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262521  Felicity: That's a tot ology

262522  Felicity: INEWARHOL?

262536  Felicity: Dietary restrictions dictate you must eat six or more people? Add 20 percent

262538  Felicity: Ben Franklin's friendship bracelet

262581  Zarathustra: @Barm Albongo so that's why there's so many oversized pickups in Texas?

262549  AdaMan: I support this

262571  AdaMan: That wouldnt stop me

262525  jazzjunkie: I need dis

262577  Teechur: Captain Americorg

262578  tib gubb: nice kitty... look, i have salmon!

262539  jazzjunkie: Apparently it's a Swedish ad campaign for some amusement park, but man. This is some high-octane dream candy!

262558  tib gubb: it's actually because you're fat there, champ

262575  tib gubb: little hellraisers

262575  White Rice: So, my current game on here is "spot @Not a Bot" (which is only a game due to the shifting red names we all have currently). Anyway, Im officially guessing the first comment on this image (regarding hotdogs & being lady like) is Not a Bot.

262574  Sadbot: 4-door Jeeps are for people who think they're too cool for mini-vans. Spoiler: they are not.

262539  jazzjunkie: Download The Laughing app for your smartphone? This is some dark shit O.o

262493  Amy Housewine: @Beft Flumumple YES WE CAN

262550  lecj07: Don't think he can pull of pink Chanel though.

262560  lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262589  A duck: Is it me, or the dog to the right looks mutated?

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262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262560 lecj07: @Craple Dampungo Can confirm. I swing from "I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS!" To periods of relative normalcy to "getting out of bed is hard enough. Do I really need to shower/eat/go to work too?"

