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233463  Felicity: Justified Ancients of Mu

233465  Felicity: Well, corporate centrist Democrats, sure

233435  glenalec: It must be leg day.

233472  Felicity: Whenever I start to get on top of my depression, fear rushes in to fill its place

233443  glenalec: Only you can stop. Dammit! You had ONE job!

233454  glenalec: I have more than that in my store room. @Psymon - mine are sorted roughly by voltage - we use them for powering student artworks.

233457  glenalec: Stop it! Or you'll go blind!

233365  Defiance: @mrwiffler what do you mean

233469  Butcherboy: And they cut down the woods of birnam woods and moved them up dunsidane hill. Macbeth never knew what hit him

233431  tokyopig: @antipatterns I was gonna say get cheaper whiskey.

233432  tokyopig: panel 4 should have been just one guy bowing while in the phone tbh

233434  tokyopig: and they say the left can't meme.

233443  tokyopig: Foggy The Bear.

233462  Skaalar: The honey must flooooooow.

233462  Skaalar: Is that... Wormsign?

233462  tokyopig: bullying target sighted, commence bullying subroutine

233465  Sadbot: welcome to the struggalo

233462  a robot: Oh, bother.

233441  addend: You'll be the toast of the party.

233446  addend: (Walks up to 9th floor.) / (Walks down to 6th floor.)

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233251 jazzjunkie: @FabricMan Yep. Or talk about baananas.

233418 Kaviri: *his

233364 a robot: @jochenau *chef kiss* Flawless!

233267 jazzjunkie: There's a truck like that in my town, except it's all about China's mistreatment of Tibet.

233372 Sadbot: @Side Boob Good on you, we're probably outliers, but every truck-driving, gun-fetishizing coworker I've had lives this here pictured life of "it's not who you are, it's what you can spend". Their standards of masculinity are totems, things to be bought, signifiers. Mustaches and cigars, guns and sex dolls. Strip that away and they're just scared little boys afraid that the world is moving past their violent, anti-social bullshit.

