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248972  Yurishiro: The Secretary of Defense was baffled when he received the President's orders.

248719  Air Biscuit: I'm still laughing to myself about this a day or two (dunno howmuch time has elapsed) later without even seeing it. Jolly good show.

248966  sparename: And now, with the advances in Biro cheapness and the fact that I hardly actually write anything anymore, the only use I can find for liquid ink is showing up cracks in printed circuit boards or metal castings

248923  Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248896  Science: @raditzu: It's a special courier service called "Se-mail."

248974  Yurishiro: All I can say about this is... Boner tails freak me out.

248975  Yurishiro: @nothing

248959  Christina: Feels good, man.

248906  Science: Awesome joke, Aidan. Too bad this person was almost murdered by a psychopath and has now had her entire life turned upside down. Dick.


248921  Mad Collager: Soon he will dream of the electric torch.

248979  Yurishiro: Mao.

248908  Science: Please don't show this to my dog. It's bad enough that he constantly slaps at the gate to go outside.

248946  Air Biscuit: Doncha listen to him Dan, hes a devil not a man, and hes drenched the burning sands with water. Cool. Clear. Water.

248963  Christina: It's a trap!

248924  Mad Collager: @VoR He wanted the image to post without it being changed to "apple".

248968  Yurishiro: @Knice thank you for not saying deez nutz.


248928  Mad Collager: @Dr Awkward I thought Dolly was a llama!

248962  Yurishiro: 4k UHD / full hd

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248714 Felicity: Go away, it*s Narnia business

248839 piranharama: Steering Wheel is Not Responding

248843 tib gubb: that's the temporal paradox episode

248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

248734 glenalec: Get rid of post-baby belly with this one weird trick.

248870 Jaunty Shrimp: Dont make me won't like me when I'm kermy

248731 Felicity: Where you go to lick the daily slimer

248853 Jaunty Shrimp: @Robespierre If you judge a book by the cover, then you judge the look by lover heh

248841 brian greene: from which part of the english language did you get the word "surplexed" ????

