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262463  dangerkeith3000: This makes me laugh every time I see it.

262465  dangerkeith3000: Also EAT MOR CHICKN

262466  dangerkeith3000: What'll it be, Norm?

262471  Robespierre: It appears that "Red Rank Fascination" has run its course. Next...

262467  dangerkeith3000: Whoa whoa whoa! A little harsh my dudes.

262469  Robespierre: Original poster is just jealous

262468  dangerkeith3000: I wonder how Kit would feel knowing his likeness is on a dude's appendage. (quite a good likeness, it's a well done tat)

262466  Robespierre: So THIS is what "partying with the Kardashians" is all about.

262470  dangerkeith3000: Howard the Duck reboot looking A LOT better than the original.

262468  Butcherboy: Id like that Hawaiian shirt

262471  dangerkeith3000: What an ass.

262476  ignatz: Platypup

262447  fanny: aww, another kitty that looks like my famous did. thanks for the saddness, spaceship.

262478  ignatz: Spice is one helluva drug

262479  ignatz: Library not found

262469  skillet: Looks like one of those Geico more commercials

262457  fanny: fuck off, trumpillar!

262473  ignatz: Rules me out..

262468  Scoo: Hawaiian Snow

262466  charlemagne: @Vaple Flumuble four legs good, two legs bad

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262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262425 dangerkeith3000: This is the most awesome thing I will probably see today.

262377 Side Boob: @Luft Cremombies I never said it wasn't necessary, now did I?

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262195 Science: @Rart Brongo: It's not your job to police the highway - if someone wants to go 150, get the hell out of their way and let them pass.

