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210559  antipatterns: You lose your costume deposit if you puke in the thing

210410  trelyate: Chuck Tingle is their best customer

210546  antipatterns: Except libraries aren't controlled by a psychopathic corporation who sees knowledge as a "commodity"

210549  wolfpk: Only your own

210553  wolfpk: In this case movie and porn are synonyms.

210551  antipatterns: Reminds me of an old headline: "Headless Body Found In Topless Bar"

210557  fanny: *Iscream

210444  trelyate: his last name is the sound someone makes while drowning

210558  fanny: i think i just had sex?

210558  Amy Housewine: Instructions unclear, dick caught in confusing diagram.

210553  Ulillillia: :

210527  Ulillillia: The Best Things for Sale

210458  trelyate: this is all that is left of that chicken in the pic below this one

210549  Side Boob: Fart nazis!

210555  Amy Housewine: @fanny Maybe nothing is as funny as duck.

210528  Ulillillia: IWSN

210563  parrotsnest: Ones wavy and ones rippled... What's the confusion?

210530  Ulillillia: 32X: Sonic Porn

210555  wolfpk: Don't lie; it was the duckling that was doing your homework in the first place.

210531  Ulillillia: Longtime Monogamous Partner never shows up to my homaroo

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210512 BavidDowie: HUGE PENIS! I doing this right?

210343 mammal883: didn't this kid pass out in the video from his 'yeah boy'?

210491 DarkTeddy: Holy shit @Side Boob

210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

210528 Ulillillia: IWSN

210467 Yurishiro: Cut the cord you baby planet!

210508 Cami: @tess Remember pagers? Bike couriers and drug dealers...

210451 Niels Bohr: Hey there love angle.

210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210334 Hosebag: @Side Boob Don't run! We are your friends!

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 lecj07: Ugh, peta. Still kinda cool.
 Turts: I love the new Cronenberg fashion line!
 duckfarts: carrion luggage
 Derp Herpigan: A gift for the next unlucky TSA agent...
 Korrok: This will certainly be going on Korrok's holiday gift list.
 tib gubb: do you want face huggers? because that's how you get face huggers
 Janston: This kills the Gucci.
 Nope: *looks at list of pick up lines* *eyes "Yo I want my dick up in your flesh purse"* *Crosses off*
Image 126823   08-21-16   Uploaded by    savvoy
 duckfarts: I jump back UNGH I kiss myself
 Janston: Oh there are a lot worse things people can use than their feet.
 Nope: All love matters
Image 126822   08-21-16   Uploaded by    ani625
 Rincewiind: Lesser Atuins!
 Noremak: @VoR That's a breed of turtle, right?
 VoR: @SoyUnPerdedor @Janston @CastleBravo @XLY Tortoise. This is a Tortoise.
 SoyUnPerdedor: It's just as I suspected, turtles all the way down
 Janston: One turtle, with extra turtles.
 CastleBravo: Those should be elephants....
 Derp Herpigan: Docked in Mothership.
 XLY: Turtles on half a shell, turtle power!
Image 126821   08-21-16   Uploaded by    Bianxing
 Peter Pantsless: @scribbs preach it
 scribbs: @WaffleIron I had a college math prof. who insisted on pencil so we could erase. I'm left handed; pencil leaves the side of my hand black. I used a gigantic-leaded pencil, made deliberate mistakes, and never erased. Spite never felt so good.
 whiplash: @ a robot: you can see his last name is covered up with white tape.
 LancesLeftNut: syllabi be trippin'
 Poop Bird: professors and their goddamn syllabuses
 Horatio: @duckfarts Yeah, it'seems a habit from the Navy I just couldn't break myself of. I ended up losing a few points on basically every assignment that was hand written.
 duckfarts: i remember i got a point marked off a math quiz because I put a line through the zero and the other student grading it said "but that's for null set" which we hadn't learned yet anyway and I'm still bitter about this BULLSHIT INJUSTICE
 WaffleIron: Who actually reads the syllabus? And what kindergarten teaches economics - as every other level of education prefers pen?
 duckfarts: well, i guess i have to write with your blood then
 Derp Herpigan: @a robot Not sure if sarcastic or just couldn't see the white-out square blocking the last name.
 WTF: @a robot I believe it. This consistently happens at the college I work at.
 a robot: What high school/college test taker only writes their first name on the test? I'm calling shenanigans here
 Red: robert was later arrested for murder, but acquitted on the grounds that "that's some fucking bullshit, man."
 Mr. Butt: Got dangit, Bobby
 XLY: The nopening. Clearly the teach is in the pocket of big lead and big rubber
Image 126820   08-21-16   Uploaded by    romangreek
 Korrok: @WaffleIron Suffering and cake. Don't forget about the cake.
 Supermansbrother: Ron Sworsach.
 Derp Herpigan: [Insert comparison of Twilight here.]
 Korrok: Hurm?
Image 126819   08-21-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Lestrange: Aussie man
 deadwombat: Dunno, man ... it's been quite a while, but 12 hours doesn't seem to be an unreasonable half-life for lysergic.
 A duck: "There's a beverage here, man!"
 Warrax: Aquaman will finally be a true superhero when he learns this power.
Image 126818   08-21-16   Uploaded by    San DoDo
 Noremak: @arctic fox Just a generic tearjerker line you'd get out of a movie. Don't think too hard about it.
 arctic fox: @Noremak what do you mean
 Noremak: @smusher Some of us aren't as lucky as he is to go home. *sheds a tear*
 crazyfingers: There's your problem
 smusher: Satan can go to hell
 SoyUnPerdedor: I can't wait for this year's celebration of the War on Christmas
 Derp Herpigan: @Scoo This Bathamay or Bathamaynot be true.
 Warrax: I play cribbage with Satan on sundays, and he's really pleased with how everyone celebrates christmas with orgies of naked greed and consumerism. So if you want to hail Satan, just continue on as you have been.
 Scoo: This is what Evangelicals actually believe
Image 126817   08-21-16   Uploaded by    Pikachu
 VoR: oh. I might have missed the funny in this.
 CastleBravo: Four cuils away.
 Korrok: So are we getting a third season or not?
 a robot: @Janston I'm sure someone has tried
 Janston: You don't order pizza with extra pizza on it.
Image 126816   08-21-16   Uploaded by    brown tony
 duckfarts: jared no
 Scoo: That's actually fucking creepy: you want to see three year olds' underwear??
 DrinkMixMan: Good thing I'm this guy: #84706
Image 126815   08-21-16   Uploaded by    grimes
 hajjpodge: This is how studio executives come up with ideas.
Image 126814   08-21-16   Uploaded by    dtallon13
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