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237953  Robespierre: Shit seen

237950  carpwoman: @Sadbot - Ah, Buzzfeed. There you go.

237955  Robespierre: Dump Trump

237943  Yurishiro: We all doot down here

237950  mexican: I remember that story as well, pretty sure I saw it on SA, maybe from a banner ad? I don't typically go near GBS so that is about the only way I can think of to have seen it.

237178  carpwoman: Hug it out, bros.

237949  Yurishiro: And to think it all fits in chuck norris chest

237950  Yurishiro: 'Dishwasher safe'[shivers]

237938  Not A Bot: Pimp my beetle

237951  Yurishiro: Dat muffin top

237197  carpwoman: How the hell do you get on it?

237953  Yurishiro: "He...he was only PRETENDING to throw the ball!!"

237950  Sadbot: @carpwoman That is wise, and me neither. I probably saw it in a thread devoted to making fun of Redditors. I found the source by googling "poop knife" and a terrible, but sourced, Buzzfeed article came up. *themoreyouknow.gif*

237840  SuedeOxford: My chicken sandwich instinct is far stronger than my bangin instinct.

237954  Sadbot: Load-bearing valves

237219  carpwoman: Why's he just standing there? I smell a set-up....

237864  SuedeOxford: The hero Hai Phong deserves.

88403  carpwoman: I haven'y gotten any swag in a very long time.

88403  carpwoman: I haven'y gotten any swag in a very long time.

237949  Slerzy: I lived in Texas for a while and I assure you, this is what they believe. Silly Texans, always talking about seceding and whatnot XD

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237763 some guy : What am I supposed to be seeing here? What should I notice about this?? I could really use a graphic aide.

237717 Wooden Spoon: @Dr Awkward: Starring Bennie Goodman

237857 Mr. Shine: @glenalec classic Lassie.

237699 some guy : Windowlicky

237928 Robespierre: Hoy-hoy...

237873 Ulillillia: The Olympics only they give out laptops instead of medals

237727 glenalec: Well, if you can't control your vehicle properly....

237737 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne I don't believe so. During Sealand's Civil War, the German government negotiated for the return of the only P.O.W., and paid a hefty fee for his release.

237734 OldKentuckyShark: You're going to watch your favorite shows on the internet? You seem like a cheap ass...

237950 mexican: I remember that story as well, pretty sure I saw it on SA, maybe from a banner ad? I don't typically go near GBS so that is about the only way I can think of to have seen it.

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 sodamachine: lolol @Bill Rye
 Felicity: Rad for bat cuteness and important message; outweighs capitalisation for emphasis and hyphen as em-dash :-)
 jochenau: Bats are the real superheroes.
 Bill Rye: *shamefully puts airhorn away*
Image 201802   09-06-17   Uploaded by    McMuff
 Ted Hebert: Your mother and I are still getting divorced, Denise. Now close the fucking door.
 Mr. Shine: Nice homework, dear.
Image 201801   09-06-17   Uploaded by    Commodore 64
 Ted Hebert: This is a binge, This is a binge, Elmo's binge...
 Wet farts: Fun was had here
 Dr Awkward: This tickles me
 Donut: Death to Videodrome, Long Live The New Flesh
 Shay: Hi my name is Elmo and welcome to Jackass.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: when furrys do meth just once.
 Cami: Rednecks were here.
Image 201800   09-06-17   Uploaded by    GTA VII
 sparename: MASH was one of the first programs I was allowed to stay up late for (when young, of course) and here in the UK we never realised how lucky we were to see it on the BBC with no canned laughter
 Phillee: @Phillee google showed me i was right
 Phillee: fucking hell, i've never actually watched mash, but something about this made me think: "I bet this guy is from mash and his nick name is radar!"
 Micro Jackson: Incoming!
 Skaalar: @Borkf Seriously, it's so rare that something gives me a little life-affirming chuckle like this.
 Bu7Z: Uh, yeah, um yes sir, that's good speed.
 Borkf: Bless you
Image 201799   09-06-17   Uploaded by    Sparkplug
 celtic: @Mr. Shine Lolol
 Mr. Shine: *not to scale
 Felicity: @Dr Awkward Biggest planet in the world!
 Dr Awkward: Whoa, that must be the biggest Earth in all of Europe!
Image 201798   09-06-17   Uploaded by    cran vodka
 Ulillillia: Never forget
 dobbiesdoogs: they go all the way up
Image 201797   09-06-17   Uploaded by    Morn Bumbies
 Ted Hebert: This made me sad.
 Cami: You DON'T want to see the bottom half of him right now....or maybe you do?
 Dr Awkward: @ignatz Well if you're in a rush for work, obviously the best time saver is to put your shoes on during the drive. And while you put the first one on (left first!) you gotta put the right one somewhere. Can't put it on the floor of the car, that will get the shoes dirty. And you can't put it on your passenger seat, that's reserved for diaramas. So clearly, shoe goes in mouth. (Why do I always have to explain this?!)
 Borkf: I thought he was throwing up at first.
 El Barto: Bleugh, this toast is impossible to chew.
 ignatz: Is this a thing now?
Image 201796   09-06-17   Uploaded by    Natch
 McBomalds: @Mr Shifty Damn
 Mr Shifty: Remember those Afghani war rugs in the 1980's? This is a bit more complex. It's an Afghani combat fatigue rug. Best art therapy group I ever attended.
 Skaalar: Bandaids, worms, drawers, a little crowd, exclamation point, and elephant foot.
Image 201795   09-06-17   Uploaded by    Soy Peso
 Robespierre: Hm. Talented livestock.
 fanny: @wolfpk Free hogs
 wolfpk: Free hugs
 Not A Bot: Does it look like I'm talking into a bunch of robot penises from down there?
 Fawks: literal moepig
 hajjpodge: Proof that anime is trash: pigs consume it readily.
Image 201794   09-06-17   Uploaded by    tiffany
 Ted Hebert: That was seriously some Twilight Zone shit right there.
 Ted Hebert: I type chompers and it reads choppers? The fuck?
 Ted Hebert: I have a pretty elaborate hydrocarbon... er... facility in the woods behind my house. You can't come visit. It isn't ready yet. And I haven't gathered up all the chompers... er... stones. But I am doing for the oil industry what Brooklyn folk are doing for bee population... yeah, I'm making the world a better place.
 piranharama: "Clubbing baby raptors" is now a thing
 trelyate: before we kill the cloned dinosaurs, we should keep them in a theme park with poor security
 AverageJoe: don't worry, in a couple of millions of years there will be oil again under the middle east
 Entertainmentalist: Fossil fuels are primarily decayed plant matter. That means we should cut down all the plants on Earth and bury them.
 funny in the wall: Bro do you even second law of thermodynamics?
 funny in the wall: Bro do you even second law of thermodynamics?
 RiderFan: Oil and coal are older than dinosaurs. WAAAAAY older. Nearly all crude oil and coal come from the Carboniferous period of Earth's history over 300 million years ago.
 El Barto: Then implement Nat Dee's solution to global warming and we're saved!
Image 201793   09-06-17   Uploaded by    Mister Beef
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