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121801  SomeOtherCanadian: Aquaman's centrefold

121805  SomeOtherCanadian: In which aquaman bangs an octopus

121789  grizzly: I think I see a watch...

121807  SomeOtherCanadian: @Off Topic LONDON CALLING

121721  lecj07: Schmitt's gay!

121807  Off Topic: Then smash it against the ground after your set.

121801  analogmemintolar: tripy huh

121793  Bluetocracy: How nice. You gave a fuck.

121734  lecj07: Cattail

121809  analogmemintolar: vietnam dreamin'

121806  msmstud: Mittens uses beautiful people-style.

121803  Donut: Yo quiero siesta de porque?

121742  lecj07: I have seen what deadpool does to white unicorns. Ew.

121809  msmstud: Clipping error?

121802  Peter Pantsless: @Bluetocracy those guys are awesome

121802  msmstud: @Bluetocracy -- When math debating a woman it's important to give them a proper dress-down and tongue lashing.

121808  Donut: My soul vegetable is garlic, so I'm good for the heart.

121808  Peter Pantsless: Looks like they got the right publisher

121802  Bluetocracy: women will only like you if you are a cunning linguist.

121754  lecj07: Why would you put that in the fridge? At least get the green kind so someone will mistake it for lettuce.

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121708 AutoDisaster: We all know cats in the wild eat cows, lambs, fish, and chickens, so that's what we should feed them.

121657 Science: mah fanny face, mah fanny face, m-m-mah fanny face

121652 Whatever: In case you want to kill in cold blood?

121632 nointernet: insrticonsu kearcun

121706 unoplank: let the light into ur life little timmy

121655 savvoy: This is triggering me

121634 nointernet: @SomeCanadian because people apparently can't imagine robots not needing gender and sex, I guess?

121670 Science: @xylophone: It means that there are people who think the gubmint shouldn't intercede when industry decides to dump out all sorts of toxic shit wherever it pleases

121690 astrocreep: IT'S A SAILBOAT

121637 Vladimir Puta: really? another screen shot?

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10. ignatz: 3643 points
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 Headoftheclass: P.s, dOnt even ask Why the keybord keys stiCk.
 SomeCanadian: Yes. Because the human body is a filthy, shameful thing.
 Mr. Whiskers: I have to admit, I, too have a "naked" fetish.
 msmstud: Liar.
 SunWukong: Bunch of uptight fucks making a kid do that.
 Knice: I'll have to see if this flies with HR.
Image 121787   07-28-16 12:25pm   Views: 2106   Uploaded by    IM AN ASSHOLE
Image 121786 is unbelievably bad (score -17) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by rachel. Boo, rachel.
 msmstud: "Day 30. They accepted me as one of their own. Have yet to observe the queen penguin, but closer to finding the egg chamber."
 Meow: this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife
 CHA: Penguin flash mob on a sleeping seal. Successful.
 SomeCanadian: How do you do, fellow penguins?
 Knice: Me at a work 'social event.'
 Firm Buttocks: I am so lost
 ping: Don't mind me. Just another penguin.
Image 121785   07-28-16 06:49am   Views: 3230   Uploaded by    spydermon
 Annoying Vegan : Dexter's Laboratory is a decent cartoon
 msmstud: "...and while it's happening, the stork and the daddy watch, honey."
 Mad Collager: Is this how illegal aliens are made?
 Derp Herpigan: I have now learned how babby formed.
 SomeCanadian: Accurate.
 ModelTRex: Legit.
Image 121784   07-28-16 06:38am   Views: 2881   Uploaded by    xylophone
 crudites: Take this kielbasa. It is my body. Eat in remembrance of me.
 Hydraxion: @ignatz it's easier to learn than manual-cannibalism
 Headoftheclass: Operation! The Chopped version! By Milton Bradley!
 midnightmosesuk: Basically correct, we're all just meat.
 ignatz: @ModelTRex Auto-cannibalism?
 ModelTRex: Ah, cannibalism.
 Knice: They have missed a prime opportunity here.
 SomeCanadian: Shouldn't the wings be in the arms?
 Red: well this should help me lose some weight
Image 121783   07-28-16 06:27am   Views: 2535   Uploaded by    Rhombo Dimple
 Cami: The only marks I made in university were on the bathroom walls.
 SomeCanadian: I blame exposure to engineering more than anything.
 ignatz: BullShit, More Shit, Piled Higher and Deeper
 heck: yup
 Firm Buttocks: Butts
Image 121782   07-28-16 06:14am   Views: 3290   Uploaded by    l0dan
 PenguinBartender: Oh whaaaaaat? Why does Dale get to pet service dogs, but I don't?
 msmstud: Then she straps the dog into a roller-coaster.
 Beef Supreme: Dog isn't fooled. All it smells is a human in a suit that's covered in sweat and other unmentionable bodily fluids.
 Off Topic: That dog will never chase chipmunks again now that it has looked their God in the eyes.
Image 121781   07-28-16 05:48am   Views: 3881   Uploaded by    trepanation
 Mad Collager: @a sedated moose Curses! Foiled again!
 Headoftheclass: The Cubs' post-season plans: foiled again.
 msmstud: "...and sprinkler system by Morning Dew Feminine Wash."
 a sedated moose: @Mad Collager "we are finished, now"?
 Mad Collager: I bet I know what they said when they finished.
 petepuma: Conspiracy theorists national convention
 SomeCanadian: I can't wait to see the baked potato they make.
Image 121780   07-28-16 05:37am   Views: 3310   Uploaded by    Natch
Image 121779 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Chile Quornwrap. You have brought shame on us, Chile Quornwrap.
 msmstud: I lay on the object of your attention and roll over cute for YOUR benefit, slave.
 Headoftheclass: It's right there in black and white. Aaaand...maybe a little pink.
 Mad Collager: Steven Wright's cat after a speed-reading accident (hit a bookmark).
 Trick Question: It's a trap! I can see those chompers and sharp pointy claws and, f-fluffy... (pets, bleeds)
 a sedated moose: No study! Only pet! Then claws.
 duckfarts: the story had an unexpected twist
Image 121778   07-28-16 05:07am   Views: 3686   Uploaded by    Liar tuck
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