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233515  SpaceCow: Planet of the Chickens vs Planet of the Apes.

233509  DrNinjaman: That's one way to avoid STDs

233521  SpaceCow: Of course if it's English, there's also meat in your pudding.

233517  DrNinjaman: #233369 left the faucet on

233507  PenguinBartender: @tib gubb *headsplode*

233512  Teechur: @dangerkeith3000 Well, Yoda rode Luke pretty hard there, too.

233520  Shay: Stand still laddie.

233509  karmakat: sure can't blame de dog there...

233513  Teechur: This Jurassic Park reboot is weird.

233511  karmakat: YAH PERVERT WEIRDO!

233520  DrNinjaman: Needs a reindeer nose & antlers

233528  Peter Pantsless: Where will you be?

233517  karmakat: did the fishers came back yet?

233520  karmakat: that poor person will need worse than brain bleach at this point...

233460  DrNinjaman: This is more of a braising cut

233490  Not A Bot: do people actually use right shift?

233506  Warrax: @Mr. Shine The Peach has it.

233398  Chile Quornwrap: @Felicity looool

233517  Yurishiro: "All aboard the friendly spaceship!"

233517  Yurishiro: Internet dock is pretty busy today

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233370 Kaviri: Thank you for contacting bad dragon support center, how can I help you today?

233376 Science: I wanna Oompa those Loompas

233387 carpwoman: I remember my first beer....

233418 Kaviri: *his

233364 a robot: @jochenau *chef kiss* Flawless!

233372 Side Boob: @Sadbot While I agree that some people are indeed weird, I think you are painting with an overly large brush. Maybe you just need to get out more. vOv

233327 Mr. Shine: @fanny Urine IS sterile when fresh, after all.

233335 Mr. Shine: Now look at your man, now back to me.

233349 Whatever: Pretty old data if The Colbert Report is listed.

233451 raditzu: green is the new... black?

