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263495  Otterman: I don't know what I'm doing!

263499  Solemn: When you raid with your friends...

263483  Robespierre: Designed to mesmerize

263498  Robespierre: Shit seen

263499  Robespierre: Something's touching me! Halp! HAAAAAAALP!

263489  VeeKay: That's cruel.

263491  VeeKay: Goanna rock down to Electric Avenue

263496  VeeKay: Unsubscribe

263498  VeeKay: "We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Hobbitses. Wicked. Tricksy. False."

263480  VeeKay: @Scoo Literally choking on bile here dud

263498  piranharama: That face when you can see time

263496  WTF: Porntub Time Machine

263507  norgu5: Aaaaand you're touching it. Gross.

263495  Solemn: The only way to dog paddle.

263497  Solemn: ;3

263465  Solemn: The most obvious rad in the universe.

263466  Solemn: "Hey, here's a cane! Now it's a crutch! Now it's a baby! And now I've ABSORBED the baby! Take that, David Copperfield!"

263470  Solemn: $3.49 here. On the beach, it's $4.29, and don't even get me started on the $5.35 guy that camps out about 30 miles up the highway. That's guy's about 16 kinds of an arschgeige.

263427  Air Biscuit: "Cats love it!"

263485  Solemn: We need more bathroom signs like this.

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263357 Passive: Denny's has better pancakes and doesn't cost like fourteen dollars a short stack

263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

263293 Science: @Bohab: I'm pretty sure that, at this time, the wife's satisfaction was not a concern

263272 Science: *"Immigrant Song" intensifies*

263465 Solemn: The most obvious rad in the universe.

263297 tib gubb: is it self aware? that's all i wanna know

263229 Felicity: The fact that it's flesh coloured is what pushes it over the edge into the uncanny valley

263325 Science: @Felicity Give me Slack, or give me death!

263428 Jesse P: Really, the cat did it!


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 Catcat: He's sleeping on an even bigger white cat.
 Rat-Butt: I plot the down fall of this hooman...but nothing! Nothing effects it! I tear at his hand and he thinks I am playing with him. I bring dead things to show my skill and ruthlessness and he thinks I think he doesn't eat enough! He eats like a freaking horse...
 Rat-Butt: Uhg! What a day I have had with that...that...that DOG!
 Rat-Butt: Damn! I got an eye booger that I can't rub out...
Image 188152   06-29-17   Uploaded by    White Rice
 Ihminen: I have to go my home planet needs me
 Catcat: When you name your dog Number Six.
 Derp Herpigan: [Muffled borkf]
 Meow: now he casts hearth, leaving the DPS dogs to deal with the aggro
 Off Topic: Moments before, Dorothy dropped her doghouse on top of the Wicked Cat of the East and stole her Ruby collar.
 Prumbo: Are you a good dog or are you a bad dog?
Image 188151   06-29-17   Uploaded by    Horatio
 Air Biscuit: The one armed mans other arm is your hamburger.
 Peter Pantsless: Rad for Comedy Bang! Bang!
 Natch: He kind of lost his primary focus after a few years.
 Meow: add that you're in the market for a tiny house and we got a show!
 SomeCanadian: Cardiovascular disease is a bitch.
 Scoo: Maybe it's both?
Image 188150   06-29-17   Uploaded by    metallica
 Radstarboom: @dangerkeith3000 @Catcat *angrily dancing at them to stop...
 piratepom: they communicate by dancing
 Catcat: [offscreen: a queen bee angrily buzzing at them to stop fucking off and build regular fucking combs]
 Joetato: Nature finds a way.
Image 188149   06-29-17   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Brain: Pretty good penmanship for a dog.
 Bob: Sounds like a dog.
 SomeCanadian: This is true. Bad dog. @Science
 Science: @SomeCanadian: Yes, but if my dog decides to eat his bowl or the kickboard or a cabinet door one day, it's nobody's fault. He's a dog.
 Catcat: @SomeCanadian Calling yourself your pet's mom/dad is sadder.
 SomeCanadian: True. But in the end you have to take responsibility for the actions of your pets. @Science
 Science: @SomeCanadian: Sometimes, like people, dogs are assholes. Even the best trained dog is still an animal.
 bug: Holy shit, that dog can write!
 SomeCanadian: Dog-shaming is sad. It's the owners damn fault for not training your dog correctly.
Image 188148   06-29-17   Uploaded by    mom
 Air Biscuit: @WaffleIron they are showoffs.
 Albo Grungus: Looks like somebody earned his Red Wings.
 Spazstatic: Haha, chompers replaces
 Spazstatic: I just got a new dentist and he's pretty good. He didn't ask, he could tell. "Your chompers look great, but your gums are irritated. If you flossed you'd stop having gum bleeding when you brush. Not flossing is like only cleaning your head, chest, and back when you shower. The gross stuff is in the crevasses."
 Catcat: @Shay Floss every day, get to enjoy spitting blood.
 Shay: Step 1: Go to dentist. Step 2: Bullshit that you've been flossing Step 3: Blood pours out from your mouth. Step 4: Feel guilty the next day and floss. Step 5: Give up and forget about flossing for six months. Step 6: Repeat.
 Science: @WaffleIron: Why not? They get free dental.
 WaffleIron: Dental hygienists smile?
Image 188147   06-29-17   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 Catcat: @Meow I hope it's racist uncle Steve!
 Catcat: @Yam Plus, isn't turkey like super lean?
 Yam: There's actually a compelling amount of research that suggests foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats aren't the main culprit in cardiovascular disease, and that sugars and other refined carbohydrates are more harmful.
 Meow: somebody is going to go blind from bacon grease trying to carve that thing
Image 188146   06-29-17   Uploaded by    Cheesecake
 Peter Pantsless: "Do you find something comical about my appearance while I'm driving my automobile?"
 addend: How to not talk to short people.
 ChubbyBuddy: is this the infamous "comey memo?"
 Ulillillia: Hi tall, I'm Dad.
Image 188145   06-29-17   Uploaded by    highdra
 werterland: Did-a-chick? Dum-a-chum? Dad-a-cham? Ded-a-check?
 FireBreathingMarmot: all you can eat fridays is not working out the way he imagined
 Dan Tagonistic: Lobsters ripped my flesh
 SpaceCow: Red Lobster's Battle Royale tie in, all you can kill crab.
 ch: i don't know, i think the weasels were more civilized
 Yam: I was listening to a podcast recently arguing Amelia Earhart was eaten by crabs.
 jazzjunkie: CRAB BATTLE
 Derp Herpigan: What being lvl. 1 in any rpg is like.
 SomeCanadian: Coconut crabs do not do this.
 bug: There's too many of them! *THWACK* We're going to need more butter!
 ChubbyBuddy: lets go somewhere else, this restaurant is a little too DIY
 fanny: RIP Alan Thicke, you should have listened to the warning about the crabs
Image 188144   06-29-17   Uploaded by    waffles
 Air Biscuit: The fat element (i feel a little bad about that)
 inthrees: I hope she also had some sick dance moves.
 addend: Got hired as a librarian.
 Shay: Must have a trove of gems in her stomach.
 piranharama: Nailed it
 Catcat: You had to hide ONE rock inside her, and you jammed the entire box in there!
 SomeCanadian: Plava Laguna cosplay on point.
 Peddy Tenderglass: The show ain't over til the fat lady sings..
Image 188143   06-29-17   Uploaded by    withak
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