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115814  VoR: How do I not do that and get to Nap time?

115778  VoR: Waiting for the lasagna spaceship to pick him up

115791  Air Biscuit: @Thyming this guys got the piggest balls of them all.

115779  VoR: I too need a physical box to show my personal space needs. People like to break it.

115794  Air Biscuit: @Cami nah, piano key!

115812  Peter Pantsless: already voted @Korrok

115796  Air Biscuit: Also, @RodTorfelsonsArmada i hope you remember to feature Herman Menderchuck. Youre gonna make it.

115798  VoR: Stretch me out, feel the burn!

115811  Peter Pantsless
115777  MassDefect: That building is so ugly. I remember thinking how out of place it was in a city with so many interesting skyscrapers. And then there's the most uninspired building of all time sitting there.

115813  Teechur: What the hell is that thing?

115796  Air Biscuit: @Cheeze the above is a macaron. A french cookie consisting of two egg-meringue wafers often dyed pastel colors sandwiching a rich filling of ganache, or buttercream, or jam. A macaroon is Italian in origin and is a delicious clump of shredded almond, or mor commonly as i see coconut held together by eggwhites, sugar, and sometimes choclate or various fruit pastes. Theyre both awesome and often confused. Know your biscuits.

115794  MassDefect: Congratulations, you're fired!!!

115775  Teechur: When the sun goes down the spider comes out.

115804  Flarmie: I've got a bad feeling about this...

115810  gumble: BORING FACT: The skin looked like a pinecone to them but it tasted sweet like an apple.

115813  Peter Pantsless: "Wanna rewind?" "Nope; outta ink"

115807  hat thrab: Pshht, newbs. Everyone knows you need a bludgeoning weapon against skeletons.

115714  Teechur: Don't. Ring. The. Doorbell.

115806  Cami: Wow, that's a two day supply!

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115630 White Rice: @Mr. Shine come back next time & I'll tell the tale of the man who got his name legally changed to Jesus Christ. Then, if there's time, I'll cover my encounter with the "Queen of Wales"

115779 VoR: I too need a physical box to show my personal space needs. People like to break it.

115781 Urn BooUrn: Good kitty.

115713 Annoying Vegan : I've got a crab hand, I've got a crab head

115720 Teechur: Mom?? Grandma??!

115640 Pizza: Getting a weird deja vu feeling here...

115695 fanny: @Niels Bohr @Knice haha! until we meat again, then, fellow space travelers!

115683 Cami: @Warrax There was a really tall boxer in the village where I grew up who wasn't the toughest but did really well because of his reach. You needed to walk through his punch to land one on him.

115771 FistyAnn: Late at night is when they come out.

115669 Cami: The first version trembled all the time and they thought it was servo chatter but it was actually because they used a chihuahua.

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 A duck: This Ghostbusters remake looks shitty
 Peter Pantsless: Bibendum got back
 Annoying Vegan : Once they reached quadruple stuff, Oreo was already on the path to giving up on the cookie part altogether.
 willowsprite: Overprotective Parenting Level 863
 duckfarts: og michelin man
 Frank herbert: Michelin man. Vol1
Image 115792   06-28-16 3:40am   Views: 23590   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Air Biscuit: @Thyming this guys got the piggest balls of them all.
 A duck: Just walk up and kick 'em
 dobbiesdoogs: truck nuts are getting out of hand
 Donkey: But we've got the biggest pig balls of them all
 Starky15: Amish airbag
 duckfarts: oh wow, cameron bought the premium model
 duckfarts: hang 2
 Gomi Day: papa's got a brand new pigbag.
 Thyming: "I've got pig balls! She's got pig balls!"
Image 115791   06-28-16 3:40am   Views: 24260   Uploaded by    tankadillo
 Niels Bohr: Because I'd never heard of a Polish Plait Pupper.
 square44: ...gosh pupper, you've got a point there.
Image 115790   06-27-16 11:07pm   Views: 24395   Uploaded by    saluted
 gumble: But I do have to say that this still looks cruel to horses
 gumble: Answers that age old question. 'Darling, how can i ever compete with your blow-up doll'
 duckfarts: it's supposed to be a mouth exerciser, though it unintentionally/intentionally involves another exercise by design
 shitshow: hey there, buddy! so, your wife has had four kids the old fashioned way? Is Friday night another code word for Hot Dog Down a Hallway? No worries, friend. Just attach the Dyson Fuck Ring to your Sow's mouth. No more chompers, no more suffering. Boy howdy.
Image 115789   06-27-16 11:03pm   Views: 24617   Uploaded by    winwolf
 gumble: Very clever, but not what i meant by 'Inflatable Girlfriend'
 dobbiesdoogs: clicks "this is fun"
 DrinkMixMan: @fanny Life is funbearable
 radar racer: that's funbelievable!
 shitshow: safe word is "funbelievable", except when you're tied to his Mom's bed with Nylon rope.
 Idontknowszz: Where is the rainbow tail?
 duckfarts: jared no
 fanny: he may be smiling on the outside, but I have a feeling he's dead on the inside.
 Slowpoke: Princess CelestiPOP!
Image 115788   06-27-16 11:00pm   Views: 24727   Uploaded by    toaster
 NoRagrets: That guy fucks!
 shitshow: buy me dinner first, sir. (or madam)
 Thyming: Please do.
Image 115787   06-27-16 10:54pm   Views: 23630   Uploaded by    Scoo
 FistyAnn: Give me another Space Beer, Gleep Glop.
 Skinr: domo arigato
 Bolt Vanderhuge: i'd love to have this as blown up and framed in my house
 tib gubb: robartender
Image 115786   06-27-16 10:47pm   Views: 24452   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Korrok: Well it's either what it looks like or you're flipping him off in Greek.
 Whatever: They don't appear to be silent
 duckfarts: you said silent, but i think you mean white
 shitshow: money CAN buy you love. Fat, bloated, dysfunctional and inbred love. Spray tan love, if that is even a fucking thing anymore.
 There was a bob here: heil trump
Image 115785   06-27-16 10:44pm   Views: 23435   Uploaded by    carlin
 shitshow: @Knice and there you are!
 shitshow: oh shit -- where's that guy/girl that loved this joke. And I loved them for it because I personally love the Dickens' Cider joke and I heard it from a dirty old man almost 20 years ago. (but I suck at joke setup 101 so I have no idea how it is told. I lack Dirty Uncle/Old Man prowess)
 Mexico: @willowsprite This shouldn't happen again. Not this late in the campaign.
 willowsprite: Oh dear. *glues @Knice 's head back together* *winds up key in his back*. There.
 Knice: AH HA HA!! AAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!! *Grabs ears, pulls head apart*
 winwolf: Nice user name upload combo. Rad post on so many levels. I want to do a minnow shot.
 Scoo: Home of the Hard Dickens Cider
Image 115784   06-27-16 10:42pm   Views: 23399   Uploaded by    In The Pocket
 fanny: @5 Headed Snake God well, you've just ruined all my sexy delivery man fighting fantasies, thanks.
 shitshow: we did this when rival Auto parts delivery vehicles arrived at the same location, same time. You only get one (shitty, halfway paying) job to get you through unexpected financial issues.
 Frank herbert: Airborne express waiting in the wings
 5 Headed Snake God: Both FedEx and UPD deliver to my workplace. They're pretty friendly and like joking around with each other. Same with the "rival" delivery guys.
Image 115783   06-27-16 10:37pm   Views: 23449   Uploaded by    petunias
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