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182064  Mr. Shine: *No, you didn't

182128  scribbs: Well, that's just freakin' adorable.

182126  a robot: Nice mullets

182127  Sage: What job only pays you for an hour when you work 10? Or only pays .35 an hour? At least, I assume it's an hourly rate...

182116  SomeCanadian: As far as I can tell, he's still loose in the cat room. @ch

182123  SomeCanadian: Farting in a jock strap is the most liberating feeling in the world.

182128  Peach: mlem with me, love.

182135  Peach: boop

182068  Prostata: guinea pigs are very patient and put up with a lot

182087  Peach: At last, I'm free.

182079  Prostata: wow i just read the full article. dude was awesome

182098  Peach: Honey, I'm home!

182126  tib gubb: ZZ top looks different somehow

182097  Mr. Butt: Step into the motherfuckin' dodecagon!

182110  Mr. Butt: Bad for Hardee's

182118  Mr. Butt: Homeward Bound?

182119  Mr. Butt: just quality Oscar my friend

182129  ignatz: Pop the trunk..

182131  Derp Herpigan: Soon.

182105  Prostata: only the really good ones do

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181938 hajjpodge: "I want to die." - Wait, no that's correct.

181976 cenecia: Active Bottom Boys you make the rockin world go round

181909 tib gubb: parents just don't understand

181981 tib gubb: that's a fine looking turtle.

181950 Felicity: Ample parking in back

181934 Micro Jackson: Hell i'd a beat you too

181957 Hosebag: If you got 8 of these, and put them all on a rope and swing it around and hit people - that would ironic. (and fun)

181941 ughjeez: @tritium Looks like Terraria

181939 Air Biscuit: "I give my best powerpoint presentations on the toilet"

181903 BavidDowie: You think YOU'VE "seen some shit"!?

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 Prostata: only the really good ones do
 Otterman: Do not touch the jagged hypno rays
 JohnnySalami: Well duh, everyone knows if you believe in UFOs hard enough, the Mother ship grants you a Telepathic Parasite to insert into your brain! Common knowledge people
 tib gubb: this is accurate
Image 182105   05-30-17   Uploaded by    betamax
 tib gubb: Cooper says what we're all thinking
Image 182104   05-30-17   Uploaded by    james
 Mr. Shine: This is one of my favorite fake images.
 WTF: "I love this new auto feeder. It brings the food one-at-a-time right to me! I hardly have to swim at all!"
 Ihminen: love how in the upper left corner those people are completely ok with all of that
 Cami: Get the pumps going and they'll leave on their own.
Image 182103   05-30-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 ch: welp here's your problem mister, you got a snake inside your snake
 Theta Zero: Daily reminder that nature is brutal and the only reason we don't know is because we're privileged enough to only see its not-terrible parts.
 addend: It's a snek-snack-on-snek world.
 Quackzy: Is this a ouroboros?
 Cami: This would make a good motivational poster. Never give up!
Image 182102   05-30-17   Uploaded by    Baby Jesus
 brian greene: you need a big toilet brush when the kids shit in the pool
 Theta Zero: It's just thirsty.
 addend: Toss him the lifesaver! Trees can't swim!
Image 182101   05-30-17   Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 WTF: Licvid metal
 White Rice: "Are you John Connor?"
 Fishy: Ouch.
Image 182100   05-30-17   Uploaded by    FabricMan
 WTF: "Twelve more power vertices than your standard pyramid model."
 sparename: Your tent is shit
 addend: This wake is weird.
 Cami: Yes, it gets HBO.
 Fishy: Oklahoma man invents wonder bed. Orthodontists hate him!
 jochenau: Roll 1d12 will to resist Spaceship-induced nightmares.
 Peter Pantsless: Is this one of those orgone generators?
Image 182099   05-30-17   Uploaded by    jimbiscuit
 Peach: Honey, I'm home!
 Quackzy: That guy in the upper left looks a little squirrelly
 Quackzy: That guy in the upper left looks a little squirrelly
 piranharama: I have all the sunflower seeds yet still feel empty inside
 Fishy: At least he has a broom.
 LurkedMoar: What a seedy place
Image 182098   05-30-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Mr. Butt: Step into the motherfuckin' dodecagon!
 enfanta: God, I hate team building.
 addend: "Don't... get... eliminated!"
Image 182097   05-30-17   Uploaded by    fink
 Fishy: T apple paper clip e
 addend: Ftarlusee.
 dangerkeith3000: You have a much better chance with 50/50 if you actually don't know the answer.
 tib gubb: I've tried it
Image 182096   05-30-17   Uploaded by    square44
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