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210902  sparenamelaptopdied: This made me realise that I've never seen James May and Stephen Fry in the same picture

210391  butt poop: I love these shirts in Asian countries. Lots of Hitler stuff too

210842  Dr Awkward: In term of impact on daily life, commerce, and school, 1/4 inch of snow in Florida is roughly equivalent to 3 feet in New England

210723  Wooden Spoon: The Christmas Tree Shop stores have a mid store cart coral and basket stacks in 4 interior locations to solve this problem.

210725  Wooden Spoon: @illBilliam: Newman?

210906  karpeles: Shitty spelling aside, this can't be legal. Who sets the boundary on what is or isn't parkour?

210872  Hokie333: [tries to dive, Scrooge McDuck style] Aackgh! [Breaks neck]

210906  AFanOfSprite: Weird, they are trying to ban movement.

210905  Hokie333: Yeah, I hate trackpads and tiny 'travel' laptop mice too.

210896  bug: I don't see it... wait, yes, there it is. Your last shred of dignity. Ok, now turn around.

210878  Dan Tagonistic: Rad for 360 degree diggers

210850  Hokie333: *squeek-a* *squeak-ah* *squeak* *squeek-a*...

210888  Dan Tagonistic: Rad for 360 degree diggers

210906  foreversmug: No, you see, the park doesn't allow people with only average midsections. You have to be either really in shape or really out of shape to use this park. People with average midsections need to find another place to go.

210896  WTF: "Bill, a 'yes' would suffice. We don't need to consummate the engagement right here."

210859  bug: Is that a tattoo of a "cut here" dotted line around his neck?

210788  Wooden Spoon: @tib gubb: read Justin Cronin's The Passage. That's pretty much what it's about. Awesome book.

210896  Christina: Now, propose.

210906  MyPasswordAintPassword: No playing on the playground!

210884  Hokie333: o/' I'm gonna vote against benefits / while I collect my benefits...

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210771 jazzjunkie: Worst urinal ever! It... it went EVERYWHERE!!!

210805 mrwiffler: Pretty much.

210712 kornisjon: I, for one, am sold by the amount of nude dancers.

210850 Hokie333: *squeek-a* *squeak-ah* *squeak* *squeek-a*...

210731 Teechur: @Spazstatic And MY point is 12. Or maybe 10. I can't tell on this screen. Heck, it might be an 8 bold.

210800 kazzy94: Most of the libertarian party is the entire user base of DeviantArt.

210718 crunchymush: @trelyate say it again

210884 Hokie333: o/' I'm gonna vote against benefits / while I collect my benefits...

210781 addend: *A soybean steps into the scene.*

210807 Jabberwikket: (Somebody's gotta pay for those bombers)

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 grizzly: @SomeCanadian literally said this.
 Teechur: @Felicity My Swiss Army knife does an ok job on most things, too.
 skillet: Needs more spoon.
 Felicity: I just always use the Ginsu 2000
 Winterneuro: Also no bread knife
 well duh: No 8" Santuko? (My personal fav)
 apoxia: Where's the tomato knife?
 Whatever: No katana?
 Zampano: not how i do it. i start pulling out knives until i see the first one that I say, "Yep, that one'll do".
 Skaalar: @SomeCanadian I worked at a restaurant supply store and I swear to Jeebus, someone giggled at that knife display at least five times a day.
 Shay: So remember kids, during a zombie invasion, grab the Chef's Knife first if you're in a hurry. Bring the sharpening steel just in case if the Chef's knife goes dull.
 bug: club, knife, knife, knife, knife, knife, knife, knife, another knife.
 SomeCanadian: hehe... boning knife.
Image 196805   08-11-17   Uploaded by    kittylitter
 Ihminen: Somehow seeing this picture as happy 80's pop plays in my stereo makes this picture even better
 dobbiesdoogs: he looks so happy
 Whatever: Trump's special envoy to North Korea is off to save the day!
 Jennerator: Skelecopter
 Air Biscuit: Merchandising!
 DangitBobby: Looks like the XP20-XS...
 SomeCanadian: always RAD for Skeletor.
Image 196804   08-11-17   Uploaded by    phonk
 ThatGuy: Attempted cat burglar.
 well duh: *four
 well duh: That little girl is a bit more than five apples high (or was it for apples...)
 Whatever: Ma'am, it's a good thing you're white or we would suspect something was wrong and we'd have to shoot you...
 Hosebag: Every time I do acid this happens.
 Skinr: "Ma'am, do you have any idea how cute you were dancing?"
Image 196803   08-11-17   Uploaded by    CoffeeAndCigs
 Dr Awkward: So he's reading about "eid ot woh" ?
 Jennerator: Honestly, just wait. ...This post brought to you by Debbie Downer
 Not A Bot: Then when you wake up it can be breakfast in bed!
Image 196802   08-11-17   Uploaded by    flowers
 well duh: @Niels Bohr Harumph! Pretty much everything after Cliff Burton is rubbish, IMO.
 Niels Bohr: Can't put a single Metallica album made in the last 2 decades in this bin. :(
 Skinr: "Hey, what'd you do with all my old Anthrax albums?"
 Ulillillia: m/
 WaffleIron: This is the most metal bin I've seen all day.
Image 196801   08-11-17   Uploaded by    DogsRGreat
 Mr Bleak: This is why we can't have nice things.
 Teechur: So, uh, are those chairs available? I'm looking to upgrade my living room set.
 Felicity: I cant stay mad at that face
 Dr Awkward: THRASH
 Cami: The squirt bottle, it does nothing.
 Hosebag: Nothing like a Tiger in your Tank.
 Jennerator: Bad kitty! No wildebeest haunch!
 Air Biscuit: @SomeCanadian i would as well like to one day own pne of those chairs where you can pop the footrest out.
 SomeCanadian: I want one. I know I shouldn't have one. But I want one.
 Ulillillia: My cat scratches the furniture, too
Image 196800   08-11-17   Uploaded by    anonimos
 Jennerator: 70's Heavy Metal magazine cover
 Air Biscuit: Your font is illegible.
Image 196799   08-11-17   Uploaded by    thrilhouse
 Felicity: Rad for my name appearing in the image
 Jennerator: Picasshole
 Flarmie: Have you ever voted Bad on an image but someone else voted Rad on it so when it refreshed the score went up instead of down?
 Air Biscuit: Graphic design passion: not even once.
Image 196798   08-11-17   Uploaded by    catheter
 Felicity: When did Steve Hofstetter lose an eye?
 Himesama: Nice father/daughter costume. I am more partial to Rick and Carl though.
 Air Biscuit: La-bibbida-bibba-dum!
Image 196797   08-11-17   Uploaded by    MamboNumber6
 Felicity: For a moment I thought it was a huge Rice Krispie square
 Shay: Hey, it's a gift bag from @SomeCanadian!
 bug: Inside the bag: spaghetti.
 Not A Bot: i now have (yet another) new fetish, thank you internets!
Image 196796   08-11-17   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
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