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82847  Headoftheclass: So your rabbit takes a huge dump in the litter box, and you have to hold it up and take a picture of it?

82924  Warrax: Um, excuse me, but Admiral Akbar uttered his famous "It's a trap!" line in Return of the Jedi during the assault on an UNFINISHED Death Star. The Death Star in this photo is clearly the COMPLETED battle station featured in 1979's "A New Hope." What a nerd.

82861  a robot: @Scoo IT'LL HAPPEN TO YOOOOOOOOOOU

82916  hajjpodge: Apply directly to the forehead.

82863  a robot: "It's called fashion, look it up."

82851  Headoftheclass: Mayor McCheese! Why so sad?

82922  a robot: I love Siamese cats, but I may be biased because I'm a slave to one

82890  eevee: This is me

82923  a robot: I guess Cosmo was pretty progressive back in the day, to feature a beautiful lesbian relationship right on the cover!

82852  Headoftheclass: Bae, bee!

82924  Solemn: Okay, I'll say it: IT'S A TRAP!

82921  Mr. Shine: Taxi-derpy. Again.

82858  Headoftheclass: "Wait...I thought you said, 'dripping', not 'tripping'!"

82911  Magma Safe: Jesus. What an asshole

82851  willowsprite: Why so sad? That's a sweet hat! I mean salty I guess.

82913  anonymous: Seriously?

82917  Warezlock: She's a complete suite short of a full deck, but my comment is still unwanted.

82852  willowsprite: Look at that leg. He's about to karate kick your...finger...

82915  Shay: RACK 'EM

82898  Mr. Shine: @Mattixvii @a robot It was a crude penis joke, but Autocorrect made it about geese instead.

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82846 Air Biscuit: How many keys did you have to buy before you got that AWP?

82888 Emoji: (screaming) MR. BUTT @Mr. Butt

82815 Air Biscuit: The kid from #81978 grew up and hasent changed his language.

82800 anonymous: Oh, why did I click "show anyway"

