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238298  Mexico: @a robot He's okay. It's his fans that are annoying.

238229  tib gubb: that's really unnecessary. now, a cat on the other hand...

238257  tib gubb: join us, alice

238256  dangerkeith3000: Everybody hurts........sometime....

238303  Annoying Vegan : Calvinball was really popular back then

238301  WotGives: Amazing grandmother gets censored but cock is ok. Why are we so offended by the female body?

238279  tib gubb: nah, but for lafs you can shut down the cooling, their fault if they didn't set a temperature shutdown in bios

238313  Nope: The hero we need

238282  dangerkeith3000: Me sitting in the back getting my hair done.

238292  tib gubb: heroes of might and magic 3 is pretty good. not that good, though

238300  tib gubb: classic. stupid, but no real danger... until somebody puts their dick on it...

238292  dangerkeith3000: My prospects of getting a Russian wife are looking better!

238302  tib gubb: there's a trick to this that i learned from monopoly - always round down, then the error is in your favor.

238293  dangerkeith3000: Those wacky Nazis!

238296  dangerkeith3000: Why he make you sit in the back?

238296  tib gubb: "see! 100% not racist!"

238226  Entertainmentalist: It just works, no matter how you look at it, a match made in heaven.

238302  dangerkeith3000: It always better to realize you have more money than you thought, yes.

238303  illBilliam: The early days of Rocket League

238280  Not A Bot: Scar! brother, help me!

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238181 Zukero: @White Rice I guess he must have accidentally chopped his website, then chopped his hosting problems.

238106 TurkeyVulture: @Scoo drink it to stay up late and study math, maybe.

238075 antipatterns: Lol the dude who invented the Cherokee language basically did it alone in his house and everyone in the village thought he was crazy. Took him years and multiple attempts with ideograms and others to devise the modern 86 character Cherokee language. Wild story.

238199 a robot: He's holding the S upside down. If it was like that on the sign then it definitely needed taking down

238048 Christina: A side quest awaits you.

238171 glenalec: vv Hmmmm. I'm now wondering if he got this 'Make Mexico Pay' idea because he was resentful someone made him pay his half of the costs of a property-dividing fence!

238085 Whatever: More like chestburster abortion from the Aliens movies...

238038 Mr Bleak: I checked, and it's real: google /maps/place/48%C2%B008'35.8%22N+123%C2%B010'09.4%22W/@48.1430595,-123.1689842,581a,35y,180h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d48.1432761!4d-123.1692882 the best bit is the neighbour has probably never even seen it...

238194 glenalec: @Spazstatic - it's all a factor in a complex cycle of life crapping on you.

238173 jazzjunkie: Damn it Wesley

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 NoRagrets: @Mr. Butt damn, how did I not see it?!
 karmakat: What? it's all the SHIT with my poses.
 Mr. Butt: Vlad the Impala?
 Amy Housewine: Edward Longshanks.
 NoRagrets: Blahhhhhhhd the impaler?
Image 200816   09-01-17   Uploaded by    ignatz
 HighCactus: @XLY Indeed
 Christina: Dated.
 XLY: daba dee dabu dye dabu...
 Donut: I know blue is supposed to be a soothing color, but for some reason, this room triggers me.
Image 200815   09-01-17   Uploaded by    King Polly
 Mr Shifty: Miss? Your butt plug has dropped out!
 Robespierre: That's an unusual hedgehog you have there, Sparky.
 Christina: Respect my pet, it's got a crown.
 Amy Housewine: Look out, she's got a grenade!
 Catcat: My landlord doesn't let me keep a pineapple :(
 Mad Collager: Get a real dog, not that pine-yappy thing!
 FabricMan: Who drags a pet pineapple under the street? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS
 Donut: "You dissing my pet? You dissing my pet? LOOK at me, you peasant. ARE YOU DISRESPECTING MY PET?
Image 200814   09-01-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Robespierre: Is this, like, a caricature of the legendary Sweaty Spikeless Pufferperson?
 Thyming: I hate when someone puts a sweaty phone on my radioactive head.
 Mad Collager: Never terribly attractive, poor Nancy did not age well.
 Donut: Wet Wig On Chicken Nugget
Image 200813   09-01-17   Uploaded by    Mark As Read
 LurkedMoar: Funny, she doesn't look hollowed
 tib gubb: oh yeah, definitely my type.
 Catcat: Already has the mugshot pose and all.
 Mad Collager: Could I interest you in a nice cobbler?
 Peety: Typical ginger
 funny in the wall: @Butcherboy way to breathe, no breath
 Butcherboy: But then automatic doors won't work for me
 Yam: She's cute, I'd probably risk it. I wasn't using mine anyway.
Image 200812   09-01-17   Uploaded by    fisto
 Entertainmentalist: @Robespierre ...and he's "clopping", just out of frame.
 Air Biscuit: "Souls wanted"
 Robespierre: Betcha brony's got a boney.
 Christina: Just your regular brony.
 Wet farts: Radded for Pinkie Pie
 Ulillillia: Nice Dad taking his daughter there...ahh, who am I kidding
Image 200811   09-01-17   Uploaded by    winwolf
 Felicity: Early Eternity COmics. You can tell by the font of the credits
 Flarmie: I remember playing the video game adaptation of this on the Sega Genesis. It wasn't bad.
 Mexico: Who knew that lady dinosaurs looked like attractive human women?
 Lantry: Guns N Lizards down become popular until they changed their name. Turns out roses are cooler than lizards.
 AlexDeLarge: Dino deeds, done dirt cheap
 Catcat: Wonderfully Grotesque
 Niels Bohr: T-rex for sale or rent. Iguanadon, 50 cents. No possums, rats or squids. Ain't got no hominids.
Image 200810   09-01-17   Uploaded by    burritos
 Christina: Same.
 grizzly: @NoRagrets no ragrets!
 Robespierre: One ... two ... three pushups ... and OUT.
 NoRagrets: Too much nip and kibble
Image 200809   09-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 RiderFan: Now kiss.
 Amy Housewine: One dreams that she's visiting the Leaning Tower Of Pizza, the other that she's Adam Ant.
 Catcat: Unless "guided meditation" means "ass to ass," I'm not interested
 addend: (Experiences stress, anger and anxiety. Adds a comma. Reduces stress, anger, and anxiety.)
 Volwen: Those are the most half-assed dab and blood signs I've ever seen.
Image 200808   09-01-17   Uploaded by    Sharkface
 kristaleibel: My son had cancer when he was 1. I used to sit in his hospital room for hours, just staring at the monitor. This picture is exactly what it felt like.
 Amy Housewine: @Bill Door is still finding ways to occupy his time without visiting The Spaceship.
 Catcat: Death is so confused by this video game, he's not even touching the joysticks
 addend: 1 life, then game over, but you can play a new character.
 Donut: "This game of Snake is weeeeeeird."
 DangitBobby: Going for the low score, huh?
 Robespierre: Stop messin' wif my vitals, mang.
 NoRagrets: It's all fun and games until someone pulls the plug.
Image 200807   09-01-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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