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268201  Felicity: Is the "incident" that is why Oreos are no longer allowed in the library?

268201  Felicity: The great Mayan calendar Oreo

268201  fanny: you know he ate it afterwards too

268215  Alaskan: Explain?

268185  Eleftheros: Also apparently one employee doubled his delivery quota, let's not reward exceeding the status quo shall we

268180  Felicity: I miss smooth computer graphics

268186  Felicity: When John Carpenter went to film They Live, his old neighbourhood was already prebleakened

268188  Felicity: It's not that easy to get people to laugh at my jokes in group chats

268189  Felicity: It turns out the plates I grew up thinking were normal sized plates are actually plates for people with active lifestyles. People with sedentary lifestyles like me have to eat off the small plates

268200  Mad Collager: Go ahead, change my mind!

268200  Mad Collager: My favorite bumper sticker so far is "Commit senseless acts of randomness!"

268204  Eleftheros: aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAWWWWW YISS SUGAR

268194  Felicity: Hooyargh

268203  Side Boob: Lies. Nobody ate laundry detergent back then. Dumb kids were all killed with Lawn Darts and other dangerous toys before they could try.

268195  Felicity: Ken Miggs is Knife Cunningham in Fight Boat 16...Spider Boat!

268203  Mad Collager: When I was a kid, we ate All-Tempa-Cheerios

268201  WTF: It grosses me out even more to think what that looks like without the Oreo.

268176  Not A Bot: Assboats better not fart or they might sink.

268195  Shay: Frank Torres III owns a douche bag.

268202  Shay: That kid went on to play "Tied-Up Floating Dead Body #1" in Goodfellas.

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267978 Side Boob: @ChubbyBuddy Its not all or nothing. Socialized medicine and UBIs arent the same as no private property rights. Private property is the cornerstone of personal liberty, and I dont believe you can have one without the other.

267916 Peter Pantsless: @Felicity that's perfect listening for space truckin' in Elite: Dangerous. I'll bet fellow CMDR @Spazstatic would agree

268039 Spazstatic: I've heard of being "all thumbs" but this is ridiculous!

267946 Felicity: I want to be 15 years old, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating Pac Man cereal, with my hair big and spiky, and wearing that dress

267952 Air Biscuit: (Serious jim carrey voice)"twenty-three!!!!!!!!"

267930 Theimposter: This is the future of retail if active cameoflage is ever issued to the military...

268056 Micro Jackson: Fresh charges

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!

267949 WannaBee: It's the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster! The head of the church has been dubbed the 'ministeroni'. They are legally recognized in New Zealand and can perform weddings.

268110 apoxia: This is someone's fetish. Maybe Earnie's.

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 Horatio: @Dr Awkward I got an A+ for it.
 myrealname: @Horatio Did you with the green ribbon for your efforts?
 Horatio: @Dr Awkward I did my 7th grade science fair project on this.
 blue shoes: This is actually a psychological test that is used to evaluate cognitive function in different circumstances. I saw a video of a climber at the highest base camp of Everest doing this and he was WAY worse than a sea level.
 Knice: The word-swaps are just out of hand at this point.
Image 195337   08-04-17   Uploaded by    ignatz
 The Man: @Dr Awkward *ahem* touche
 poetrysucks: @Catcat You have shattered my Ameri-centric view of the world. Touch
 Catcat: @Dr Awkward Europe.
 sundragon: @Catcat I thought I knew you... but seriously, what part of the country do you live in that this is okay?
 Catcat: @Dr Awkward Whenever I go to a pizza place, I eat pizza with knife and fork to make the pleasure last longer. Most other times I eat it with hands.
 glowstick: @Sadbot I can get behind the limo-driver suit jacket, ties with names, and kilts (hell yeah) but the berets with puff balls are a bridge too far
 psyops: @a robot Lucile's is a southern restaurant along the front range that has bangin' southern breakfast, and Snooze in Denver or Fort Collins have some good grits options.
 a robot: @Dr Awkward I'm pretty on board with bacon as long as it's thin and not super fatty. I'm still not a fan of grits, but I also live in Colorado so maybe I need to go to the South to get actual good stuff?
 MamboNumber6: @a robot What's your take on grits and bacon now? Assuming they're of high quality, both are amazing, in my opinion.
 a robot: @Dr Awkward Isn't it funny how stupid awkward events from childhood stick in your brain like that? I stayed over at a friend's house once and her mom made grits and bacon for breakfast. I never eaten grits nor had the really fatty curly bacon before (my parents only bought Sizzlean because it was the 90s) and I was super grossed out by both but forced myself to eat it out of politeness. That probably happened 25 years ago and it's still in my brain.
 Semaphore: @a robot When I was a little kid, I ate pizza at a neighbor's house (the kids who lived there were like 4+ years older than me). The parents offered me a fork, and I accepted, because I don't know, maybe that's how they roll. I started eating with a fork, and one kid was like "you need to learn to eat pizza like and American" and I was miffed because this was literally the first time I ate pizza with a fork.
 Catcat: A pizza in a pizza box? Say it ain't so!
 Sadbot: @a robot And someone dressed them in stupid-looking outfits
 a robot: Everyone seems sad in this photo. Maybe it's cause that one guy is eating pizza with a fork.
 Cami: *Eye of the Pizza plays in the background
Image 195336   08-04-17   Uploaded by    tess
 Catcat: Smells of sweaty latex it does.
 VoR: It is the sub way.
Image 195335   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Skinr
 Wet farts: How do you do fellow trees?
 a robot: Cell phone tower: "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling trees!"
 Knice: It looks like DNA; must be hereditree.
Image 195334   08-04-17   Uploaded by    trepanation
Go on. Leave a comment. Just a short one, even.
Image 195333   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Skinr
 Fantasy: @Dan Tagonistic Friendlyspaceship.jpg
 Dan Tagonistic: Didn't see the yo yo - thought we were laughing at his dick
 Meow: Art of Yoyo didn't sell well. Sun needed a new hobby
Image 195332   08-04-17   Uploaded by    rachel
 Christina: Bun alert!
 Meow: tiny bun, or stylish mini-kangaroo? You decide
Image 195331   08-04-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Christina: Bun alert!
 Knice: 'sup lil hawmie? *fist bump*
Image 195330   08-04-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Horatio: The musical did it better.
 JollyWell: Eskimooo
 Christina: Bomb alert!
 Not A Bot: "used xmas coffin"? awful font
Image 195329   08-04-17   Uploaded by    jimbiscuit
 tib gubb: well i was originally here about a cold, but now i think i should set an appointment with a psychiatrist
 addend: "And Eeyore be like..."
 piratepom: Based on the short story Second Variety by Philip K. Dick
 Shay: Hey buddy, got some honey on you?
 athiest: Winnie the Chew
 Amy Housewine: Oh bother.
 Meow: "Heeeeuhhhh"
 Knice: Good fucking God.
Image 195328   08-04-17   Uploaded by    winwolf
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