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210723  Wooden Spoon: The Christmas Tree Shop stores have a mid store cart coral and basket stacks in 4 interior locations to solve this problem.

210725  Wooden Spoon: @illBilliam: Newman?

210906  karpeles: Shitty spelling aside, this can't be legal. Who sets the boundary on what is or isn't parkour?

210872  Hokie333: [tries to dive, Scrooge McDuck style] Aackgh! [Breaks neck]

210906  AFanOfSprite: Weird, they are trying to ban movement.

210905  Hokie333: Yeah, I hate trackpads and tiny 'travel' laptop mice too.

210896  bug: I don't see it... wait, yes, there it is. Your last shred of dignity. Ok, now turn around.

210878  Dan Tagonistic: Rad for 360 degree diggers

210850  Hokie333: *squeek-a* *squeak-ah* *squeak* *squeek-a*...

210888  Dan Tagonistic: Rad for 360 degree diggers

210906  foreversmug: No, you see, the park doesn't allow people with only average midsections. You have to be either really in shape or really out of shape to use this park. People with average midsections need to find another place to go.

210896  WTF: "Bill, a 'yes' would suffice. We don't need to consummate the engagement right here."

210859  bug: Is that a tattoo of a "cut here" dotted line around his neck?

210788  Wooden Spoon: @tib gubb: read Justin Cronin's The Passage. That's pretty much what it's about. Awesome book.

210896  Christina: Now, propose.

210906  MyPasswordAintPassword: No playing on the playground!

210884  Hokie333: o/' I'm gonna vote against benefits / while I collect my benefits...

210869  bug: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bullets.

210850  Christina: Some fashion is so nope.

210896  Dr. Bathroom: Are those gas chromatographs on the table? Pretty neat.

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210805 mrwiffler: Pretty much.

210771 jazzjunkie: Worst urinal ever! It... it went EVERYWHERE!!!

210800 kazzy94: Most of the libertarian party is the entire user base of DeviantArt.

210718 crunchymush: @trelyate say it again

210731 Teechur: @Spazstatic And MY point is 12. Or maybe 10. I can't tell on this screen. Heck, it might be an 8 bold.

210807 Jabberwikket: (Somebody's gotta pay for those bombers)

210850 Hokie333: *squeek-a* *squeak-ah* *squeak* *squeek-a*...

210781 addend: *A soybean steps into the scene.*

210884 Hokie333: o/' I'm gonna vote against benefits / while I collect my benefits...

210712 kornisjon: I, for one, am sold by the amount of nude dancers.

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 Side Boob: Hollywood isn't even trying anymore.
 Felicity: Understandable
 Winterneuro: Or a way for Mary to not have to take another stats exam
 Winterneuro: Sounds like First degree murder in PA given the premeditation
 apoxia: Well it's not an abnormal psychology class. This vignette doesn't make sense.
 cahuatijo: Looks like a crappy law school torts problem.
 Air Biscuit: What are the odds of that?
 grizzly: @Dr. Bathroom How many apples does Mary have?
 dobbiesdoogs: not the kind of statistics anyone wants to be a part of
 Dr. Bathroom: Now what?
 Warrax: I found it to be an entertaining story.
 Wet farts: That escalated quickly
 SunWukong: That is quite contrary.
Image 196765   08-11-17   Uploaded by    Wumph Morms
 Mad Collager: Aaaaaahhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyaaaaahhhhhh, eeeeeeeeyyaaaaheeeeeyaaaaaaahhhhhh!
 Not A Bot: Vincent Price looks kind of cool, it's his voice that brings it together though. I can't read the words "black widow" and not hear VP in my head.
 Spazstatic: Something something wrecking ball
Image 196764   08-11-17   Uploaded by    carlin
 ignatz: Motorboating is fun!
 Air Biscuit: *read in vincent prices voice
 Bu7Z: How erotic does 'in a canoe or kayak' sound all of a sudden, cocaine or not...
 square44: if the motor is off, see "on a rowbot"
 Wet farts: Boats n hoes boats n hoes gotta have me my boats n hoes
Image 196763   08-11-17   Uploaded by    craftjunk
 apoxia: Cat obstructing travellers.
 Bu7Z: Gonna motorboat those puppies.., or canoe or kayak!
 Robespierre: On the commode again ... he's about to sit on the commode again...
Image 196762   08-11-17   Uploaded by    violentwrath
 Air Biscuit: *applies to brake shoe of car
 Warrax: Use them both as underarm deodorant.
 WaffleIron: Really the only difference is probably gonna be the lemon scent.
Image 196761   08-11-17   Uploaded by    cassette1
 Air Biscuit: "A dangerous gateway to making friends"
 DrinkMixMan: These AA pamphlets are weird
 horseycabbage: Beer pong is gross. Just drink your beer.
Image 196760   08-11-17   Uploaded by    BaconCake
 WaffleIron: Canada does have ICBMs, Intercontinental Burn Messages!
Image 196759   08-11-17   Uploaded by    ashton
 Air Biscuit: @Warrax previously enjoyed
 Bu7Z: Thought ya knew...
 Warrax: Only lightly used.
 Felicity: Visit scenic Peniston
Image 196758   08-11-17   Uploaded by    Capital
 Skaalar: Yeah, cause I was in such a good mood before this.
 Butcherboy: @sparename i never get tired of exposing new people o that show
 sparename: "Out of the frying pan into *another* frying pan... " Neil
Image 196757   08-11-17   Uploaded by    manlyman
 Robespierre: This is what your brain looks like while listening to Flanger. Any questions?
 sparename: I don't remember the curry called 'Chicken Barium'..
Image 196756   08-11-17   Uploaded by    craftjunk
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