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205028  El hefe: Don't interfere with natural selection

205001  Mr Shifty: That's a nice 'I shouldn't even exist'.

205030  El hefe: Excuse me while I whip this out

205053  tib gubb: sorry about your dsylexia

205054  tib gubb: Sancho the self-esteem bear

205010  Mr Shifty: @Robespierre Vinnie?

205010  Mr Shifty: Sweet fucking jesus! That's her 'present'?

205049  El hefe: Didn't know Don Hertzfelt was doin tats

205030  ThoughtlessGentleman: this goes so well with electric wizard come my fanatics.

205015  Mr Shifty: We get it, you vape!

205061  Hippitus Hoppitus: This kind of reminds me of the controversy that surrounded the HPV vaccines. A lot of parents were against it because they felt it encourage promiscuous behavior, and I remember stories of the occasional kid getting that vaccine in secret at school or places like planned parenthood without their parents' knowledge.

205022  Mr Shifty: Featured: so many fetishes I can't count them.

205052  Shay: Squirrel farts to the face is a sign of bad luck.

205054  DangitBobby: I heard it in Navi voice

205046  ThoughtlessGentleman: love those bathroom conversations

205051  Sadbot: @t48 If he wanted to take up locksmithing, it could be the Otter Pop and Locks

205053  ThoughtlessGentleman: I'll have none that.

205051  t48: My dad wanted to open a business that sold exclusively Otter Pops and call it the Otterpopatorium.

205022  Shay: If Pluto is not a planet anymore, does that mean Pluto is not a dog anymore either?

205057  crunchymush: That's a hexagon, not an octagon. Way to go, buddy!!

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204930 Robespierre: Chumps.

204908 sparename: " # Come on baby, Don't fear the reaper, Baby take my hand, Don't fear the reaper, We'll be able to fly... # "

204892 Side Boob: Bottom outlet is still good, right?

204941 Robespierre: That's one wild pupa you got there, pard - when do do you expect them to emerge?


204854 Spazstatic: Actually it looks like most of their comments have been removed, at least ones where someone replied to them.

204876 apoxia: How could this go wrong?

204951 Ulillillia: @Skaalar Sweet!

204868 Chest Rockwell: This guy has been to a few hotels.

204996 Amy Housewine: They integrated till they disintegated.

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 Urn BooUrn: 9/10 sperm whales agree.
 funny in the wall: Tastes fishy chicken
Image 192201   07-19-17   Uploaded by    Felicity
 Sadbot: Let us all, with dignity and grace, Bird Up.
 Jeffrat: If Three Word Phrase taught us anything it's "President Bird he is the president".
Image 192200   07-19-17   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Hosebag: The "Flying Butt Pliers" are the worst.
 Nothing: Please don't post One Punch Man spoilers
Image 192199   07-19-17   Uploaded by    doindabs
 Brain: @Warrax say it again
 Warrax: Hi there, Shitlords. I'm back.
Image 192198   07-19-17   Uploaded by    drhilljack
 skillet: You vs. The Guy She Told You Not To Worry About.
 Jeffrat: #191994 before he grew up and started getting desperate.
 Ihminen: Is this the bastard who's been stealing all the girls from me?!
 Knice: I bet it smells great in there.
 Urn BooUrn: I would thank you to not post my pics in the future.
Image 192197   07-19-17   Uploaded by    joxxuh
 cenecia: So you're saying there's a chance...
 Felicity: I wonder if /Coast to Coast AM/ covered this and had Richard Hoagland on to discuss it
 SomeCanadian: @Warrax Glass houses and stones.
 Sadbot: A working democracy relies on an informed populace, but information is now "whatever you feel", so,here we are
 Jeffrat: @Jeffrat meant your
 Jeffrat: They have to ask questions like this because when you have that much more money than you do brains you can't tell if you're millionaire neighbor was lying or not when he said he toured the ruins on Mars last summer.
 Warrax: @SomeCanadian rubbing it in hard here :P Is this revenge for all the Rob Ford memes?
 WTF: It's highly disturbing that the people elected to run our country believe wack-a-loon right-wing conspiracy news feeds.
Image 192196   07-19-17   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 jazzjunkie: @Ihminen If I was staring down pyroclastic death racing toward me faster than a cheetah, what would I do? I'd probably use my last moments pulling out my phone and post a selfie to the internet. Probably wouldn't duckface, though.
 Ihminen: If the eruption of the volcano in Pompeii happened today
Image 192195   07-19-17   Uploaded by    sunset blues
 LKoroton: Burtonesque
 Felicity: Frightening balloon, but nice clowns.
 Dan Tagonistic: Fallout AF
 Mr. Butt: And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, / Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
Image 192194   07-19-17   Uploaded by    Big Baby
 Felicity: *The love of* money is the root of all evil. Money becomes an addiction, and like all addictions, hollows out the addict, leaving only the addiction. Nothing else matters to the addict. Except these addicts we let run the world.
 Radstarboom: **For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.
 funny in the wall: Maybe we can make root beer of all evil out of money. Never mind, that sounds gross
Image 192193   07-19-17   Uploaded by    cran vodka
 Thurb Grunombies: Trade up, girlfriend
 Ulillillia: They will never marry :(
 WTF: @WTF *always not already
 WTF: @funny in the wall I've already thought that but since it's a 'formal' name I guess you pluralize it in the regular way.
 funny in the wall: I'm not a sportsball (or sportdisk in this case?) aficionado, but isn't the plural of leaf leaves?
 Dresdenkeogh: Her expression is appropriate but her relationship may not be
Image 192192   07-19-17   Uploaded by    phil
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