262235 dangerkeith3000: @Shay lolol

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 Murt Horpongo: @guest As a Killer Instinct fan, I ask that you at least spell it right: C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! You still get a (+) though
 Rumpo Drumomple: combo breaker
 Crump Morpungus: She uses that picture as a threat. Piss me if and see what happens.
 Muft Grunupert: She uses that picture as a threat. Piss me if and see what happens.
 Gump Flumongus: She uses that picture as a threat. Piss me if and see what happens.
 Truwn Dampumbies: She uses that picture as a threat. Piss me if and see what happens.
 Verb Brongo: If you zoom out you'll see the forest is on fire
 Pump Dampomple: haha no shit. Awesome
 Flurbo Morpungo: Choose your 15 minutes of fame carefully. (She chose wisely!).
 Thiple Dampungo: Has anyone checked her for little numerical tatoos?
Image 156898   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Flempo Dampumbies
 Rilm Flumbies: Rad for vintage Doberman. Also, am being nose-poked by Dobe who is feeling attention-deprived.
 Gurb Albumple: I'm reading this with a Dobe resting his head on my lap.
 Gople Plemumple: Getting sued out of house & home 101.
 Gump Plemupert: @Amy Housewine Oh, so like my pup, then
 Baple Horpungo: Hound has breath bad enough to make people reel back in horror.
 Fruft Flumongus: Control dogs' actions with your FEMALE POWER HAT.
 Rang Morpombies: The purse was full of treats and belly rubs
 Crimp Gropert: The man who's underarm was offensive to dogs.
Image 156897   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Ling Grunomple
 Haft Flumoble: *SQUEEEE*
 Frald Floble: SO FUZZY
 Friwn Cremupert: I rarely encounter mean cats, I think a cat just bit a Social Media Influencer once or something.
 Thompo Grungo: This is what vegans actually believe.
 Thirt Horpuble: 2 cute 2 b real
 Lort Flumupert: Now I have diabetes. Worth it
Image 156896   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Flango Gromple
 Fleld Drumoble: Nice aim to dock that thing
 Craft Horpopert: BOOP
 Flampo Plemongo: Just the tip
 Pirt Pluble: Kablua wasn't a particularly hard boss.
 Lople Flupert: I always forget that blimps were really huge
 Held Horpumbies: They need to make a new Crimson Skies game
 Rempo Flumple: @ignatz - I believe it is, though I suspect it is the engineer supervising the docking clamp or re-gassing line.
 Vilm Grombies: Is that a guy sticking his head out of the nose? Now that's a 1st class cabin..
 Duft Horpungus: Docking... docking... All you ever think about is docking!
 Pulm Flumombies: This is impossibly rad. It's a shame we don't build more blimps.
Image 156895   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Hild Plungus
 Thaple Grunombies: I don't know what the fuck this is, but it made me actually laugh out loud
 Huft Albungus: I'm more terrified of the surfer's tiny, tiny shorts.
 Dompo Flongo: Changing to Killer Wave in 3...2...
 Melm Horpombies: obviously my new steam profile pic
 Vorbo Dampungus: Cecil is not as I remembered. Nor Beanie Boy.
 Ding Plupert: @Micro Jackson Booyakasha!
 Mart Rempombies: Kowabunga!
 Parm Plopert: New Jurassic Park attraction looking rad af
 Flirbo Grunopert: Gnarly, dude!
Image 156894   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Flald Plemungo
 Trarbo Cremongo: @Zukero its certaintly easy for me! (I definetly don't live there)
 Crald Drumopert: It should be easy for them to remember OHIO.
 Flolm Plemongus: @SomeCanadian we wouldn't have moose-wishes without you
 Trert Rempumple: @Eleftheros It IS a magical place.
 Frald Albongo: @SomeCanadian because Japanese impression of America knows we don't believe in Canada
 Vango Drumungus: Not sure how I feel about Indianapolis being moved to Michigan.
 Relm Bropert: You could have just posted the Earthbound map screen, you know.
 Thungo Brongo: You forgot Disney world.
 Hold Albumbies: Most people's view of any country (or state, or city) they haven't visited (or explicitly studied).
 Ruld Plemungus: Don't ask me; I don't know anything! I'm product of American education system. I also build poor-quality cars and inferior-style electronics.
 Mirb Horpuble: Enh, close enough.
Image 156893   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Florbo Plemuble
 Frurb Flumple: I do not understand a single one of these comments. Carry on.
 Horb Grunuble: Nooooooooobody knows the trouble I've seeeeeeennnnn.....
 Fremp Horpupert: Probably says "trouble" because there's a guy in a shark costume lurking in the background.
 Flang Horpumple: Eh, wat's SUP, Duct?
 Jald Albongus: I can hear the silence!
 Flingo Cremungo: ACK! THBBFT!!
Image 156892   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Dawn Dampuble
 Loft Dampungus: A painting so powerful it starts an exorcism just from being viewed.
 Ping Grungo: the power of christ compels you!
 Murbo Cremumbies: I kinda feel the same way when I see those pictures.
 Mung Albumple: "Antichrist spotted. We're doing really well on this scavenger hunt!"
 Beple Pluble: "it wasn't wine, lol"
 Flarbo Albungus: but is it art?
 Ramp Rempumbies: Puke spell invoked!
 Flerbo Plumple: His demons were expunged
 Jungo Horpungo: Me too, buddy
 Flaple Cremungo: "But Jesus said, suffer your breakfast, and forbid it not, to come unto me..."
Image 156891   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Meft Flumongus
 Rengo Bropert: Looks like he's REALLY enjoying it.
 Crelm Plemungus: Nightmare fuel
 Hung Plongus: o hai! just swallowing this egg, so i can pierce it with my throat fang, drain it and then regurge the shell. How are you?
 Vongo Flombies: Riki tiki tavi get your ass in gear
 Hurb Plongus: Cue the server: "So, how's everything tasting here? Can I get you anything else? Refill on that Coke, maybe?"
Image 156890   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Miple Flumongo
 Pirm Rempumbies: well thanks. now the damn tune is banging in my head.
 Floft Morpungo: @Ulillillia haha i sent the last one to my dad, and he texted back: Funny.
 Flingo Plemomple: Thanks again, Dad.
 Gart Morpopert: rinky dinky pinky
 Limp Rempungo: He really is a groovy cat.
 Gift Brombies: @a robot Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant deeeead ant
 Mamp Pluble: What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?
Image 156889   01-17-17   Uploaded by    Pango Plemumbies
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