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221504  Unicorn: Wait how were you IN your desk? Maybe you were haunting it as ghost???

221496  bug: If I learned anything from RPGs, it's that I should stock up on rare weapons from this guy before leaving town.

221504  boozer: thank mr spinal

221495  carpwoman: @SimonSaysGarfunkel - House wren

221493  Mr. Shine: From my wife: "Say, say, say, that's a cool picture; it's black, it's white!"

221504  weed poop: Dude nsfw please

221471  Kaviri: This is actually a copy of current US foreign policy.

221493  Ulillillia: I always feel like somebody's watching me

221470  Mr. Shine: This has got to be in some specialty hospital?

221492  FabricMan: I *like* rolling coins. I find it calming.

221477  Mr. Shine: "Today all debts are paid."

221504  Peach Toddler: shuld uv warnd hem. thers a gyant fucken snake behind him

221478  Kaviri: Yep, hes dead.

221483  Mr. Shine: Like Korey Stringer, this writer needs to chill.

221493  Mr. Shine: Spiral Jackson?

221503  cakefizzle: Doggomelon

221495  SimonSaysGarfunkel: Titmouse

221487  Mr. Shine: This squirrel's nuts!

221489  White Rice: @Mr. Butt you can milk anything in this universe.

221492  White Rice: A commission free coin counting service? Neat. If this was a coinstar one, you would have paid out around $26 on that transaction (unless they changed their service charge %)

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221352 VeeKay: Pre-amputation xray

221273 BlarfyB: Better get upping, buddy.

221276 cArdent: Mars seems to have gotten stuck on the other side of the line rather than in it.

221357 Robespierre: @Ulillillia You may think that I'm a Goomer / But I'm not the only one / One da-aay-ay you will join us / And the woo-oo-oorld will be as one...

221464 Pizza: HIPSTER! ...Felt good to get that out.

221309 tib gubb: @grizzly not to quote a bad movie (star wars is a bad movie) but, who's the bigger fool? the fool, or the fool who follows him?

221407 ignatz: @mission2mars I was often double spaced while writing papers..

