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273137  Teechur: Same. Well, different.... but same....

273129  Spazstatic: Conway's Game of Life?

273131  Spazstatic: Nice earrings.

273133  Spazstatic: They're usually overlapping.

273141  Not A Bot: Israeli Jackson Galaxy?

273136  VoR: Nice mat

273117  pirate:

273102  VoR: Waiting for rain

273134  VoR: First day of work

273043  UltraBeverly: I don't think it would be much of a leap to think his daughter was also his girlfriend.

273126  Passive: I heard of Keyboard Cat, but this is ridiculous

273123  VoR: Pizza!?

273129  VoR:

273123  lecj07: Heard you was talking shit.

273107  El hefe: #273108

273108  El hefe: #273107

273132  lecj07: Yes, yes we do.

273133  VoR: I disagree.

273132  El hefe: You are what you eat

273123  nathan: What's the horse piss joke about, by the way?

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9. a robot
10. Passive

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272774 Dr Awkward: Nah, we have a lot of locally own restaruants, shops, etc... that are those people's livelihood. We'll see how this all shakes out in a few years, but even at 15 dollars an hour, you're not buying a house here (out of town 2nd home owners, vacation rentals, and student housing makes that housing market crazy).

272993 wolfpk: A light snack for Joey Chestnut!

272816 Air Biscuit: @Knice @dangerkeith3000 @Off Topic @Bob @Sadbot @Sage @John Blender anyone want to take a boat ride?

272892 Peter Pantsless: @Hokie333 The show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on at that time, and their pub us called Paddy's as well. Just a little goof.

272918 Teechur: @Dr Awkward My wife and I are cracking up over here! She and I actually met online in 1994. We each took a leap of faith and 22 years of marriage later..... Criminally insane? Not criminally, anyway....

272815 Mr Bleak: Just because you *can* do something ...

272950 some guy : Snail Down.

