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228423  kornisjon: That's a very Jim Morrison stare.

228418  Jabberwikket: Hey, do you have a minute to talk about why you should give me treats?

228468  Yurishiro: Instructions unclear: stood with a foot in each and peed on the wall.

228473  Yurishiro: I don't have the energy for this.

228474  Yurishiro: So? Where are you putin the X?

228451  Yurishiro: moar ber

228452  Yurishiro: Don't be ridiculous, I expected a tablet. How could a plasma TV get outta there?!

228460  Yurishiro: Thank you for your service.

228464  Yurishiro: "Shit. I mean-meow?"

228467  Yurishiro: Perfect Xmas

228469  Yurishiro: Credit Kc Green

228472  Yurishiro: Big corporations vs. small entrepreneurs.

228464  charlemagne: then they all point at you and scream like donald sutherland

228468  charlemagne: for that post sex piss

228431  Jabberwikket: And stay off my plain ! Ya damn kids !!! [Shakes paw]

228479  humanfog: Suuure he did.

228479  GTA VII: Pray for my brother, ain't nothin wrong with him he just look like a legoman

228464  Bohab: What's up palicos

228468  Bohab: Don't cross the streams

228444  Jabberwikket: @Aufziehvogel you'll have to level up & buy the expansion for that

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228348 Darmstadtium: @Hyphae ... and yet we keep coming back... over and over and over and over again...

228362 sandwiches: @Robespierre im dead

228374 apoxia: White meat only.

228347 dangerkeith3000: This is a cute picture but the next one is the money shot.

228312 Spazstatic: JPP, just plain Pete

228339 Lestrange: @Robespierre Seems fair though.

228321 androbot: me too @Yurishiro

228218 El Barto: Sweaty stompers.

228313 Donut: Comic Sans doesn't make this quote any lighter.

228373 sparename: The perils of motorised Lego

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 apoxia: So sad. Doesn't have a chance.
 jochenau: At first I thought it was a kid wearing an adorable white witch costume, but then I realized :(
 Hosebag: Ahhh, it's a little pope.... Oh, wait a minute.
 Mr. Shine: Call CYS, Get that kid a good home.
 Credible Hulk: @WaffleIron that values and culture are imprinted onto individuals through the society in which they live and not part of your dna?
 Ulillillia: 1522 EDT; 85pts.
 Science: @WaffleIron: It's very complex photo - there is a lot to process. Ultimately, I think it comes down to "SAD" due to the fact that you've got an innocent child being taught to hate. There doesn't seem to be any followup on the kid, but I hope he/she grew up renouncing the hatred of the parents.
 Sadbot: @WaffleIron 92, huh? That kid is now old enough to be driving cars into protesters
 WaffleIron: I guess what I'm trying to say here, with my copypaste from elsewhere that I cannot link, is that I voted bad as a knee jerk reaction to the imagery, and in fact this image is used to justify one of the few things I truly believe in.
 WaffleIron: Photo by Todd Robertson, for The Gainesville Times.
 WaffleIron: Trooper Allen Campbell later recalled: I didnt even see the kid. I was just looking down to see what was bumping on my shield. And when I looked down, there was this little kid in a Klan uniform. He saw his reflection in the riot shield. He was tracing his outline. The child was oblivious to what was going on around him.
 WaffleIron: No one is born racist. A white child and a black State Trooper during a KKK protest, 1992.
 Knice: 1434, EDT; 84pts.
 ignatz: Sad, Bad, byebye
Image 197899   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Hyphae
 piranharama: Loved Devil-Flanders
 Robespierre: Which Halloween WAS this, anyway?
Image 197898   08-17-17   Uploaded by    elronhubard
 Felicity: Anime is life: a lot of it is going to be stuff you dont like, and you have to learn to switcherino that out and focus on the stuff you like.
 Himesama: I knew I liked John Cena!
 tib gubb: really there's only one way to settle this...
 Ulillillia: Try wearing the 'we hate anime' one to a sumo wrestling match
 Sadbot: @AlexDeLarge Anime is anime
 Donut: The joke? They got their shirts from the same website.
 AlexDeLarge: @Sadbot we hate life?
 Sadbot: One of the few cases where the truth might be somewhere in between
 WaffleIron: Now kiss!
Image 197897   08-17-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Sadbot: @BavidDowie Selling a startup
 BavidDowie: @Sadbot who do you expect to pay for the social safety net when you're a pensioner if no one has kids
 Wet farts: They actually are. They were probably stolen from someone's job. @Robespierre
 Robespierre: Them's some quality earplugs they're handing out here, I'll tell you what.
 karmakat: at least THAT'S SWEET!
 Ulillillia: @Mr. Butt I couldn't get past "MILLNNIUM"
 Kess: @Sadbot That said, #ReasonsNotToHaveKids, agreed
 Kess: @Sadbot That's because every time I tell someone I don't want kids, I get the look of "you should be ashamed"
 Sadbot: And after typing this I realize that it always seems to be on the childless to justify their lifestyle, never the people with kids.
 Sadbot: save to "/reasons to not have kids"
 Mr. Butt: In before some nerd gets triggered by "MAY OF"
Image 197896   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Snow Plow
 DarkTeddy: Doot is giving me the eyes again
 tib gubb: nature produces a startlingly effective decoy...
 Robespierre: Winkin', blinkin', and ... odd as hell.
 karmakat: CREEPY!
 dangerkeith3000: Beauty is in the beholder of the eye.
Image 197895   08-17-17   Uploaded by    LKoroton
 Aufziehvogel: STFU GTFO
 Jeffrat: Having listened to that podcast i woul re-title it "conversations with people who misuse the word hate".
 Donut: ...usually result in my eyes being stolen by my computer. I hate that.
 Robespierre: I never found any point in it, really.
Image 197894   08-17-17   Uploaded by    El Barto
 XLY: You have been visited by the BEER truck, up-beer in 30 seconds or it won't return from the beer run
 karmakat: well...either frat boys and/or someone HONEST!
Image 197893   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Tiny Butt
 Rat-Butt: Yeah, you will get laid that way
 Rev80: Best use of vinyl electrical tape ever
 Yam: I posted this fully expecting someone to say Le Sex Tank is their dancing name. Missed opportunities!
 petepuma: Your Uber driver is here
 Amy Housewine: Le Sonx Tonx
 Ihminen: @Donut It's something even more sexier! it's a 90's Buick LeSabre! ...wait now the name actually makes a bit more sense
 Donut: It's French for "Secondhand Honda Accord".
 a robot: This is so dumb I must vote rad
 karmakat: le LOVE in the casba!
 Robespierre: On the road to a bonga-bonga weekend.
 ignatz: Something for le weekend, sir?
Image 197892   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Yam
 Not A Bot: Autofocus be like "Okay, focusing on bro's face... OH DAMN CHECK THAT BOOTY"
 petepuma: gonna be great next lightning storm
 XLY: i have no idea what I'm looking at here...
 Robespierre: @SharkysMachine It's self-tensioning!
 SharkysMachine: Tin can & string intercom systems have come a long way
 SharkysMachine: Tin can & string intercom systems have come a long way
Image 197891   08-17-17   Uploaded by    dangerous dave
 petepuma: it's even better when they use it to feed their young
 dangerkeith3000: I don't think spaghetti is good for birds.
 Off Topic: These worms taste amazing
 a robot: All-bird remake of Lady and the Tramp looking good so far
 Robespierre: But wait, there's more: GLORP.
 Ulillillia: Knees weak, wings are heavy
Image 197890   08-17-17   Uploaded by    Pizza
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