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121878  Mr. Shine: From the makers of the award-winning Balzac TeaBags!

121888  Fishy: She said whhaaaaaattttt?

121861  Cami: The best place to be when a boiler blows is in the next townight over.

121896  Fishy: I love all the little details, it's killin me

121896  Fishy: I thougtht this was RAD

121897  Fishy: Meh.

121898  Fishy: Kill yourself mister whateverthefuckyouare

121866  Cami: Mewbakka.

121905  eradicator: das it mane

121894  Urn BooUrn: If only someone had pestered me with little cartoons booklets at a laundry matt or riding the bus.

121883  ThoughtlessGentleman: Time to vacation lubed. Naked. Drunk.

121855  Korrok: Gonna die historic on the Fury Road.

121894  ThoughtlessGentleman: Whoremongering!!!! My favorite mongering.

121861  Korrok: Last call for the Zoidberg Express!

121895  ThoughtlessGentleman: I triggered so hard i used a whole roll of sausage.

121891  Cami: Drink it like a boss.

121896  Peter Pantsless: That's absolutely hilarious. Well done @ignatz

121821  TrumpyTrump: omggg...

121896  Ulillillia:

121892  Cami: First, put on some pants.

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121808 trelyate: I remember having a Goosebumps spoof called Gooflumps. They made the books smell like cheese.

121805 DrinkMixMan: *Observes* Mmm hmm. I see.

121861 Cami: The best place to be when a boiler blows is in the next townight over.

121730 Dan Tagonistic: Fun fact - That shit car is outside the Dorchester Hotel where I was sacked after exclaiming "it's not exactly as if I've got my fucking thumb up my arse" to my boss when he told me to hurry up. Good times

121741 bad tony: hell yeah grandpa

121783 trelyate: unzip the fly to unveil the hotdogs

121802 White Rice: @msmstud the thought police aren't real, and never were real. Thought police would be double plus ungood. The ministry of information can tell you more. Please stop by immediately. Now then, back to the morning stretching.

121857 Jotun: @a sedated moose I just tell myself that "Ryan" is her brother.

121840 Joseph: It's possible this Jeremiah dude exaggerated a bit right?

121852 Poop van Pants: I was only pounded in the Butt by Trumps comb over

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 SomeCanadian: SPLOOSH!
 San DoDo: Is that really him?
 carpwoman: @a robot - Me either.
 a robot: @Poop van Pants .......I don't get it
 Poop van Pants: Ohjhh... I get it now
 Mr. Shine: Set phazers to "stunning"
Image 121876   07-28-16 8:13pm   Views: 2255   Uploaded by    ping
 San DoDo: Quack damn you!
 Musician: knock-knock MF level 10,000
 Mr. Shine: BUH-GAAAWWKK!! *echoes off distant hillside*
 etc: portland.jpg
Image 121875   07-28-16 8:13pm   Views: 2144   Uploaded by    Borkf
COMMENT HERE. Make up a fake name or leave it blank.
Image 121874   07-28-16 5:22pm   Views: 2036   Uploaded by    Jorp Lulter
 guest: just working some things out
 Musician: It's just a stoned croissants going to work. What am I missing?
 Mr. Shine: Racist if real.
Image 121873   07-28-16 5:14pm   Views: 1789   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
 Korrok: Maybe it's one of them Rorshach blot test things.
 Korrok: @Peter Pantsless @Fugative Funny, it looks like Spider-Man to me.
 Fugative: @ Peter Pantsless a security deposit
 Peter Pantsless: Wtf is that on the ground?
Image 121872   07-28-16 5:09pm   Views: 1971   Uploaded by    mrwiffler
 hairy: @EvilOtter doesn't work on this site. they'll just ban your ass, no warning or appeal, even if it is funny
 tib gubb: instructions unclear... penis stuck in country
 EvilOtter: Say "Suck it up, pussies. That shit was funny!" and lean back, but your feet on the table, and light a cigar like a man would do.
 John Singapore: The nerdness in this is immense.
Image 121871   07-28-16 5:07pm   Views: 2056   Uploaded by    mickeyd
 140bpm: Finally, something good
 hairy: shallow end of the gene pool
 ignatz: how LUVs are made
 White Rice: @Fiasco damn! In that case, I'll take 2!
 Fiasco: @White Rice It is so inefficient that it actually gains gasoline as it moves via sheer improbability
 ThoughtlessGentleman: This cannot pissibly go wrong.
 White Rice: @Fiasco 4gpm?
 Fiasco: -4 mpg
 balloonKnot: Shit howdy
 sparename: GangBangCaravan
 Ulillillia: Yo dawg
Image 121870   07-28-16 5:03pm   Views: 2238   Uploaded by    Entertainmentalist
 guest: i mean, it's good. it's no Petals Fall Twice
 Shay: Is this a page from the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook?
 John Singapore: Swedish. The first part is apparently about someone ordering food, and there's a kid.
 balloonKnot: Mi so horny
 Yam: That extra stark Szechuan blackfisk though... tasty.
 Knice: #62858
 Fiasco: classic literature on the Spaceship
 San DoDo: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong
 ur mom: hahaha wow funny as shit. watch foreign news they go "winki pinki dola me da COCA COLA la moreto BARACK OBAMA" hahaah xD
Image 121869   07-28-16 4:59pm   Views: 4277   Uploaded by    Mr. Skeltal
 Peter Pantsless: Ben-Fur
Image 121868   07-28-16 4:54pm   Views: 3774   Uploaded by    Borkf
 a robot: "I will not give up my favorite decoration. I like Captain Mascot where s/he is."
 San DoDo: Carbonized..hhh
Image 121867   07-28-16 4:47pm   Views: 3468   Uploaded by    ignatz
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