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64010  ninetailorochimaru: After 2.5 years I have finally won SSDI benefits. I am now legally disabled and will be getting a huge amount of backpay as a result. This is all the victory I need =)

268013  barfolomew: You should probably save that for Fap Tuesday.

268023  Not A Bot: I feel like I could hit this guy with my car and it would be OK...

268020  tib gubb: puss in boot

268021  barfolomew: @FabricMan The Burning Bush?

268021  FabricMan: I have friends who've been to that strip club

267946  Felicity: I want to be 15 years old, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating Pac Man cereal, with my hair big and spiky, and wearing that dress

267893  wootman: @DrNinjaman This made me vote rad

267976  Sadbot: @Felicity Cutbu is kind of it's own thing, more like alt-weekly underground comix than manga. Usually there are more butts and farts than this one.

267949  Felicity: It looks a little like the Vlox News aliens from This Modern World

268018  FabricMan: We can't! It's too far out of range!

268018  Yam: Next up, Tucker Carlson blames it on liberals and people of colour.

268020  Yam: Cat in boots

268016  ignatz: I like to believe there's a cesspit under there..

268002  tib gubb: tee hee, looks like an avocado

267951  Felicity: This confirms my theory, Germans Love Commodore Computers

268018  tib gubb: yeah like i need more bad news

268019  ignatz: That's how they get ya..

268019  tib gubb: it's not wrong

267978  ChubbyBuddy: @Side Boob if youre gonna keep stealing talking points from ben shapiro you ought to cut him a check

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267782 dangerkeith3000: @Felicity I thought it was based on the David Lynch show and I was so pumped, but no, when I got there it was just another stupid Hooters knock off!

267859 tib gubb: jorge lucazo

267839 mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267978 ChubbyBuddy: @Side Boob if youre gonna keep stealing talking points from ben shapiro you ought to cut him a check

267952 Air Biscuit: (Serious jim carrey voice)"twenty-three!!!!!!!!"

267813 VeeKay: See the beer on that bloke! Pwaaar!

267946 Felicity: I want to be 15 years old, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating Pac Man cereal, with my hair big and spiky, and wearing that dress

267930 Air Biscuit: @thecraftywolf i thought that too untill i remembered her des cription of what makes a wine a housewine.

267648 Felicity: That's depressing on multiple levels

267773 Shay: Put your hands in the air like you just do care.

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 XLY: Am i... Am I high rn?
 apoxia: Fashionable
 hearsegirl: oxpeckers?
 Bu7Z: Hipster earrings
 Annoying Vegan : Tweets by Dr Dre
Image 168023   03-17-17   Uploaded by    Rembo Rompus
 Bu7Z: Don't be such a L 7
Image 168022   03-17-17   Uploaded by    Bumbo Lungys
 NonRhetorical: Sod off, y'wanka
 Micro Jackson: Tomcat Cruise
 whiplash: Bogan Kitty.
 Dresdenkeogh: I normally don't instinctually dislike cats, but I'll make an exception in this case.
 Bu7Z: The Aussie hip hop scene has been flooded by a lot of fake cats since the hilltop hoods got played on commercial radio
Image 168021   03-17-17   Uploaded by    balloon
 Lestrange: Superglue moth trap wall worked surprisingly well until the lepidopterist leaned against it.
 piranharama: Big yeller on the right there looks like a steampunk glider design.
 bug: *faints*
Image 168020   03-17-17   Uploaded by    marxist
 jazzjunkie: That is my new favorite carpet ever!
 Sparkplug: "Constipation got YOU on the SIDELINES?"
 Lestrange: Sees you as a friend huh buddy?
 whiplash: John Stamos is sad that Olivia Newton John is better at video games than he is.
 Urn BooUrn: @Bu7Z She's a keeper.
 Meachy: @Bu7Z Welcome to the world's of every guy with a gal that like Zelda or Mario Kart.....
 Hyphae: ... Alternatively, "Come on babe, I wanna get to Bed Bath and Beyond before they close, and that sale at Seffora ends today, too!"
 Hyphae: Is your girlfriend a song by The Who?
 Mr. Butt: @Bu7Z Pounded in the Ego by my own Highscore
 Bu7Z: "I thought she would be impressed by my high score, instead she smashed it"
Image 168019   03-17-17   Uploaded by    hoobleton
 XLY: a little something for just about everyone
 funny in the wall: Not sure what is happening here but for the record I'm into it
 Lestrange: This cast of The Rocky Horror Show is, well, looking pretty damn good I'd say.
 Zampano: One on the far left, yum
 Niels Bohr: When everyone looks out of place, no one looks out of place.
 Mr. Butt: The Cenobites look different somehow.
 KrazyKat: @Bu7Z I think he's the one paying for this.
 Bu7Z: This is all fine... Except for that one guy about to suck on a dreadlock...
 KrazyKat: Somebody is paying for this by the hour.
 chhumphrey: Not sure which "out of place" thing to point out so I'll play it safe and point out that they better be careful in the changing room, the roof looks like it's not set up right.
Image 168018   03-17-17   Uploaded by    topcity
 Dresdenkeogh: your smart-phone looks weird.
 Snake Jesus: Ah yes. "Boyadt", my favorite movie.
 Bu7Z: I can see up your nose
 chhumphrey: That's not how you copy a DVD
Image 168017   03-17-17   Uploaded by    yawgmoth
 Coolguy: @Niels Bohr hahahah I know! But soooo delicious! xD
 Niels Bohr: @Coolguy jeebus, that's one flatulence snack time you've described.
 Coolguy: Maybe used to keep the cat from knocking the drink down? Or maybe to increase surface area for more 7 layer dip and deviled eggs?
 Side Boob: @ignatz Crazy talk
 Weedheart: ..or you could put the cup on the table, say for example in the space taken up by the clip..
Image 168016   03-17-17   Uploaded by    stunt nuts
 Noremak: The Crusty Argonian
 Kim: I can't believe no foil has been put in the bottom ofor that pan.
 Lestrange: The horror
 Winterneuro: Obviously from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe
 itskando: Dennis Quid
 kinggheedra: I would eat a skeksi.
 chhumphrey: He was right, it was a trap
 Albatross: Somebody smoked littlefoot, you bastards!
 Pizza: I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...
 tokyopig: Pizza time gets worse after I stop watching apparently.
 KrazyKat: And our next contestant in the horrifying baked meat contest is....
 eider: Clever grill...
Image 168015   03-17-17   Uploaded by    greenbean
 apoxia: You have to advertise them like this nowadays or no-one will buy them
 Meachy: @Meachy Way to play through the pain...
 Meachy: That's one dedicated stripper right there.
 Bu7Z: Peace, love and polio
 Pizza: Hobble in style!
 KrazyKat: So not down with the socks-with-heels thing.
 tib gubb: I like it
 Dan Tagonistic: Mk I Long fall boots
 KrazyKat: Sexy orthopedic devices!
Image 168014   03-17-17   Uploaded by    Seven Eight Nine
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