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244150  jazzjunkie: Bang bang Maxine's silver hammer...

244160  jazzjunkie: OHAI

244162  jazzjunkie: I've got a stack of these cards; of course you can't redeem anything *for* anything -- they are in themselves Redeeming (tm)

244194  glenalec: Sounds like OP is genuinely interested in learning but can't work it out. The instructor should take note that he may not be getting through even to people who want to learn the topic!

244186  Scoo: Rad mom is rad

244196  glenalec: Some wear TP?

244179  when so: I guess this is the cat version of take on me

244186  WannaBee: Those really look like googly eyes.

244186  Yurishiro: I agree

244179  Yurishiro: It's not what you think

244182  Yurishiro: That corgi cloth is almost better than this angel

244185  Yurishiro: I'd buy thanos a dinner

244181  funny in the wall: the thing about that is no catholic i know thought it was weird. that statement would have been weightier if i knew any catholics

243978  Dreforian: @Mad Collager And here you are! #244121

244183  Not A Bot: Let me introduce you to a little guy I like to call 'weed'

244181  fanny: You won*t believe what christmas falls on!

244181  Butcherboy: Timely

244180  Teechur: Pomegrentist.

244158  Teechur: You know my stance on strabismus.

244163  Teechur: Why hire a roofer when you can higher a ROOFer?

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244104 Dr Awkward: @SpaceCow Would you rather your tax money go into the pockets of big Bench?

243956 Felicity: @Demon Universe That must be the difference between DTF and Single AF

244150 barfolomew: Girl, what did he do?

244105 Demon Universe: @WannaBee Yeah, same. Ive been playing through the games again, so its at the top of my mind.

244141 glenalec: @Yurishiro - don't say any of these - ever - and you will be fine!

244005 savvoy: Suddenly, Mummenschanz

243955 Yurishiro: @fanny yay! May the gross be with you!

244054 Dreforian: Beeee excellent to each other!

244030 Prostata: @Felicity LOL who says I don't?

243983 KingTrebek: What is a boody and?

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 Mr Shifty: Oh boo the old double comment thang
 Mr Shifty: Oh yay, the old pineapple/pizza thang
 Mr Shifty: Oh yay, the old pineapple/pizza thang
 Extreme Locorito: "Hawaiian" pizza ... urp.
 Kim: I usually get the pisano.
 Shay: Just another Thursday night at the frat house.
Image 184117   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Lantry
 jochenau: This is like the computer equivalent of riding sidesaddle.
 Ulillillia: "This is great for playing Farmville!"
 Spazstatic: Big screen, mom jeans.
Image 184116   06-08-17   Uploaded by    namename
 Mr Bleak: @Skaalar Spongebob Stonedpants!
 LurkedMoar: Express
 Mr Shifty: Want some 'fruit salad' bud?
 Skaalar: Who lives in dank bud inside a mason jar?
 Niels Bohr: Mmmm sticky fruit.
 Spazstatic: Fiend != Friend
 Spazstatic: Only the finest pineapple my fiend
Image 184115   06-08-17   Uploaded by    eumoria
 Peter Pantsless: *links to a picture of robot Mr. Burns*
 duckfarts: DEATH IS CERTAIN
 WaffleIron: Why would you ask a child this?
 dobbiesdoogs: the cleansing fire will consume us all
Image 184114   06-08-17   Uploaded by    soccer
 Mr Shifty: Is the gas off?
 prius: Prime pluton property.
 Bob: hell naw
 sparename: LEMMINGS!
 Cami: Every day is leg day.
 WTF: "Finally made it to the bottom now just to unlock the car... crap, I left my keys in my other pants!"
 enfanta: @Zampano Atlas Obscura says "A massive stone rising over 650 feet out of the flat ground of Guatape, Colombia, the Piedra de Penol or El Peon de Guatape, was once worshiped by the Tahamies Indians." There are more pictures at their site and I'd link to them but I'm a lowly blue.
 Teechur: Hey, kids! Go on outside and play in the yard.
 Zampano: Good God, i hope that staircase is built super-sturdy. I hate to be looking forward to that view, most of the way up thirty some flights of stairs, and have that shit collapse. Anyone know where this is?
 Benana: I think your whale is petrified.
 Scoo: This is as good an ad for a helicopter as I've ever seen
 Mr. Whiskers: We're gonna need a bigger Slinky!
Image 184113   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Pizza
 tib gubb: "mature"
 Pizza: The sooner this craze dies out, the better.
 DrinkMixMan: For gay sexy times, make it Fidget Spinner Butt Plug times.
 tib gubb: anything's a butt plug if you're fidgety enough
 duckfarts: gives new meaning to "fidgeting in your seat"
 Peter Pantsless: A sit 'n spin for adults?
 KrazyKat: Adhd bondage? Tie me up until the ritalin kicks in!
 WTF: It's like a reverse propeller beanie.
 Mr. Shine: Every day we drift further from God's light.
 WTF: God damn it people!
 Scoo: Quit playin' with your ass
Image 184112   06-08-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 grizzly: Don't laugh with me or my son ever again.
 DrinkMixMan: Hi, 'ena!
 a robot: Baby: "Mom, stahp!"
 a robot: Hehehehehehehehehehe!
Image 184111   06-08-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 werterland: @Ulillillia Oh. That clears it up a bit. Thanks.
 Pizza: They look like a family. MJ looks maternal.
 Dorb: "When they died, nobody said a word"
 Ulillillia: @werterland Probably taken around the time of…
 Science: Michael Jackson must have been taller than I thought...
 Bob: Did MJ always wear knee pads?
 raditzu: Damn, i hope it's his hand that tickles me between my scapulas.
 Kim: Rule 34?
 werterland: I tried Google image search for some context for this picture, and all the results I got were for the 2015 release of a pair of Air Jordans....
 Derp Herpigan: 90s.jpg
 Shay: @a robot Except for Macaulay, he's high AF.
 Ulillillia: MJ, MC, MJ
 a robot: Everyone here looks uncomfortable
 Scoo: Macaulay is *kinda* the same as Michael
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Two michaels one McCauley.
Image 184110   06-08-17   Uploaded by    realjon
 Skaalar: Thought this was lava for a second.
 werterland: "Hello? Any fish under here? No? Okay, then, bye."
 a robot: Penguin r rad
Image 184109   06-08-17   Uploaded by    KrazyKat
 Air Biscuit: @XLY hampsters dont live long enough to reach legal drinking age.
 duckfarts: no hipsters either
 WaffleIron: I had tiny feet and sawdust bedding before it was cool.
 Wet farts: Guinea pigs ok?
 Scoo: How 'bout neither?
 XLY: what if I'm a hampster?
Image 184108   06-08-17   Uploaded by    ShamWOW
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