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169002  fanny: @tritium that part had me laughing out loud! I just showed my kids, 8-year-old loved it, 3-year-old will be having nightmares tonight ;)

169037  Theta Zero: GET KILLING

169028  Annoying Vegan : Dootie frootie

169018  WTF: I see the mantis-black widow-hornet hybrids are progressing nicely.

169010  ThatGuy: Leadventure!

169022  ThatGuy: Pretty sweet nile monitor you got there

169024  Robespierre: Lordstown or Jamestown?

169020  WTF: Is this for or from the deceased?

169021  Theta Zero: How do hands

169026  XLY: Same

169026  BavidDowie: Sniff drugs then trip balls

169026  WTF: For a dog I think it should be "I don't want to chase balls. I want to sniff butts."

169015  Sandor: @KrazyKat I think the kitteh is violating a few patents

169008  ThoughtlessGentleman: I only slobbered a little.

169023  kinggheedra: I see someone else likes to poste fletcher hanks.

169008  Peach: [clueless mother voice]: Oh, what a pretty spice jar!

169021  Dr Awkward: This show is RAD, even for an adult male.

169019  Peach: Just like every other Wednesday.

169023  Theta Zero: Pokemon?

168965  Beef Supreme: Grandma's hard as fuck, earning that bread.

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168914 Niels Bohr: @Snake Jesus if I had a time machine I'd mostly use it to see concerts. Billie Holiday performing with Artie Shaw, Townes Van Zandt, James Booker, Nina-fucking-Simone.

168975 Dan Tagonistic: @Himesama I need to check out the film

168855 Kim: Preaching to the deaf choir.

168951 addend: The real ones become hollow, so you can see the flames through the eye sockets.

168809 raditzu: Avocado's great for Your hair.

168893 WaffleIron: @hearsegirl : Indeed.

168957 well duh: @Mr. Butt or, the new-age term "soft-tissue challenged"

168933 ch: jesus christ, again? i'll go to the store and get more bunnies

168988 tritium: Their rhyming scheme betrays their accent.

168989 Dan Tagonistic: How has this still not got 300 points guys!

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 SomeCanadian: Aw, they made a British version
 grizzly: Nailed it?
Image 169005   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Grandmaster Fat
 BavidDowie: dis mah howse nao doggo
 Scoo: Pssshht, whaaaat? I've seen better frightens and I'm only 8 weeks old!
Image 169004   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Mr Bleak
 yev: shouldn't the green boxes be in a wine and spirits aisle?
Image 169003   03-22-17   Uploaded by    realjon
 fanny: @tritium that part had me laughing out loud! I just showed my kids, 8-year-old loved it, 3-year-old will be having nightmares tonight ;)
 tritium: @fanny I want to remember all of your shapes.
 fanny: @tritium *i love you*
 annterland: @tritium that was really great. Thank you :)
 Mr. Butt: @tritium Saw this on the AV Club this fucking good.
 tritium: "Hi Stranger." (Kirsten Lepore)
Image 169002   03-22-17   Uploaded by    tritium
 Mr. Butt: ack
Image 169001   03-22-17   Uploaded by    ShamWOW
 a robot: @Peach ...and that's just they way they like it!
 Peach: They're gonna have cheese powder in every crevice.
 Minnesotan: this is my fetish
 tritium: *crunch* *crunch*
Image 169000   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Annoying Vegan
 Scoo: On the flip side, I'm amazed how many people I see wearing cats, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. when it's only 50F or so out.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Yeah i did this once and everybody thought i was on the crack........cocaine!!!
 grizzly: Moron
 Peach: Can you spot all 9 gags in this photo?
 XLY: looks like she lost her uggs!
Image 168999   03-22-17   Uploaded by    enfanta
 Dan Tagonistic: The names Canada, Ontario Canada
 Dr Awkward: "Canada called. It wants it's flannel shirt back."
 WaffleIron: "They just called, to say, they're sorry!"
 Scoo: Sauve superspy of the Great White North
 Prostata: when canada calls you gotta answer
 Meow: They're going to have to take turns because I can't understand when they all talk at once
 Peach: The call of the wild.
Image 168998   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Not Sam
 Dresdenkeogh: There are indeed boobs in the first second
 kinggheedra: This cost 3500 dollars to make. It stars wanda lust.
 antipatterns: "abandon all irony, ye who enter here"
 antipatterns: there's not enough weed in the world to watch this abomination
 Peach: "Boobs in the first second" is my dancing name.
 Mr. Butt: okay
 Meow: You're not even trying with that pun
Image 168997   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Joseph: Republicare.jpg (just kidding, I don't know much about US politics)
 tankadillo: @Knice Sir this is a McDonald's drive-thru
 SomeCanadian: @Knice Names are powerful. That's why I changed my name when I was 18 from Harry Rapenpooper.
 Knice: I believe that whatever Trump does to the Affordable Care Act will be the fault of whoever coined the term "ObamaCare." Do we really think Mr. Trump cares whether or not poor people are healthy? His prime directive is to feed his ego: He can't stand his new girlfriend (USA) talking about her ex-President and how big his health care was; so he is compelled to get rid of it. If we'd just called it the 'Affordable Care Act,' he'd leave it alone. I apologize for that outburst; now back to the silly.
Image 168996   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Scoo
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