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

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 Jingo Groble: @Warrax she lets them through if it's pictures of the family :)
 Rold Horpongus: I've tried to upload this guy a few times in the past. I'm glad Nancy finally let it through for someone.
 Varb Dampumbies: You haven't unlocked this chicken yet!
 Mert Plongus: not easy to google for this without seeing a LOT of very very unpleasant things
 Murm Flumumbies: Cajun blackened chicken
 Tringo Brumple: You haven't unlocked this chicken yet!
 Creple Dampumbies: How to burn your food and keep it raw too.
 Vart Floble: It's the fabled Ebon-Cock of Inle
 Heng Grongus: Bigger, blacker, and clearly uncut.
 Trurb Albongo: You'll never see it coming before the egg. Or was it the other way around?
 Crirbo Flumumple: "Ba-GOTH!"
 Bango Albungo: METAL AS FUCK
Image 163916   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Gengo Albuble
 Porbo Plemongo: @a robot *before* opening the tin ... gulp.
 Hurt Grongo: I Thank Thee/ O Thou whose bounty fills my can,/ With every blessing meat!/ I give Thee thanks for every *plop*/ The bitter and the sweet.
 Homp Grupert: Just needs some turkey-flavored soda.
 Reld Albongus: Barf, stratified.
 Romp Drumopert: The product consists of nine layers of processed festive food, including scrambled egg and bacon, two mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts or broccoli (for those who don't like sprouts) with stuffing, roast carrots and parsnips, and Christmas pudding.
 Raple Horpongo: @Micro Jackson I don't see any difference.
 Mungo Cremungo: @Kohapi Is that the Ketchup / Turkey boundary, or the one where the dinos all died?
 Flang Brumple: Hey look, it has a KT boundary
 Gown Brungo: I can only imagine it smells like death.
 Rild Morpomple: I feel like this would have gone over well in the 1910's and 1920's when people were really into gelatins. Or the 1930's where people just ate anything that was edible.
 Cremp Albopert: Sweet baby Jesus, that's a real thing. Or was in 2013. All the search results are dated 2013.
 Mungo Albongo: still not as gross as the pig brain in milk sauce
 Perbo Drumopert: Why make
 Rerb Ploble: @Knice I think the only game here is "who can go longest without barfing after opening the tin"
 Dirm Rempongo: I want to play a game...
Image 163915   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Delm Drumuble
 Balm Dampumbies: @Jabberwikket * Cytherian cat
 Purt Grunumple: Cat doesn't give a shit about your warp barriers
 Meng Horpongus: Mr Jangles
 Lungo Plumple: Meowsa!
 Merm Grumple: Mrrrrr(static)row?
 Hempo Drumongo: Oh mys kitteh- you does me a frighten!
 Durm Albuble: when you find out that din dins is fresh-caught fish
 Frart Flumungo: Classic jiggly cat
 Cramp Flumbies: He's all over the place
 Fring Brungo: Googly eyes make everything better!
 Thimp Horpungus: speed of light cat...what a superpower/pet trick!!
 Durb Plemoble: when the kush hits
Image 163914   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Verm Plumple
 Geple Rempungus: @Peter Pantsless My dad used to eat croutons on buttermilk.
 Frorb Drumombies: Thank god for that
 Vilm Grunombies: Ewww
 Jarb Horpumple: @Peter Pantsless My grandfather smoked a cancerous plant until his cells mutated and took over his body. I guess what I'm saying is that old people do strange things.
 Geft Flumbies: technically correct is the best kind of correct
 Crongo Flumungus: My grandfather ate saltines crushed into buttermilk. I have no idea how he came up with that
 Luwn Horpumbies: Technically true.
 Thuple Plemopert: Thankfully.
Image 163913   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Flolm Flongo
 Lurm Grunombies: You think nothingness is your ally?
 Lurm Cremungo: Is this like kagels?
 Lurb Dampongo: Saying 'fun exercises' after demonstrating a commitment to extreme nihilism seems backwards.
 Jople Morpumple: Can't expand the absolute. Just sayin..
 Frirbo Dampombies: ...If you're brave enough.
Image 163912   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Domp Plomple
 Crung Grunungo: Gotta catch this pokemon.
 Marm Bropert: @Peter Pantsless Thanks. I can't believe I had it in my 'upload one day' folder for ages
 Bemp Brungus: It comforts me to know even Howitzered Bengalmen put their boots on one foot at a time.
 Peld Gromple: This Thundercats remake just ain't working for me.
 Milm Plemombies: This is way cooler than most Power Rangers villains
 Florm Grupert: 2awesome4me
 Trown Horpuble: I just can't keep track of all these new Pokemon.
 Gango Grumple: My spirit animal.
 Flerb Floble: seems legit
 Floft Cremuble: @Dan Tagonistic I am tempted to literally mail you one of my rad stickers for this
Image 163911   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Deng Cremungo
 Lerm Drumumbies: @BILL DOOR I know better, if I mocked you I'd end up ded
 Trulm Drumungus: @Ulillillia SOMETIMES I THINK YOU ARE MOCKING ME.
 Frerm Dampungus: @BILL DOOR…
 Flople Brongus: CATS ARE NICE.
 Pango Dampumple: MOM! He ate the last piece!! That was mine! He had 4 and I only got 3!
 Flumpo Flumungus: Get STUFFED CRUST!!!!
 Pongo Rempoble: Today on amateur community theatre: Orson Welle's classic Animal Farm, adapted for Housepets by a product of the public education system.
 Gart Morpongo: "GET HIM!"
Image 163910   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Friple Cremungus
 Rerb Flumombies: I don't remember that show having any legkess people hovering in the air.
 Birb Brumple: Only reason I ever watched Lazy Town was because of Stephanie.
 Crart Cremongus: Mayor of Lazytown looking good there. He's Milford Meanswell, Stephanie's uncle. Oh my!
Image 163909   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Gongo Plupert
 Jalm Morpongus: Baboons are in Danny's room again.
 Fliwn Grupert: @fanny racist.
 Miwn Plumple: Great, another thing to lose sleep over
 Valm Plumple: Just when i thought i couldn't hate monkeys any more...
 Frengo Groble: um... should i call somebody?
 Mople Grunopert: That seems like a nice place.
 Durm Dampupert: Did they break into the building to steal that teddy bear? I don't understand what's happening here
 Rorbo Drumumple: My brethren are ready.
Image 163908   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Frawn Grupert
 Peng Grunuble: Rammin time!
 Lemp Flombies: The Villiness Elsie Alyagot: Oh, ho, ho. I see you've fallen into my trap, Mr. Bond.
 Murbo Fluble: Mary had a little lamb. she also had a bear. we often saw her little lamb, but we never saw her bear.
 Bewn Bropert: Arlene "Two Sheep" Jackson is pleased with her life choices.
 Jople Horpoble: Two is company, three is a herd
Image 163907   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Jart Flumungus
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