221470 Mr. Shine: This has got to be in some specialty hospital?

221319 glenalec: VV bet / 4 yards

221419 tib gubb: more like megabutts

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 WaffleIron: Now it's "100" with two lines underneath.
 Shay: Big Bird was dealing some serious drugs back in the day. Thankfully he's clean now.
 dobbiesdoogs: i miss trippy sesame street
Image 123457   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Science
 Headoftheclass: @Knice 8/05 Never forget
 Penultimate Grunongo: @Knice Whoa. I've been waiting so long and almost missed it.
 a robot: I feel tings in my tings
 Knice: Sequential upload number!
 fullofwind: Also, I try to shove mine down everyone's throat
Image 123456   08-05-16   Uploaded by    duckybox
 Slamajama: Bill's hiding Monica kneeling in front of him
 werterland: He's going to make a great First Lady.
 sparename: "Put two hands and a face on it and it's a clock"
 Beef Supreme: Little Willy's Willy won't go home...
 Niels Bohr: @Greek Fire that sounds like a euphemism. White house he he.
 Greek Fire: Can't wait to have Slick Willy back in the White House.
 Cami: Willie's willy.
 Cami: Willie's willy.
Image 123455   08-05-16   Uploaded by    tankadillo
 trelyate: Harambe is the one who taught Anakin how to fight small children
 goldman sachs: Yo dawg I heard you like snakes
 ironmaiden: Child abuse...
 dobbiesdoogs: sabers out
Image 123454   08-05-16   Uploaded by    eider
 LaeMi: Cat is thinking: So when can we start to eat them?
 Slamajama: Nothing to see here
 Bacon Train: This dog #36974 is moving up in the world.
Image 123453   08-05-16   Uploaded by    icloud
 Slamajama: Is Ike a new rave drug? Why does that doll have a phone dialer in its belly? And what's with the clown in the Stars and Stripes, is he stripping?
 werterland: Ah, yes, TV dinners. I sure do miss the good old days.
 WTF: Ike Barinholtz was even popular in '95!
 funny in the wall: @a robot: it's an important thing to do
 sparename: Whatever happened to nostalgia?
 Mr. Whiskers: I think they spelled 1955 wrong
 a robot: 1995 is considered old times now? *ties onion on belt*
 dobbiesdoogs: look out, lady!
Image 123452   08-05-16   Uploaded by    avemaria
 AftrBrnr: This is from an alternate reality where the Weasley's weren't wizards.
 Slamajama: Dork alert! Who just walked out of Sears with a completely new wardrobe,.... This guy!
 WaffleIron: @Cami : That strikes me as unfortunate in some way. @Borkf : Sadly I must concur with you.
 Borkf: @WaffleIron The Justin Bieber haircuts and caps with flat peaks disagree.
 Cami: @WaffleIron I see a kid wearing anot 80'so or 90'something band t-shirt every week.
 WaffleIron: That joy division t-shirt tells me that this picture is older than you think it is.
 Beef Supreme: @perd hapley In a couple decades, gingers will be as rare as unicorns.
 perd hapley: Whitest kids you know
 Fiasco: "Delta formation, my Gingermen! Engage charisma!"
 Mattixvii: Ginger infestation is getting critical. I prescribe fire, of course.
 Borkf: And the award for Most Punchable Face goes to... All of them.
 Nope: Oh its a fuckboi convention
Image 123451   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 VoR: Holy mother... I couldn't work it out for a moment.
 Bert Bertbert: @Borkf @dobbiesdoogs "a nostalgic look back in time"
 Slamajama: Damn Zika virus!
 Bert Bertbert: @Borkf @dobbiesdoogs "a nostalgic look back in time"
 Borkf: @dobbiesdoogs Scum scum scum
 dobbiesdoogs: i am tarka dal, an ambassador of the great vindaloovian empire
 bug: Reloading for #123456 Also, I thought this was a sock puppet at first.
Image 123450   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Knice
 Futurepants: @ lil buddy Kind of ironic given the fact that both Amos yee and Mohammed were both ok with people raping little children,,,
 Korrok: I've got one for you, Amos 4:12 "Prepare to meet thy god."
 hurr: hey want to know how to get mr. upset dad to be totally cool with this sheet? put "know your enemies" on top of it. i bet he'd be super ok with it!
 Borkf: @Headoftheclass It's a case of practice vs education. Same way you can learn about sex and drugs in class, but not do then in the toilets.
 2Berries: @trelyate seriously!
 trelyate: well, at least we can all agree that QR codes are dumb
 original og: Like a big ole slice of American cheese.
 carpwoman: Fuck you. lady.
 ineedhepl: "has never came home" - bad grammar, the hallmark of the angry fundie mom.
 Chef Says: Seems like this person already knows a lot about Christian practices. Maybe they should learn a little bit about the rest of the world and the history their faith shares with Islam.
 Headoftheclass: This parent has a valid point, but kinda goes off his/her nut with intensity. If kids are disciplined for bringing Bibles to school, and schools are reprimanded for Christmas activities, why is this allowed?
 Fiasco: "Ugh FINALLY some way I can make myself the center of attention!"
 Moldred: F.
 a robot: So which one is your lawyer? Is it Isaiah or Mark? And none of these phone numbers work, btw.
 a sedated moose: She named her so "Myson?"
 Urn BooUrn: Shitty, but entirely unsurprising.
 werterland: This is triggering me.
 fanny: wow.
 ignatz: fundamentalists, of any persuasion, are idiots.
 Borkf: How do you expect me to raise my son ignorant if you try to teach him about other religions and cultures?!
Image 123449   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 Natch: The loser gets boiled, the winner stays in the tank to see if he'll be voted off next week
 Knice: *scritching intensifies*
 Warrax: Look at me... I'm the goodboy now.
Image 123448   08-05-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
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