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103510  ModelTRex: Spoooooooky

103549  thratchen: This gives me claustrophobic panic. TRIGGERED.

103548  Wet farts: Does this mean RAD glows in the dark?

103557  dobbiesdoogs: how to get a girlfriend

103532  ModelTRex: M'lady.

103550  Grandmas Ghost: @Fiasco It's a shame she won't be recycled, but then again, what does?

103543  Chef Says: Cockrobot.

103457  shitshow: I will take your Mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a NICE seafood dinner and then never call her again!

103510  HermwoodLitmajor: The Night HE Got Elected!

103535  ModelTRex: Right to Bear Murder Buttons

103534  Larry Xmas: wtf man

103537  Nothing: I hate when I'm trying to fall asleep and become aware of my heartbeat

103467  shitshow: those random orange floor tiles do not compute

103080  a robot: @ping I have noticed that as well. I think it's because the site updates more, so there are more images every day and maybe people don't get a chance to see them all/vote rad or bad on them

103341  willowsprite: @NoOneImportant it again

103520  TFChicken: Because if i smoke your lawn I don't get high

103548  a robot: @Knice Mr. #1 poster of the last 24 hours doesn't need to stop

103523  TFChicken: Who even doesn't not think this isn't not funny?

103549  thecraftywolf: instructions unclear

103544  ModelTRex: "Get on a magical train and get the f**k out of here. -Hagrid"

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103475 bizijosh: I love talking to people while they're using the restroom. It often makes people really uncomfortable, which is my favorite reaction.

103420 Headoftheclass: The rifles remind me that I'm gonna be rapid-firing undigested corn out my ass in the morning. Aw, man. I'm out. Clip!

103533 Minx: Best prom EVER!

103458 Gampo Drumumbies: I thought it was because seven was a registered six offender.

103385 Minx: Thanks for that reminder.....

103406 Mr. Yawn McBoring: Mr Clean, Mr Clean!

103419 ignatz: piggyback 'style'

103517 TurkeyVulture: This is the face our pediatrician gave when my wife said "vaccines" in a questioning voice. He then turned red and cranked the volume to 11 as he explained how safe and effective vaccines are. We just didn't know that kids got a hep vaccine at less than a month, but he was too worked up to let us say so. Exactly the same face.

103491 Yttermayn : Looks like a lawsuit in potentia.

103398 Christina: @Trald Horpombies Well noticed.

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 Warrax: Should have seen the other guy, I still have his ear.
 pirate: and I would have gotten away with it, too
 Nope: Agreed
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Image 103527   05-05-16 9:36pm   Views: 1828   Uploaded by    waffle iron
Image 103526 is unbelievably bad (score -30) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by miller. Your image was bad, miller.
 Knice: Awe, she's 30% cheeks!
 Mr. Yawn McBoring: I'm starting a Lawn Mowing/Gyro business.
 Mominous: Who knew they have Uggs in Outer Mongolia?
 fanny: kids having kids, what a sad world we live in
 Fiasco: Killed your parents!
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Image 103525   05-05-16 7:15pm   Views: 2276   Uploaded by    buds420
Image 103524 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by bad tony. Your image was bad, bad tony.
 TFChicken: Who even doesn't not think this isn't not funny?
 Frarm Cremumbies: VVV Can we get a petition together to automatically ban anyone who post this comment?
 moogerator: Who even thinks this is funny?
 Christina: @Nope it's a Mac.
 Nope: Holy shit, a laptop with 18 hour battery life
 Tom Nob: the click was so forceful, it needed a whole panel to recover from.
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Image 103523   05-05-16 7:10pm   Views: 2565   Uploaded by    agger gater
 Annoying Vegan : That feeling like you're falling when you're about to fall asleep
 A duck: The slow march of time and/or a bad storm is gonna do that house a tumble down the cliff one day.
 Knice: @KL1NGON You said it. I did a armrest-check out of reflex just from looking at yiis.
 KL1NGON: I would eventually end up tumbling off of that balcony in an alcohol induced haze.
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Image 103522   05-05-16 7:07pm   Views: 2723   Uploaded by    withak
 Side Boob: sexy panda
 WTF: Panda-ring for Rads
 Mr. Butt: 10//10. Would bang.
 Fiasco: When you work at Deviantart.
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Image 103521   05-05-16 7:05pm   Views: 2914   Uploaded by    logan
 TFChicken: Because if i smoke your lawn I don't get high
 MaronaPossessed: I tell you hwat.
 Musician: but have you even cut grass, on WEED!
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Image 103520   05-05-16 7:01pm   Views: 3050   Uploaded by    redrex
 Janston: Don't think you can trick me into eating a fucking gross avocado.
 Tom Nob: excuse me, it's "alligator pears" [points to pants]
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Image 103519   05-05-16 6:59pm   Views: 2876   Uploaded by    1979
 Jotun: I wonder where this is.
 Sadbot: I feel the need...the need for pede
 aristocat: Show him where the ring is. well, spide
 Tom Nob: i don't like these catterpillars. i don't like them a lot.
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Image 103518   05-05-16 6:54pm   Views: 2960   Uploaded by    rip odb
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