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216236  pusha p: I looked.

216231  Psymon: Giving the Turfish a nice Menthol flavor

216232  Ulillillia: Come on and slam, and welcome to GraphJam

216231  Ulillillia: No lungs, no lung cancer

216226  VeeKay: Are you a hawk or a dove?

216236  FunkyDrunk: Hello again, Phteven.

216229  VeeKay: Indian army's heavy Vedic Infantry trooper.

216231  VeeKay: I see we're having abomination again this christmas.

216236  Mr. Skeltal: ... "My Dog Is Amazing" ...

216210  Amy Housewine: How now, translucent cow.

216167  Korrok: I can dig it.

216214  Amy Housewine: Liz gots places to be.

216217  Amy Housewine: Step one: Distract the driver by pointing and exclaiming "Look, it's the Goodyear blimp!". Step two: Siphon off all of their petrol.

216219  carpwoman: The way God intended.

216183  VeeKay: Not entirely sorry it's in a cell.

215828  magicmormon: I think his search is dead in the water, it went belly up a long time ago.

216190  VeeKay: 100 kilotonnes should take care of that nicely.

215896  carpwoman: Palpable.

216193  VeeKay: 100 kilotonnes should take care of that nicely.

215828  Cheesecake: I'll have one of whatever he's smoking.

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215998 piranharama: When she says - Go ahead, I dont mind

216019 manlyman: That's going to hit him in the back of his head if it goes all around the moon.

216067 Joseph: I think I know, did he shout "Deal with it"?

216063 Mad Collager: If Mitch McConnell is to be believed, so is science.

216141 kazzy94: @Cami Gigabarrel is my super hero name.

216098 addend: "The good news is that we didn't find any polyps..."

216003 Beeble: "You, uh..... You gonna eat all that?"

216040 Annoying Vegan : Anybody up for some twatwaffles?

216000 apoxia: My mother takes plastic plates when she goes to a pizza restaurant as she doesn't think it's proper to eat right off the big wooden block with the pizza on it. She also takes her own instant coffee to a cafe as she doesn't like strong coffee (she lives in New Zealand where we actually know how to make espresso coffee, not like most places I've been in America). The jar she takes it in is a urine specimen jar. I win.

215989 Mad Collager: @PushyWebsite Did it become a tuba when it reached adulthood?

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 piranharama: Good ol Big Nick and his big nick
 Amy Housewine: Wrong type of hat, re-do immediately.
 Jotun: So you need a good girlfriend you say? Ever tried growing a beard?
 Amy Housewine: Classic Big Nick.
 petepuma: oh, *N*ick
 Ihminen: With that name and hat... I don't think I'm ready to date a trucker
 Skaalar: Keep trying Big Nick. Just... Maybe work on how you present yourself.
 Kim: Never heard of 'im.
 Prostata: let me guess... he got mad and angry after this didn't work and then he posted a bunch of bullshit about women on the net.
 Ulillillia: Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?
 Borkf: I bet he tells women who politely declined him that they're dumb sluts.
 Jeannie C: Sure! Point him out to me.
Image 199018   08-23-17   Uploaded by    nightmarez
 a robot: @Scoo I'm just gonna assume your name is Macaulay then. Now and forever.
 RainbowTornado: @Scoo I have no idea who these people are
 Scoo: I share one of my names with one of these guys
 Bu7Z: Some goose... @funny in the wall
 funny in the wall: I recognize the home alone kid but who's the other nozzle?
 Teechur: Ok, let's see who gets a tattoo of that last image and posts a picture of it.
Image 199017   08-23-17   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Not A Bot: oh shit it may have been funnier if I said friend.
 Skaalar: God that movie freaked me out as a kid.
 Otterman: No Trumpy?
 charlemagne: @WTF we can only hope so
 WTF: Careful! The fabric used in these costumes is know to be highly flammable.
 Whatever: ET stay home
 Knice: The Extra-Turdestrial.
Image 199016   08-23-17   Uploaded by    propro
 dangerkeith3000: Life, uh, finds a way
 Jeannie C: Hope nobody gets the bright idea of "returning him to the wild".
Image 199015   08-23-17   Uploaded by    The Man
 Christina: Wrong! Doggo and ducklings come from Earth: #198873.
 Donut: The real fooooooooolk balooooooooos...
 Cami: least nothing as good as the smooth taste and clean finish of our fine Kentucky Burley blend.
 Skaalar: Nah, we still make good pizza bagels. Also, there's this guy over on 3rd Street who tells awesome stories to people walking by.
 El Barto: But...WETA still exists.
 tib gubb: anime knew
Image 199014   08-23-17   Uploaded by    square44
 Robespierre: Outside Alliance, and not a single Renault Alliance in the whole stack. Why have they painted it, anyway? I rather like rust - chemical processes in ACTION.
 a robot: @Scoo Aw man, you should definitely check it out sometime. Even when there's not an eclipse, Carhenge is actually pretty damn cool
 a robot: I forgot to bring an official RAD sticker so I drew my own on a paper plate while we were waiting for the eclipse to start!
 Scoo: @a robot I was only about 5 miles southeast of there on Monday! I thought about trying to check it out in the afternoon but didn't want to mess with trying to get an Uber or whatever :(
 El Barto: @Borkf They live amongst us, hiding in plain sight. Fear no malice or weaponry or superior intelligence; the only thing that matters is if their genitals vibrate.
 Borkf: That's one realistically fleshy looking robot hand.
 Jeannie C: And from here, onward to the Corn Palace.
 Jeannie C: Carhenge: before the centerpiece is installed.
 Skinr: Firestonehenge, where the Datsuns dwell / Where the Bentleys drive, and they drive quite well
 Whatever: The ruins of the advanced school of valet parking I presume
 Knice: Hell yeah, it is. :-D
Image 199013   08-23-17   Uploaded by    a robot
 Robespierre: My hair - morning.
 El Barto: Time to wax!
Image 199012   08-23-17   Uploaded by    square44
 Jabberwikket: instructions unclear, created cold fusion reactor
 Felicity: But then theres no icing to eat
 a robot: wut
 dangerous dave: This is one of the many, many things that's either adorable (if it was created by a woman) or creepy AF (if it was created by a man).
 Jeannie C: @Teechur Because it is icing on the top, naked on the sides.
 Teechur: Why does this make me think of #199012?
Image 199011   08-23-17   Uploaded by    meh
 Mr Shifty: I'm too sexy for my jorts
 Mad Collager: @Borkf Intimidation is his only defense, as he hasn't any sharp teeth or anything.
 Skaalar: You're too big for a stroller you lazy little mistake.
 Otterman: Can't sleep, pram'll eat me... can't sleep, pram'll eat me...
 Borkf: Why is the kid doing power stance?
Image 199010   08-23-17   Uploaded by    Mad Collager
 charlemagne: billy wizz is looking rough these days
Image 199009   08-23-17   Uploaded by    Alaskan
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