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243618  Yurishiro: @Felicity the old chicken-egg birth date debate

243681  Not A Bot: Needed another panel to show the jury doing the Arsenio hooting.

243647  jazzjunkie: Skillet bottom isn't very flat.

243672  tib gubb: now they tell me

243678  tib gubb: new instagram filter - 'the ugly stick'

243682  tib gubb: what does the quadratic formula have to do with this, pupper? get your head in the game!

243672  jazzjunkie: Necessary after the girlfriend made an ass of herself at the party #243658

243669  wolfpk: @karmakat Call me old school, but I don't see why they insist on using all CGI for stuff like this. A giant dinosaur or something like that; sure I get that. In a situation like the Beast, a good costume with a little CGI touch up (mostly face) would have been so much better! Mad Max Fury Road, now that's how to use CGI!

243618  Felicity: @Yurishiro Hair loss and a weak jaw make one less confident...Catch-22

243408  Felicity: I just read a disturbing science fiction story called /The Lurking Duck/

243417  Felicity: Caution--A Hyphen Is Not an Em-Dash

243669  Yurishiro: The beauty and the beast. I gotta say the beast looks nice in yellow.

243674  Bluetocracy: I'm lost, can you help me find the Pho King Way?

243422  Felicity: I disagree

243428  Felicity: Normies?!

243453  Felicity: Trump will be disappointed

243458  Felicity: @Yurishiro *Relp

243462  Felicity: What is that?

243678  sparename: You've been Hockneyed

243633  Korrok: Korrok approves.

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243473 sparename: This is like The Tales of Perry Winkle that frightened me as a kid, he was sitting on a giant crab

243485 copunter: i bite long waterdog

243638 lecj07: Live action Superjail?

243498 trelyate: also what was up with that duck with the inner tube with the little duck head is that thing alive or not?

243472 Gomi Day: i want pink robot's shirt. i want it desperately.

243564 Robespierre: A Murican, one of those "I don't give a shit about your worthless sponge life or your shithole planet" "badasses". Bet he says he's a Christian, too.

243534 fanny: @Felicity ah thanks for the explanation! And damn nazis, always ruining things.

243474 raditzu: You've got to love these eyes.

243466 dangerkeith3000: @Christina I agree. To have it make sense, use the subjuctive. Or add "the fact that" instead of just "that" and keep the indicative since now it's a fact. Either way works. Thanks!

243484 Ulillillia: If you insist!

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 crudites: What's a motherfucker gonna do, he's samoan.
 Janston: I didn't choose the corporate life, the corporate life chose me.
 Firm Buttocks: You still wouldn't argue with him
 Kohapi: The Rock ate what the Rock's cookin.
 Hydraxion: The Rock, back when he was but a pebble
 VoR: Aw yiss, photo taking time...
Image 120022   07-19-16   Uploaded by    redpeepee
 TurkeyVulture: Boy, dem Whites sure make some pretty good gubbments.
 DarkTeddy: Sign was plagerized
 hajjpodge: Don't trust them new conservatives over there!
 Janston: Trump supporters won't understand this.
 Agamemnon Triforce: @Jayfu No relation.
 Trick Question: I would almost vote this.
 Jayfu: Solid Uncle Ruckus cosplay.
Image 120021   07-19-16   Uploaded by    grizzly
 Urchin: Pictured: A kid who drank his milk, took his vitamins, and said his prayers
 Janston: I fear no man, beast, nor naptime, brother.
 ThatGuy: HULKAMANIA RUNNIN WILD BROTHER... right after nap time.
 cenecia: What're you gonna do when baby hulk comes for you, brother?
 Trick Question: Laugh if you must, but his sex tape is even *more* popular.
 Red: i hope that baby poops all over that costume
 Knice: Whatcha gonna dooo, when poor taste dresses youuuuuu!!!
Image 120020   07-19-16   Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Austin: Sean bean dies in everything, jeez
 tib gubb: So a typical Thursday
 5 Headed Snake God: And, has thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
 Janston: The latter adventures of vampie Shakespeare.
 PenguinBartender: Next Darksouls game shaping up to be the most punishing entry to the series.
 Trick Question: the line between good art and bad art is so far from this fucker it would take light ten million years to reach it
 Phillee: alternative ending to ET?
 Trick Question: Game of Thorns?
 Knice: This kills the whatever that is.
Image 120019   07-19-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 DarkTeddy: Same here
 Urn BooUrn: challenge accepted.
 msmstud: WANT TO PLAY.
 Warrax: Yes, I can.
 Janston: New King's Quest game looking good.
 hurr: i feel ya dude...
 crudites: The gaming world needs more hobo simulators
 Trick Question: get ye flask, then piss in flask
 questionable: oh yeah? *maintains direct, unblinking eye contact, enjoys a wonderful, relaxing piss*
 Side Boob: "The apartment ain't much, but the pee staring makes up for the lack of cable"
 tib gubb: get out of my head
Image 120018   07-19-16   Uploaded by    minimum max
 XLY: This is all from one day,
 nointernet: same
 San DoDo: Moar MC!
 bag o bones: Me too
 White Rice: @Beef Supreme With that much refuse it should still be flies (gross)
 Janston: Even Dirty Mike and Boys would avoid this one.
 hurr: smelling it from here...wich is very far away mind you
 Poop Bird: neckbeard nest
 Science: I see cars like this all the time when I'm driving down the highway to work. The other day, I saw a car completely crammed with stuffed animals.
 Teechur: That poor CAR has the diabeetus.
 questionable: theft deterrent or auditioning for Hoarders?
 WTF: I'm not lovin' it.
 Beef Supreme: Lord of the Fries.
 Stonewyvvern: No! You clean up your room!
Image 120017   07-19-16   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
 Scoo: Fun Fact: He's actually referring to Mexico, Missouri
 Firm Buttocks: Interesting new direction, but also his best album to date
 Trick Question: "I Don't Need Mexico" ooh, controversial statement for country music
 questionable: hey would you look at that, two people have the same name. what are the odds of that, do you think? oh, you think it's actually pretty common in this world of seven billion people? well thanks for sucking the fun out of everything
Image 120016   07-19-16   Uploaded by    rachel
 indolentia: those ears are rad.
 Trick Question: Satan Cat is plotting your demise
 questionable: pretty cute. almost TOO cute. perhaps devilishly cute?
 sparename: " # Beware the Devil Kit-ten, She's gonna get you from behind # "
 VoR: Mascat
Image 120015   07-19-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 msmstud: I need to get around to watching Dumb & Dumber.
 questionable: lostdignity.jpg
Image 120014   07-19-16   Uploaded by    original og
 Janston: Ah, the apple bandit - caught at last.
 SomeCanadian: Such asphyxiation. Very garbage. Wow.
 Teechur: Pupper seems ok with it.
 Trick Question: why dis? me is not froot
 questionable: *sounds of attempted borkfs, sounds more like mmphfs*
Image 120013   07-19-16   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
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