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135049  Fett4life: Dick Cheney is still working on that Middle East problem.

135050  Mr. Shine: Gesundheit!!

135093  Pizza: Chilly dog

135096  LaeMi: I'm too old to believe in hipsters.

135094  Pizza: XXXHamster

135063  Mr. Shine: Hoohoohoohoohoo

135099  LaeMi: TS:DR (seriously people - I even have a lower-than-standard-DPI monitor!)

135100  LaeMi: TS:DR

135089  winwolf: One hydraulic seal failure from a Darwin Award.

135076  Mr. Shine: I would expect this more from the Delta Zetas.

135077  Mr. Shine: @SpaceCow Mischief Mangled

135025  whiplash: *sees Michael Fassbender in "Shame"*

135028  whiplash: After the leopard drowned, the filmmakers changed the story of "Life of Pi" to make include a tiger instead, and wisely used CGI.

135086  Mr. Shine: Purty!

135090  Mr. Shine: Bill Nye The Bachelor's Degree Guy!

135032  whiplash: Ivanka Trump in elementary school. Her dad couldn't be there so he had her class televised.

135057  Fett4life: Calm down dude! Hey, we're still bros, right?

135053  whiplash: "First you remove the old white line, then we'll paint the new one."

135060  whiplash: (a) remove nose (b) plug nose into lower slot on torso (c) urinate

135081  whiplash: Took him 6 hours to climb that high.

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134950 Mad Collager: I would love it if all you had to say was, "Control-Alt-Delete" to get some people to shut up.

134933 isosceleswaffle: Tacticat.

134962 KingTrebek: @Korrok because you're her dad?

135043 Air Biscuit: Clearly just another mobile bowling alley.

135007 EvilOtter: Those are bad duck. Mean ducks. They don't care about the hardships of unemployment. They just want bread. Jerks.

134920 Cami: I currently have 3 stitches in my back and they're itchy enough.

135050 Mr. Shine: Gesundheit!!

134916 SomeCanadian: @Mr. Shine @Bonecollector Yeah, 'didn't know where they came from' basically means, 'we know, but we're REALLY embarrassed we let this tour around the country.'

135026 Cami: One generation to the next.

134946 Kim: Someone roleplaying as a Martian from Sesame Street

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 DrinkMixMan: Heheh. Elizabeth "Wood-ruff"
 DrinkMixMan: Internet pornography is growing parts
 Nope: @Warrax the answer is "my dick":
 dobbiesdoogs: apparently spotify is just as rampant+
 Warrax: Internet pornography is a growing part of what, Elizabeth? Don't leave me hanging here. Memes? Common core mathematics? Stock photography? This is why you have too many toolbars.
Image 135073   10-01-16   Views: 408   Uploaded by    Gazden
 Jennerator: Thundercats stunt double got injured
 DrinkMixMan: The doc says I've got a tumor... and he ain't lion!
 AutoDisaster: Had to be sedated... poor thing must be claustrophobic
 tib gubb: This is highly irregular
 EvilOtter: This BDSM phase is getting weird.
 funny in the wall: poor thing
 square44: you put a large predator in an MRI machine...I don't get it.
 Peter Pantsless: Cat scan
 radar racer: wanna pet that kitty
 Nope: *lifts tail* I dont know what I was expecting....
 LaeMi: My mum is already terrified of going in those things!
Image 135072   10-01-16   Views: 550   Uploaded by    reagan
 tib gubb: why u so fat, meme dawg
 radar racer: sup dawg
 DrinkMixMan: Nothing. What's up with you, you fucking mem e?
 dobbiesdoogs: at least these memes are bringing some dankness in our lives, chuck. when you get a job and stop licking your non-existant balls you can stop judging me, prick
Image 135071   10-01-16   Views: 558   Uploaded by    Bro Bro
 Wet farts: Reptiles=autorad
 Nope: Whole lotta judgemental animals in a row
 Jennerator: Thank you for not captioning this in impact font
Image 135070   10-01-16   Views: 376   Uploaded by    Gazden
 Jennerator: Ah, you think the litter pan is your ally?
 LaeMi: Bat-Cat. The cat we need.
Image 135069   09-30-16   Views: 45357   Uploaded by    satoshi
 Borkf: @werterland @fanny @LaeMi The secret is, we like all animals. Goats and gators also score highly, bit are rare to photograph compared to cats and dogs.
 Amy Housewine: CATS CATS CATS
 werterland: @werterland I meant dogs "are better than" cats. I probably should have known the symbol wouldn't work.
 werterland: @fanny I always got the impression that the majority of Aggronauts have the opinion that that dogs cats.
 LaeMi: @fanny - Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike cats.
 fanny: @LaeMi um, are you sure you're on the right spaceship, then? ;)
 radar racer: mogg
 LaeMi: I'm not much into cats, but that is a great picture!
Image 135068   09-30-16   Views: 45275   Uploaded by    a robot
 SpaceCow: So that's why he was drinnking a pina colada at Trader Vic's.
 Jennerator: So where does the werewolf Bat Mitzvah overlap?
 radar racer: werewolf jones
 buds420: Now Zoidberg is pope!
Image 135067   09-30-16   Views: 45022   Uploaded by    square44
 Fett4life: Wow, a lotta light in that house.
 Scoo: Soon
 Ulillillia: Here was Kilroy.
 radar racer: noooo
 radar racer: killroy was here
 Whatever: Kilroy was here
 Nope: Home improvement reboot got esoteric as fuck
Image 135066   09-30-16   Views: 44845   Uploaded by    wooden boy
 Fett4life: Found in Zed's basement.
 Scoo: @Jennerator A friend who'll tease is better
 Jennerator: A friend with breasts and all the rest, a friend who's dressed in leather
 Nope: Until someone forgets to use the enema, thanks Emma
Image 135065   09-30-16   Views: 44749   Uploaded by    Larp Belb
 square44: this is not a friendly spaceship!
 LaeMi: @Peter Pantsless - :-) I quite enjoyed the new ID (in a big-dumb-movie way) though what really jarred me out of it was the guy hitting on the Chinese pilot at the end. Dude! Her dad just died horribly almost in front of her a day-or-so ago!
 Peter Pantsless: I would watch this Independence Day sequel
 Nope: Terrorism is wrong, friendly spaceship is for friends and non terrorism
 LaeMi: I put the horns on this time! Rather than re-upload an almost identical one to the last one I figured I had betted put some effort in! Hope you enjoy.
 WaffleIron: What Patreon level gets us this?
Image 135064   09-30-16   Views: 44651   Uploaded by    LaeMi
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