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168999  Snake Jesus: My hormones are all weird since starting testosterone, and I run warm almost all the time. I finally understand the wintertime epidemic of Guys In Shorts.

169045  Teechur: Gesundheit.

169041  scribbs: I love European 1s.

169000  Snake Jesus: Oh god I remember this, it's an art piece and those are cheese doodles. I've been looking for it forever so if anyone can tell me the artist I'd be grateful.

169040  TurkeyVulture: Unfortunately, Kitty is looking at Yavin 4.

169007  Teechur: Nope! Chuck Testa!

169046  scribbs: To appease the FDA, the CEO of Redbull attempts to prove his claim about wings.

169024  Snake Jesus: @dobbiesdoogs I'm nowhere near old enough to know if this is a joke, but it's a fantastic story.

169047  scribbs: Take option five, unless the judge is the Russian one.

169053  Theta Zero: Pocket frost!

169035  Snake Jesus: I love when cats stick their feet out really far while sleeping

169049  ignatz: Saw this for the first time last January, everywhere you look is another mind blowing sight. I was so gobsmacked i lay on the floor on my back so I could just stare up at it without getting a krikt neck, but the attendants told me to get up or get out :(

169048  scribbs: "Your cat, your litter box."

169026  Spazstatic: Police dogs say "I don't want to chase drugs. I want to sniff balls."

169035  Spazstatic: Not to be confused with catalyst

169052  sparename: Hanger Lane r us

169035  Spazstatic: @enfanta the catilus?

169053  ignatz: aaaand Freeze!

169044  Spazstatic: @Dresdenkeogh mom and dad: "mission accomplished."

169036  Teechur: If you look at windows through polarized sunglasses, you can see the stresses in the glass like this. But why only those three windows?

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168855 Kim: Preaching to the deaf choir.

168957 well duh: @Mr. Butt or, the new-age term "soft-tissue challenged"

168933 ch: jesus christ, again? i'll go to the store and get more bunnies

168988 Gomi Day: collecting grumpers with our pumper.

168893 WaffleIron: @hearsegirl : Indeed.

168989 Dan Tagonistic: How has this still not got 300 points guys!

168975 Dan Tagonistic: @Himesama I need to check out the film

168951 addend: The real ones become hollow, so you can see the flames through the eye sockets.

168883 carpwoman: Childcraft Annual, Look and Learn, 1966. I have this book.

168914 Niels Bohr: @Snake Jesus if I had a time machine I'd mostly use it to see concerts. Billie Holiday performing with Artie Shaw, Townes Van Zandt, James Booker, Nina-fucking-Simone.

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 scribbs: Got so drunk I tried to beat up a floating T-rex with a broom handle.
Image 169027   03-22-17   Uploaded by    fakeplastic
 Spazstatic: Police dogs say "I don't want to chase drugs. I want to sniff balls."
 Scoo: Thought no dog ever
 XLY: Same
 BavidDowie: Sniff drugs then trip balls
 WTF: For a dog I think it should be "I don't want to chase balls. I want to sniff butts."
Image 169026   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 fanny: @scribbs *screams "Later, shitlord!" to husband downstairs*
 scribbs: @fanny Because he's your destiny!
Image 169025   03-22-17   Uploaded by    matos
 Snake Jesus: @dobbiesdoogs I'm nowhere near old enough to know if this is a joke, but it's a fantastic story.
 dobbiesdoogs: this is the vert-a-pac, a system designed for the chevy vega to ship almost double the amount of cars in a standard rail car. the cars were specifically designed for the transit method. unfortunately, the cars themselves were so bad due to penny-pinching they rusted after one winter (even in southern states that didn't need their roads treated for snow and ice) and the engines would shit themselves routinely
 carpwoman: How did they do this without front end damage?
 SkidSolo: That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
 scribbs: "Double check the one with the baby-on-board sign."
 Robespierre: Lordstown or Jamestown?
 sparename: The 'Idle Rich's used cars recycling - they're going away for the ashtrays to be emptied and the fuel tanks filled
Image 169024   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 scribbs: "I'm sorry, but I just don't have that kind of time."
 JohnnySalami: "They stole my facial cream, and I won't rest until I have it back!"
 kinggheedra: I see someone else likes to poste fletcher hanks.
 Theta Zero: Pokemon?
 Scoo: All of them? :Sigh:... ok.
 Knice: Do I have to?
Image 169023   03-22-17   Uploaded by    mickeyd
 SgtScaredFrog: @ThatGuy Looks like a Tegu to me, Niles have a narrower snout and body and darker coloration.
 annterland: This is me if you replace the lizard with a cat
 piranharama: @Scoo Well what do you call it when your Nile Monitor is tense and needs to relax?
 piranharama: @ThatGuy Is that what you call it? "Nile Monitor"?
 ThatGuy: Pretty sweet nile monitor you got there
 Scoo: @piranharama Is that what you call it? "Massaging the Lizard"?
 piranharama: Other uses for xbox controller: Lizard Massager.
Image 169022   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 Theta Zero: How do hands
 Dr Awkward: This show is RAD, even for an adult male.
 Scoo: No dipping shrimp! Fish only!
Image 169021   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Warrax
 WTF: Is this for or from the deceased?
 Scoo: Read in tiny, squeaky voice
Image 169020   03-22-17   Uploaded by    shipotle
 Peach: Just like every other Wednesday.
 Borkf: "We can't stop here, this is giant bat summoning country!"
 tritium: Damn, I need that whistle.
Image 169019   03-22-17   Uploaded by    Rachelina
 Shay: Not only she eats the male's head after mating, she also swallow their souls.
 duchaschmeremol: camouflage failure
 WTF: I see the mantis-black widow-hornet hybrids are progressing nicely.
 TurkeyVulture: Just placed a dozen mantis egg pouches around the property. Awaiting the hatching.
 KrazyKat: @Scoo in C.Montgomery Burns' voice.
 piranharama: "Would you like to know more?"
 Scoo: Exxxxxcellent
 Knice: O cryin Christ what the fuck *sets new speed record for scrolling*
Image 169018   03-22-17   Uploaded by    hat thrab
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