82780 Lola: bad touch. even for wife.

82827 Bubu: marry me!!

82812 indolentia: ecstasy + that carpet = glory

82816 5 Headed Snake God: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST

82844 Nope: @Lestrange Settle down

82796 indolentia: faaarrrt

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 a robot: CNN, the hard-hitting news network
Name: Comment:
Image 82912   02-11-16 8:06pm   Views: 2609   Uploaded by    myrealname
 Magma Safe: Jesus. What an asshole
 CastleBravo: Wait, what happens when there are two sets of footprints again?
 minimum max: what year is this
 Coolguy: Proof: Jesus is a surfer and maybe a hippy
 skillet: Hey, wait up. I need a ride.
Name: Comment:
Image 82911   02-11-16 8:06pm   Views: 2561   Uploaded by    time is wastin
 Headoftheclass: ...more like, SNAP!
 Shay: As he stares on, he keeps mumbling "do you even lift?"
 A Pillow of Winds: He may start fizzing soon...
 fanny: I think his pajamas sum his face up pretty good
 Mr. Shine: HALP
 Borkf: Bork
 Doing me a Frighten: Stop it son.
 Fiasco: "Father. I have erred, Father. Help me."
Name: Comment:
Image 82910   02-11-16 6:32pm   Views: 2437   Uploaded by    Larry Xmas
 Unbathed: Reminds me of that one underwater video of that octopus changing colors.
 Fiasco: vv rape. Sorry, it was the only thing that fit drivers of the Dodge Charger from the 70's vs. those that drive it today.
 Fiasco: As more befriend allegations poured in following the lacrosse weekend mixer, those Duke boys were looking to be in a whole heap of trouble..
 willowsprite: Trying too hard to please everyone, I see.
Name: Comment:
Image 82909   02-11-16 6:26pm   Views: 2245   Uploaded by    pisspig
 a robot: Years ago I helped my grandma move to an assisted living facility, and while cleaning out the house she'd lived in for the past fourty years, we found some stuff similar to this in her kitchen.
 Unstableton: american spotted...
 willowsprite: An, stereotypes.
Name: Comment:
Image 82908   02-11-16 6:21pm   Views: 2122   Uploaded by    A Pillow of Winds
 Headoftheclass: It was light, it was dark, then it was light, then it was dark...
 fanny: error: should read "Totally in me"
 willowsprite: Everyone else has one, but this one's totally me.
 Dr. Obvious: Dildos that glow in the dark could come in handy when they cut off your electricity.
 Mr. Butt: This is literally what feminists believe.
Name: Comment:
Image 82907   02-11-16 6:17pm   Views: 2413   Uploaded by    Brunkey
 a robot: Is this some kind of custom painted minifig, or are there really minifigs that are naked and muscled up?
 Coolguy: Gurren Lagann was pretty entertaining. More so then the Lego Movie IMO
 willowsprite: Behind every destructive robot is an equally destructive man.
 Magma Safe: This mustache is the mustache that will pierce the heavens
 Mattixvii: I am the one who believes in knocking?
 chefcore: RAAAAAAAGH!
Name: Comment:
Image 82906   02-11-16 6:09pm   Views: 1877   Uploaded by    Donut
 Falstaff: Of course, the existence of this sign seems to imply that bestiality is okay everywhere else.
 Fiasco: @a sedated moose Look away... Just look away..
 Ulillillia: Sometimes, I wanna get on TV and just let loose, but can't But it's cool for Tom Green to hump a dead moose
 Darth Bater: Pleas keep your beastiality off the grass.
 a sedated moose: I don't understand.
Name: Comment:
Image 82905   02-11-16 6:08pm   Views: 1861   Uploaded by    spacedawg
 catheter: this belongs on stormfront
 willowsprite: Off with her head!
 Fiasco: Have you ever gymnasticked so hard your body turned into modeling clay?
 Solemn: Hey, torsos have dreams, too.
Name: Comment:
Image 82904   02-11-16 6:03pm   Views: 1970   Uploaded by    p
 willowsprite: Harajukuing so hard.
Name: Comment:
Image 82903   02-11-16 6:00pm   Views: 2052   Uploaded by    Mexico
 a robot: Yeah, you're not pooping enough
 willowsprite: Forgot how to pigeon.
Name: Comment:
Image 82902   02-11-16 5:55pm   Views: 4041   Uploaded by    A Decent Fellow
 Headoftheclass: "Goes great with a couple lines of Old Bay Seasonin', knowwhatimsayin? "
 Yam: "They also sent me this picture of a dog. It's a very good dog"
Name: Comment:
Image 82901   02-11-16 5:51pm   Views: 3771   Uploaded by    homeless
 Headoftheclass: Google Translate: her gesture is British equivalent of his gesture.
 Mr. Shine: Philly D seems like he might be a jerk in person.
 willowsprite: I'd do something similar. Ruin every duckface selfie!!
 Mattixvii: What a hero. Virgin for life, mind.
Name: Comment:
Image 82900   02-11-16 5:47pm   Views: 3808   Uploaded by    fenrisw01f
 indolentia: fuck you kid, it's my turn to play firetruck!
 Magma Safe: Alternate title: Road head but she keeps using her chompers
 ping: Constipated? Go for a drive.
Name: Comment:
Image 82899   02-11-16 5:45pm   Views: 3669   Uploaded by    hosehorse
 Mr. Shine: @Mattixvii @a robot It was a crude penis joke, but Autocorrect made it about geese instead.
 a robot: @Mr. Shine I thought you were making some kind of pun, like it's so much organ that it's a two-gan. I don't know
 Mattixvii: @Mr. Shine no, no. Now it is to be played by a man dual wielding poultry in a tornado of feathers and honking.
 Mr. Shine: Hander, not male goose
 Mr. Shine: That organ is more than a two-gander!
 carpwoman: Egads, The House on the Rock!
 A Pillow of Winds: The Mighty Wurlitzer!
Name: Comment:
Image 82898   02-11-16 5:40pm   Views: 3534   Uploaded by    nimbus
 a robot: I guess it's better than the normal picture of Ice Cube on the ice dispenser
 celebgate: hooooly shit @Fiasco
 Jalamunch Totorito: In mansion and benzes
 Fiasco: This picture proves it, 18 years later and still one of the best wrappers of all time
 Dr. Obvious: Not recommended for use in hot beverages - warning approved by Dr. Obvious.
 Coolguy: I see what you did there... Clever
Name: Comment:
Image 82897   02-11-16 5:41pm   Views: 4567   Uploaded by    clayjar
 willowsprite: Reminds me of the Chinese restaurant near my hometown called "Golden Pond." It was abandoned.
 Fiasco: @A Pillow of Winds Grateful for you taking the seemingly first-noted "one for the team"
 A Pillow of Winds: New switcherino, kids - e dg y magically transforms into great!
 A Pillow of Winds: @Coolguy FULLY air conditioned - now that's great
 Coolguy: The tripod is fully licensed and air conditioned, ready to serve
Name: Comment:
Image 82896   02-11-16 5:33pm   Views: 3611   Uploaded by    totaljihad
 a robot: @becca Adam, with 'nads
 becca: from Nadam?
 EvilOtter: Buck Dane had a really good cosmetic surgeon perform the reassignment surgery.
 Kalos: Tom Nook has loaned me the money for the ring, so it'll be paid off in no time.
 Coolguy: Looks like he hacked dance dance revolution for that proposal. Well done man
Name: Comment:
Image 82895   02-11-16 5:26pm   Views: 3142   Uploaded by    bigbison
 willowsprite: Where's Cake?
 Unbathed: I was given a quest by Cecilia Gimenez, why do you ask?
 Mr. Shine: Ditto spotted.
 KnowLifer: Spend real adventure time with this girl
 Dr. Obvious: Such beautiful eyes.
 lordfuzzybottom: AUGH
Name: Comment:
Image 82894   02-11-16 5:21pm   Views: 3223   Uploaded by    CrustyDusty
 willowsprite: Augh, my neck!!
 Mentos Pormer: finally, a good pic
 redmonkey3: Trimurti looking a bit more comely than I recall...
 Coolguy: Spend real adventure time with these girls
 Air Biscuit: Meanwhile, at the convention for things you could poke an eye out with...
 hnnngh: That's how I love my drag queens, with a headdress that looks like Angkor Wat.
Name: Comment:
Image 82893   02-11-16 5:17pm   Views: 3165   Uploaded by    J. Random Bozo
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