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262407  wolfpk: If that is natural; holy shit, that is awesome!!! If it is not natural, whoever did it is an asshole!

262416  wolfpk: Ok, I have a piano that needs taken up to the tenth floor. It won't fit on the elevator, if that's what you are thinking.

262418  dangerkeith3000: I can't decide if these are Rick and Morty names or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy names.

262416  Amy Housewine: He doesn't look like a Corey.

262416  Amy Housewine: He doesn't look like a Corey.

262416  dangerkeith3000: The guy on the left is naked?

262418  dangerkeith3000: That's the coolest dog I've ever seen.

262417  Sadbot: I was napping, dude

262426  Mr Mumble: Looks just like my facebook profile picture

262380  LurkedMoar: Aw, no shouldntves?

262411  Annoying Vegan : I love you, and you can have anything you want.

262356  BavidDowie: And are called "humplings"

262359  BavidDowie: Debbie Does Dallas was a sequel??

262412  Whatever: Im HOW Old now?

262364  BavidDowie: I'm sure I've hit at least 23m

262390  BavidDowie: I'm of the Asian persuasion

262410  WTF: @Biple Plombies Even though the names are messed up you can still pick out Not A Bot

262352  Bill Rye: did friendly spaceship eat the special brownies

262355  Bill Rye: those look like Boletes, excellent eating (food) mushrooms

262419  Slickbrew: as long as he doesnt try to sell me insurance I love him

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

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 Truft Plombies: Return flight: #200207
 Lert Horpomple: Getting all "righteous" is not is not going to make a lick of difference to the person blackmailing you for buying prostitutes. Just leave the money in an envelope in the marked stall at the right time.
 Flerbo Flumupert: Brought to you by the butt-holiest stall in all of the Ashland, VA Walmart. Canya feel tha salvation?
 Jort Plongo: His name is...darn, its covered up, now well never know. Its not Elvis, though, so that narrows it down
 Rump Gruble: Wait, you can now pay parking tickets in blood? SWEET!
 Viple Albumbies: @funny in the wall It's a cultural thing - you'll note that they did NOT hyphenate Elvis.
 Rald Rempumbies: i hadn't realized jesus-christ was hyphenated
 Trorbo Flumuble: So we're really sure it's not Elvis Amen? How about Becky?
 Jawn Flopert: Payd?
Image 198895   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Crimp Drumumple
 Pampo Bropert: Darn it, Flanders. Is this what happens when you don't have Maud around?
 Rarm Grunombies: @Felicity I agree with this
 Dewn Horpopert: In stupid sexy Flanders field, where stupid sexy poppies grow
 Thango Grunungus: I'm rather partial to Phlegmish as a language, myself - lots of gutteral grunts and weird vowel stuff.
 Gang Plemungus: feels like i'm wearing nothing at all...
 Himpo Dampuble: @dangerkeith3000 my father in law's last name is Flanders. They hailed from there some unspecified amount of time ago (centuries, I think).
 Thulm Morpongus: I work with a guy who was born there.
 Lilm Rempungo: Looks like a fun place
Image 198894   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Hewn Brungus
 Dift Grombies: @Felicity That's in Wisconsin, right? Doesn't look much like Wisconsin.
 Jeng Brumbies: @Robespierre I believe it's in the 4 corners area, rains not much of an issue. I just wanna ride a bike down that ridge into the pool tho.
 Lirb Groble: It looks like Genosha
 Trewn Albumple: Who gets to clean the mud out of the pool after it rains ... if it ever rains?
 Hurb Drumopert: I don't know what's happening here, but it sure looks like a supervillain is involved somehow.
Image 198893   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Bang Morpuble
 Thiple Plombies: Marquis de Sade
 Garbo Cremupert: @Mr. Shine I liked Palahniuk in high school but it all kind of ran together after a while
 Crungo Horpumple: @funny in the wall. Whoops I meant to reply to @Scoo. Palahniuk is messed up, bukowski I don't know
 Murm Grunungus: 2 snobs deep in love
 Derb Flumple: "Yeah, nice try, but I can projectile vomit that far. Just like Charles."
 Jeng Grunoble: Oh! Okay! Okay! Neat! Neat! Neat! Okay! Okay! Neat! Okay! Neat! Okay!
 Crerbo Grunumple: @funny in the wall Drunk, misogynist slob writes minimal poems that are just sentences. There. You've read him.
 Frirb Cremongo: @Mr. Shine i've never actually read him. i have some books on the shelf, i think, but i'd need context to get into them.
 Crelm Flumopert: @funny in the wall THAT dude is messed up.
 Huple Morpongus: Agreed, and Chuck Palahniuk works just as well.
 Miwn Morpumbies: chances of two people who have read bukowski running into each other...
Image 198892   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Bing Drumongus
 Hulm Dampungo: Dang Inflation! Dang Obama! Dang kids and their Internets, this is their fault somehow!
 Garb Rempungo: @Ihminen Let's just keep Moroder out of the mix, shall we?
 Gerb Rempopert: oh italo disco is quite fun
 Flerm Plungo: NFL really relaxed their branding in the 80s. Or wherever this is from. Italy?
 Lorbo Grunungo: Americans be like...
Image 198891   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Dampo Grupert
 Flimp Dampongo: @Mr. Shine I have read them all.
 Flerm Cremuble: And judging by the font, he stays at the Stratford Inn
 Giple Drumungo: ... and it's in New Jersey!
 Pampo Cremumple: @Amy Housewine. He tried. Read "Mort" by Sir Terry Pratchett.
 Vomp Morpoble: I MISS HIM. @Amy Housewine
 Thiple Drumomple: Oh I see, that's where @BILL DOOR has gone.
Image 198890   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Rurt Flumoble
 Lorb Flungo: I'm Old Gregg!
 Flarb Horpuble: rainbowner
 Bumpo Brumple: She's getting a load of his Lucky Charms. They're magically delicious.
 Fruft Plemoble: Taste the rainbow
 Crerb Morpombies: This is the happiest porn I've ever seen
 Reft Horpombies: The tortoise happiness field is a wonderful thing.
Image 198889   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Bimp Drumombies
 Frulm Rempupert: it looks like it was trying to make the reddit mascot thing. Shoulda done friendly spaceship mascot instead.
 Frungo Horpombies: 3D printer malfunction?
Image 198888   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Mango Drumumbies
 Jeft Bruble: Gonna go out on a limb and say this is probably illegal?
 Girbo Flumumple: I thought the point of having a car was that you dont have to take public transportation
 Muwn Floble: That looks even stupider than the standard 'smart cars'
 Hang Bropert: It's essentially a motorized wheelchair anyway.
 Therbo Alboble: @tib gubb yes
 Pango Grunopert: you jelly?
Image 198887   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Lango Morpupert
 Hewn Albumbies: Whats a squad
 Romp Grongo: They are friendly sneks that either moved far away after jobs and schools or too busy making babies to care about anything else i'm not bitter shut up
 Momp Horpumple: They are all friendly sneks.
 Porb Rempungus: That is not a sentence.
 Flilm Plemombies: Snakes on a plain
Image 198886   08-22-17   Uploaded by    Ding Flumongus
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