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272554  tib gubb: first god is dead, now god is fake? make up your mind creepy capitalism mouse

272537  cassette1: takes a selfie

272556  Dr. Bathroom: The biker's name is tiny.

272564  Yam: mlem

272564  Shay: A pigoat.

272558  Shay: Fuckin' A!

272471  Shay: Vroom, vroom!

272479  Shay: I hate to say it, but I'm going with Adolf Hitler School For Friendship and Tolerance

272488  Shay: @Mr Bleak Tums.

272379  mwoody: Found the rest. NSFW.

272492  Shay: Who do you think I am? Spider-Man?

272572  NoOneImportant: That is an awesome picture! You took it at the perfect moment. Also awww

272496  Shay: @charlemagne Just found out I'm 15% Welsh, so I'm covered.

272539  Nothing:

272546  Shay: My god, its eyes are turquoise.

272511  Darmstadtium: A job for the rest of your life! That's the joke!

272560  Shay: @square44 The Great Straw Diabetes

272539  Darmstadtium: The power to be always sleepy

272540  Darmstadtium: Most expensive coffee

272560  square44: final answer to the great straw debates

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1. tib gubb
2. Mr Bleak
3. Not A Bot
4. Mad Collager
5. Teechur
6. addend
7. dangerkeith3000
8. Shay
9. Amy Housewine
10. Dr Awkward

The top ten most commented-on images today:

272261 Mr Bleak: @Side Boob *Nobody* expects The Spanish Mikado!

272189 Warrax: This goddamned shit is motherfucking KEEN I tell you.

272089 Mad Collager: @fanny You'll do fine! If you have any trouble, reply here and I'll trouble-shoot. I just hope I see the reply in time to do you good!

272425 Nope: @lecj07 thank you for your service

272155 White Rice: @Science oh no!

272423 Sadpygmy: What at pain in the ass

272205 Mr Bleak: Anythings a building if you're ...

272295 DrinkMixMan: Thanks, these injured animals really brightened my day!

272372 Side Boob: Always carry a spare.

272195 Spazstatic: @Knice "Happy happy birthday, my song is really short!"

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ChubbyBuddy uploaded 272044 (1173 points)
ChubbyBuddy uploaded 272363 (956 points)
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windows96 uploaded 272144 (854 points)
Jalamunch Totorito uploaded 272166 (853 points)
grimes uploaded 272379 (848 points)
Amy Housewine uploaded 272056 (836 points)
ChubbyBuddy uploaded 272351 (830 points)
grizzly uploaded 272443 (826 points)
Side Boob uploaded 272360 (820 points)
confession uploaded 272135 (818 points)
dorian uploaded 272152 (813 points)
trepanation uploaded 272059 (806 points)

