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268911  hajjpodge: My dad could imitate him perfectly. And being true to dad form, he did it very often.

268907  Yam: @ThoughtlessGentleman Unexpectedly is so much better than expectedly in this case

268919  peeper: Bobby's what?

268919  Pickle Dick: Got-dangit Bobby

268919  sandwiches: Bobby's can't actually do this.

268919  Sharkface: dont tread on my purse!

268918  nimbus: Amazing grandmotherstantine

268305  Science: @a robot: You can't find that shit! I don't know what's going one, but there is no official outlet for the old Looney Tunes cartoons. Even YouTube is pretty much a desert. It's really sad.

268907  ThoughtlessGentleman: "I just shat myself unexpectedly."

268376  Science: @tib gubb: "Distress signal" implies the grass is giving a warning. That smell is the release of chemicals that seal up the cut portion of the plant. That's it. Plants don't have a brain or central nervous system, and therefore, cannot feel pain. They can produce a response to stimuli, but that isn't the same as responding to pain.

268386  Science: @wordjones: "Man Attacked by Babies." It's in Oslo. There are a LOT of weird naked statues in that park.

268903  FabricMan: If it looks like that, you might have dia-BEE-tes

268417  Science: Adam didn't get a job, because employers saw this billboard stunt and immediately determined he makes bad financial decisions.

267848  Mr Bleak: You're a Wizard @Albo Grungus! Now fuck off to Hogwarts.

268903  MrBoffo: Oooohhh - got it down to 1

268535  Science: It does there too. They just cut that off and sell the rest to you.

268878  Shay: Good thing that dog is covered by Aflac.

268899  Shay: DENTAL PLAN

268903  Shay: How?

268904  Shay: Is that Penn?

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268624 Shay: @Dr. Bathroom Oh damn, I remember watching that abortion special with Charlton Heston on late night TV and gave me the hibbie jibbies.

268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268730 Not A Bot: don't look at me, I'm irrelevant

268707 Side Boob: Can I leave the girl in the shelter, or do I have to adopt them together?

268610 snipdawg: @WannaBee hug

268713 WannaBee: Nice buns, hun.

268497 Scoo: murica.jpg

268687 raditzu: Party Hard

268710 antipatterns: Other cops include: judges, army guys, teachers, hr people, and your mom and dad

268611 fanny: yeah the content outweighs the upload/username combo for me too... bad @Felicity

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 Dresdenkeogh: @mrwiffler this porn is pretty fly
 Headoftheclass: Unfortunately, I've seen bikers do this. I mean, having sex on a motorcycle while screaming down the highway at 75 mph, not having sex on my car.
 tib gubb: + for attitude
 mrwiffler: Fly porn. Awesome!
Image 145189   11-19-16   Uploaded by    Brain
 Dresdenkeogh: Get a bidet, I mean God damn, people. Better for the planet. And your butt. And it will end this tired debate.
 scribbs: One suspects that the BF probably doesn't understand positive reinforcement well enough to actually implement it.
 Hiddentigerma: Who cares. You literally use it to clean your asshole. It's not important.
 Mr. Butt: Took me a second to realize this wasn't about the gf's "logs."
 Sadbot: @mrwiffler I just impart perspective through suffering
 mrwiffler: The blue to purple ratio here is impressive. This is war!
 mrwiffler: @Sadbot You sir are a saddist.
 Sadbot: Everyone with strong feelings about toilet paper hang orientation deserves to have their rolls drilled perpendicular to the regular openings and put on the holder through the new hole.
 mrwiffler: Locked GF in basement with other failures. Oh well, at first you don't succeed....
 Thyming: Bf training logs day 374. Subject continues being a passive-aggressive dick.
 sparename: You're pissing into the wind...
Image 145188   11-19-16   Uploaded by    drilldo
 Himesama: @deeeeeeeez I live for Maury. I like when the guy starts dancing or when the women run backstage hysterically.
 Skaalar: @Hosebag Funny, I saw the same sign on the brain depository.
 Hosebag: Please leave DNA sample in the after-hours slot.
 Hiddentigerma: "No eugenics"
 deeeeeeeez: "LaShahwn, you are NOT the father." "I told you bitch!"
 funny in the wall: Give em back you cur
Image 145187   11-19-16   Uploaded by    Mumbles
 InfiniteZero: The beans get stuck in the straw. Would not order again.
 Trick Question: no
 PenguinBartender: *hurk*
 tib gubb: sounds fabu... nevermind i'll pass.
 deeeeeeeez: L3monad3 is their resident Anonymous hacktivist who was forced to provide proof of employment to Aunt Linda.
 ottorongo: 1337
 mrwiffler: No thanks!
 Borkf: I;m thinkin bout thos lemonades.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Mmmmmm refreshingment.
Image 145186   11-19-16   Uploaded by    White Male
Image 145185 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by qazwsx. Boo, qazwsx.
 Flarmie: It's interesting to me that the top Google image search for that phrase is a screen shot of a Google image search for that phrase.
 scribbs: I enjoy this image. I'm proud to have bumped the score over 300.
 deeeeeeeez: Hyperloop lookin like Silver Moon Express...
 tib gubb: somebody strap wings to that doggo and let it fly.
Image 145184   11-19-16   Uploaded by    myrealname
 scribbs: I question the moral integrity of anyone who says that one "can't miss" an unlocked door.
 deeeeeeeez: Sir, Billy has been dead for 13 years and every cop in the city knows that the 58th street place is just an empty apartment with a pic of old man balls next to an origami paper game...
 SunWukong: I wish to have a pint with Otis.
Image 145183   11-19-16   Uploaded by    Sauce Packets
 Jaunty Shrimp: Addicts like to learn, too.
 deeeeeeeez: Not really shocking, since 12 shots of tequila turns pretty much anyone into a 9/11 truther and physics professor.
 Bob: Highlighter is a nice touch.
 tib gubb: @Sadbot wow them with the power of science, bro.
 Sadbot: @tib gubb But what if your bros find out?
 Borkf: I'm totally going to start doing this to people.
 tib gubb: it's okay to learn.
Image 145182   11-19-16   Uploaded by    grimes
 DarkTeddy: Guess its time to shave my head
 Hiddentigerma: @whiplash It's him.
 Hiddentigerma: Robbie rotten. What're you doing with my girl!
 Jayfu: Bad image though, neither my wife, not daughters would go for this colossal douche type
 Jayfu: @whiplash That is, without a single doubt is indeed Robbie Rotten. It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
 deeeeeeeez: With an equally high chance of working at CVS.
 Chest Rockwell: Wait... I have hair like that.
 whiplash: Bottom left looks like Robbie Rotten.
 Borkf: Guys like this have 125% chance of being unbearable.
 tib gubb: bottom-left is psycho - i'm serious.
Image 145181   11-19-16   Uploaded by    fakeplastic
 Hiddentigerma: Bulbina cosplay. (No one will get MY references, Hahahaha)
 Hiddentigerma: Bulbina cosplay. (No one will get MY references, Hahahaha)
 deeeeeeeez: Bobbi Kristina Brown pays dearly for trying to game the electronic toothbrush scene. Tryna avoid paying for a Clarisonic Mia...
 jochenau: Was she trying to look like the girl on the bottom right? And why is she looking at the toothbrush like that if she's planning to use it to makeup her face?
 ChubbyBuddy: whiteface, while clearly not as bad as blackface, ain't that cool either. imho
Image 145180   11-19-16   Uploaded by    Teh Simpson
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