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127554  Mr. Butt: Me neither.

127559  Mr. Butt: Get fucked.

127548  hairy: fairies are doomed

127566  Mr. Butt: Doesn't matter. Had sex.

127563  trelyate: well now I'm sad. Thanks.

127567  Firm Buttocks: Capital comes full circle

127534  cenecia: "There's a dog out here asking to speak to the manager?"

127566  hajjpodge: One generic white guy plus another generic white guy equals a third generic white guy.

127565  cenecia: I've been looking at your browser history. We need to talk.

127565  fanny: @Jesus is that you? it's been a while.

127565  hairy: docs

127565  hairy: Jebus saves-his doca

127562  Thyming: I prefer the page about the same picture of Michael Cera everyday.

127565  Thyming: Jesus, is that a shitpost I see you typing? We've talked about this.

127572  Thyming: Surprised that you don't have to climb the scratching post to heaven.

127527  demonius: hope he wears a turtleneck to his next job interview.

127416  Thyming: @Bianxing Sorry, but I have now one-upped the score. Just look at that chubby bunny-like face!

127570  Derp Herpigan: I think you're doing it wrong.

127571  Derp Herpigan: Al Gorhythms

127562  Christina: Is that some kind of cult?

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127517 rachel: Beats was worth every penny

127469 Gomi Day: hiiiii iiiiide hiiiiiiiiiide the humans...... /dayglo

127408 Science: Roll that beautiful bean footage...

127444 Minx: Should have lisend in the first place then, buddy...

127474 Knice: God-damn it, people.

127529 Minx: Your child is doomed...

127401 Minx: NOPE.

127520 DrinkMixMan: Fuck yeah.

127445 SpaceCow: Someday, we will all have pocket computers like this one.

127504 Minx: Well, looks like you DO have a ghost!

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 Alkavarion: Good job sir. Now he will kill you because you set yourself up for "Good help is SO hard to find!"
 Christina: 20 bucks to watch a car, and all you have to say if someone comes messing with it is who is the owner. I'd take it!
 Noremak: You can fill his stomach with spring snakes to surprise the coroner.
 Ulillillia: Because I chortled about your boner.
 Supermansbrother: He's wearing a bowler hat. That's not NOT funny.
 Firm Buttocks: Neil Gaiman, write more Batman
 Mexico: I guess I could shit myself.
Image 127545   08-25-16 4:16pm   Views: 2153   Uploaded by    Meow
 Minx: I asked for minions of darkness, what are these... things?
 Christina: Why you don't borkf?
 Pikachu: mfw my dad tries to cook
 Wet farts: I want a pupternity test
 PenguinBartender: Product of forbidden love.
 willowsprite: Surrogate pupper
 grizzly: Look what I made!
 Warrax: Meowrkf.
Image 127544   08-25-16 4:16pm   Views: 2027   Uploaded by    Borkf
 Minx: -dollar bill y'all
 a sedated moose: Okay, this made me chuckle. Reluctant rad.
 Mr. Butt: C.R.E.A.M.
Image 127543   08-25-16 1:14pm   Views: 1785   Uploaded by    Horatio
 AdaMan: Not right, but not wrong either.
 grid: Holy shit
 Minx: It makes no sense in you're color blind...
 Christina: He's blue.
 Agamemnon Triforce: Now I want some Skeletor cosplay porn.
 chhumphrey: both images are accurate
 WTF: It's a surprise!!
Image 127542   08-25-16 1:11pm   Views: 1962   Uploaded by    cran vodka
 jeffrey: Too much writing; TLDR
 John Singapore: And now the questions.
 chhumphrey: declowned
 Christina: Glourious.
Image 127541   08-25-16 1:09pm   Views: 2038   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 sumodrsn: I don't think that's true.
 Firm Buttocks: Feed me
 sparename: And the elephant makes its nest in gravy
 Skaalar: Rad for willful disinformation.
 chhumphrey: Wife got me one of these for my birthday, product was defective - flies (and apparently antelope) not included.
 willowsprite: Can you imagine? It'd be all super Mario up in here with those things running around
 Donut: I don't remember this in biology.
 SaltLick: Jolly Good.
Image 127540   08-25-16 1:07pm   Views: 2200   Uploaded by    catheter
 chhumphrey: Here we see the Dune Guild Navigator in its final form
 FatTigerWoods: "Well, actually...."
 FatTigerWoods: New Lucky Charms shape: marshmallow amalgamation
 ThoughtlessGentleman: The sound of heavy, labored breathing....
Image 127539   08-25-16 1:03pm   Views: 2409   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 John Singapore: Did you know the Ladybugs carry a shitload of STDs? Their species are loaded with them.
 willowsprite: Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home
Image 127538   08-25-16 1:00pm   Views: 2617   Uploaded by    HighCactus
 chhumphrey: Hope he doesn't plan on crowd surfing!
 Donut: TOO FAR, Sigmund! You jumped TOO FAR!
Image 127537   08-25-16 12:47pm   Views: 3355   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 Air Biscuit: Outdated. The current ones are all plastic and feature different depictions of the trailer park boys. Also the $50 is red and has the littlest hobo on it.
 Minx: Monopoly got wierd...
 DarkTeddy: @willowsprite yes
 willowsprite: No.
 SomeCanadian: Accurate.
Image 127536   08-25-16 12:37pm   Views: 3078   Uploaded by    jem
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