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228421  Zukero: Autorad for Gandahar!

228460  brian greene: war is never about who wins its about whos left

228473  Zukero: Is that the cockblocker I've been hearing about?

228474  Zukero: Let him win kids. It's for your own good.

228423  kornisjon: That's a very Jim Morrison stare.

228418  Jabberwikket: Hey, do you have a minute to talk about why you should give me treats?

228468  Yurishiro: Instructions unclear: stood with a foot in each and peed on the wall.

228473  Yurishiro: I don't have the energy for this.

228474  Yurishiro: So? Where are you putin the X?

228451  Yurishiro: moar ber

228452  Yurishiro: Don't be ridiculous, I expected a tablet. How could a plasma TV get outta there?!

228460  Yurishiro: Thank you for your service.

228464  Yurishiro: "Shit. I mean-meow?"

228467  Yurishiro: Perfect Xmas

228469  Yurishiro: Credit Kc Green

228472  Yurishiro: Big corporations vs. small entrepreneurs.

228464  charlemagne: then they all point at you and scream like donald sutherland

228468  charlemagne: for that post sex piss

228431  Jabberwikket: And stay off my plain ! Ya damn kids !!! [Shakes paw]

228479  humanfog: Suuure he did.

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228373 sparename: The perils of motorised Lego

228312 Spazstatic: JPP, just plain Pete

228362 sandwiches: @Robespierre im dead

228339 Lestrange: @Robespierre Seems fair though.

228313 Donut: Comic Sans doesn't make this quote any lighter.

228348 Darmstadtium: @Hyphae ... and yet we keep coming back... over and over and over and over again...

228374 apoxia: White meat only.

228347 dangerkeith3000: This is a cute picture but the next one is the money shot.

228218 El Barto: Sweaty stompers.

228321 androbot: me too @Yurishiro

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 Felicity: @Bluetocracy ISWYDT :-)
 Bluetocracy: @Felicity why?
 Felicity: @Aemuli And yet curiosity is a sign of intelligence
 Aemuli: There are no dumb questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots
 Zukero: The picture ain't dumb, but the flower keeps asking WTF Max is doing.
 Meow: to be fair, he is a ginger
 Knice: WTF; it looks pretty good to me. Fuck the haters, Max.
Image 190739   07-12-17   Uploaded by    UnknownSample
 some guy : Well, the spaceship still does not approve of me but this is a Wilson McLean book cover that he made for Carlos Castaneda then later edited it how you see here for Playboy Magazine.
 some guy : grilledloinbacon/2veYAWm
 Bluetocracy: I like this. It's a good label for a beer bottle
 Robespierre: No Turner?
 Dr Awkward: Make way for the Hooch Mobile!
Image 190738   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Mentos Pormer
 Robespierre: @Ihminen Looks like a walleye to me.
 Ihminen: I find the fish sticker on the window amusing for some reason
 Otterman: Treasonous fuck, go get confederate dollars out of a coffin
 FabricMan: Cincinnati is lousy with them. And they all drive and park like they're Mazda Miattas
 Robespierre: @Scoo Dude must have 'em in spades - he's got that rebel flag thing going on as well.
 Scoo: @Robespierre They're a useful proxy to hedge against latent feelings of sexual inadequacy
 Knice: Just let some air out of the tires.
 Catcat: @Robespierre aside from killing us via climate change
 Robespierre: Show truck not practical ... for anything.
 Ulillillia: I have the opposite problem where I'm in a car but the ATM is too high to reach.
 Dr Awkward: This is why we need ATP laptops
Image 190737   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Bumbo Lungys
 Quackzy: ITs. CallEd fashion. LOOK it UP
 Bluetocracy: Don't worry, it only siphons living souls. Once yours is spoken for, it will leaf you to the wind.
 Felicity: @Knice Jaunty plume array
 Christina: Majestic AF.
 SomeCanadian: Pretty sure if you eat this you'll start SEEING babies. Like on the ceiling. @Knice @Air Biscuit
 Air Biscuit: @Knice pretty sure it eats babies.
 Robespierre: VistaVision, in Technicolour.
 Dr Awkward: Funfetti-pillar
 dangerous dave: What are you, chicken? C'mon, I'll give you a dollar.
 Horatio: This looks like a sea noodle not a tree noodle...
 Knice: That's the jauntiest thing I've seen all week.
Image 190736   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Robespierre: @RainbowTornado Looks more like Auto Ad in my book.
 RainbowTornado: No idea who Tom is but krink, Montana..., all things street-art=auto rad in my book
Image 190735   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Alpha Trion
 Peter Pantsless: I actually got this image from a story I read about an honest-to-god tank biathlon
 Cami: @Dr Awkward Danks, Obama?
 Dr Awkward: Tanks, Obama.
 Thurb Grunombies: *pop*
 Robespierre: Tank Girl sends her regards.
 Catcat: @Knice It's probably a T-72, so there might still be some ill-fated wiring.
 Knice: Took me a minute. I thought I was looking at some ill-fated wiring. Tank goodness it's not!
Image 190734   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Robespierre: 3D roadway ahead - somebody hand me those cardboard glasses.
 SomeCanadian: This kills the motorist.
Image 190733   07-12-17   Uploaded by    dangerkeith3000
 Bluetocracy: This is Akira + Simpsons, right?
 Fancy Clown: I miss Dark Homer
 Robespierre: @Catcat There is. It's called the Bowel Movement.
 Catcat: I feel like there's a movement of this shitty nonsensical art, which would explain the frequency of it getting posted here.
 tib gubb: te be eating shorts!
 Mr. Butt: did i draw this?
Image 190732   07-12-17   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Christina: Not big enough, yet so big.
Image 190731   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Mark As Read
 Bluetocracy: Submeower
 Fiveninety: they say deaf cats have unique personalities
 Peter Pantsless: I mean really, he's asking for it
 SomeCanadian: DO IT. I DARE YOU.
 Christina: Black metal cat.
 Sandor: Boom. Hiss.
 Knice: I heard you like drum kits.
Image 190730   07-12-17   Uploaded by    Ihminen
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