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 1. ChubbyBuddy: 8179 points
 2. Mexico: 4823 points
 3. Annoying Vegan : 4558 points
 4. Side Boob: 4546 points
 5. E. HONDA: 2714 points
 6. grizzly: 2593 points
 7. dangerkeith3000: 2293 points
 8. Albo Grungus: 1984 points
 9. westerner: 1928 points
10. brutal: 1845 points
11. youshall: 1789 points
12. Surprising: 1715 points
13. Snow Plow: 1602 points
14. NoOneImportant: 1597 points
15. JollyWell: 1585 points
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 Warrax: Needs polka dots.
 Gomi Day: tweed racer
 El hefe: Born to be plaid
Image 191041   07-13-17   Uploaded by    kornisjon
 Mr. Shine: CNN has just quit pretending now, huh?
 jazzjunkie: That's my jam!
 Judge Bread: *Jizz. I am not kidding that is the kind of music the cantina band plays.
 Niels Bohr: Job well done Huston, Take Five.
 Peter Pantsless: @Ihminen Oh, you're ON...right after I play Goldeneye 64 vs. @a robot
 Ihminen: @Peter Pantsless I was thinking of auditioning as well... I guess this calls for a drum-off! ON MARS!
 Greifer: In the small red circle you have BIGFOOT
 Peter Pantsless: Looks like they need a drummer. I volunteer
 ThoughtlessGentleman: hey!!!! nasa send me!! i clear dat out and put on something respectable like odb. big baby jesus.
Image 191040   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Beerarchy
 cassette1: @Peter Pantsless Pointless remake, adds nothing to the story, flat humour, give it a miss..
 Jennerator: "Quick, summon Joey Chestnut!"
 Peter Pantsless: "Who you gonna call?" Well, right now, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon. They've got the proton packs since the other guys retired (P.S. haven't seen the movie and thus have no opinion about it)
Image 191039   07-13-17   Uploaded by    KrazyKat
 communist: @Scoo I'd probably fall for a box trap with a La Croix can in it.
 Scoo: Needs a La Croix
 Derp Herpigan: 4/10, needs iPhone.
Image 191038   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Slickbrew
 Kim: @Derp Herpigan extra protein!
 Teechur: My friend watches her nephew. One day, they planted a Cheerio. My friend put a donut there before he came over the next day. #Mindblown
 Warrax: 10 second rule.
 Derp Herpigan: You want ants in your cereal bowl? Because that is how you get ants in your cereal bowl.
Image 191037   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 GiveMePlus: Is this somehow related to contribution to a Gorillaz album?
 Sage: Cool hat.
Image 191036   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 sad face: @kornisjon It will be, if they add water
 kornisjon: Well it's a solution.
 Teechur: Shake harder!
 Derp Herpigan: You had ONE JOB!!!!
 dobbiesdoogs: self-service taken a bit too far
Image 191035   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Gentleman
 Skaalar: You guys got it all wrong. They're gonna put the little girl in the bottle and turn her into vodka! We gotta stop em'!
 Air Biscuit: Not a biological parent, but a contributor none the less.
 Peter Pantsless: @RalphyNoPants thank you vodka for making these people
 Greifer: Socks and sandals... Nuff said
 RalphyNoPants: Thank you vodka for making these people tolerable.
 scribbs: You are what you drink.
Image 191034   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Admiral Alan
 Magic Bullets: The part of the flamewar where your opponent says I got all my buddies together, yeah? And were comin over to BOOT YOUR HEAD!
 Skinr: @Dr Awkward As a former purple user, I can state that this is not an accurate representation of ME.
 Skaalar: My favorite episode of Malcom in the Middle.
 Mr. Shine: Google Search: laxatives
 sparename: Round our way, they're known as 'carpet fitters', cos they walk about looking like they should have a big roll of carpet under each arm
 Joseph: That's cool and all, but if you ever drop your keys on the other side of a fence you're going to need my skinny armed person to get them back.
 apoxia: They're looking up the agenda for their next body dysmorphia support group.
 Warrax: The world masturbation olympics are in Todd's kitchen this year.
 ChubbyBuddy: maybe we should each have our *own* christianmingle account? just sayin
 metallica: @Skinr Almost positive this is not an accurate representation of the spaceship. Purple users, MAYBE.
 Skinr: "Sweet! My upload just hit 300 points, bro!"
 Jennerator: Google:Side... effects... of... steroids. "OH SHIT"
 Greek Fire: @Ihminen Dragonball Z.
 dobbiesdoogs: "sick gains bruh" "thanks, LUV is up 12 points so far this year, my portfolio is really looking good"
 DrinkMixMan: Selling tickets to the gun show on craigslist
 WTF: First we order a new jug muscle milk powder and second, we watch the new My Little Pony movie.
 duckfarts: man, they're really patient about waiting for their turn on Math Blaster
 Peter Pantsless: "Hey! Who ate my...never mind." *slowly backs away*
 Ihminen: They are watching clips from their favorite animes
Image 191033   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Soy Peso
 tib gubb: this birb's got legs
 piranharama: Didn't skip leg day
 duckfarts: just needs gills to complete the triple threat
 Greifer: They evolve
 Knice: he leg to legs for he gotdamn birb
Image 191032   07-13-17   Uploaded by    Dr Awkward
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