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163285  Teechur: I would have one that says CTRL-Z for all the dents it has.

163288  Teechur: That stuff fits together as closely as the states of the USA. There's almost no wasted space between them.

163274  Whatever: Avast! software pirates off the port keyboard!

163290  WTF: @annterland I was assuming they weren't asked...

163292  kazzy94: My pet has expensive taste, too.

163294  WTF: Who watches the Watchdogs?

163291  Prostata: The best game you can name is the good ol' hockey game

163130  wolfpk: Looks like who ever wrote this smoked some first.

163293  Ulillillia: Crop Yes!

163248  guest: "That's not a big sausage pizza...that's your cock"

163291  Ulillillia: Saturday night with @SomeCanadian and @SomeOtherCanadian

163268  Prostata: Me IRL

163143  wolfpk: Super hero landing

163245  Prostata: "yeah. very funny, put me back in the water, asshole"

163221  Prostata: cross bedding

163259  Dr. Bathroom: Hell yeah. Secret Life of Machines was an awesome show.

163292  NoRagrets: Ol' Salty!

163282  Bu7Z: @duckfarts eat more raw eggs for a shiny coat

163290  Knice: I filed those briefs like you asked.

163290  annterland: @WTF well you have to give them a pair. You can't just ask someone to give up a pair of their OWN underwear.

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163173 Jaunty Shrimp: What an udder boob!

163114 Teechur: @chhumphrey Had to look TinEye up on AltaVista to find out what THAT was. Thanks for the insight. I also think @ottorongo has a good point.

163226 ChubbyBuddy: i do the same thing when i hear the ice cream truck

163149 tokyopig: Or just pay your taxes and you won't need charities to feed the poor... or but fuck then you wouldn't be able to write off your donations to charity and pay even LESS in taxes. Shit it all makes sense now! Charities exist to CAUSE hunger and not to end it! BRILLIANT!

163138 jazzjunkie: Can I borrow this done? There's this hornet nest...

163121 Peter Pantsless: @Mad Collager A Sane Collager? Well that guy doesn't sound like any fun at all!

163120 archanon: Looking forward to seeing the recreation photo in 20 years, complete with a real dump truck and a full-grown nekid adult.

163183 tokyopig: Long after Bullwinkle and Rocky retired from showbiz and settled down in the suburbs with their children, Boris and Natasha continued fruitlessly to "finally get rid of Moose and Squirrel"

163133 tokyopig: After my last embarrassing trip to the hospital I vowed to only use dildos with a sturdy rip cord, but *sigh* here we are. I guess that's why the call it irony.

163229 SomeCanadian: Same.

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 Bu7Z: 534 children exterminated, 14 lives saved....
 SomeCanadian: For more information, please reread.
 Bu7Z: Also applies to zombie infection
Image 163272   02-20-17   Uploaded by    Life Whacker
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Image 163271   02-20-17   Uploaded by    SS Keith
 whiplash: But I lost it in Minneapolis!
 SomeCanadian: That's... unfortunate
 AverageJoe: Viva Honduras!
 draakeragon: Doctor Salsa is a good name!
Image 163270   02-20-17   Uploaded by    lebron
 Borkf: God dammit phone: *How do you even GROOM a fish.
 Musician: Fake Mews!
 Borkf: How do you even from a fish?
Image 163269   02-20-17   Uploaded by    Uncle Larry
 Prostata: Me IRL
 SomeCanadian: Show us the menaing of haste!
 AutoDisaster: I would think you'd want to ride a bit gently in that situation.
 draakeragon: Deadly torch to bear
 Borkf: Outta my way I gotta doot
Image 163268   02-20-17   Uploaded by    Backhand
 draakeragon: A new season of star trek spotted? No it's cancelled TT.TT
Image 163267   02-20-17   Uploaded by    chunk norris
 whiplash: Yes, it's a dehydrated "sea pony."
 SomeCanadian: Outta my way! I gottta poop!
 grizzly: Its a phoney.
 zennoo: @Nope funny
 Nope: That boy is dapper as fuck
Image 163266   02-20-17   Uploaded by    zennoo
 AverageJoe: I'm intrigued... What's Megatron like? Godzilla?
 Peter Pantsless: Less effective than a T-Rex with a gun
Image 163265   02-20-17   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 whiplash: Your dog has fleas.
 jochenau: @Nope Are we buying from DFWS Inc. now? It seems like the Spaceship changed suppliers, there are a lot more weird LSD doodles on here lately.
 Nope: *looks* this has a high MPI (Monsters per inch) you'll go far here at draw fucking weird shit inc.
Image 163264   02-20-17   Uploaded by    LKoroton
 SomeCanadian: NOMF.
 AverageJoe: You said only the tip
 Bu7Z: Just playin. Just a fun little game
 grizzly: Fatality!
Image 163263   02-20-17   Uploaded by    melted plastic
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