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181704  scribbs: Robocop was out the door and into a new career the instant he got his 20 years on the force.

181683  Teechur: This is how I got bird flu. But on a positive note, I can fly now.

181685  Teechur: Still in better shape than my POS

181694  Teechur: That's right, you'd better Naruto run out of there.

181701  ThoughtlessGentleman: @Bu7Z flip flop, sandal.

181696  Teechur: STARNLEY [bellowing] Hey there! Steller, Baby!

181665  hat thrab: @CrystallineEntity It's a heart from which the living cells have been removed - a ghost heart. Because it only contains the scaffolding, the idea is to impregnate it with stem cells from someone who needs a transplant and thus avoid tissue rejection problems once it's implanted :)

181697  Teechur: Why so blue, Jay?

181701  Teechur: @Bu7Z Thongs here in the colonies can be either. This can get uncomfortable and embarrassing if one attempts to don the incorrect piece of apparel.

181703  Teechur: Stop taking pictures of my classroom at the end of the year.

181514  Big Baby: exactly @Amy Housewine

181703  Bu7Z: This was my summer holiday. Nice scenery, hotel was well looked after, staff were a bit under par... Over all 3/5.

181703  scribbs: Friendly Fun Land!

181701  Bu7Z: Thong mounted metal detector? (To clarify, a thong here in AUS is a foot thing not a but thing. What the English would call a flip flop and I have no idea what Americans call)

181702  piranharama: Haha, "it looks expensive" is now officially my favourite sales technique

181681  Mr Bleak: BEEEEEZZZZZ!

181710  Nopetology: Go home Egypt, you're drunk.

181687  Bu7Z: Brokolion

181690  Bu7Z: Has children who have children and is male.

181691  Bu7Z: Hooray for science!

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181490 scribbs: @Wooden Spoon I a lot of cities & towns it is (or was) illegal. I know where I live it became legal again around fifteen years ago. Still gross, though :-)

181619 Niels Bohr: Lager Rhythmic Function, Kahlua Erat Demonstrandum, Bourbonic Plague, Fourier Transfermentation

181570 werterland: Soundproof capsule for yappy rat-dogs

181461 sparename: The journey through the washing machine didn't turn out well for Bagpuss

181537 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I wish I had bought that bumper sticker instead of, well, you know :(

181556 sparename: @Teechur "To err is human, to really fuck things up you need a computer"

181511 Peter Pantsless: @Knice It's a living...

181605 Cami: My orientation may be Chinese because I'm always horny again after an hour.

181476 a robot: @hajjpodge The internet was a mistake.

181654 enfanta: @A duck maybe I can change it around enough to avoid plagiarism...

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 fanny: she seems passionate about it
 winwolf: Needs more fonts.
 apoxia: One to avoid.
 LurkedMoar: A How Don't Guide
 Amy Housewine: Yer basic.
Image 181682   05-28-17   Uploaded by    froggyfresh
 apoxia: Just like a chocolate milkshake only disgusting.
 piranharama: What a tops lunch choice.
 el jefe: Coca quinoa. I typed that wrong but then I got really excited
 Peter Pantsless: yummy
Image 181681   05-28-17   Uploaded by    Pingu IRL
 Borkf: Don't sign for me or my son again!
 Bohab: This is how packages are born
 piranharama: Delivering, as it were?
 piranharama: Is it giving birth?
 annterland: Aw jeeze, Carey! Get the hose!
 square44: oh cool, the delivery truck I ordered is here
 Peter Pantsless: @dobbiesdoogs Christ; I thought I'd forgotten that
 White Rice: @dobbiesdoogs I'd post the emoticon for it, but the spaceship doesn't abide brackets :-/
 dobbiesdoogs: deliver back and forth, forever
Image 181680   05-28-17   Uploaded by    veryblue
 jochenau: That's a pretty rad Christmas tree imo.
Image 181679   05-28-17   Uploaded by    original og
Image 181678   05-28-17   Uploaded by    zoso
 square44: Hahah Haha Hahahaha Hopelessness
Image 181677   05-28-17   Uploaded by    Bad Dad
 sparename: Yuppie Petra
 Side Boob: @apoxia People that would fall onto your porch
 apoxia: What is that fence around the top supposed to catch?
 SomeCanadian: Gay hobbits. Didn't make it in the movies @Nopetology
 Nopetology: These hobbits are weird
Image 181676   05-28-17   Uploaded by    augustus
 Side Boob: A moose bit my sister once
 apoxia: Should I be more worried about the moose or the aeroplane.
 SomeCanadian: Don't worry. It's sedated. @el jefe
 enfanta: Looks like Dog got out again.
 el jefe: I believe you mean there's a moose aboot
 Scoo: There's a loot going on here, eh
Image 181675   05-28-17   Uploaded by    professorpig
 sparename: Armadoggo
 piranharama: Jet Force Gemini was pretty sweet.
 square44: beware of dog
 White Rice: Is this to counter the fearsome Catank?
 Scoo: something something "dogs of war"
Image 181674   05-28-17   Uploaded by    CrystallineEntity
 Butcherboy: Jews in space!!!
 SomeCanadian: Death Star of David.
 CrystallineEntity: New Frank Herbert novel: Polyhedrons of Dune
Image 181673   05-28-17   Uploaded by    nimbus
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