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221562  trelyate: the barista hawked a Lugia in my coffee!

221663  karmakat: get me OUT!

221665  karmakat: now find me shoes and GLOVES!

221604  trelyate: you're a kitty!

221671  karmakat: I am not aren't seeing me.

221689  tib gubb: this is the reality of net neutrality, people

221689  PenguinBartender: It's a ruse. While you're waiting the xenomorph sneaks in through the vent in your room to nibble on your cerebral cortex.

221697  confession: I think I speak for everyone when I say "Go buy a red ribbon for that cat now!"

221684  trelyate: RIP, Florida Man.

221689  sparename: Was going to ask what this would be in Teraquads aboard Voyager but Urban Dic tells me:- "Teraquad a synonym for 4 Terabytes commonly used by uneducated people who watch the show "Star Trek" far too often. Commonly used by people named James."

221693  boozer: Am I the only one that thinks that they should keep the chemical cleaning sponge and dish cleaning sponge further apart?

221673  Dan Tagonistic: I think I had this

221693  inthrees: *This bear will get really anal if you act like a child and don't wash your dish.*

221684  Minnesotan: nailed it

221674  karmakat: WHO turned off the light?

221677  karmakat: I am SO HUNGRY I WILL EAT THIS TABLE!

221683  ThoughtlessGentleman: its that trustworthy magical rhinoceros ive been hearing about!!!

221679  karmakat: who farted?

221680  karmakat: aw, so tiny.

221682  karmakat: to avoid spillage huh?

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221582 ignatz: You're either with us, or against us (GW Bush)

221610 Yurishiro: @Derp Herpigan ...yes I totally missed...

221577 Korrok: I have to laugh.

221622 Felicity: @No Ragrets @Uncle Phil I hate those new headlights that are as bright on the normal setting as high-beams, so then you flash your high-beams at the person, and then they turn on their high-beams and its twice as bad

221535 wolfpk: Is this guy and uber patriot, or did he just get really drunk?

221470 copunter: and that, friends, is the story of capitalism

221576 Mr. Shine: @Colty Brumb Do they count the time spent unwrapping the little b@st@rds?

221517 wolfpk: Practical, but creepy

221638 Winterneuro: @Haute and sweaty hmmm. I do know the name, so no bet! :-)

221607 Cami: Acquisition Catalogue.

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 antipatterns: Wow lots here seem to be apologists for the idle rich. Do not forget, the guns of the US Cavalry have been turned on striking workers many times to earn our rights. Remember Big Bill Haywood.
 Hippitus Hoppitus: @Judge Bread someone has to program all the robots...
 jochenau: @smarkles I think we really have to try to push for working fewer hours instead of buying more stuff. You can see from Worst Things For Sale that too many people's livelihoods are dependent on producing crap that the world would really be better off without, and it's just a colossal waste of time and energy and nonrenewable resources and landfill space and not-having-global-warming and not-having-your-psychic-energy-drained-by-dozens-of-ads-every-day.
 tokyopig: In soviet russia your arms fold you!
 WTF: Reading just the headline... What boomers think millennials be like.
 Mr. Shine: Then starve. You'll work when you get hungry enough.
 Sheikhjahbooty: @Judge Bread It's no fun getting replaced by automation when the people in control of the food decide they don't need you anymore.
 smarkles: @Shay A nice idea, seldom smoothly implemented, is more pay and less work, as improving systems and technology increase productivity per personhour. What generally happens instead, is that amount of time worked stays pretty static, goods get cheaper, people buy more stuff. I don't exactly this k that's the devil either, but it's two ways. Also, as for the image, there will always be scabs. I've been one. They were paying $28 an hour for what had been a $7.25 job at the then minimum wage. I was young with no skills, and it was like winning the lottery. My feelings are complicated on the subject.
 Shay: @Judge Bread One flaw: no work, no pay.
 Judge Bread: @Shay If everyone gets replaced with robots no one has to work. Win-Win
 Scoo: Freeze the means of production!
 Shay: Oh, okay. We'll replace you with robots. By the way, you're fired.
Image 161267   02-09-17   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 Cami: I don't like that cutter geometry or placement.
 chhumphrey: Where'd you find my old D&D campaign map?
Image 161266   02-09-17   Uploaded by    virtualman
 Dreforian: "We power this site with comments. Leave one here." Now I'm imagining the above as a bundle of comments, ready to be hoisted into some kind of comment-burning furnace, deep within the Friendly Spaceship's core.
Image 161265   02-09-17   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Whatever: In a coal-fueled America under Trump, Ivanika's new breathing helmet fashions will become a huge seller at discount fashion stores everywhere.
Image 161264   02-09-17   Uploaded by    TheTakeDown
 thebiglutovsky: Yawning, or very very angry.
 jochenau: Arg, cat hair on balloons is the worst.
 CastleBravo: "There are no greater cat than we are".
 Ulillillia: Overnight delivery from Siam.
 bug: This is NOT what I ordered.
 Mexico: "I hate this and yet love this."
Image 161263   02-09-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Kim: This would never have happened if my room mate stopped stealing all my zip ties.
 Hosebag: Let me see now, blue is VoIP, red is porn...
 addend: Don't touch it! Most of the connections are electromagnetic crosstalk.
 XLY: This looks like a job for SuPer LAN!
 Robespierre: Korrock's Komputer
 Prostata: the cable that needs replaced is always the one hidden behind the tangled ones
 Knice: This is so the hackers won't know which way your datas are going.
 WaffleIron: This is what the Lan Room at my wife's last project looked like. They all got shit for it.
Image 161262   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
 Snake Jesus: Nyoom
 wolfpk: Actual size
 Robespierre: That's one fine lookin' Little Debbie's
 piranharama: Illuminati confirmed.
 Peter Pantsless: But can it vacuum my carpet?
 WaffleIron: Hydrogen/oxygen thrusters, but it's nuclear?
 Micro Jackson: This spaceship does not look that friendly
Image 161261   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Cerberus
 Scoo: Just fuck my shit up
 Lestrange: Oh yeah, I see what you did there.
Image 161260   02-09-17   Uploaded by    sparename
 WaffleIron: @jochenau : Where my extended family lives it's probably not too far out. It's farmland after all, I think they may have told them they were burning scrub.
 jochenau: @WaffleIron "We have a 30-foot-high fire but it's on purpose" is probably not a call most fire departments want to receive.
 CastleBravo: There are so many awesome uses for those...
 WaffleIron: At my uncles wedding reception we burnt skids until the flames were over 30 feet high. To load more skids on the fire I had my siblings hold up a 4x8 sheet of ply while we hid behind it from the searing radiant heat, myself chucking fresh skids atop the burning stack. My relatives called the fire department to let them know the fire was intentional and under control. Good times were had by all.
 Micro Jackson: Very pineteresting.....
 sparename: "Pining for the Fjork-lifts"
Image 161259   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Dank Means
 tib gubb: ALL HAIL CORN
 hat thrab: #109786
 Robespierre: Cornholio's alma mater
 a robot: In Hoopeston, Illinois, the Hoopeston Area High School's mascot is the Corn Jerkers. I just like sharing this fact as often as possible.
 Snowta: @A duck Least surprising? It's in Minnesota.
 A duck: There is nothing in this photo that surprises me.
 Lestrange: I like the dinosaur station wagon
 Knice: I am brave enough to like that corn.
Image 161258   02-09-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
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