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263346  ignatz: Lawyers, guns and money? Nah, we got this covered..

263329  dangerkeith3000: I don't get it.

263342  KingTrebek: At least it won't get stolen

263335  dangerkeith3000: Beef is one of the safest meats to eat raw, but I prefer my steak medium / sometimes medium rare.

263339  Greek Fire: Just follow Kronos' example.

263339  dangerkeith3000: I'll start saying that. Especially since my baby sis had her first baby last week.

263348  ignatz: I'd be much less intimidated if they called it a kitty scan..

263286  dangerkeith3000: @Shay Yeah I wish he had learned sooner. But at least Mariska Hargatay had a cameo in that one.

263286  a robot: @dangerkeith3000 @Shay His finest performance is still when he was the most awkward person on the planet while standing next Kanye West talking about how George Bush doesn't care about black people

263271  KingTrebek: RIP butt ugly martians

263309  ChubbyBuddy: as someone who once worked at a wide format print shop, that sign was probably only somewhat less expensive than building a damn fence

263295  a robot: Kitty is just biding his time, planning the murder

263296  a robot: I love you, friend!

263336  fanny: basketboop

263297  a robot: Nice Canadian Tuxedo

263338  fanny: shouldnt he be watching pig sex?

263304  a robot: #263311 says hi

263311  a robot: #263304 says hi

263317  ignatz: I'm 55 yrs old and I still play in traffic. (bicycle/longboard) Come at me!

263335  Uncle Phil: I don't care. Just eat whatever.

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263011 Fiveninety: you don't know me

263009 Science: This is code for "We got shut down by the health department"

263293 KingTrebek: Too bad married sex and masturbation are mutually exclusive huh

263229 Felicity: The fact that it's flesh coloured is what pushes it over the edge into the uncanny valley

263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things


263162 Spazstatic: @Whatever oooh, good point.

263192 Robespierre: Hormel's Finest

263070 wolfpk: *and blows

263297 a robot: Nice Canadian Tuxedo

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 scribbs: @A duck Yes, she was very bad; she believed others' suffering would bring her closer to Jesus. She brought in enough to fund free hospitals; offered only death sentences. No joke. /soapbox
 Himesama: Be kind to one another that in itself is worth so much.
 Skaalar: @Christina Depends on you believe I suppose.
 DrinkMixMan: This issue: 10 Secrets Tricks for Pleasing Your God in Bed!
 Micro Jackson: Stop hoggin the blankets, Momma Terry!
 A duck: Gwen Stefani is p cute IMHO
 A duck: AFAIK & IIRC Mother Teresa was actually a pretty bad person IRL.
 Christina: @Skaalar What do you mean! She will get nothing from that.
 Skaalar: She was made a saint today I think. Good for her.
Image 128982   09-01-16   Uploaded by    FatTigerWoods
 Jaktai: War on drugs.
 antipatterns: The answer to violence is airdropping bud
 DrinkMixMan: This propaganda is working on me.
 Murdertaco: Goddamnit get my plants scrub
 Screech: Re-weaponise marijuana
 androbot: Wasn't this the trip where he choked on a pretzel?
Image 128981   09-01-16   Uploaded by    Taters
 minimum max: Walkin' on broken glass
 willowsprite: Yes, your Borkfness.
 Looper: I have looped
 Supermansbrother: We fled to an ocean like ours and the cracks snapped shut behind us.
 Amy Housewine: Fala Ger
 Christina: That's so majestic!
 Arthur Dent: (HRH At Tilbury) I know I have the body of a weak, feeble yappy dog; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too
 Knice: I feel like this pupper is running an illegal underground ping-pong tournament.
Image 128980   09-01-16   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 Agamemnon Triforce: Who's taking bathrooms pix of my kids? I'LL HAVE YOU HANGED!!!
 Skaalar: Got a face like an English muffin with eyes and a beak.
 Ukulelemike: Would you eat it with an owl? Would you eat in in a towel? Would you eat green eggs and ham, would you eat them, Sam-I-Am?
 funny in the wall: i will call you baldrick
 SomeCanadian: This towel is bitey.
 Butcherboy: no longer moist owlet
 Mexico: Can I interest you in a towlet?
Image 128979   09-01-16   Uploaded by    Mister Beef
 Korrok: Nah, fuck digging it, Korrok approves.
 Korrok: I can dig it.
 Himesama: They should all just play Silent Hill.
 chhumphrey: Yeah, #128977
 willowsprite: ...with a bloody knife in their hand.
 Warrax: No, it's the first one. You know what to expect with the others.
 Magma Safe: What didn't anyone else think of that. Can't they see them? They are among us. They...
 NoRagrets: Yep. That last one would do it.
Image 128978   09-01-16   Uploaded by    AdaMan
 Jeannie C: @mrwiffler Thank you, thank you. And apparently Mr Bitey here makes a great pet.
 mrwiffler: And those are sharp spikes all over it's body...crazy little fucker!
 mrwiffler: @Jeannie C This species was featured in the 1982 Guinness Book of World Records for having the litters of up to 32 young, which ties the record for mammals with the House Mouse.
 mrwiffler: @Jeannie C The tailless tenrec (Tenrec ecaudatus), also known as the common tenrec
 Jeannie C: Some sort of marsupial? Not a devil or a wombat, I think. What, what?
 TFChicken: Found something creepier than someone running with a giant smile on their face
 whiplash: Taming of the shrew, my ass.
 Scoo: I call the big one Bitey
 Arthur Dent: *Yawn* Damn its contagious
 Knice: Angerfloof.
Image 128977   09-01-16   Uploaded by    mrwiffler
 AverageJoe: all arround me are familiar posts, worn out jokes, worn out jokes
 imaginary gf: Traded in the General Lee for a generally.
 hairy: mermaid porn
 DrinkMixMan: They don't even realize venti means twenty and grande is Spanish for large!
 Fett4life: Pourfect!
 Jayfu: Truth hidden in advertising
 VoR: 3 legged man just having a casual walk...
 Christina: ...big time.
Image 128976   09-01-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Fiasco: @Starky15 lol quality comment
 DimwaldtThrockmorton: What googley eyes?
 willowsprite: Watching the friendly spaceship go by...
 Ukulelemike: First picture of the dark side of the moon that we never see.
 Ukulelemike: First picture of the dark side of the moon that we never see.
 Starky15: Tom Cullen knows this guy
 Scoo: erm meh gerd, erts der mern
 sparename: Finding Moony
 Arthur Dent: No drugs before using telescope!
Image 128975   09-01-16   Uploaded by    melted plastic
 Micro Jackson: Wasn't this a Tom Cruise movie that no one watched?
 SomeCanadian: Yeah, I'd be pissed too, horse.
 VoR: Jeeze dude, fire that thing near my ear again and I'll buck you into next week
Image 128974   09-01-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Headoftheclass: Indiana Parkview baby
 tea: Not pictured: twin sister Ya'Foxy Lady
 WaffleIron: Baby stocks are down! SELL SELL SELL!
Image 128973   09-01-16   Uploaded by    celtic
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