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193911  Meow: when they found him, it was already too late

193906  Skaalar: This is really Nito.

193882  a robot: @Dr Awkward It's a country crock (of shit)

193910  ThoughtlessGentleman: fuck yeah. bikes and skateboards.

193918  sparename: "You are a really shit button!, You are a really shit button!, You are a really shit button!, You are a really shit button! TIME'S UP!""

193901  Bu7Z: Father's Day? More like father's gay! Haha I love my two dads.

193902  Bu7Z: As long as I can buy pseudo-efhedrine hydrochloride over the counter without a drivers licence...

193902  a robot: Mom wants you to be healthy!

193875  Dr Awkward: @Rev80 I've been doing "community theater" with her for years

193903  Bu7Z: Personally I managed to defuse the bomb at the centre of megaton.

193877  Dr Awkward: The floor is lava!

193908  Meow: It's my dream basement

193909  KrazyKat: Roadborkf

193881  Dr Awkward: I mean, if you're type 2 diabetic, 99+% of the time, your lifestyle decisions caused it. So it kind of was your choice, DAD.

193904  Bu7Z: My aggr, orange.

193882  Dr Awkward: That is still decidedly NOT butter. It's some partially hydrogenated bullshit

193905  Bu7Z: One should never eat breakfast from a packet,

193906  Bu7Z: Ay totally wizard ay.

193907  Bu7Z: Funtazinza, nuff said.

193908  Bu7Z: It's lego so everybody wins.

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193665 Teechur: Cows make mysteaks.

193718 Sage: Google's best guess for this image: best pic ever.

193814 sporky: FREEZE, PUNK

193877 Dr Awkward: The floor is lava!

193677 DimwaldtThrockmorton: How does that EVEN happen?

193894 Bu7Z: Its called natural selection people! You'll see...

193680 wolfpk: The ancestor of Jar Jar.... KILL IT!!!

193870 Rev80: This should have been the cover of Kansas' "Point of No Return"

193848 Science: @Peter Pantsless: That is probably the craziest thing I'll read all day. Amazing.

193863 Niels Bohr: I'm exhausted. I nice long coma sounds heavenly.

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 Teechur: For Sale: Two lungfuls of air. Need to move fast! The new shipment of oxygen is almost here and I need the room.
Image 193889   07-28-17   Uploaded by    Fast Sloth
 Teechur: Quien quiere hacer "mext" conmigo?
 KnowLifer: @Volwen Please don't that's quite scary actually
 SomeCanadian: Kthxbai
 WTF: Always practice safe hexts (through the use of counter spells and charms).
 Bu7Z: hex from good game is hot.
 Volwen: Anyone on the Spaceship want to hext?
Image 193888   07-28-17   Uploaded by    luxbu
 Teechur: I was looking for the D. Found it! Bottom left.
 The Frito Bandito: Spot the penguin.
Image 193887   07-28-17   Uploaded by    majorchamp
Image 193886 is unbelievably bad (score -13) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by soccer. We'll pray for you, soccer.
 Aufziehvogel: Black holes are out of sight.
 Teechur: You should have taken that egg off the heat long ago.
 SomeCanadian: The tragedy of hemorrhoids
 WTF: Aug 21st...
Image 193885   07-28-17   Uploaded by    lolnotrly
 Rev80: It's hard to stay off the pole after you fall from fame..
 Aufziehvogel: Stevie Wonder always in good mood.
 Teechur: He's (pole) dancing on the ceiling...
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @WTF tiny lionel hes my favorite.
 WTF: That's either a huge straw or a tiny Lionel.
Image 193884   07-28-17   Uploaded by    my wheelhouse
 Rev80: The rock life-forms on Pleebus 12 proved too much for the Earth forces..
 SomeCanadian: Tell your mom to close her legs! We're getting pulled in!
 Bu7Z: @Dan Tagonistic yeah not the best day to decide to install these antennae...
 Dan Tagonistic: A bit windy out today
Image 193883   07-28-17   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 a robot: @Dr Awkward It's a country crock (of shit)
 Dr Awkward: That is still decidedly NOT butter. It's some partially hydrogenated bullshit
 Mr. Shine: You just mismatch the lids, people! Not butter? Just put the rice pudding lid on that container.
 Teechur: In our house, those become Petri dishes.
 t48: I have a rule that if I spot Spaghetti Ohs that stare for 30 minutes, so this totally hit home. What meal has those components?
 Volwen: I can't believe it's not butter... *opens next one* I can't...
 Whatever: Sounds like a crock to me...
Image 193882   07-28-17   Uploaded by    clueful
 Dr Awkward: I mean, if you're type 2 diabetic, 99+% of the time, your lifestyle decisions caused it. So it kind of was your choice, DAD.
 Teechur: I should save this and use it as a comment on those "Darlene is suffering from (insert disease here). Can you repost this for...?"
 Bu7Z: If this pic gets 500 rads can we have world peace?
 The Frito Bandito: Conversations that never actually happened
 t48: How many retweets he get?
Image 193881   07-28-17   Uploaded by    drhenry
 Teechur: Turtlet.
 Bu7Z: Bite size
Image 193880   07-28-17   Uploaded by    sodamachine
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