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181772  Amy Housewine: OH LAWD OH MERCY

181774  WaffleIron: Suzuke

181770  Dresdenkeogh: Jordan-desu

181778  WaffleIron: The gods hate kansas!

181775  Amy Housewine: Goodneth grathiouth

181776  a robot: LOL

181768  wolfpk: All from the same tap.

181763  SoyUnPerdedor: "Meet my cat Mr Satan"

181767  scribbs: @Derp Herpigan Panther.

181746  Cami: The planet Fhloston has 400 beaches, all accessible until 5 PM. Then, the airship goes higher, to offer you a better view with your dinner.

181766  SomeOtherCanadian: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

181767  Derp Herpigan: Who's there?

181757  sparename: Teller grew his hair

181763  sparename: Russian cats

181768  a robot: Pictured: environmental disaster

181764  Ihminen: eyes eyes baby

181749  Quackzy: Oddish doesn't have arms. 2/10

181761  Prostata: I think I'll just have lunch out on the pati... uh... nevermind.

181762  Ihminen: the pinnacle of technology in undercover operations

181740  White Rice: @Hosebag I stand by my decision to hug that pupper; wedding gift eating aside she looks like a good dog.

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181701 Hosebag: @Bu7Z We call it a "fly swatter". Or a kid beater if you are in Arkansas.

181537 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I wish I had bought that bumper sticker instead of, well, you know :(

181570 Felicity: It reminds me of those cylindrical plastic packages Rubiks Cubes came in for a while in the early 1980s

181710 Bu7Z: @Stoner really though, argue, why is australia worse than the U.S. ..?

181605 Noremak: If this question has anythig to do with anythig other than the EO policy, I need to know!

181556 sparename: @Teechur "To err is human, to really fuck things up you need a computer"

181644 Hosebag: @Felicity Take off, you hosers.

181642 Felicity: I blame his haircut

181730 Hosebag: As we say in Russia, if you're going to drink, DRINK!

181654 enfanta: @A duck maybe I can change it around enough to avoid plagiarism...

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 Quackzy: Oddish doesn't have arms. 2/10
 werterland: @Demon Universe Hawaiian customs?
 Demon Universe: Aloha forms
 Hyphae: @fakeusername third row, third column: butthead flower, for obvious reasons.
 fakeusername: tag yourself I'm second row, dude that flowered and is not ok with it
 a robot: Aww, Baby Groot's friends all came for his birthday party!
 scribbs: I'd have any of these guys a pet.
Image 181749   05-28-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
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Image 181748   05-28-17   Uploaded by    Morpen Lungus
 Kim: I'very developed a sudden and totally unrelated interest in snorkeling.
 Demon Universe: When a bubble rises to the surface.. hold your breath.
 Hosebag: Coast Guard, yeah, ok, listen, you aren't going to believe this but, I think we just hit a leg.. Hello?
 a robot: "We'd like to dedicate this next number to a very special woman. She's a hundred years old, and she weighs over two hundred...tons."
 Sandor: Prepare the long yellow fruit boat!
 Jennerator: When she inhales there are two more islands
 sparename: "We need four skin-divers!"
 scribbs: "READY THE LOOFA!"
Image 181747   05-28-17   Uploaded by    apoxia
 Cami: The planet Fhloston has 400 beaches, all accessible until 5 PM. Then, the airship goes higher, to offer you a better view with your dinner.
 a robot: Needs more windows. MORE!
 sparename: gearing up for summer
Image 181746   05-28-17   Uploaded by    Michael Tripe
 Hosebag: Share a coke with croco.
 Amy Housewine: New @LuxusLurch-brand beverage holder.
 sparename: @WaffleIron Cokeadile?
 WaffleIron: Soda-Gator is a socially progressive can holder.
Image 181745   05-28-17   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Amy Housewine: MWAH
 sparename: GAME ON!
Image 181744   05-28-17   Uploaded by    CrystallineEntity
 Hosebag: Gravitational, electromagnetic, I can't remember the name of this force?
 enfanta: "No, we can't take it home. We don't have room for it. Now let go, I have to get back to start dinner."
 SoyUnPerdedor: Here's Jon showing the proper technique for walking your cat up on a tree
 Dan Tagonistic: I'm imagining he's shot that cat out of his wrist like Spiderman
 Ratty: Well, what did you expect?
 sparename: Illustrating "Guide Cats For The Blind" by Les Barker (Again, yootoob it..)
Image 181743   05-28-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Mr Shifty: *shudder*
 sparename: Compare and contrast
Image 181742   05-28-17   Uploaded by    Taters
 Kim: Harbor bork.
 CrystallineEntity: That is one happy water-doggo
 San DoDo: Same
 OzmiumCozmos: Too much chips and salsa.
Image 181741   05-28-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 White Rice: @Hosebag I stand by my decision to hug that pupper; wedding gift eating aside she looks like a good dog.
 Hosebag: @White Rice This is her #121276
 White Rice: @Hosebag 200 lbs? You've got a small horse there. Without any other information, I can honestly say I would hug that dog (something about really big dogs just clicks with me, despite never having a dog of my own (always apartments, no yards, wouldn't be fair to them))
 Hosebag: @Hyphae At my wedding, my Great Dane ate ALL of the chocolate gifts for the guests. Including the wrappers. Vet asked weight of the dog, when said 200 pounds they laughed and said don't worry about her.
 Hyphae: @Hosebag when we first got my first dog, a 9month old whippet mix, she managed to jump up, onto the kitchen counter, and demolish a fresh batch of brownies... My mother thought is was sweet, innocent 7 year old me, but my hands and face weren't covered in chocolate. Doggo was fine, but we were worried all day for her...
 Hosebag: I know this is a scene from a movie, but in real life, when I 10, our St. Bernard really stole a whole turkey from the stove and ran away with it. Thanksgiving dinner... She was sick as a dog after eating it too.
Image 181740   05-28-17   Uploaded by    S R N
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