoo: "Creaming your chamois"? Is that what the kids call it these days?
 Mr. Shine: That's gonna be one luxurious wank.
Image 202721   09-10-17   Uploaded by    bubbles
 Robespierre: OK, this is taking that "cutesy nonsense nicknames" for everything just a little too far.
 Mr. Shine: Football is your lobster?! Maybe you guys oughta start wearing helmets when you play!
 Spazstatic: @DrinkMixMan Dungeness crab is awful. It's gritty and bland.
 BavidDowie: Hurling is my Cajun crawfish
 DangitBobby: Right now, there are some homeless admen
 Scoo: Pigskin and Shellfish? Oy vey!
 WTF: "Waiter, this lobster looks and tastes like leather!"
 DrinkMixMan: Rugby is my dungeness crab
Image 202720   09-10-17   Uploaded by    veryblue
 Scoo: Just load up the back of the truck, please
 Butcherboy: we couldnt get yellow onions, because of the war. back in those days to take the ferry cost a nickle, and nickles had pictures of bumblebees on them. give me five bees for a quarter we used to say
 Fishy: I'd like to buy a yard of onions please.
Image 202719   09-10-17   Uploaded by    Bacon Train
 piranharama: @White Rice Mostly no, but anything' worth eatin' is worth wrestlin' here.
 Yurishiro: Oh crab.
 White Rice: @piranharama jeeze, is there anything in Australia that won't completely mess you up (only being messed up being the best case scenario)?
 piranharama: @White Rice An Australian mud crab can also break your finger of, they are more or less armed with a pair of bolt cutters. Go nature!
 WaffleIron: @White Rice : I've also heard the same, and supporting our facts is that gator-mouths are routinely taped shut with electrical tape on those gator-themed tv shows. I've never seen someone tape OPEN a gator mouth either.
 Air Biscuit: CRAB BATTLE!!
 El Barto: @isosceleswaffle Damn! Beat me too it.
 El Barto: @bug That took me way to long to get. But is a mighty fine gag. :)
 DangitBobby: Disregard the constabulary
 White Rice: @WTF from what I remember hearing/watching on various nature shows, gators have pretty weak muscles for opening their mouths. Closing them is a completely different matter (crazy powerful on the close) but if TV didn't lie to me, then a moderately below average strength individual could hold the jaw closed one handed (so long as there wasn't any thrashing about...that's where the trickiness comes in). Something like not even 5 pounds of pressure is coming to mind, but I take no responsibility for anyone trying to clamp a gator with their bare hands (but if they try it, watch out for the neck, there will be twisting & fighting back)
 isosceleswaffle: Shhhhhh...
 WTF: Which is stronger: the closing of a crab's claw or the opening of an alligator's jaws? Let's watch.
 bug: *boop* got yer nose!
 bug: That crab is about to see a friendly spaceship if you know what I mean.
 bug: I don't see this pokemon battle going well.
 Peter Pantsless: Somebody took a point in "badass"
Image 202718   09-10-17   Uploaded by    edgarallendoh
 Felicity: Ha! I have a photo like this of me with my cat when I was 15. And in photo it really looks like the cat is considering his next move
 Air Biscuit: Winter is coming.
 El Barto: What have you been walking on kid?!
 Butcherboy: white goes first kid
Image 202717   09-10-17   Uploaded by    salmiakki
 El Barto: The likeness is incredible!
Image 202716   09-10-17   Uploaded by    tehghost
 Robespierre: Such a sensation!
 El Barto: @fanny 1 + is not enough. All of the +++ needed.
 Annoying Vegan : This guided meditation is weird
 fanny: @Mr. Shine sssssssh just let it happen
 bug: Friends don't let friends do dressage on really, really hard drugs.
 Mr. Shine: Whaaaaaaaat??!
Image 202715   09-10-17   Uploaded by    Mister Beef
 Robespierre: The Tortex are good picks, but that dispenser - what; you supposed to stick that onto your AXE somewhere?
 Air Biscuit: Most of them are not stacked. How can we be sure the picks were picked from the top of the pile?
 Yam: I mean, the one on the right looks like a strap lock?
Image 202714   09-10-17   Uploaded by    Borb Prembus
 WTF: @RainbowTornado Joe Camel.
 a robot: Yeah, keep trying to come up with cute excuses for your disgusting habit. Sure.
 RainbowTornado: Deep thoughts
Image 202713   09-10-17   Uploaded by    Ignatius
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