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 Hiddentigerma: @thecraftywolf No. You should feel bad for trusting people to do things correctly the rest of the time.
 duckfarts: they seem a bit undercooked
 Kohapi: Now to deep fat fry this batch.
 dobbiesdoogs: all sweet no sour
 Knice: McBorkfets
 Ulillillia: Pupper Poppers
 thecraftywolf: should i feel bad for counting?
Image 141606   11-01-16   Uploaded by    SpaceCow
Image 141605 is unbelievably bad (score -4) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Minx. Boo, Minx.
 Yttermayn : @Side Boob I thought maybe that was the case but I never seen it on a lever action before. Seems unnecessary.
 Side Boob: @Yttermayn Some gas is vented up to counter the recoil force and keep the muzzle down
 a robot: @duckfarts Obama, Clinton, H.W. Bush and Reagan were all lefties. Kind of a weird trend
 duckfarts: forgot he was a lefty
 Kohapi: New D.C. Sniper?
 DrinkMixMan: Taken from some poor fool's cold dead hands.
 Yttermayn : Did his barrel split along the side?
 Peter Pantsless: In a shootout with Dick Cheney
 Nope: These *bang* aren't *bang* mom *bang* jeans *bang*
 Mr. Butt: Shit, did Obama take our guns just for himself?
 ignatz: O-Bam-A
Image 141604   11-01-16   Uploaded by    ShamWOW
 drtofu: Didn't say how they used it... hmmm
 duckfarts: This is CONSIDERATE
 Xeno: There's nothing quite like the feeling of a cold, wet toothbrush in your mouth to stir one's emotions.
 EvilOtter: Somebody has herpes.
 flyingBEARfish: This person cares more about others than any human I've ever encountered, including myself.
 tamarindo: That's courteous!
Image 141603   11-01-16   Uploaded by    beckybecky
 Xeno: Rock doves and a house crow.
 Kohapi: Live action City Face.
 Yttermayn : Lets play Hopsquash!
 annterland: Hello fellow pigeons
Image 141602   11-01-16   Uploaded by    shark
 a robot: This is stupid but it made me laugh out loud
 Kohapi: No worries, bro. Just add some water and let him simmer. He'll be just fine.
 Teechur: @thecraftywolf Yeah, two. Neither one of them came home with Duds. Now to look for Necco wafers. BRB....
 Teechur: @Butcherboy I'll trade ya some of these crappy, stale Halloween pretzels for some of those Duds!
 sparename: Is it just UK TV ads where Ben looks like he's peering over a high table? they can show his shirt on the packets...
 Butcherboy: This how I looked when I found only milk duds@Teechur
 Janston: With great rice comes great responsibility.
 thecraftywolf: @Teechur you have kids? i just looked through my sister's and couldn't find any warheads @panda
 Teechur: This is how I felt when I raided my kids' Halloween bags and didn't find any Milk Duds.
Image 141601   11-01-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Kohapi: Guys. Do you ever have problems finding.... you know.... the right hole?
 DrinkMixMan: I keep holding the "down" key but nothing is happening.
 Mr. Shine: This is one of my favorite desktop wallpapers
Image 141600   11-01-16   Uploaded by    Minx
 duckfarts: @Janston liquid dick would indeed be terrifying
 Xeno: No, I usually ponder what the exact American Wire Gauge diameter would be. Not dick.
 carpwoman: Something new to ponder.
 Mr. Butt: I'm really glad that the endless void of death separates this image from @fanny and her family.
 sparename: "Long or short, Thick or thin, Vaseline, Will get it in"
 Janston: A dick the shape and size of my diarrhea would be terrifying.
 Warrax: No.
 dobbiesdoogs: @UltraBeverly as long as it worked
 UltraBeverly: I have used that as a pick up line, I am a bad person.
Image 141599   11-01-16   Uploaded by    John Blender
 a robot: Rad for 1950s/60s Barbie, they had the best faces
 Nofishforsale: I dig zombie Ken.
 Kohapi: Fun for the whole family! The Barbie Dream Funeral. For ages 7 to Dead.
 Peter Pantsless: The Corpse Bride
 Bluetocracy: one wedding and a funeral.
Image 141598   11-01-16   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 Knice: @Fiasco Where ya been? Haven't heard from you in a while; I hope you're well. :-)
 Knice: Return flight: #159470
 fanny: @Knice :) now it's in my head (set to the tune of Hello my Baby)
 Knice: It's been in my head all morning, so I'm just going to say it: *ahem* #@fanny's in yellow/ she said hello/ come sit next to me, at Bustelo# I feel better now.
 a robot: We sell Cafe Bustelo at my work and now I'll think of @fanny every time I see it :D
 Himesama: @fanny Oh God no it was a joke I wore jeggings and a oversized hoodie I had to atleast give the illusion that I was wearing a bra.
 fanny: @Annoying Vegan I NEED TO BE THERE
 fanny: @duckfarts it's pretty rad :)
 duckfarts: so what's your opinion on cafe bustelo
 Annoying Vegan : @fanny It also appears to be a party in a
 fanny: @Borkf :) it's the most delicious coffee in the whole world :)
 Borkf: @fanny I have no idea what Cafe Bustelo is, but this is rad all the same :-)
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny Maybe we could spend our points on extra rads haha
 fanny: @Himesama thank you! I googled the Tara Reid costume and holy crap if you are serious :) good for you! i'm just thankful it wasn't snowing this year :)
 fanny: @Knice thank you :) i sent this and a close up of the earrings i made (they are just the Bustelo lady logo) to the company and they are sending me free coffee!! woo hoo!!
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless awe thanks! a "super rad" button would be awesome, maybe just on weekends or something :)
 Knice: Revisiting just to say that I really like this picture. :-)
 Himesama: @fanny You both look great! You must have to get extra creative with your costumes since it's so cold. I believe it was 78 degrees where I'm from (I wore the exact same costume Tara Reid wore this year)
 Wet farts: This is RADorable.
 werterland: This is too great! Thanks for sharing, @fanny!!
 ignatz: @Peter Pantsless That's a great idea, Purps could have one a year or something
 fanny: @Knice @Teechur @Mr. Butt @Fiasco thanks everyone *blushes* it was 45 degrees last night so i only had to wear one sweater and two pairs of leggings underneath :) i miss halloween already!
 Peter Pantsless: I wish I had a "1000 Rads" button!
 Fiasco: @fanny This is so ridiculously rad!! I was hoping you'd show us, and your cleveritude has not disappointed. Also your kiddo is adorable.
 Mr. Butt: Goddamn adorable! :D
 Teechur: Awesome outfits on both of you! Kudos for allowing her make her own! Very creative!
 Knice: MEGA-RAD!! Top-shelf @fanny! *imagines gong sound while clicking 'Rad.'
 fanny: @ignatz she didn't want me to make her a costume, instead she wanted to pick out her own stuff to wear, so she created piggy ballerina :)
 ignatz: @fanny Also love the piggy costume. Trying to limit the sheer tonnage of candy?
 fanny: @ignatz touch my skirt i'll smack your hand ;)
 ignatz: Erm, skirt is like one of those 'take a number' flyers..
Image 141597   11-01-16   Uploaded by    fanny
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