233327 Mr. Shine: @fanny Urine IS sterile when fresh, after all.

233370 Kaviri: Thank you for contacting bad dragon support center, how can I help you today?

233349 Whatever: Pretty old data if The Colbert Report is listed.

233237 Felicity: How about just dont donate things if they dont belong to you?

233335 Mr. Shine: Now look at your man, now back to me.

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 San DoDo: @Warrax she lets them through if it's pictures of the family :)
 Warrax: I've tried to upload this guy a few times in the past. I'm glad Nancy finally let it through for someone.
 Mr. Shine: You haven't unlocked this chicken yet!
 Prostata: not easy to google for this without seeing a LOT of very very unpleasant things
 Wooden Spoon: Cajun blackened chicken
 Mr. Shine: You haven't unlocked this chicken yet!
 Off Topic: How to burn your food and keep it raw too.
 Kohapi: It's the fabled Ebon-Cock of Inle
 SomeCanadian: Bigger, blacker, and clearly uncut.
 Peter Pantsless: You'll never see it coming before the egg. Or was it the other way around?
 Knice: "Ba-GOTH!"
 a robot: METAL AS FUCK
Image 163916   02-23-17   Uploaded by    San DoDo
 Mr Bleak: @a robot *before* opening the tin ... gulp.
 Hokie333: I Thank Thee/ O Thou whose bounty fills my can,/ With every blessing meat!/ I give Thee thanks for every *plop*/ The bitter and the sweet.
 jochenau: Just needs some turkey-flavored soda.
 winwolf: Barf, stratified.
 Lestrange: The product consists of nine layers of processed festive food, including scrambled egg and bacon, two mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts or broccoli (for those who don't like sprouts) with stuffing, roast carrots and parsnips, and Christmas pudding.
 Kohapi: @Micro Jackson I don't see any difference.
 Micro Jackson: @Kohapi Is that the Ketchup / Turkey boundary, or the one where the dinos all died?
 Kohapi: Hey look, it has a KT boundary
 Urn BooUrn: I can only imagine it smells like death.
 SomeCanadian: I feel like this would have gone over well in the 1910's and 1920's when people were really into gelatins. Or the 1930's where people just ate anything that was edible.
 Lestrange: Sweet baby Jesus, that's a real thing. Or was in 2013. All the search results are dated 2013.
 tib gubb: still not as gross as the pig brain in milk sauce
 kinggheedra: Why make
 a robot: @Knice I think the only game here is "who can go longest without barfing after opening the tin"
 Knice: I want to play a game...
Image 163915   02-23-17   Uploaded by    danny
 Jabberwikket: @Jabberwikket * Cytherian cat
 Jabberwikket: Cat doesn't give a shit about your warp barriers
 Dan Tagonistic: Mr Jangles
 Micro Jackson: Meowsa!
 Kohapi: Mrrrrr(static)row?
 SomeCanadian: Oh mys kitteh- you does me a frighten!
 tib gubb: when you find out that din dins is fresh-caught fish
 Lestrange: Classic jiggly cat
 San DoDo: He's all over the place
 Peter Pantsless: Googly eyes make everything better!
 fanny: speed of light cat...what a superpower/pet trick!!
 fakeusername: when the kush hits
Image 163914   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Dan Tagonistic
 Annoying Vegan : @Peter Pantsless My dad used to eat croutons on buttermilk.
 Micro Jackson: Thank god for that
 annterland: Ewww
 SomeCanadian: @Peter Pantsless My grandfather smoked a cancerous plant until his cells mutated and took over his body. I guess what I'm saying is that old people do strange things.
 tib gubb: technically correct is the best kind of correct
 Peter Pantsless: My grandfather ate saltines crushed into buttermilk. I have no idea how he came up with that
 tritium: Technically true.
 Knice: Thankfully.
Image 163913   02-23-17   Uploaded by    petunias
 Nothing: You think nothingness is your ally?
 Micro Jackson: Is this like kagels?
 SomeCanadian: Saying 'fun exercises' after demonstrating a commitment to extreme nihilism seems backwards.
 ignatz: Can't expand the absolute. Just sayin..
 Knice: ...If you're brave enough.
Image 163912   02-23-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 piranharama: Gotta catch this pokemon.
 Dan Tagonistic: @Peter Pantsless Thanks. I can't believe I had it in my 'upload one day' folder for ages
 Kohapi: It comforts me to know even Howitzered Bengalmen put their boots on one foot at a time.
 DoctorTwo: This Thundercats remake just ain't working for me.
 a robot: This is way cooler than most Power Rangers villains
 San DoDo: 2awesome4me
 smarkles: I just can't keep track of all these new Pokemon.
 Sandor: My spirit animal.
 tib gubb: seems legit
 Peter Pantsless: @Dan Tagonistic I am tempted to literally mail you one of my rad stickers for this
Image 163911   02-23-17   Uploaded by    Dan Tagonistic
 Ulillillia: @BILL DOOR I know better, if I mocked you I'd end up ded
 Ulillillia: @BILL DOOR…
 whiplash: MOM! He ate the last piece!! That was mine! He had 4 and I only got 3!
 Kohapi: Get STUFFED CRUST!!!!
 SomeCanadian: Today on amateur community theatre: Orson Welle's classic Animal Farm, adapted for Housepets by a product of the public education system.
 PenguinBartender: "GET HIM!"
Image 163910   02-23-17   Uploaded by    charmander
 Wooden Spoon: I don't remember that show having any legkess people hovering in the air.
 RiderFan: Only reason I ever watched Lazy Town was because of Stephanie.
 Lestrange: Mayor of Lazytown looking good there. He's Milford Meanswell, Stephanie's uncle. Oh my!
Image 163909   02-23-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Hosebag: Baboons are in Danny's room again.
 SunWukong: @fanny racist.
 Micro Jackson: Great, another thing to lose sleep over
 fanny: Just when i thought i couldn't hate monkeys any more...
 tib gubb: um... should i call somebody?
 SomeCanadian: That seems like a nice place.
 a robot: Did they break into the building to steal that teddy bear? I don't understand what's happening here
 SunWukong: My brethren are ready.
Image 163908   02-23-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Micro Jackson: Rammin time!
 Kohapi: The Villiness Elsie Alyagot: Oh, ho, ho. I see you've fallen into my trap, Mr. Bond.
 hearsegirl: Mary had a little lamb. she also had a bear. we often saw her little lamb, but we never saw her bear.
 a robot: Arlene "Two Sheep" Jackson is pleased with her life choices.
 LurkedMoar: Two is company, three is a herd
Image 163907   02-23-17   Uploaded by    San DoDo
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