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248968  Robespierre: Plie, and up...

248959  San DoDo: All fluff no bluff

248969  Robespierre: Superior (WI) humanoids

248970  Robespierre: Now it's a Farmnone

248937  Side Boob: @Science MAGIC HELMET!

248967  San DoDo: If I go there will be trouble and if I stay it will be double

248906  Robespierre: @Science Vegas is Ground Zero for dicks. But I'm trying to figure out what Goodsprings has to do with this BS - only thing there is a pseudo-biker bar.

248935  E. HONDA: this shag carpeting is out of control

248937  Science: @Side Boob: Magic helmet?

248881  Science: @Felicity: In 90's sci-fi, it was pretty much understood that the Brits would pretty much take over the world. That's why you get those iconic scenes in things like Blade Runner where Deckard is going through Brit-Cit, and they have all of those holographic billboards for "Bangers and Mash" and "Heinz Beanz." Turns out that sci-fi was wrong on that call.

248937  Side Boob: @Science MY SPEAR AND MAGIC HELMET!

248950  Christina: Beauty of North Korea.

248965  E. HONDA: this image is not only words, the whitespace also illustrates the color of their piss

248917  Robespierre: That Karl Kradle looks komfy

248853  KnowLifer: @Mr. Shine @Dr Awkward I wasn't expecting that my comment would lead to this. I simply hate the way it looks on people. What does it represent or what meaning does it have to them is another thing to judge

248920  Robespierre: @Felicity Bumbershootville. Motto: "Acres Of Clams"

248972  Yurishiro: The Secretary of Defense was baffled when he received the President's orders.

248719  Air Biscuit: I'm still laughing to myself about this a day or two (dunno howmuch time has elapsed) later without even seeing it. Jolly good show.

248966  sparename: And now, with the advances in Biro cheapness and the fact that I hardly actually write anything anymore, the only use I can find for liquid ink is showing up cracks in printed circuit boards or metal castings

248923  Robespierre: Heavy rotation

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248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248853 KnowLifer: @Mr. Shine @Dr Awkward I wasn't expecting that my comment would lead to this. I simply hate the way it looks on people. What does it represent or what meaning does it have to them is another thing to judge

248839 piranharama: Steering Wheel is Not Responding

248731 Felicity: Where you go to lick the daily slimer

248843 tib gubb: that's the temporal paradox episode

248841 brian greene: from which part of the english language did you get the word "surplexed" ????

248870 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy

248809 Air Biscuit: The Oreader is busted?what if i pay using a currency other than Os?

248935 E. HONDA: this shag carpeting is out of control

248734 glenalec: Get rid of post-baby belly with this one weird trick.

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 jochenau: "Alternative facts" is terrible, but see also: "credibility gap".
 Skaalar: @WTF @Scoo I was already depressed, this is just that rotten frosting on top of the cake.
 Scoo: Whispering it into the void is about the only safe place left to do so
 WTF: If people don't know what a 'fact' is there's no hope...
Image 158631   01-26-17   Uploaded by    SpaceCow
 Ulillillia: @grizzly Made in Jina*
 grizzly: Thanks, Trump.
 Lestrange: I dig posts from China
Image 158630   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Stoner
 well duh: Time for the "sad" button.
 wolfpk: The lesson is, if you can't catch the Pokemon just blow the building up and kill the damn thing!
 wolfpk: The lesson is, if you can't catch the Pokemon just blow the building up and kill the damn thing!
Image 158629   01-26-17   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Bernie 2016: Basil Wolverton
 hearsegirl: hotrod tardigrade
 Radstarboom: octorok stealing my rupees.
Image 158628   01-26-17   Uploaded by    AceOfSpades
 RalphyNoPants: Don't fuckle with shuckle.
 trelyate: this Pokemon Go update is weird
 KingTrebek: without context, the shuckle costume would be legit terrifying
 ThatGuy: Somebody call for help! No one would ever willingly choose to be Shuckle
 Dresdenkeogh: I choose you pikaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Image 158627   01-26-17   Uploaded by    hex0
 a robot: "Well where ELSE am I supposed to keep it?"
 Zampano: Omg, gross his cock is sticking out of his pants
 Mr. Whiskers: Happy to see you too!
 EvilOtter: Cool motorcycle.
 Headoftheclass: Awesome pecker!
 grizzly: Nice rooster!
 Lestrange: Oh no he didn
 FabricMan: ... for Harambe! (Okay that was the last time I promise)
 scribbs: If Radding this is wrong, I don't wanna be right!
 Bolt Vanderhuge: LOOKIT DAT FAT KAWK
Image 158626   01-26-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 wolfpk: Look at the center and quickly scroll up and down with in the picture. Make sure you are not high or you will completely trip out!
 wolfpk: Look at the center and quickly scroll up and down with in the picture. Make sure you are not high or you will completely trip out!
 White Rice: Someone put on the hypno-toad sound effect!
 Dresdenkeogh: *nausea intensifies *
Image 158625   01-26-17   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 Science: That MCP, that's half our problem right there.
 Winterneuro: User, for the win!
 Headoftheclass: Nice catch, Sark!
 Coolguy: Mind blown....
 tritium: Tron is, indeed, rad.
Image 158624   01-26-17   Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Annoying Vegan : Are we sure they're butt robots, and not robot butts?
 Mr. Butt: @a robot I saw this on TFD and just had to post it :D
 a robot: @DrinkMixMan This image portrays the scene directly after #158180
 EvilOtter: I am happy.
 SomeCanadian: @Mr. Butt @drewtoothpaste TFD is amazing. As are MTTS, TWTFS, and this post. You keep doing you, Drew. Glad to see you on the Spaceship.
 Mr. Butt: @drewtoothpaste Imagebot usually rejects images with urls, watermarks, etc.
 fanny: I'M HAPPY!!
 Knice: Robutts
 DrinkMixMan: Finally, something @Mr. Butt and @a robot can both enjoy.
 DrinkMixMan: Throw a dick in there somewhere and you've got a deal.
 Coolguy: @Mr.Butt Is this a question or a statement?
 drewtoothpaste: why did you cut the url off? it's from
 Ulillillia: Butt Robots in the 25th Century
 Peach: *smells pepperoni* 3 things, actually.
Image 158623   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 Wookiee: Is he fucking the world or is that the worst case of blue balls ever?
 Fancy Clown: @Peter Pantsless Bravo!
 Coolguy: Trump aside, this has been happening for centuries. Yada yada absurdity of existence blah blah...
 fakeusername: makes more sense than most creation myths
 funny in the wall: @Peter Pantsless fuck 'em all to death
 Peter Pantsless: This is also the title of Trump's presidential portrait
Image 158622   01-26-17   Uploaded by    Peach
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