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205319  NoRagrets: @WaffleIron Quartluruntleped. It is both all colors and no color simultaneously

205326  fisto: Welcome to Silver Lake

205297  Scoo: R ecursive

205326  pirate: It looks like the cover of Dianetics

205299  Scoo: "Llama Panties" is fun to say

205318  jochenau: Good effort, but the third line doesn't scan. B+ for little Sally.

205326  Cheesecake: It\'s the young SyFy channel movie

205284  Annoying Vegan : These are better than not having candy, but only slightly

205308  Fiveninety: more like 60%, though

205245  Wolfechu: This this is a feature they're boasting about says a lot for Windows 95 through 8.

205248  Wolfechu: Anywhere's a weed store if you keep trying and believe in yourself.

205325  static xyz: Dr.Suess was a genius. I read his books to my kids altogether the time, hoping the morals sink in.

205259  Wolfechu: This reeks of polygamy.

205307  WTF: "Don't copy that... uh, this is fine."

205312  WTF: Huh, huh... "stem lube"

205308  Mr. Butt: IM PICKLE RICK!!!

205245  Kess: The files are IN the computer!

205311  Mr. Butt: Donkey Kong.

205317  Derp Herpigan: Guess we've finally answered that question.

205315  DrinkMixMan: It's turtle part or the way down

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205174 FabricMan: @VeeKay A look forward to 2035: "I never thought I'd see someone who could make Trump look leveled, smart, and competent."

205135 trelyate: I think he's sad because he accidentally locked his only chair in the cage and can't get it back

205169 VeeKay: @space Drove past your town today on't way to Nelson.

205201 Felicity: Hey, Ive got that font! Minya Nouvelle

205236 Felicity: I have had burgers that contained hot dogs before, and they were good. No pickles or sauce, please.

205080 VeeKay: Just voted to have less masculinity and competition in sport and more of this stuff.

205245 Wolfechu: This this is a feature they're boasting about says a lot for Windows 95 through 8.

205106 Mr Bleak: Thank fuck for mirrors is all I can say.

205186 WaffleIron: Octarine.

205192 Prostata: sorry 'bout your spyware

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 Prostata: just put some lemon juice on that, you'll be ok
 addend: What, you don't wear reading mittens?
 Warrax: What are you waiting for? Cut that motherfucker back.
 Nope: @hajjpodge you can furiously delete a file!
 White Rice: @hajjpodge you can, it's just a bad idea.
 Teechur: @Nope To save space on my shelves, I've replaced most of my good reads with Kindles. Now I'm running out of outlets for keeping them all charged.
 hajjpodge: @Nope You can't burn a kindle!
 hajjpodge: "hurr durr it shows commie hahaha" @HajjPodge also I am out of liquor please help
 Nope: @hajjpodge Kindles are a thing
 hajjpodge: And this is why I choose to be illiterate.
Image 198579   08-20-17   Uploaded by    wooden boy
 Spazstatic: How much starch did you use? It's stiff as a board!
Image 198578   08-20-17   Uploaded by    CoffeeAndCigs
 Prostata: great for paper cuts!
 piranharama: Secret aaaagent man!
 Scoo: Greetings, fellow uncanny-valley juice containers
Image 198577   08-20-17   Uploaded by    craftjunk
 Nopetology: @jazzjunkie Nah, just pollen. Lurking inside flowers is a good way to catch insects.
 jazzjunkie: Is this one of those fungi that eat the spider from the inside?
 ASTER: Kind of cute... Expecting mother.
 Yam: It's ok, little guy. I get tobiko stuck in my beard, too.
Image 198576   08-20-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Mr. Shine: Poohdha
 piranharama: Rub belly for hunny
Image 198575   08-20-17   Uploaded by    rachel
 Mr. Shine: Pringles Eagle.
 Warrax: I can't believe it's not a butter sculpture.
Image 198574   08-20-17   Uploaded by    Big Beagler
 Robespierre: Meanwhile, out at Papoose Lake, the English lessons were continuing apace.
 Felicity: I thought that was a cop until I saw the overalls
 El Barto: Sounds human.
 Skinr: What is this from? The lines suggest an old VHS rip.
 Scoo: Languishing My Ass Off
 Bolt Vanderhuge: Not Rad or Bad, just SAD
Image 198573   08-20-17   Uploaded by    manlyman
 Science: @dangerous dave: Deck? Though, I'm hoping the kid was correct the first time.
 dangerous dave: Okay, I give up: What *did* she fall off of?
 Yam: The secret is to get right back on.
Image 198572   08-20-17   Uploaded by    hexxx
 tib gubb: life is unfair like that
 Not A Bot: He most be hacking, because he's wearing fingerless gloves and brought a toolbox.
 White Rice: Pounded in the quarter pounder (with cheese) by my own quarter pounder (with cheese)?
 jochenau: Yes, that is how it works.
Image 198571   08-20-17   Uploaded by    blablabla
 Uncle Phil: Curator of the underappreciated Novelty Sound-Effects Records chart.
 Robespierre: Joost, telling everybody he knows - he's got some rock 'n' roll soul.
 Felicity: @Mr. Shine LOL. Also I just looked it up: Dutch
 Mr. Shine: @Felicity I don't SEE any waffles.
 Felicity: I wonder if this is Belgian
 funny in the wall: Timothy McVeigh was a shitty DJ
Image 198570   08-20-17   Uploaded by    Snow Plow
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