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108572  beyardo: This is my fetish...

108574  Dr. Bathroom: From, the wise asses at Hampshire Hospitals.

108518  redmonkey3: @Christina - Let's Get Picking!

108570  Cheeze: @CastleBravo Exactly! Why would you not use headphones? Many planes even actually give them out

108586  Peter Pantsless: Cinder! Inferno!

108585  Tom Nob: Bully!

108588  Peter Pantsless: Who wore it better? Trick question. PLENTY of people will say "the one on the right."

108524  redmonkey3: The more horrible the possible injuries, the more important to move away quickly... the one dude is riding another kid's head for forks sake... Ya Mule! Ya!''#

108587  savvoy: Eh, white enough

108588  savvoy: Always meet her mom

108590  Nope: I always thought sonic was a greaser pedophile, now I know.

108573  EvilOtter: "Understanding Joshua" by Charlie White.

108588  EvilOtter: Before and after..

108596  reply: Soon?. didnt know ackbar was fetlife

108588  caesar: this makes me want to shit

108585  Ulillillia: sup

108531  redmonkey3: @Fid - Awesome!

108580  Shay: Yeah, I'd turn into a bitchy Wiccan/neo-Nazi too after going through all that.

108534  redmonkey3: What Is The Switcherino ? Dong ? Cock ? Ummm...

108577  Shay: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Part II: Shit Just Got Real

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108541 redmonkey3: I actually enjoy sending letters & cards... not just to surviving luddite dinosaur persons, but to less ancient beings - it means moar involvement + sends a message... depending on how AND what you send... a simple 99 cent card is ENTIRELY different meaning than FedEx tube of live scorpions...

108473 SoyUnPerdedor: It's the only logical conclusion

108457 Snix: Wait, masturbating is my exercise.

108480 deadwombat: @Gargoyle hahahahah

108426 redmonkey3: @Firm Buttocks - okay...

108452 a robot: 10/10 would fall to my death immediately

108487 firesoup: american spotted

108534 redmonkey3: What Is The Switcherino ? Dong ? Cock ? Ummm...

108416 rand0: I feel like there's supposed to be a punchline that tells me what species Melissa and Gary are, but there isn't.

108491 XLY: This is doug, this is doug's fetish

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 5 Headed Snake God: Nice.
 Nope: Fit bits got crazy small
 Frum Temps: i hate The Office
Image 108566   05-25-16 8:30pm   Views: 1937   Uploaded by    Turts
 Wet farts: A face made for punching
 elmstreet: Comment unrelated
 Knice: Aw, dang, Hill-Hill got REKT!!! (Assuming she's friends with this doink on Snapchat)
 DrinkMixMan: Grandma Hillary could use a nice young man like you to help her with computing
 Peter Pantsless: If I were a politician, I'd go Web-silent as much as possible
 A duck: LOL the moxie of this kid.
Image 108565   05-25-16 8:30pm   Views: 2213   Uploaded by    A duck
 Peter Pantsless: "I told you, I'm not Xena, I'm Luc....John Cena?"
 UltraBeverly: My opinion is unwanted.
 Peter Pantsless: @a robot Come to think of it, my father is actually the one that got me watching it lol
 a robot: @Peter Pantsless Agreed, Xena is rad. My sister and I loved it cause she kicks ass, and my dad watched it with us probably for....other reasons I'd rather not think about
 Peter Pantsless: I actually liked Xena.
 A duck: Wrestler Princess
Image 108564   05-25-16 6:07pm   Views: 2328   Uploaded by    oregon man
Image 108563 is unbelievably bad (score -22) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Turts. We'll pray for you, Turts.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Good dog! You have found lost sewer tank!!!
 Ulillillia: Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?
 Agamemnon Triforce: Plot twist: it's poop.
 Peter Pantsless: The only way that dog could be any happier is if there was an equally muddy kid right next to it.
 A duck: What mess? I don't know what you're talking about!
 Tom Nob: i bet that mudpuppy's tail is just thrashing that tile.
Image 108562   05-25-16 6:00pm   Views: 2699   Uploaded by    Prumbo
 DrinkMixMan: You're confusing dads and grandpas
 AstoriaBum: I admit that I'm a dad. That being said, kids really should know about Leon Russell.
 Thr1llh0: This magazine is horse shit, the text isn't nearly big enough.
 Warrax: hidadimdaddadhiimdadhidadimdaddaddaddadimdadhidadimdad
Image 108561   05-25-16 6:00pm   Views: 2772   Uploaded by    Micro Jackson
 DonkeyPuncher: if you need to keep custom enlarging the mouth openings on your realdolls then you should probably provide specs directly to the factory
Image 108560   05-25-16 5:54pm   Views: 2772   Uploaded by    fanny
 UltraBeverly: "So if I keep doing the shit we're doing you'll eventually do something about it? Oh, please, don't be ridiculous!"
 DrinkMixMan: Simpler times
 Peter Pantsless: What magnificent facial hair. Respect
 SoyUnPerdedor: this explains everything!
Image 108559   05-25-16 5:51pm   Views: 2928   Uploaded by    skylark
 Isensedanger: Hello stelluna
 CastleBravo: PEEKABOO!
 Tom Nob: don't touch me or my son ever again
Image 108558   05-25-16 5:47pm   Views: 2760   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Nope: whats your ring size sir? 100.. what?
 DrinkMixMan: gotta hand it to him
 Ulillillia: High five, Mister Trump!
 ThatGuy: Fuck's sake Bethany! We get it, you're engaged. Jesus...
 Kool Aid Man: And you know what they say about that!
 A duck: BRB, buying stock in AstroGlide...
 Peter Pantsless: Variety is the spice of life
Image 108557   05-25-16 5:44pm   Views: 2549   Uploaded by    RzK
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