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

273043 UltraBeverly: I don't think it would be much of a leap to think his daughter was also his girlfriend.

272991 E. HONDA: "The Irritating Gentleman" -- Berthold Woltze, 1874

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 Micro Jackson: He followed his nose
 San DoDo: I have a dream, that one day this will be me..
 Amy Housewine: "If you help me get out of this tree, I'll teach you the Toucan Tango".
 RodTorfelsonsArmada: Two more of these and it would be a six pack!
 a robot: This bird just seems chill. I want to hang out with this bird and feel calm.
 Mexico: Have the best day you can if you're a toucan.
 dobbiesdoogs: i ate too many froot loops and now i'm stuck
Image 112748   06-13-16   Uploaded by    butt poop
 iCEy: @cromerstu The big question. Were you that brave?
 SunWukong: Anything's a Dibber if etc etc...
 cromerstu: @Wolfechu picture was taken at a rural pastimes event yesterday, draw your own conclusions!
 Wolfechu: nvm, I just saw the British prices, so it definitely isn't THAT sexual
 Wolfechu: So... I mean, a 'dibber' were I come from is a thing you use to make a hole to plant seedlings. Is that the case here, or is my mind just going weird places?
 cromerstu: @willowsprite large dibbers, resolution didn't survive upload.
 willowsprite: Large Dabbers?
 WaffleIron: "Large Diabetes"?
Image 112747   06-13-16   Uploaded by    cromerstu
 frenk: what is this from
 annterland: Dead Actor *dead actor*
 Minnesotan: I LIVE BY THE RIVER
 willowsprite: Plus it's possible to walk 500 miles pacing up and down the hallway or in a circle. I know not the point of the diagram. I'll rad it to make up for my whining.
 willowsprite: They weren't walking. They said they WOULD walk.
 WaffleIron: Should those circles really be circular? What kind of map projection is this?
 duckfarts: there were walking to a gas station, but they refused to ask for directions
 a robot: That song was recorded in 1988, coincidentally the same year construction began on the Chunnel. I assume their plan was to just wait for the tunnel to be completed and then they could walk all the way to Austria, duh
 Amy Housewine: Most of the song was inaudible, but you if the North Sea was calm then you could see bubbles rising.
 Fid: I've often wondered that myself.
Image 112746   06-13-16   Uploaded by    cromerstu
 Sharkface: lmao irl
 WaffleIron: I own those tweezers, they're made by Aven
 a robot: Beginner luck!
 Mexico: Thank you for offering, but I'm not eating that bug.
Image 112745   06-13-16   Uploaded by    eradicator
 Science: I saw a great quote the other day - woman in SF was saying that the hippies in the 60's offered whatever they could in return for food, shelter, etc. She said the ones today are stinking, freeloading meth heads who don't give a shit about anyone or anything.
 San DoDo: Don't we all
 Jotun: Need job
 Poop Bird: mom and dad are proud
 Sparkplug: 'Need Shower, please help.'
 duckfarts: do you mind used beer
 duckfarts: no, no you don't
 cromerstu: More pics leak from ghostbusters reboot.
 willowsprite: Get a job, then.
 a robot: I feel almost certain that this photo was taken in Boulder, but I suppose annoying hippies/Trustafarians look the same everywhere.
 Reddest of Necks: Dude looks like a fallout 4 NPC
 Mexico: @Air Biscuit I don't. Sure, I'm obliging them, but in the most insulting way possible in order to get them to give up. In real life, I'd just ignore them.
 Air Biscuit: @Mexico dont support this kind of behavior. You do it today, someone else does it tommorow, and so on to where they never feel the need to get jobs.
 Blimpet: Back in my day, hobos worked for their beer, danggumit!
 Mexico: *gives cheapest, crappiest beer possible*
Image 112744   06-13-16   Uploaded by    winwolf
 tib gubb: we call this 'playing the numbers'
 San DoDo: Broad
 teletub: agreed
 duckfarts: well, he tends to get one or the other
 AutoDisaster: If this doesn't work out, would he settle for a man interested in men.
 willowsprite: @Fid well it's even more awkward to say "my ideal girl is a female who's interested in a man."
 hajjpodge: same
 Fid: A female = singular, men = plural. Am I missing something here?
 Mexico: I don't want her. You can have her. She's too fat for me.
 willowsprite: Standards lowered as far as possible.
Image 112743   06-12-16   Uploaded by    burritos
 Christina: The average Internet commentor.
 cromerstu: I sometimes prefer the later stuff just to irritate fanboys.
 WaffleIron: @TurkeyVulture : Whereas I prefer my jazz bands not to be tainted by folk roots.
 Amy Housewine: @hajjpodge You've upset me. I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom and listen to Bowie's best record, "The Laughing Gnome".
 hajjpodge: Shut it, hipster. @Amy Housewine
 Amy Housewine: I know there are a lot of people who use the "I prefered the early stuff" line to try to make themselves sound superior. I realise that. But... what if you actually do? Not all bands get better as they go along.
 goldman sachs: I weird shaped dude's defense, I do hate the repeated pattern of folk acts I really like turning into jazz bands.
Image 112742   06-12-16   Uploaded by    guest
 hat thrab: @Joseph Actually it's laser-cut nori. Fancy AF.
 Joseph: Thank god it's just origami paper, I thougt it was 3d printed nori.
 LogicKitty: I have that same origami paper. Never thought to use it on food though
 Donger: These are some strange burritos
Image 112741   06-12-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 San DoDo: *sniff sniff* Karl?
 CheezGrater: So high up, they've forgotten which way is correct...been there in Ace combat 3
 BoiledEggs: docking
 Fid: Bald eagles mate like this they grab talons and plunge toward the ground breaking apart at the last second. But they only have two point landing gear.
 tib gubb: keep in mind those are bombers
 CastleBravo: Diag. 1: missionary position.
Image 112740   06-12-16   Uploaded by    Pront Remp
 melted plastic: har har har
 Air Biscuit: I disagree. Attempt implies theyre trying. They seem to be making no effort to attract a 3rd crow. "Almost murder" would be more accurate caption.
 UltraBeverly: A murder of crows is 3 or more
 humanfog: Accurate annotation.
 AKAshichyea: Relevant caption
Image 112739   06-12-16   Uploaded by    madmax1
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