139242  Borkf: They just give you a slap and a cup of coffee.

139226  EH: what the hell, bruh, not cool!

139193  Borkf: @Science True, but I don't think anyone working in the service industry has much to boast about to someone working in retail. Great if you get good tips, hell if you don't.

139244  SomeCanadian: What does Carl even do around here anyway?

139241  SomeCanadian: Well, ya got snek. That's gonna cost ya.

139244  SomeCanadian: What does Carl even do around here anyway?

139245  SomeCanadian: Same.

139245  AverageJoe: don't hug me, I'm scared

139208  Borkf: @Knice Yeah, I did that to raise attention. Seems to have worked. @Dolby It was a holocaust thing, not something i care to describe on here any further.

139243  fanny: looks like @Warrax is dancing around St. Louis again! :)

139233  ModelTRex: Fluffering...

139244  Knice: "There goes ol' Piss-Hands Carl," they'd say...

139238  ModelTRex: Repeat the experiment several times: now I can't fit in the box.

139238  ModelTRex: Put me and a doughnut in a box. The doughnut is both eaten and uneaten (for all you know).

139243  ModelTRex: Oooh, a good day!

139244  TFChicken: Fucking Carl

139236  winwolf: High score!

139243  TFChicken: Well it is St Louis

139251  ITS TAPE: The only one not giving them space is the sign.

139251  toaster: maybe it means emotional space

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139105 Hosebag: This is why I stopped fighting monkeys.

139226 EH: what the hell, bruh, not cool!

139154 Hiddentigerma: @illBilliam I'd just leave. No point supporting idiots who want to make beer fancy.

139188 Science: Limited time offer - bonus viruses and spyware!

139217 Hiddentigerma: @Teechur They wont move. They said the same thing last time. They just want to complain and ruin the good natured fun of chips by calling them fries. They also call crisps "chips". Which is completely wrong.

139160 Beeble: Should have taken the enema too. S/he'll need it.

139122 Hiddentigerma: @Peter Pantsless @Knice I beleive in you buddy.

139111 Hiddentigerma: @fanny It isn't a question of who is going to die. It's a question of how you aren't going to get caught.

139208 Borkf: @Knice Yeah, I did that to raise attention. Seems to have worked. @Dolby It was a holocaust thing, not something i care to describe on here any further.

139126 Hiddentigerma: It's a good way to keep population figures within acceptable parameters though. Keep eating your children. Stay away from the brain though.

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 thecraftywolf: damnit it's locked
 AverageJoe: wait, isn't that box empty?
 annterland: You keep using that word...I do not think it means what you think it means
Image 139222   10-21-16   Uploaded by    uncannie
 thecraftywolf: @Peter Pantsless oh you use your phone i use my chromebook which is not good for gaming btw but it is good for checking friendly spaceship
 Peter Pantsless: The shirt has spoken. Goodbye, AG (yeah, right)
Image 139221   10-21-16   Uploaded by    jem
 Teechur: The Chum Bucket is getting an upgrade?
 A duck: What is this, a Sea World for ants?!
 duckfarts: i sea
 Peter Pantsless: @LaeMi On the plus side, the splash zone is like one meter
 LaeMi: That place has got a lot smaller since I was last there!
Image 139220   10-21-16   Uploaded by    Amiga 1000
 whiplash: Read the label: "WARNING: removing sweater may result in childhood trauma."
 a sedated moose: "Those are some long legs." "Thanks, I just had them lengthened, now they go all the way up!"
 ch: Ted you're freaking me out with your problematic bodystyle
 a robot: Lies, always so many lies.
 LaeMi: Slender-ted.
Image 139219   10-21-16   Uploaded by    big butt bum
 Wolfechu: Really, this should be required by law to be attached to any surface with paint on it.
 Borkf: Over 90 percent of wet paint signs I have ever seen have been on dry paint. Rad for accuracy.
 duckfarts: @AverageJoe t
 AverageJoe: @AverageJoe *pain
 AverageJoe: knowledge comes form expecience, and experience from paint
 Peter Pantsless: Also this Universe might not exist anymore, unless it does
Image 139218   10-21-16   Uploaded by    phailsauce
 Hiddentigerma: @Teechur They wont move. They said the same thing last time. They just want to complain and ruin the good natured fun of chips by calling them fries. They also call crisps "chips". Which is completely wrong.
 Borkf: I think you missed the point there @Hiddentigerma . @Teechur I would not recommend standing on LEGO, UK plugs or swans.
 Teechur: @Hiddentigerma Actually, I am a US citizen. vv Apologies to Canada, btw. Depending on who wins this debacle of an election, half of the US will be moving up there, according to what I hear.
 Hiddentigerma: @Teechur You are forgiven non american. I must assume these days. They're everywhere. They can't speak properly. and they name their children stupid things. It's a nightmare.
 Teechur: @Hiddentigerma You must be confusing me with someone from the big ol' 51st state to the north.
 Hiddentigerma: @Teechur The queen will do whatever she wants as she is also your queen.
 Teechur: @Hiddentigerma Having stepped on a LEGO (and many of its siblings over the years) I can speak from personal experience. As for stepping on plugs in the UK, the hotels where I stayed did not offer me that opportunity. And didn't many of us "colonists" come from a segregated section of the English gene pool anyway? The Queen should mind her swans.
 Teechur: @Borkf Sorry.... LEGO'S Happy now? :D
 Hiddentigerma: @Borkf Americans are inefficient and will be absorbed into a segregated section of the english gene pool. The queen wishes it.
 Borkf: @Hiddentigerma Those things are designed like bloody caltrops! Also, it always annoys me when Americans add an 's' to pluralise LEGO.
 Hiddentigerma: @Teechur Why does everyone say that stepping on lego is painful? It isn't. Go look at the plugs we use in the UK. Imagine stepping on one of those in the middle of the night.
 Teechur: And his kids left Legos on the floor. LEGOS!
Image 139217   10-21-16   Uploaded by    Jak
 thecraftywolf: i m not thin *counts ribs* btw not a joke i can actually do that im very underweight and i think friendly spaceship plays a role in this
 A duck: Don't post my bio, thanks.
 ping: Who are you calling 'thin'?
 DrinkMixMan: Now wait a minute! *Smells self* Oh, my mistake.
Image 139216   10-21-16   Uploaded by    skatermario
 duckfarts: i remember life on the outside...
 ping: Even dogs have to stop and smell the flowers.
 Peter Pantsless: @AverageJoe I'd be lucky to get anything :(
 AverageJoe: @Peter Pantsless I'd sure hate to get a dozen Crapweeds for Valentine's Day
 Peter Pantsless: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
 LaeMi: A good life-strategy.
Image 139215   10-21-16   Uploaded by    caitelyn
 Science: Cue rolling boulder in 3... 2... 1...
 Borkf: The bit just before the start/finish line of Donkey Kong Jungle in Mario Kart 64 sure has gotten overgrown. I guess it is 20 years old.
 A duck: I wanna go there, unless it involves effort and/or risk.
 duckfarts: this reminds of that place in dark souls around the cemetary
 ping: In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.
Image 139214   10-21-16   Uploaded by    tehghost
 whiplash: "Am I shoplifting wombats? No, of course not. Why would you ask?"
 A duck: @a robot: When a rat and a pig really love each other...
 a robot: How are wombats even real?
 Mexico: It's prime season for wombat picking, and I'm not sharing any.
Image 139213   10-21-16   Uploaded by    deadwombat
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