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164809  tokyopig: Winter is here for, but that Canada Thistle will be back to fuck up like all of your fields in no time.

164815  Knice: Bookf

164810  tokyopig: She's no Margaret Whiting but my what a handsome smile.

164781  tokyopig: @Peach Another reason I always envied Minnesotans, every Christmas in Northfield.

164798  bug: Nice save.

164808  Fawks: Isn't this the beginning of the new DOOM?

164806  bug: Giving your girlfriend a romantic bath, I see.

164806  Borkf: Testing his romantic partner to a nice bath.

164810  whiplash: Kitty Kallen, now starring in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

164809  TurkeyVulture: I feel cold all over

164808  bug: The birth of a rock star.

164754  cenecia: Libertarians?

164810  Knice: I feel cold all over.

164790  Mad Collager: Actually, this was supposed to be a Christmas cup. The guy typing was a terrible speller.

164644  duchaschmeremol: scroll down my mullet, babyyy

164802  Mad Collager: Little-known alternate fact: They test-marketed a prune soda, but it gave people the trotskys.

164655  duchaschmeremol: britain is screwhat?

164807  Aemuli: Weiner pic

164811  Derp Herpigan: The Springfield nuclear power plant go critical or something?

164808  SomeCanadian: Eh, this one's defective. Melt it down and try again.

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164685 Mr. Shine: @Knice That was the best comment I've perf narvled all day!

164670 Beef Supreme: Three worthless cars in a row. The folks whose cars flank the flaming wreck watch in envy that it wasn't their cars, and in anticipation of an explosion that could make it their tragedy as well.

164624 Teechur: So, do I change my password to "correct" or "incorrect?" The prompt will tell me, "Your password is incorrect." but the answer must be "correct." I'm just going to go over here and look at the crazy angel with the big ears.

164637 hearsegirl: she's thinking about that lutesfisk

164768 whiplash: One second before this photo: she's laughing. One second after than this photo: she's bleeding.

164655 duchaschmeremol: britain is screwhat?

164679 tokyopig: That's her hat, my hat says Half sharkalligator Half man. [lugs around a dead walrus]

164701 whiplash: The "best thing since sliced bread," you say?

164651 Dr. Bathroom: The benefits of missionary and anal in one sex doll!

164621 Alaskan: Come on @ping

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 Mad Collager: Actually, this was supposed to be a Christmas cup. The guy typing was a terrible speller.
 tritium: Hail Eris! Hail hail! Hail yes!
 redmonkey3: Okay... where & when is next meeting ?
 whiplash: The obscene name of the chain should have been a tip-off.
 AverageJoe: Ha! I knew it!
 BavidDowie: Hai-L!
 Theta Zero: He's drunk and needs a taxi.
Image 164790   02-28-17   Uploaded by    Watch Out
 yev: middle name is lesley
 BavidDowie: Small apartment, hammock included
Image 164789   02-28-17   Uploaded by    male anon
Image 164788 is unbelievably bad (score -7) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by caesar. You have brought shame on us, caesar.
 werterland: "THIS is Elon Musk's plan?! No way, I want my money back!"
 Mr. Shine: "Wait, wait, everyone! To Serve Man is a cookbook! It's a cookbook!!" *weeps helplessly*
 tokyopig: its not effecient to fire missiles at people anymore, lets just say its a flash mob and get everyone on facebook to come sit on the missile until it detonates.
 Theta Zero: Pros: Fastest way out of country. Cons: Landing systems still needs work.
Image 164787   02-28-17   Uploaded by    SS Keith
 Mr. Butt: Is this what the kids mean by "lit"?
 redmonkey3: Cruel. Funny though, so Rad it is!
 BavidDowie: Also: Never wish for "more excitement in my life"
 Mr. Shine: That hairstyle is SO fire right now! Totes hot!
 AverageJoe: keep quite please, unless you're on fire
 BavidDowie: Last minute birthday gift? New 'do!
Image 164786   02-28-17   Uploaded by    tears as lube
 Bu7Z: "I can stop drinking any time"
 Lestrange: Drunk on CHEETOS ha ha ha!
 Theta Zero: Yeah, sure. You were drunk then. Uh-huh.
Image 164785   02-28-17   Uploaded by    CheezGrater
 LKoroton: If you think it's funny, please stay outside of the mosque
 ignatz: Say no prayers during the prayer time
 whiplash: I guess that means no kissing, because..."You say you don't like it/ But girl I know you're a liar / 'Cause when we kiss/ Ooooh, Fire!"
 Bu7Z: @Teechur see!? Withe the arrow, I missed that!
 Teechur: Surprised the arrow wasn't pointing to "quite"
 tokyopig: Well I guess you speak up, because you're sure on fire today! OOOOO!
 Bu7Z: Thanks for the arrow, I would've read the whole thing and wondered where the funny was
Image 164784   02-28-17   Uploaded by    CoffeeAndCigs
 Dresdenkeogh: Amusement time, come on restrain your acquaintances
 BavidDowie: So, your friend from around here?
 Fishy: Buttchin
Image 164783   02-28-17   Uploaded by    arctic fox
 whiplash: Cosplay: Lily Tomlin as Edith Ann.
 Bu7Z: Where can I get a tiny human like that?
 Dan Tagonistic: Now you're Tolken
 tokyopig: I got this giant chair to draw attention away from my sweaty boot rash.
Image 164782   02-28-17   Uploaded by    redrex
 tokyopig: @Peach Another reason I always envied Minnesotans, every Christmas in Northfield.
 Robespierre: Chickens to ducks: "STOP MOCKING US!"
 Mr. Butt: Beep beep. Box of cocks, comin' through.
 Peach: @tokyopig In Minnesota it's called "gray duck gray duck gray duck."
 duchaschmeremol: chicken farts vs goose farts - which 'clean' energy source will be next?
 whiplash: "Hey, where you goin'?" "To the slaughterhouse, how 'bout you?" "Same."
 Mr. Shine: @BavidDowie AND incredibly noisy.
 BavidDowie: This accident will be delicious.
 tokyopig: Some bikers like to play chicken. The one percenters play an even more dangerous game called "goose goose goose."
Image 164781   02-28-17   Uploaded by    filthylaw
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