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262915  Robespierre: That's an odd neighborhood for a palace

262916  Robespierre: Vacancy of North Korea

262919  Robespierre: Into the Zoid Void

262931  WannaBee: I thought this was a Cheeto.

262942  Peter Pantsless: "Hey, enemy soldier. Just go ahead and shoot me so I don't get killed by that thing."

262932  Peter Pantsless: "I could totally take him."

262920  FabricMan: "14" != "14"u

262924  FabricMan: Doesn't anybody hoot anymore?!

262925  FabricMan: @Mr. Whiskers You had no trouble making a deposit at the bank...

262925  grizzly: Hacks

262922  Butcherboy: Dude youre getting a dell

262923  sparenamelaptopdied: "5mbx3"?

262938  Jolly Well: 145986

262938  Rocky XLVII: C'mon, Meegan!

262938  booger: She wants that cobbguana

262938  Jolly Well: I adore this one!

262930  Peter Pantsless: "Please leave the room."

262924  Mr. Whiskers: WHOOOO is he!?!?

262925  Mr. Whiskers: "Floating the Wagon Across" sounds like a euphemism for taking the Browns to the Super Bowl, if you know what I mean

262914  Peter Pantsless: @Mr. Whiskers I had like one game that actually worked with it. Too bad the game sucked

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262756 weirduncle: @sparename rad for this

262674 some guy : Well, butter my biscuit!

262806 smusher: ... ? ...

262618 Felicity: @sporky Sometimes I wear wigs, but I'm not bald

262642 Chest Rockwell: @Robespierre This is why beer should be $100 per bottle.

262644 tib gubb: oh... oh no.

262856 raditzu: Noble and selfrespecting women, so much better than vulgar creatures that men are

262678 Science: Lighten up, Thanos

262731 tib gubb: @Robespierre I was fortunate enough to have a rich agriculture (relatively) locally, where anything seasonal could be delivered within 12 hours or so from harvest. We were food exporters, so we only had seasonal availability, and only B-grade picks. It did bring a lot to visiting a supermarket, when each season had its own distinct smell... Nowadays, it's farmers' markets that practice that, but they're not there year-round

262697 piranharama: Great band name

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 Ronick: Cropped classic
 White Rice: @WaffleIron yes, that was it exactly! I forgot the name, and apparently only saw the first page, so I didn't see 2-4. Such a fun little throwback, and in a very good interpretation of Watterson's style (though none of the watercolors, I haven't seen anybody try to emulate those). I didn't notice/remember the Mr. Bunn reference the first time I saw it good.
 WaffleIron: @White Rice : Hobbes and Bacon. Excellent work
 Prombom: Things are not so bad; he still has his hair and is in shape, and evidently has a white-collar job. Hopefully the end of the ledge doesnt mean hes going to jump to his death
 White Rice: There was this little fan comic I saw a while ago, with adult Calvin, except instead of the usual "everything is bleak & childhood is lost" stuff like above, it focused instead on passing the torch, as it was (or, passing the tiger). It was him dealing with his daughter having some issue (forgot if it was nightmares or fear of what's under the bed or what) so he told her about his same issues, and how he had a trusted friend/guardian to help. Hobbes gets brought out (stuffed form) the tiger is passed, then when Calvin is out of frame, "real" Hobbes is with the daughter, presumably telling embarrassing stories about Calvin's youth. It was cute, and didn't redo the whole "once you grow up you can't have fun" message that's oft repeated.
 Kraken: Its not often you see Calvin without Hobbes somewhere nearby.... this is just really sad. And I'm in the same boat (or should I say wagon) with @Ulillillia
 Ihminen: Yea this is kinda sad
 ThoughtlessGentleman: no reason to stop doing ridiculous shit and if your job gets in the way of your life to much burn it.
 Ulillillia: I just imagine Hobbes is in the briefcase and is going to surprise him at work.
 WaffleIron: This always inspires sadness in me.
Image 194983   08-02-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Warrax: Forgot his front facing camera was on.
 trelyate: so stoned I double posted
 trelyate: I'm really stoned
 trelyate: I'm really stoned
 RiderFan: "Dobby accepts this gift of clothing..."
 tib gubb: not the handsomest, but still good
 Stom Premben: Countdown to estasy.
Image 194982   08-02-17   Uploaded by    Shorts Leng
 jackthesmack: It's like that crappy mario bros movie.
 Teechur: Best wishes. I'm sure you'll both be very happy.
Image 194981   08-02-17   Uploaded by    nlx27
 Catcat: @cahuatijo Well, a lot of shitty military spending happens because a factory producing tanks that nobody needs or some base they could cut out exists in somebody's district, and the congressman will be damned before those get closed.
 Science: I'd prefer that we ban all corporate donations to incumbent and running politicians. In addition, enforce a 5 year ban on them working for any Fortune 500 company once they are out of office.
 someguynameded: @funny in the wall yeah that would work.
 Rev80: All of them would have a huge ALEC back patch
 cahuatijo: Yeah, the National Guard is a big bad corporation.
 scribbs: @funny in the wall Yeah, in all honesty it's not obvious why it would be a bad thing.
 funny in the wall: I feel like they should also be branded.
 Ulillillia: President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
 funny in the wall: actually... yeah that's not a bad idea
Image 194980   08-02-17   Uploaded by    satoshi
 Porbo Mellus: Victim died of packed with peanuts poisoning
 Niels Bohr: @tib gubb ... is not the worst pick-up line I've heard
 Rev80: My Sig Sauer can't use Snickers.. It only fires Milky Ways..
 tib gubb: prepare to get... satisfied
 WaffleIron: You're not yourself when you're gungry.
 square44: studies show most criminals aren't bad at heart, just really hungry
Image 194979   08-02-17   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 WaffleIron: @fanny : I'm fairly sure all long hair domestics have that attitude. We ended up with my psychologists old cat Chelsea and she was queenly in her dignity.
 fanny: That grey one looks just like my cat Famous. And the bitch attitude portrayed here matches hers.
Image 194978   08-02-17   Uploaded by    badger
 Rev80: Makes a great toothpick for your kitty.. until a spine gets stuck in their chompers..
 tib gubb: this plant doesn't play nice!
 square44: Your offering displeases me. Go try again.
Image 194977   08-02-17   Uploaded by    Catcat
 betamax: @VoR : Then I will ignore it and have a beer!
 VoR: @Aufziehvogel what if it has both.
 confession: Evry pic with RAD in it I will mark as BAD. And vice versa. Ha!
 Mr. Shine: @Peter Pantsless Correct! And as far as doing things, in Breath Of The Wild, they make you gloriously overpowered.
 Peter Pantsless: @Mr. Shine Best guess: all the Zelda Amiibos? Super rad! I don't know what they do game-wise but I've seen them and they're super cool even if they didn't do anything
 SomeCanadian: Rads for all! *Showers Rads*
 Mr. Butt: HELL YEAH
 Annoying Vegan : Miniatures are an instarad
 Ihminen: sad that they haven't made a CD-I Link amiibo (for understandable reasons)
 Mr. Shine: It took a while, but I finally got them all, even the 'exclusives' that weren't sold ethically by their exclusive vendors.
Image 194976   08-02-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Shine
 WaffleIron: ...not sure there's even internet in Bulgaria, so yeah, checks out by me.
 Mr. Shine: Same.
Image 194975   08-02-17   Uploaded by    queezy farm
 Warrax: Obi Wan never told you the truth about your father...
 horny horn: Spy vs Spy: Summer edition.
Image 194974   08-02-17   Uploaded by    nimbus
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