248935 Mad Collager: @Robespierre Sir, please help me up the stairs. Oh yes! Oh Yes!!

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 Jeannie C: One of the better features of OCD hell.
 sparename: @LaeMi my own fault, trying to get a trojan out of my tablet instead of monitoring friendly spaceships
 Peach: @LaeMi I think you mean a close #2.
 redmonkey3: Oh the hangover excitement!
 Radstarboom: I know it's probably glass, but we'll never know unless we rub a wet finger around the rim.
 Radstarboom: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Head.
 a sedated moose: I wouldn't want this in my house, but would totally love to shit in this shitter.
 LaeMi: @sparename - I think @Nope won this one, but you are certainly a close second!
 sparename: I see what you did there
 a robot: @Nope Comment of the day right here :D
 Nope: Yo check this shit out
Image 148477   12-05-16   Uploaded by    SpaceCow
 Borkf: That's a lot of wi-fi networks. I bet the interference is a bitch.
 Skaalar: Not as good as the one after this one, but I enjoyed moments.
Image 148476   12-05-16   Uploaded by    morrissey
 Amy Housewine: I like this @antipatterns character.
 Hiddentigerma: @LaeMi I never said I wanted to change things.
 Hiddentigerma: @Skaalar I'll say that peace is possible when I see it.
 antipatterns: *without. damned capitalist autocorrect
 antipatterns: @Jeannie C it takes imagination and courage to imagine a society with hierarchy, two things we have been systematically eliminating in recent years. Despite all evidence, I believe in the impossible.
 Jeannie C: @antipatterns Time will overturn every ruling order. The problem is, it is replaced by the new ruling order.
 Amy Housewine: Seize the means of porkduction.
 LaeMi: @sparename - the big problem is one of deciding who gets to stay and who to go. I know myself well enough to know I am no more qualified to make such a decision than the next idiot.
 sparename: @LaeMi churchofeuthanasia dot org used to say something along the lines of "the garden of humanity is full of weeds - it needs ploughing over and starting again"
 Beeble: Is @LaeMi the new [CENSORED]? Agreer of things?
 sparename: @antipatterns "Apathy ru
 antipatterns: Beware. The real cynics are the ones who claim that the ruling order cannot be overturned. Only apathy and disenfranchisement can protect them.
 redmonkey3: @LaeMi - i will minion this plan
 Shay: Fourth frame: *BUTTHORN*
 Skaalar: @Hiddentigerma That plan relies on people who are suicidal, NOT gaining positions of power.
 LaeMi: @Hiddentigerma - Actually, that is why my plan to humanely euthanise a carefully-selected 7/8 of the human population makes perfect sense. (A plan, I should add, I am far too apathetic to even make vague motions towards implementing).
 Hiddentigerma: @Sadbot For every person that's okay with coorperation. There are 2 dozen that are not. It's a fools game. That's why a dream of peace will always remain a dream. Unless every country has nukes aimed at every country.
 Sadbot: @Hiddentigerma not for most humans
 Hiddentigerma: Then it's a good thing that humans working together is near impossible at best.
Image 148475   12-05-16   Uploaded by    ChubbyBuddy
 itskando: Anthony jeselnik?
 illBilliam: Ohhhhh yessss I'm now in flavor country... *eyes roll in back of head as I squirt the last of the mustard onto the last chip in the bag*
 Peter Pantsless: @a sedated moose Oh I was menthol all the way. But I don't have to think about that anymore :)
 a sedated moose: @Peter Pantsless I've always preferred non-menthol. The few times I bought a pack of menthols, after about three cigarettes I'd think "Great, now I have to smoke all these menthols."
 Hosebag: It's Bill Clinton and that's NOT mustard!
 Peter Pantsless: @a sedated moose ah. When I smoked, Newport was my brand, and when those came out I was all "Pack of Newports, please." And then the cashier would ask "The regular kind?" and I'd be like "...pack of Newports, please?"
 a sedated moose: @Peter Pantsless I actually was aware of that, I was working in a gas station at the time; my joke was that the non-menthol Newports are widely regarded as not being very good. I didn't communicate that well.
 Dr. Bathroom: I think that's a ruffled potato chip. Still just as gross.
 Peter Pantsless: @a sedated moose yes, actually. As of like a few years ago
 NuclearWinter: Mustard on the ravioli--Pure Pleasure indeed
 a sedated moose: But can I experience Newport Pleasure in non-menthol?
 tamarindo: I've always wanted to "squeeze the French's mustard" with Bill Clinton.
 a robot: Mmm, mustard on crackers, just like mom used to make!
 guest: mmmyes. this pleases me
 Scoo: That's some serious mustard-squirtin' pleasure!
Image 148474   12-05-16   Uploaded by    canada
 Prostata: lol her bush is peakin' out
 trelyate: RIP Trini
 scribbs: I surrender!
 Psymon: 1970's Yellow Power Ranger?
 Beeble: How'd all that mustard make it down here?!
 Sadbot: @Shay Don't spoil Westworld for me
Image 148473   12-05-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Jeannie C: Let's tango!
 redmonkey3: Gimme some lovin'!
 Sadbot: Get ready for dogtimes!
Image 148472   12-05-16   Uploaded by    frenk
 CastleBravo: ....someone should paint this.
Image 148471   12-05-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 itskando: Dickborkf
 Sadbot: I'm embarrassed for your owner, too
Image 148470   12-05-16   Uploaded by    tamarindo
 Air Biscuit: Built for but sniffing.
 itskando: Self shaking
 ch: this pupper can now hear what you're thinking
 carpwoman: @hearsegirl - I laughed so hard at that the cat jumped out of my lap.
 hearsegirl: chair of shame
 Hosebag: I think I have made a terrible mistake.
 drtofu: Two-dog cone
 Sadbot: Pls don't sit
 scribbs: For when you get two dogs fixed at the same time.
 a robot: Uh....I meant to do that.
Image 148469   12-05-16   Uploaded by    Weather
 redmonkey3: Okay... that was bad and VERY unintentional - apologies.
 redmonkey3: @AverageJoe - create an anal account ? Count me in!
 AverageJoe: the same applies to anal
 jochenau: @El hefe Lately they've been putting 'unsubscribe' links in the emails that actually just unsubscribe you. Seems like before you had to reset the password so you could login and set your 'pls email me forever' option (wherever it was buried) to 'don't'.
 El hefe: First option should read: Cool, I want endless emails and a password I'll have to reset in 10 months because I forgot it
 tamarindo: If that's a default, thank you.
Image 148468   12-05-16   Uploaded by    daver
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